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Teaching Tip: Build Your Culture and Climate with Attendance Questions

Everyone knows that the social and emotional well-being of a child is just as important as their academic skills.  In fact, our district just put “Culture and Climate”  at the top of our teacher evaluations.  If a student doesn’t feel safe and loved in each classroom, they they aren’t going to learn. Period.

Sure, there many ways to build a positive culture in your classroom, such as standing outside your door while students are coming in, giving them opportunities to define the rules in your classroom, letting them choose their seats, going to their extra-curricular activities, giving them a survey, etc. However, one of the BEST ways (in my opinion), is to spend time really getting to know your students on Day 1 of the school year. That being said, you need to spend time getting to know them every. single. day. of. the. year!  

For the first five or ten minutes, my class never started with silent reading or a writing prompt; it started with an attendance question.  Each day, I would ask a question (you can see my list below of questions), and I would take attendance by having each student answer the question.  My students told me they love this part of the class because it gives their brain time to transition from one class or subject to the next.  They also explained that this was a great way to get to learn about each other…who has similar answers, funny answers, and/or were extremely creative each time.  In middle school, you never know what answers you are going to get.  One year, I had a group of boys that somehow worked in a Morgan Freeman answer every single time.  Last year, a boy answered with something about curry each day.  

So, what does this look like? Up in the front of my classroom, I have a podium with a “special stool,” and on that podium is my list of questions and a print out of student’s names.  For the first week, I tell the students my question, and I call on each student for their answer.  When everyone is done, I tell them my answer to the question.  (You’ll learn that if you give your answer first, you will have at least ten other students give that same answer.)  This is a great way to learn the names of students as well.  It is always my goal to learn every single name by the end of the week, even when I have 170 students.  There is no way I could do achieve this without doing the attendance question first.

At the end of the first week and for the rest of the year, I have a different student each day that does the attendance question.  Obviously, this would be more difficult if you teach students under third grade, but here is why I do it. The students LOVE sitting in the special chair up front with this responsibility (yes, even teenagers).  It also gives me time to sit at my desk for five minutes while I am doing the attendance on my computer at the same time (yay, a chance to sit down), or I am spending that time passing back papers and handling individual student needs.

Some of you may question whether you can give up those five or ten minutes of class.  My answer is yes!  When you build a positive culture and climate in your room, you are saving yourself time from discipline problems later on in the year. Maybe you have that one student that makes you want to poke your eye out, and then you learn that you both share a love of horses.  What better way than to connect with that student. I have also learned that the students start to feel like a family and become protective of each other, as long as you don’t allow negativity or snickering during the attendance questions.  I stress that there is never a wrong answer; every one gets to feel how they feel. Kids are vulnerable, and it’s important to set up that safe place for them. If you allow students to make fun of an answer, you are actually killing the positive culture in your room, and NOW you are wasting your time in the beginning of class.  Have you ever met a person who doesn’t like to share something about themselves? No, me neither.  

This year, remember that the social/emotional part of a child is just as important as the subject that you are teaching.  You may find that students never want to leave the room during the attendance question.  There is a reason for that. Create that classroom where kids may pause before wanting to leave the room.

Feel free to use my list of questions.  At the end of the list, I also have “Would You Rather Questions” that I use when I have less time and only want a one-word answer.  This list is always a work in progress, so if you have questions that you think would be great to add, please let me know.  I almost have you covered with enough questions for the whole year, though.

Here is the link to the questions:

i was gonna start work on First Heat in St Petersburg but I ran into an un expected tangle of Feelings and now I have to decide if I want to write it out or just elide it. Basically: the way I have the “series” (I mean, there’s now two and a half fics that more or less fit in the same continuity, if not on purpose) right now, it makes sense for the heat Yuri has before he goes to St Petersburg to hit between Barcelona and JP/RU Nationals, which means of course that Yuri will be spending it by himself, because Victor is goin to St Petersburg to get ready for RU Nationals, right? So of course Victor is going to be like WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO and Yuri is like “uh deal with it” and Victor pauses for a second and is like “wait, how were you planning to deal with it when you told me we should end things?”

