best wishes! season 2

i was really iffy about max when she was introduced but now i love her

But maybe, just maybe, it’s better this way?

Jonghyun didnt make it but it make boost abt him that he was mentioned in every post about produce 101 final and he even trend more than wanna one and kang daniel.

Samuel didnt make it also means he could get a solo which what his talent deserve (his talent will shine more for solo than group) and also everyone knows abt him too now.

Wanna one too, already have many talents in it, it will be a successful group. As for leader they can have a new experience to have a new leader.

It’s gonna be okay. Everything is gonna be alright. Right?

the main thing that upsets me is that people really spent so much time hating on haknyeon when all he wanted was to make it in the top 11. just like all your faves did. everyone wanted to make it, what else would you go on a survival show for? whether he’d made it or not, I’m proud of him for making it so far despite all the hate and malicious comments made towards him and his family. I’m so proud of him and I wish him all the best.


Ninjago Episode 59: How It Should Have Ended cont.

*Phone rings*

Nadakhan: Nadakhan’s residence.

Jay: So like I was saying we gotta hang out more What nights are good for you Here are the nights that are good for me Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday I gotta work I work as a ninja My best friend is Cole he’s black…

Nadakhan: *groans*