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Battered and Bruised Ch. 7 (Bucky x reader)

Hello friends. Today is a lovely day and I’m so happy to be here. Writing fanfiction is something I really enjoy doing. Not only does it help me de-stress, and become a better writer, but I’ve also met some really awesome people. I truly appreciate all of you and I wanted to thank you for being here. Over 100 of you are following me now and I love you all. You’re all beautiful. Enjoy this next chapter of Battered and Bruised. xoxo

Description:  Bucky sees all the damage he’s physically done to you because of what H.Y.D.R.A. did to his mind.

Warnings: Cursing, angst

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“F/N, you need to let go of me. I couldn’t live with myself if I ever hurt you again.” He whipped his head towards you. His furrowed brows and tear stained face broke your heart. He pulled you into a tight hug, trying to take in your smell one last time, so he wouldn’t forget it. You body was heaving with every sob as he held you to his body.

“I love you F/N. I always have and I always will.”

When he let you go, he hurried out of the room and down the hall. Tears were streaming down his cheeks as he tried to get away from you, as far as he could. He didn’t want to hurt you. He couldn’t be close to you anymore. He was so afraid of hurting you again, afraid that he actually might kill you. 

He stumbled down the hall to the elevator, the tears in his eyes clouding his vision. He heard your wail. He could hear the anguish in your voice and it ripped his already aching heart in half. He leaned up against the wall, furiously pressing the button to go down, like pressing it more was going to make it come faster. As soon as it opened he got in and made sure that it went straight to the garage. He couldn’t let anybody see him this way. When the doors slid closed, and knowing he was completely alone, he sobbed, gripping his hair at the scalp and a scream filled with endless suffering filled the small elevator. He looked into the tile wall, his reflection staring back at him. A monster’s reflection. That was a what he saw. A destroyer of beauty and nothing more. He tried to stifle his cries as the doors opened. He threw on his hood and looked down, making eye contact with no one. When sat down in the car, he punched the steering wheel and yelled, the cries he had been holding in were finally being let out. He couldn’t drive, not like this. So, he sat in the driver’s seat for what was probably a good hour, crying. He loved you, of course he did. But, that’s why he had to do this. 

He would have rather lost you like this, knowing that you’re alive and safe, than lose you all together.

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Ghost Story [Pt 2]

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were designed to disappear. What happens when you’re caught?

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 1739

A/N: Hurrah, Bucky makes an appearance! This part is a bit of a doozy, but I couldn’t split it up without it still making sense. It flashes back and forth between the readers PoV and the Avengers PoV. As always, feedback is most welcome!

Series Masterlist // Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

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Today was the day you were going to resign. It broke your heart to leave so suddenly after working at the coffee shop for all those years. Your coworkers were your first glimpse of kindness after escaping Hydra, and the owners were the closest thing you had to family. But you had become too complacent, and it was a mistake you couldn’t afford to let spiral out of control. This was to protect them.

You had spent the past two weeks creating a new identity, and now that everything was ready you just had to leave. Technically you could have left a few days ago, but goodbyes were hard and you were selfish.

You gave your apartment a final once over, your eyes skimming over the shelves of thoroughly loved books and photographed memories. You had tried so hard to not get attached to this place, but there was something about New York that drew you in and cocooned you in a blanket of hope. It was a fickle thing, the thought of hope. Hydra had sunk its claws in too deep for such a sweet thing to ever become a reality, yet you just couldn’t help the small spark that ignited when you first tasted freedom. Letting out a sigh, you flicked the lights off and closed the door before glancing at your watch. 6:48am. Perfect timing.

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Modern Worshippers: Hekate

“There’s witchcraft on your lips!” they’re told. They smile and say “Thank you!” in reply. It’s to them you come should the veil between our world and Other Worlds tears and you become lost in terror. Shadowy roads are their homes as is the scent of dried herbs. They’re the best witches, weaving spells with little effort. They work at animal shelters, taking care of all the animals but showing favor to the dogs, especially black ones. If the power should go out that’s not a problem; flashlights, candles, a fire, take your pick. They watch the seasons turn and know it is Her that is aiding Persephone with the transition from Maiden of Spring to Queen of the Underworld. Should you have a problem, never forget to ask them for help; they never ask for much for aiding others is what they do.