Yuri makes a vague noise but like he had two options he was considering:

  • Victor leaves for good, he spends a very miserable week and finds out they sort of accidentally scentbonded and he’s miserable forever but never admits it because he doesn’t think Victor would be affected
    • (Victor, who has been scentbonded and known it since SOCHI, covers his face in his hands)
  • Victor agrees to go back to skating and also something something Yuri gets to stay with him? Yuri doesn’t know. Anyway, Yuri retires and has the heat and immediately gets knocked up. This is his best case scenario. 
    • “I have to go yell into the void for like – five minutes? Okay? Okay, bunny? I’m not leaving. I just have to. I have to go scream for a minute.” Victor returns after screaming down the stairwell and spends the rest of the night painfully untangling what Yuri was thinking and trying to come up with a way that isn’t yelling to say “Did you think I would only want you if you were having my baby?”
      • Partly yes partly no Yuri had a list of names that sounded good with Nikiforov that he started when he was 14 and it’s not that he doesn’t want to have kids, it’s more that he was waiting until he was done skating
        • QED, Victor knocks him up, everybody’s happy
          • “I have to go scream again,” says Victor. “I love you very much and I have a migraine right now. Don’t - stay right here and hug the tissue box, bunny, okay? I love you.”
            • he sticks his head back in the room long enough to add, “when you’re done skating I would love to have kids with you. I love you. I’m going to go shriek at the uncaring night. I’ll be back.”

Anyway I suspect this is a separate fic that I have to write, or pretend to write, before First Heat In St Petersburg. Or it’s gonna be a hella long fic. UGH.

3 Billion Dollars [Part 9] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: Angst? fluff?

Warning: None really

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11} {part 12} {part 13} {part 14} {part 15} {part 16} {part 17} {part 18} {part 19} {part 20} {part 21} {part 22}

A/N: Sorry this one is really short. Although the next one is gonna be intense. I hope you like it! My inbox is always open.

~ Brooklyn


Ji Yong woke up from the sunlight that shined into your room. It took him a minute to take in his surroundings, a lazy smile coming onto his face as he remembered what happened the night before. He looked down, confirming the events of the night. He smiled down at your sleeping figure. The light shined down on you at the perfect angle, lighting up your hair and giving your face an angelic look. Ji Yong draws light patterns on your skin with his thumb as he closed his eyes. He stayed with you, relaxing before he had to go back to work.

Ji Yong watches as you stirred in your sleep, slowly waking up from your dream. He smiled and brushed your hair back from his face. Slowly you woke up, your eyes opening. You look up at Ji Yong, who smiled down at you. You gave him a half-hearted smile, only to close your eyes and nuzzle your head against his chest until you got comfortable. He smiled, pulling you close to him again.

“I have to go to work princess,” Ji Yong said. You groaned but didn’t move. He laughed lightly and brushed his fingers through your hair, detangling it slowly as he brushed them through. You relaxed into him more, refusing to get up. He chuckled deeply, and you could feel his chest vibrate. “I don’t want to either, but I have to.”

“Don’t go,” you whined quietly. He smiled down at you. You leaned off of his chest and looked up at him. You guys stared into each other’s eyes for a minute. He continued to stroke your hair, lightly pushing back all small strands.

“I don’t want to princess,” Ji Yong said quietly. He pulled you closer, kissing your forehead lightly. He pushed you away from him enough for him to look at your face. He smiled softly, your eyes shining as you stared at him. He lightly pushed you away from him so he could get up. You followed his actions and sat up on the bed. You wrapped your arms around his waist, leaning your head against his back. He smiled and chuckled lightly. “I’ll be back tonight okay?”

