best webcomic award

….Okay so the Yuri on Ice op fits SO STUPIDLY WELL with the Mob Psycho 100 op.

Like literally didn’t even take me a minute to make the right cut then sync it.  IT MESHES IN THAT WELL!

If you keep up with my twitter/comic page, you can see that I am 2 pages behind schedule on my comic (sob). But instead of scrambling to finish them on top of the 2 pages for this week, I’m going to cut my losses and just update on Wednesday and Friday. I hate to be so behind but I think it’s better just to throw in the towel for last week’s pages and try and resume a regular schedule again!

For now, here’s that one sketch of Luke I cleaned up and finished in Manga Studio because I felt like it. New page goes up on Wednesday, PROMISE!!