best weekend ever


Our Louis and Lestat cosplays
Louis: @maliceineverland
Lestat: me
Anime North was such a wonderful con and we are so happy for winning the contest in our divison, a lot of people reconized us and all the judges knew our characters and have read the books, they were so sweet.
The fandom is bigger than expected~
Our next challenge will definitly be MonChevy from Versailles

SCI Masterpost

Hello everyone,

So I promised a masterpost of all of my content from SCI because I realize now how much I posted.

I tagged everything with this tag so if I am missing something on this list, it will be in this tag. All of the anons I answered are tagged here. If you’re looking for a specific moment and can’t seem to find it, message me and I can guide you in the right direction. Thanks everyone for following along! :)

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Sooo this weekend my sisters kept wanting to go for a walk along the trail by her house but I was like it’s okay we have all summer (bc we had so much else going on already) but they kept insisting (and obviously I didn’t mind) so like not even thirty seconds on the trail and I’m already freaking over the pretty flowers meanwhile they’re just quietly smiling … We turn the corner and there were literally more wildflowers than I have ever seen in my whole entire life!!

Like how sweet!? They knew how much I’d adore all these flowers so they made sure to take me while they were all still in bloom and I can’t even explain how grateful I am for them 😭🙏🏼🌸