“Promise?” You asked. You pulled away from your hug and looked him in the eyes. He smiled at you and nodded his head.

“I promise.” He got off of the bed and stood up. You watched him as he bent down and grabbed his shirt, putting it on. He smiled at you and petted Ai as he slept in the sunshine. He rubbed your arm and sat down on the bed next to you. “I don’t expect you to bounce back easily after seeing that. If you need anything from me, and I mean anything, time, a hug, anything let me know. Okay?”

“Okay Yongie,” you say. You smiled softly at him. He returned it with a smile of his own and pulled you into a tight hug that you leaned into. After pulling away he got up and headed towards the cream colored door. He smiled one last time at you before opening the door and leaving.

You sighed as you aimlessly petted Ai. The image of your dad still seemed to haunt you every time you closed your eyes. The fact that you were now without any family also seemed to repeat in your mind. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. You opened your eyes and got up and headed for the shower, needing something to relax now that Ji Yong was gone.


Things had gotten better after talking to Ji Yong. You had felt a bit better in the house, feeling more protected and loved than you did before talking to him. You had grown to be more comfortable around the house. It was a blessing that you honestly deserved.

A few months had passed since the incident at your house. You had accepted a few things since then, but it took a lot of nightmares, Ji Yong’s cuddles, and a lot of ranting. Time really does heal the heart though, and as you continued to learn about how the mafia works, the more independent you became. You depended less on Seungri and Youngbae to lead you everywhere, although you still had guards thanks to Ji Yong’s. People began to give you better looks as you walked pass them. It was a good new change.

You had also developed a schedule in the past few months as well. You would wake up with Ji Yong next to you, holding you tightly against him. He’d leave with a small goodbye and you’d get ready for the day. You’d read or draw a little while eating breakfast, wanting to spend a little time for yourself before you got started.

After an hour later Seungri and Daesung would knock on your door and take you away for training. Seungri would work on your knife throwing, spending forty-five minutes on just throwing than another forty-five working on new stuff. Daesung helps you with hand to hand combat. He’d practice with you for thirty minutes then works on new stuff for an hour. It became your main stress reliever. The physical exhaustion becoming the best easiest way to sleep easily, other than Ji’s cuddles.

After your training though you’d go to lunch with Mr. Kwon. He’d ask you how everything was doing, how your training was going, and if you’re feeling comfortable. Mr. Kwon had started to become a private therapist to you. He listened as you talked to him about your family. Although he wasn’t fond of your dad, he did seem to care about you and your wellbeing. It was nice. He seemed to understand what you were going through. He understood the pain of losing family, and that one similarity had helped start a connection between the two of you.

The rest of the day would be just you in your room. If you were lucky one of the four boys would join you and you’d talk. It was relaxing at this point, a good time to bring your heart rate down after training. It was also the time where you would run errands if you needed too. When the kitchen was running low on food one of the boys would take you to the supermarket and help you pick out food. It was always one of your favorite times of day because somebody was always with you whenever you needed a friend.

Your all time favorite time though was right before you’d go to sleep. Ji Yong would slip into your room before you’d get in bed. He’d take off his shirt, and occasionally his pants, and he’d slip into bed with you. He’d hold you against his chest and you would talk about your day. He’d talk about the meetings and the crazy people he’d meet, and you’d talk about your time with the boys, making sure to avoid any mention of training. It was relaxing, especially when he’d run his hands through your hair as you’d talk. As you fall asleep he would kiss your forehead and fall asleep as well. When you’d wake up, you’d be right next to a sleep Ji Yong and you’re ready to start the day.

Although today was a little different. You woke up next to Ji Yong, like usual. You watch him leave with a smile, wishing him the best of luck today. And you got ready for your day, a quick morning shower to wash away any trace of sleep, brushing your teeth, and Ai’s mandatory petting that he demanded to have. It seemed to be a good morning. As you waited for Seungri and Daesung to go to training with you, you heard something. It wasn’t a usual something, but something that sounded off. It was a thumping sound, but it was a bit faded. Although it wasn’t something major, but you couldn’t help the feeling that something is wrong.

