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jinwoo is a fukin mystery to me I’ll never understand him? so he’s the oldest in winner but looks the youngest cos he’s also the shortest and looks TINY when he stands with winner even though he’s 178cm. he’s got perfect facial ratios (as stated by plastic surgeons) and has the cutest face but also is the best at sports in winner and works out every day apparently and probably still has an 8 pack but never shows it cos he ALWAYS wears baggy clothes and the closest we ever get to seeing his actual body is when he wears kinda tight shirts and you can see how broad his pecs are.
he focuses so hard on everything he does- at win era he was the oldest trainee in yg and managed to stay due to his pure determination and hard work; he learned the drums for exit:e era and his vocal lessons paid off ever since he became a main vocal and now his lines are the killing part and the most recognisable from really really. but this is the same guy who got lost for 3 hours looking for a train stop that was 10 minutes away and wants to see how many steps it’ll take to walk the width of chile and forgot that australia existed. he wants to escape to space and live with the aliens and drew his ideal house in the shape of a pentagram. He’s kinda spacey in interviews and some of his responses are so weird you feel like he’s on another plane of existence and like. I love him. he’s so weird. what the fuck

concept: jack and bitty get engaged, and shitty and tater fight for the privilege to be jack’s best man the way phoebe and rachel battled it out over who would be monica’s maid of honor


An important message about the power of film and storytelling from The Salesman Director Asghar Farhadi.


Here, Have some Klance as korrasami… redraw!!
This pic is dedicated to that cute little anon in my ask box from the other day!


You can’t freak out. In the past people have gone: ‘Oh my god, you’ve won an Oscar, your life’s changed!’ And it really hasn’t. The Oscar sits on a little side table in my flat in London and looks a bit unreal. It’s very shiny and surreal. The answer is: you just put one foot in front of the other and you hope that it goes alright.


Congratulations to Moonlight (2016), dir. Barry Jenkins, for winning Best Picture at the 89th Academy Awards.  

“At some point, you gotta decide for yourself who you’re going to be. Can’t let nobody make that decision for you.”

GULLRUTEN AWARDS 2017 - SKAM content only

Masterpost including every SKAM-related thing happened at the Gullruten Awards 2017

Before the event

Photos with fans: x, x, x, x, x, xx, x

Photo of the boys with the Prime Minister of Norway

Video with a fan

Photos with the interviewer: x, x

Henrik and Tarjei on the red carpet

Photos of Henrik and Tarjei: x, x, x, x, xx, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, xx, x, xx

Henrik’s mom IG post

Interview 1

Interview 2

Interview 3

Interview 4

Interview 5

Interview 6

Interview 7

Interview 8

Interview 9

Interview 10

During the event

Photo in the audience

“O Helga Natt” wins TV Moment of the Year

The boys announcing the best female actress winner

Tarjei doesn’t win ‘best actor’ so David and Henrik comfort him

Lady talking about Henrik and Tarjei

The eyebrow thing

Henrik and Tarjei ft. KISS CAM

The story behind the kiss cam

Henrik and Tarjei win the “Audience Award”


Videos: xx (translation)

Seconds before Henrik and Tarjei win their award

After the event

Photos of the boys on the red carpet: x, x, x, x

Photos with fans: xx, x, x, x, x, xxx, x, x

Tarjei and Henrik’s interview + the other boys interview

Henrik’s IG story

Sacha’s IG stories: xx, x

Marlon’s IG stories (10 stories in one video)

The day after

Henrik’s mom IG post

Tarjei’s comment on FB

Hartvig Nissen School statement

Photos with fans: x, x, x, x

Mari Magnus’ video of Henrik, Sacha and Marlon with fans

Henrik’s IG posts: x, x

Henrik’s IG stories: x, x, x, x

David’s IG post


David Bowie has just gone and done it again. Kicking ass from beyond the grave. Swept the floor at the Grammy’s tonight. Winning all 5 nominations for Blackstar!

I’m over the fucking moon I’m so pleased with this result.
After all the riff-raff with artists like Skepta winning over him in NME 2016. This is his moment. Wham Bam Thankyou M'aam!