After all, it is their Teacher who knows best both the roads of Fate and Witchcraft.

anonymous asked:

You are an amazing writer and I love your stories. I was reading one of your crossover prompt responses and couldn't stop wondering about the part you left unanswered. Who do you ship Tim with in the Marvel verse?

Hi babe. Just, okay, soooo. Ah, @yozoraarashi talked to me about the possibility of Tim staying in the MCU at one time (it’s here) so O_O here’s a little something. Ah, it’s terrible and unedited, however, the saving grace is the suit. So, I regret nothing.


The golden R on his chest gleams wickedly, sharp, in the night, and he just breathes.

He might be older now, wiser than the last time he did this, but it’s a crazy thing how his heart is pounding so hard, like when he was new to everything and throwing himself off buildings wasn’t second nature.

And standing on the Iron Man platform of Avenger’s Tower, looking out over this world’s version of New York City, he gets that incredible feeling all over again—like he’s starting over. Like he can do things right this time. He’s got the knowledge, the fight, and the right reasons to put on the domino, to let the black and yellow hang to his heels, to heft the bo like it’s an extension of his limb. He still has the same drive cultivated during his tenure, the need to be part of the Mission—to do everything he can to make sure the baddies in the world don’t get to hurt other people, to make sure no other little eight-year-old boys have to watch their mommies and daddies die.

Robin is going out there tonight—and he’s bringing a whole lot of please, try me along for the ride.

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Heart-Fixing Birthdays || Luke Hemmings


Today was (lol is) Luke’s birthday. So, as his best friend, you decided to fly over to where he’s currently on tour at. Not only because he was your best friend, but you loved him as such. More than a best friend as well… But you didn’t admit it. Although, Ashton tended to tease you about it and tried to get the desired truth. But you wouldn’t budge and he stopped barking up that tree. You were now at a party with the boys, Lukes family, and some of the team. You would’ve been more ecstatic than you were, but Arzaylea was also invited to the party.

“Hey, Mrs. All Concentrated, what’s up?” Michael came over and teased you, making you sigh. You had a very heavy, inpenetrable fix on Luke dancing with his girlfriend that you didn’t realize anything else around you. With a beer in your hand and your feelings down in the garbage, you weren’t having the best night.

“Getting drunk,” you said simply, taking a chug of the beer. “Later, I’ll be getting even more drunk over my already drunk state. I’m having a spectacular time.” In reality, you weren’t. You saw as Arzaylea used the boy you loved so dearly for money and publicity. It made your skin sear to watch as the sweet boy you fell in love with was simply eating up all the stories and excuses she made for herself. Attacking his fandom, trying her best to weave into his life like she’s so significant. It was unbelievable and disgusting because you saw the beautiful boy Luke was. Luke was the boy who can light up a room without words. He was the boy who had a cute adoration for penguins and shared his food a lot. He was the boy who cared for everybody, even if knowing them for just one day. And it hurt that he didn’t get what he deserved: a better girlfriend.

“You know, Y/N, Luke was ecstatic that you came,” Michael told you as the two of you leaned at the bar while staring at said boy dance with the she-devil. “He was saying how you guys were going to do everything while you were here. Pretty much excluding the rest of us.” Michael chuckled, making you giggle a bit.

“Thanks for trying, but I don’t think I can get over this,” you sighed, chugging your beer empty. You watched the blonde boy spin Arzaylea, causing her to laugh and smile. She had her phone out, recording it all. It made you sick inside, all of it. “I’m just trying to be happy for him.”