Ji Yong frowned as he heard something crash. It wasn’t the sound of glass breaking, but the sound of something hard hitting the ground. What alarmed him the most was the sound of gunshots that followed the noise. He looked at the oldest Seunghyun alarmed. Grabbing his gun, Ji Yong left his office and went towards the sound, Seunghyun following behind him. He frowned as his mind flashed to you. As Ji Yong went into the lobby he saw who caused the problem. In front of him stood Flynn, a gun in his hand and an array of dead bodies littered around the ground. Flynn smiled wickedly at Ji Yong.

“Looks like I finally got the Dragon out of its cave. Nice to finally see you face to face G Dragon.” Flynn talked so smoothly and effortlessly, it made Ji Yong frown.

“You better have a good reason to show up here,” Ji Yong said. He his anger easily, but he still planned how he was gonna slowly kill Flynn. Flynn smiled and then looked at Seunghyun.

“The infamous T.O.P, ruthless to those who oppose him and his family. Never thought I would get you out here.” Seungri came rushing into the lobby, Youngbae and Daesung following behind him. Flynn looked at the boys amused. Each of them had a weapon in their hands. “Looks like I really brought out the big boys.”

“What do you want?” Ji Yong said. Annoyance filling his voice. Flynn looked behind Ji Yong his smile softening as he saw a female figure in the distance. Ji Yong’s eyes widened as he heard your voice.

“Flynn oppa?”

catching the love bug (1/1) 

summary: in which the lightwood siblings always end up in the hospital, alec spends a lot of time waiting around, and the charming dr. nane is more than a little attractive.
pairing: magnus bane/alec lightwood
word count: 3.5k 
tags: alternate Universe - human, alternate universe - medical, doctor au, flirting, innuendos, pre-relationship, really just light and fun stuff

written for @magnusandalexander for the shsummertimefest 2017

can also be read on ao3

Alec closes his eyes and sighs, leaning his head back to rest against the wall behind him. The emergency room is loud, and he wishes for nothing more than to be able to tune everyone else out as he waits for his turn, but he’s had no luck so far in the three hours he’s been here.

At least his hand doesn’t hurt anymore as long as he keeps it still, so that’s something.

Really, he can only blame himself.

If he hadn’t agreed to stay at work for an hour longer than planned, he wouldn’t have been in a hurry to get to class. If he hadn’t been in a hurry to get to class, he wouldn’t have been running absent-mindedly across campus. If he hadn’t been running absent-mindedly across campus, he wouldn’t have collided with the dude on the bike. And if he hadn’t collided with the dude on the bike, he wouldn’t have ended up in the ER with a hand that felt like it was going to fall off every time he moved it.

“Alexander Gideon Lightwood?”

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Tony Stark x Reader Masterlist

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(By Request)

Summary: Your mission takes you to Paris. Back at your hotel, just as you’re about to take a hot shower and relax, Tony shows up at your door. A fancy dinner, a little wine, and a walk through the city streets… Who knew Tony Stark had a romantic side? (SMUT WARNING)

Hold On

(By Request)

Something went wrong on your mission. You just don’t know what. When Tony doesn’t come to bed after hours spent in his lab, you go to check on him. Once you find out what happened, you do your best to remind him that you’re there for him. (SMUT WARNING)

Everything and More

Tony’s POV; in honor of Tony’s birthday, you two have partied the night away. However, the night’s not over just yet. (SMUT WARNING)

Let’s Start Here

(By Request)

Having always been a little thicker than your fellow agents, you’ve always worked harder to prove yourself. The events of the day have lead to a downward spiral filled with self-doubt and anxiety. When you miss dinner, Tony comes to check on you. Then, after a brief discussion, he reminds you, spot by sweet spot, everything about you he adores. (SMUT WARNING)

