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Cappadocia is not only #hotairballoon 🎈ore #cave. It is central of #carpet weaving best hand weaving carpets and #kilim made in here. (Photo: kayakilims)


Modern Worshippers: Hekate

“There’s witchcraft on your lips!” they’re told. They smile and say “Thank you!” in reply. It’s to them you come should the veil between our world and Other Worlds tears and you become lost in terror. Shadowy roads are their homes as is the scent of dried herbs. They’re the best witches, weaving spells with little effort. They work at animal shelters, taking care of all the animals but showing favor to the dogs, especially black ones. If the power should go out that’s not a problem; flashlights, candles, a fire, take your pick. They watch the seasons turn and know it is Her that is aiding Persephone with the transition from Maiden of Spring to Queen of the Underworld. Should you have a problem, never forget to ask them for help; they never ask for much for aiding others is what they do.

After all, it is their Teacher who knows best both the roads of Fate and Witchcraft.

“Provided there’s a single opportunity, it’s possible that it’ll leap.” That is what I thought from the very beginning about UtaPri. But I honestly never thought it would grow to this point. Ladies poured out their love to the series and its Princes. There are many moments that I also feel it, so I am infinitely thankful. Because if it wasn’t for that love, this day wouldn’t have come. I wonder if synchronicity increases as more time is spent together? The time that I’ve spent with Jinguji Ren is irreplaceable to me. I want to aim higher, and continue to grow together with him. With him, and also our wonderful friends. We will try our best to weave songs and words one by one wholeheartedly, so please continue to support the Princes!

Suwabe Junichi’s Special Message from the Uta no Prince-sama 5th Anniversary Book

Michael Bay gave the part of Megatron in Transformers to Hugo Weaving, best known for saying “Mr. Anderson” a lot in the Matrix trilogy. But despite taking on the role of one of the most elite supervillains of the ‘80s, Weaving had very little else to do with the project. He never read the script. He never saw the set. He never met his nemesis, Shia LaBeouf. All of his interactions with Michael Bay happened over Skype. He did the entire thing in two hours in a studio while wearing a T-shirt, and it looked like this.

6 Actors Who Had No Clue What Their Movie Was About

If Scandal in the Spotlight Was an Anime...

I imagine that SITS would be a 25 episode series. In a perfect world, they (the anime production company) wouldn’t mess it up by either… 

1. Concentrating on the relationship with only one of the boys.

2. Diluting the romance by having TOO MUCH relationships.

They would tactfully keep you guessing so you never know where the ending will end up! I feel like the best way to weave the Revance anime would be… 

First few episodes: Set up. MC is chosen by Revance in the exact same way as the game. It establishes her talent and sets the groundwork for her relationship with the Revance boys. She doesn’t have any feelings for any of them, and vice versa, just yet.

Next few episodes: She starts to develop a crush on ONE of them and establish platonic relationships with two of them. The one she develops the crush on is someone who, in episode 12, will ultimately turn her down. 

In cour 2, one of the other boys starts to actively pursue her at the same time she gets a crush on a different one. I imagine that the one she starts a new crush on is someone who she’s admired from the beginning for his talent. 

In the last part of the anime, the one she secretly likes starts to develop feelings for her at the same time that the one who openly likes her starts to make it known. Torn between the two, she leaves Revance house.

The last episode would establish that yes, she did indeed choose the second one. 

I don’t know. I’ve plotted this out in my head, but I don’t know if anyone would be interested in reading a script of it. 

All Natural hair highlights

Hair Spray to lighten Hair
Chop up the frozen whole Lemon & 1/8 orange in a wooden bowl.   Simmer with water until the liquid has been reduced by half.
Strain through cheesecloth or pantyhose and pour the liquid into a bottle with a pump-type sprayer.  Add more water to thin the mixture if necessary.

  • 1/8 orange
  • 1 Lemon
  • 2 drops olive oil
  • 2 C Water
Spray your hair with this mixture whenever necessary. 
Make fresh every few days and keep in the fridge between uses.