best wishes


Luna: Apparently not….

Celestia: Happy New Year, everypony!!!! XD

((When I started this blog in July, I would not have dreamed it would get this big in such short a time. This past year has had its ups and downs. Met loads of new friends, started this blog, went to my first con (BUCK omg that was awesome), met my wonderful gf there, and did loads of art ^^. School was a real bummer, but then again, when is it not. Here’s to a wonderful new year ahead, everyone! I wish you all the best, and I’ll see you in the next update ^^ (P.S. Credits to my lil’ sis for the pretty handwriting in the last panel)))

The Goodbye Mix
  • The Goodbye Mix
  • (OS-BW)
  1. A Meeting and a Parting (Intro)
  2. Butterfree
  3. Pidgeot; Brock stays with Professor Ivy
  4. Lapras
  5. Squirtle
  6. Charizard
  7. Celebi and Sammy
  8. Latios
  9. Bulbasaur
  10. Misty
  11. Arbok and Weezing
  12. Togetic
  13. Lucario
  14. Manaphy
  15. Jirachi, Drew, May, Max, Cacnea, Ambipom, Paul
  16. Darkrai
  17. Dustox, Gliscor
  18. Piplup
  19. Dawn
  20. Brock’s final departure
  21. Cilan and Iris