Weight of the World

(By Request)

As personal assistant to Tony Stark, you’ve taken great care to get him to take care of himself. Something is off about him today. He’s slept in, something more than unusual since you moved into the tower with him. His need for comfort far outweighs your better judgement when he asks you to lie down with him. (SMUT WARNING)

The Suit

(By Request)

So, there’s this suit. The media calls it the Purple Suit of Sex. Rumor has it Tony only wears it when he’s on the prowl for someone new to take home. You once fell victim to the charms of the suit, more specifically the man in it. Something came of that night, though - feelings and a relationship kept secret from the world. That secret comes back to haunt you one night when Tony wears the suit. (SMUT WARNING)

All You Had to Do Was Ask

(By Request)

You were basically the Avengers House mother. You cooked, cleaned, and applied first aid whenever it was required - all in the name of college fees. A perk of the job was having two geniuses at your disposal. Bruce was easy to talk to, and your crush on Tony made it difficult to ask for his help. Then comes the day when you have no choice. Bruce is gone, and you have a deadline.

Thicker Than Water

(By Request)

You’ve spent your life wondering who your father could be, trying to piece him together with speculation. So, when your mother tells you it’s Tony Stark, you hop the first bus to New York. What’ll happen when you show up on his doorstep?


(By Request)

On your way to a mission briefing, you hear Natasha yelling at Tony. You join the fight when you see her holding a small camera in her hand. You’re left to wonder what he’s seen, and you find yourself intrigued by the same prospect. (SMUT WARNING)

Find You

(By Request)

After a mission goes wrong, Tony finds out that you were taken. He can’t eat. He can’t sleep. He has to find you, and he uses every resource he has to do so. (SMUT WARNING) 

The Right Place

(By Request)

Having a buzzcut in this business can turn heads and not always in the best way. It’s easy to feel out of place. It’s easy to feel less than beautiful. So, for one night, you take your appearance into your own hands. In the end, it’s Tony that helps you find your place. 

Just A Dream

(By Request)

For a long time, Tony suffered countless nightmares, sleepless nights. Things only got worse after Pepper left. Eventually, he did find comfort… in your arms. (SMUT WARNING)

Five More Minutes

(By Request)

Busy days can be tough to work around. What’s a couple of white lies when it means spending more time in bed with the person you love?


(By Request)

Song fic based on Kelly Rowland’s Motivation. (SMUT WARNING)

A Safe Place

(By Request)

You were a prisoner of a war that was being fought without your knowledge. HYDRA turned you into a weapon. The Avengers saved your life. Everyone knows it’ll take time, but there must be somewhere you can feel safe again.

Tony Stark Taglist: (PERMANENTLY OPEN) 

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I knew I loved you before I met you (ii)

For those of you who asked for a continuation of this title prompt fic

When Serena goes to see Bernie later that evening, before heading home, Bernie is sat up in bed clutching an envelope.

‘For me?’ Serena asks once she’s kissed her hello, her eyes lighting up.

‘Old fashioned, I know,’ Bernie says, embarrassed, fiddling with the corners of the paper. ‘And redundant really, seeing as we’re both in the same place at last.’

But Serena just smiles and pats her hand. ‘Romantic though, seeing the words in your handwriting, knowing you touched the same paper. Far better than email.’

‘You– you don’t mind? Don’t think it’s silly?’

‘Why would I mind getting love letters from you?’ Serena asks, coaxing the envelope from between Bernie’s fingers and slipping it safely into her handbag. ‘Plus it’s much more exciting than the papers I’m supposed to be reading tonight,’ she adds with a wink.


Their kiss spreads like wildfire via the jungle drums, the flames only fanned by Serena’s subsequent frequent visits up to Darwin. So when Bernie is temporarily quarantined she sees no reason not to have Zosia pass notes back and forth between them, even if it does make her feel like a teenager. She only hopes her reputation is scary enough to keep any curious eyes from peeking, doesn’t mind everyone knowing about them but is less keen on them knowing exactly what they say to each other in private. Jac’s raised eyebrow and Mo’s smirk strongly suggest that she’s become too soft.