“Aw, Y/N,” Michael moaned, taking you into his big arms. You felt a bit happier in his arms, feeling like you do matter. “How about we have a drinking competition? Whoever drinks the most shots wins.” Michael proposed, giving you a devilish smirk. You looked into his green eyes and nodded, giggling in anticipation. Luke was happy without you, so you might as well find your happiness, too.

15 shots each later, and the both of you were giggling idiots at the bar. Michael was drinking another shot while you could barely stop laughing to even pick one up without spilling. He chugged the shot and hit it harshly on the bar counter facing down. He raised his arms up in victory as you giggled crazily at him. Tears were building as you looked over at Luke. He was slow dancing with Arzaylea but looking at you. He seems sad, almost disappointed. You looked away and back to Michael, seeing him chuckle insanely.

“I won, I am victorious!” Michael cheered. You were so intoxicated that you allowed your mind to control you.

“Well, here’s your congratulations reward,” you whisper, grabbing his flannel to pull him close. You closed your eyes as his lips finally reached yours. It felt so good to kiss him, feeling like you actually belong. But, then you realized that you loved Luke and not Michael. You realized that you were only using Michael to try to channel your feelings somehow. You felt awful and sick. Detaching from his lips, you began to cry. “I’m so sorry, Michael…” You whispered, tears rolling down your cheeks as Michael stared at you with sadness. He pulled you in once more, wrapping his arms around you. You suddenly heard quick feet go to you, making you feel nervous of being hit by the fast object.

“Y/N, are you okay? Oh fuck, Y/N!” Luke said, his face full of desperation and worry. Your face was practically buried in Michaels chest, giving Luke a simple nod worth of an answer. Your arms were wrapped around Michael as well, weeping your heart out. “Michael, what happened? Did you do something? I swear to fucking god, mate, if you did something to her-“

“I didn’t do shit, Hemmings, so calm the fuck down,” Michael stated simply, rubbing the back of your head. You felt comfort in Michaels hold, but had the insane urge to run into Lukes arm and beg for his love. But you knew he loved Arzaylea, and there was nothing you can do about it. “She’s just a bit tipsy and has a few emotions coming out.”

“Fuck off, Michael, I saw that kiss!” Luke hissed at him, giving him a deadly stare. Michael scoffed, rubbing your back softly. You decide to defuse this argument, leaving Michaels comforting hold to look at Luke. Luke looked at you in horror, seeing your eyes puffy with your face drenched in tears. “Ah, fuck, Y/N, what happened?”

“C’mon,” you said quietly, grabbing Lukes hand. You looked back at Michael and gave him a weak smile. You kissed his cheek. “Thank you for being here for me. We can talk later, I promise.” Michael nodded, smiling before you dragged Luke outside the party and into the dark of night.

“Y/N, what the fuck happened?” Luke exclaimed, looking at you with angry eyes.

“Don’t even stare at me like that, Luke, I did nothing that hurt your fucking feelings or anything,” you said bitterly, rolling your eyes at him with your arms crossed. “Unlike you, who has literally been breaking my damned heart this entire night. It hurts to see your best friend love another girl that isn’t you. Falling for your best friend bites, and I hate it.”

“…Y/N, I-“ Luke tried but you didn’t want to hear the rejection. It would’ve broke you even more.

“Now that you know that I love you, I’ll be getting a plane ticket tomorrow to head home,” you said simply, looking down at the concrete floor. “I’m also going back to the hotel right now so have a nice birthday.” You were walking away from him until you felt a hand grab your wrist. You turned around to see Luke with a strong gaze on you.

“Y/N, I love you, too,” Luke said quietly, making you widen your eyes. “I’ve always loved you like that, Y/N, but it didn’t seem like you did back and I didn’t want to try. And I hooked up with Arzaylea, thinking that maybe she can help me get over you. And to make it worse, you supported it, making me believe that you really didn’t feel the same way. But I understand that that was a best friend thing. But, after all this time being with Arzaylea, I just don’t like her. Not like that at all. She’s nice and all but my heart aches and burns for you.”

