best weekend ever


Our Louis and Lestat cosplays
Louis: @maliceineverland
Lestat: me
Anime North was such a wonderful con and we are so happy for winning the contest in our divison, a lot of people reconized us and all the judges knew our characters and have read the books, they were so sweet.
The fandom is bigger than expected~
Our next challenge will definitly be MonChevy from Versailles


Here’s the first little round of sketch commissions from Sakura con this weekend! I got so busy I forgot to take pictures of some of them ;___; I’m sorry.
Working in finishing the rest from the convention today! I’ll post them once I have mailed them out :)

Seriously though, what a weekend :) thanks so much to everyone who stopped by even just to chat! You guys made my weekend!
It was definitely a whole new experience tabling at Sakura con and I’m so glad that @renegadetrash offered to share a table with me so I could come to it! (You’re the best Danie) got lucky enough to be next to other friends from previous cons and got to meet some new artsy friends too! And it was awesome to see some familiar faces who have commissioned me in the past :D ah! It was such a fun weekend n_n can’t wait for the next convention!

If any of you will be attending the Bellingham anime convention (BA-con) on May 13th I’ll be there and the lovely @theathelier will be there with me! :) come say hi!

Stuck indoors all weekend.  Instead of working on my fic, I’m finally catching up on all the Kingsman fics I’ve bookmarked to read.  Holy crap, I’ve got a backlog dating as far back as January 2016 lol.  Get ready for an onslaught of kudos and comments! :)

(Also, it’s kind of sad to see how many good writers have dropped off since last year.  Hope K2 picks up their interest again).

Sooo this weekend my sisters kept wanting to go for a walk along the trail by her house but I was like it’s okay we have all summer (bc we had so much else going on already) but they kept insisting (and obviously I didn’t mind) so like not even thirty seconds on the trail and I’m already freaking over the pretty flowers meanwhile they’re just quietly smiling … We turn the corner and there were literally more wildflowers than I have ever seen in my whole entire life!!

Like how sweet!? They knew how much I’d adore all these flowers so they made sure to take me while they were all still in bloom and I can’t even explain how grateful I am for them 😭🙏🏼🌸

Day6 Fan Meet 5/22/16

-first ever Canadian fan meet took place on a Sunday if that is not divine intervention I don’t know what is
-Day6 sound amazing,  amazing is an understatement they sound otherworldly live
-Young K looked like a sexy cowboy/Victorian vampire
-Wonpil also looked like a sexy cowboy/Victorian vampire
-Their jawlines can literally cut through steel
-Dowoon is an adorable muffin
-Sungjins voice can cure disease,  prevent wars,  and create world peace
-Jaes voice is literal perfection
-Young K’s voice is literal perfection
-Wonpils voice is literal perfection
-They are all literal perfection
-Jae is ratchet and we love it
-He is also so sassy and I love it
-They are all so handsome
-What even is bias for Day6
-Has anyone noticed that dowoon kinda sorta looks like BAM BAM???
-Dowoon and wonpil saying  they loved Niagara falls killed everyone
-I nearly cried a million times
-Popping balloon game
-Jae and Dowoon as partners and winning
-YoungK and Terry (the MC and young k’s friend)  as partners and doing adequate
-Wonpil and Sungjin as partners and hilariously failing miserably
-The pedometer game with fans
-Sungjin dancing
-Sungjin DANCING is life
-Wonpil doing a grandpa hip twist
-Young K going IN and collapsing on stage because he was so tired after aha
-Jae filming sungjin and Young K dancing on his phone to use against them
-Wonpil doing aegyo because he lost the game
-Wonpils aegyo
-He is literally the cutest human being on the planet
-pretty sure he is made of sunshine
-Dowoons English
-Wonpils English
-Both their English,  just so much yes.  My poor heart
-Sungjins English and his conversations with Jae
-Young K and Jae teasing the members after they spoke English
-Giving them a cake
-Wonpil saying big strawberries in English was everything
-I’m not sure if it was a sold out show but it felt like it was
-Jaes phone continually falling out of his pocket because he was going too hard and the staff running in stage to pick it up
-I’m sure it’s cracked
-They went to Young Ks house
-Do Jae and Dowoon have a ship name? If not they should
-Singing letting go together
-Doing the fan chant
-Young K and Jae almost crying because of the fanchant
-I was consequently a mess because of this as I’m sure everyone else was
-Young K saying that even though he loves Korea and Seoul, Toronto feels like home
-The members feeling so touched because we sang along
-Young Ks parents/family and friends being there
-Literally anything Young K did garnered applause and screams
-The members switching between Brian and Young K and him scolding them aha
-Dowoon saying Toronto is so clean in English was the cutest thing on the planet
- Getting to touch their hands and tell them (Wonpil,  Dowoon,  and sungjin)  fighting
-Telling Jae and Young K they’re amazing
-Day6 felt the love today, they are so talented so why aren’t you stanning them?