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Crunch Time

Inspired my lack of planning ahead that lead to cramming for midterms

Okay so we all know that the ideal is that you study a little bit every day and so you end up only having to study a little bit harder when it’s exam time but sometimes that doesn’t happen. Sometimes you have a migraine for two days and don’t get started until 10pm the night before, or you had better (more fun, more important) things to do over the weekend. Or time just plain ol’ slipped up on ya! It happens.

These are just a few simple tips that I use when I have to cram.

Planning and the actually studying;

  1. First write down exactly what is going to be covered on the exam! You can’t start in without a plan or you’ll end up spending an hour on a topic that’s not actually going to be on the exam or isn’t worth all that much. If you do happen to know what will be weighted more heavily on the exam write that down on the list as you go.
  2. Next make a plan of how much time you think you should spend on each topic; if you know it well then you just need to review (DO NOT SKIP STUDYING THE STUFF YOU KNOW!!! Five to ten minutes with it could save you on the exam, when you spend so much time studying other things it is SO easy to forget what you already know), if you’ve been struggling on a topic then make sure that you spend more than two chunks of time coming back to it.
  3. Decide how you want to study; I think that when cramming the best way to study for an exam is to create a “cheat sheet” like what you would make if your teacher was going to allow you to bring a sheet into the exam. You need to boil the information down to just what you need to know for the exam!
  4. Review as you go! Study a new topic and then go flip through those new notes you made on the subjects you just studied. Do this every time you finish a section/topic and you should also review what you’ve just finished as well! Making sure to go over what you’re studying means that you’ve got multiple opportunities to get the information cemented in your mind; it also helps to make sure that you aren’t just grazing over the pages without gaining anything.

Food and sleep:

  1. Don’t neglect your need for food and keep track of your caffeine intake. If you have a habit of forgetting to eat when studying set alarms on your phone, bring snacks with you to wherever you’re studying. If you’re studying while out make sure you’ve got a sense of where you could get food. For caffeine make sure that you cut yourself off at a decent time of day; it won’t help when you hit pure exhaustion.
  2. Along the lines of pure exhaustion; when you’ve been rereading the same page for the last half hour that is a clear sign your body and mind need a break. If you feel like you can’t afford to call it quits for the night then go take a nap. Set yourself an alarm and just lie down and rest, even if you can’t sleep just laying down can be so restful.
  3. Remember that it’s okay to say “that’s enough”. Even when you haven’t accomplished everything you think you need to sometimes it is necessary to stop and just go to sleep. That’s totally fine, don’t beat yourself up over it. My mom likes to say “Your best is the best you can do, someone else might could do better but you’re not them and you don’t need to be.” and she’s so right. You might find yourself saying ‘I should pull an all nighter because that’s what others would do’ but all nighters are not for everyone. I can only pull one every sixth new moon when the stars align in just the right way.

Above all remember that this happens and you’re not a failure. No matter what grade you make on the exam your effort was important and you are going to be fine.

I’m always here to talk if you need (even if you need someone to keep you company while you cram!).

anonymous asked:

Hey, Nick! Huge fan of your stuff, and it's got me thinking about something: I've been toying with the idea of starting a review channel for a while now; mostly for webcomics, literature, stuff like that. However, I'm also a high-functioning autistic person, and as a result I tend to slur or stumble over my words when I speak too quickly or for too long - doubly so if it's something I'm passionate about. Aside from writing a script, do you have any advice about how to deal with this issue?

Okay, this one is actually rather easy, and it’s entirely true:

When you are making videos involving your recorded voice, you are entirely in control of the microphone and final output.

Think about it for a moment. You’re not giving a performance, you’re not timed–you’re recording. Everything that happens is entirely under your control, with no time limit and full power of quality control.