“Happy Birthday, Luke Hemmings,” you whisper, smiling. Before you knew it, Luke pulled you onto his body from your wrist and held you close. His hands snaked down to your hips, gripping securely as you looked up at him. His blue eyes glistened, looking at you with desire. Then, unexpectedly, he smashed his lips with yours, giving you the kiss that you’ve yearned for a very long time.

please, I am legit dying for requests. like i always want them. especially some for lukes birthday plz because he deserves them and hes so lovely and last nights concert was gorgeous bc his striped shirt made him so <3.<3


Gentlemen by Kiev

Soonyoung (Hoshi) x Reader 

Part ½ (Fluff/smut) 

A/n: I’m so sorry this took so long. I slack so much. Forgive me. 

He’s been away for so long. With the comeback and a new round of award shows, you’ve had very little time to spend with your boyfriend. You knew what you were getting into dating an idol. But you have never felt this lonely in the past two years. You missed the way he’d stare at you, the way he’d call you beautiful every morning, how he would squeeze your hand every few minutes, the way his face squished while he slept, and his playful ways.  

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The Old Fashioned Way

Pairing: Tony x Reader

Summary: Holiday parties and giving you surprises are Tony’s two favourite things.

Warnings: You might die of fluff, I hope. I mean that with all the love in the world :) Oh yeah there’s a bit of language too.

Word Count: ~1670

A/N: This is my secret santa gift to the lovely @marvel-ash​! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that this is able to brighten your day a bit! PS thank you Ash and @oneshot-shit for hosting this! I had a lot of fun participating :)

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You opened your eyes, the cool winter sun filtering through your curtains and gently washing your comforter in dappled light. Stretching your arms over your head, you sighed contentedly before rolling on to your side to check your phone for the time. 9:35am. Not too early, not too late. Just enough time to take a shower and make pumpkin pancakes and a latte for breakfast before going about your typical Saturday routine - training, lunch with Wanda and Nat, errands, chill time… To top it all off, Christmas was in a week.

You picked out a pair of leggings and an oversized jumper before making your way to the ensuite bathroom.

“FRIDAY, can you play something festive please?”

“Certainly, Miss (Y/N).”

A smile broke across your face as Dean Martin’s rendition of Silver Bells came on over the speakers in the bathroom. Yep, today was going to be a great day.

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Kay Davis, circa 1945

Kay Davis (5 December 1920 – 27 January 2012) was a classically trained coloratura soprano who majored in voice and piano at Northwestern University in Illinois, USA, one of only six African American students there at the time. She joined Duke Ellington’s orchestra as a vocalist in 1944 and appeared with them in a number of (short) films, amongst which Symphony in Swing (1949) and Salute to Duke Ellington (1950).

During a concert in Carnegie Hall on November 13, 1948, Kay Davis was the first person ever to sing, for an audience, the legendary melancholy jazz ballad Lush Life, though the song had already been written more than a decade earlier by Ellington’s musical arranger and pianist Billy Strayhorn when he was only 16 years old.

Although she did sing conventional jazz songs with lyrics in a non-operatic style, she’s best known for weaving haunting wordless soprano tones through elaborate, sometimes filmlike Ellington arrangements. Jazz scholar Richard A. Wang, associate professor emeritus of music at the University of Illinois in Chicago, said of Ms. Davis’ singing: “She had a purity of tone and accuracy of intonation that added another instrumental voice to the Ellington palette. If one made a classical reference, it would be the sounds in Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Vocalise – also a wordless vocal.”

In the early 1950s, after two European tours with Ellington, Davis got married and retired from singing. She and her husband moved to Florida, where she became a trained Cordon Bleu cook and had one son. Kay Davis’ best known recordings with Duke Ellington are the wordless vocal numbers Transblucency, On A Turquoise Cloud, Minnehaha, and Violet Blue.

serafino-finasero – 20160315 – [more Ellington singers here]

Kay Davis and Duke Ellington, late 1940s | photo William P. Gottlieb / Library of Congress