You can say a line that you’re afraid of delivering wrong 20 times to get the best take. You can spend 15 minutes on five sentences getting them precisely right if you feel the need. You can listen to your audio after the recording and judge if it needs to be redone (which I myself have done before) and then have the time to re-record.

You have full power to deliver lines, recognize if you did it in a way that isn’t satisfying, and then fix it with absolutely no consequence. The final output is 100% under your control, and your time spent making the audio is also 100% under your control and authority.

The one rule I will give you is this: don’t get frustrated. Keep remembering how much power you have over the audio. It all belongs to you.

“We used to play pretend“

Songs Series #1: “Stressed Out“

(A/N): Announcement, but not really, this is the first chapter of the new series I‘ve been desiderating. I personally think that this song is so overrated, that it‘s underrated. Feel free to let me know which songs you‘d like me to use, enjoy x 

Words: 1,203

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“I need a break“ Tyler snaps all of sudden and storms out of the room. 

You all have been stuck inside the studio, working on the new album for the whole day, with the only thing keeping you awake being caffein beverages. Everyone is intensely worn out, since all the energy has been drained out of your bodies. That‘s fairly noticeable by your bloodshot eyes defined with heavy black creases, longing for a good sleep. 

You immediately shoot Josh a concerning look the second after Tyler left the room to receive a simple shrug in response. The brown haired guy is for sure terribly exhausted, but so is everyone else. Meaning that could not be an explanation for his questioning outburst. Out of curiosity and confusion, you stand up from your seat and decide to go look for him. First, you had no clue where he could‘ve gone, but fortunately an idea popped into your mind. In less than five minutes after, you find him leaning with his elbows on the railing of the rooftop, he seems to be burying his head in both of his hands. Slowly, you make your way towards the guy. 

“Would you mind some company?“ 

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The Mysterious Barista

Pairing: Sam X Reader

Word Count: 1,939

Warnings: shitty writing, Sam being an adorable little shit, copious amounts of coffee drank by the reader, fluff. Lots of fluff.

Summary: AU. You have recently moved and started interning in the best hospital in the country when you meet a mysterious in your local café.

A/N: This is my fic for @teamfreewill-imagine ‘s 21st Birthday Celebration. I chose Barista!Sam and this is the resulting. Hope you guys enjoy it. Happy early birthday Jamie! - Sinéad

(Also all my medical knowledge I used in this is from the few season of Greys Anatomy I have watched and from the internet so I apologize if it isn’t very accurate.) 

Gifs are not mine! Found on Google.

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Learning to Fly

So I wrote this on a plane tonight, surprise surprise…

Flight attendant Caroline Forbes thought her working day was going to be dull until she meets an unusual passenger but soon realises there’s more to him than she first thought.

I’m learning to fly but I ain’t got wings, coming down is the hardest thing…

For the most part Caroline liked her job. Although being a flight attendant certainly had its pitfalls including; unpleasant air sickness mishaps, overbearing passengers with sometimes impossible demands and sleazy (not to mention married) pilots.

There were some advantages though including; heavily discounted travel, great accommodation and a way to ease her itchy feet. Yes, she’d travelled extensively across the globe after completing high school but Caroline knew that wouldn’t pay the bills. The next best thing? Flying around the country for work. At least that way she’d get to see some new places and hopefully experience new things.

“Welcome to Delta Airlines flight DL7693, non stop service to Memphis, Tennessee,” Caroline recited through the cabin intercom. Sometimes it was difficult to keep up with all the places she was at times so she had to be extra vigilant to remember her destination.

She knew this spiel from memory given she’d said it enough times. “Please make sure all your cabin luggage is stowed away, the larger item in the compartment above and the smaller under the seat in front of you.”

It was at that point she noticed a blonde peeking curiously at her from first class. There was no denying he was gorgeous but it wasn’t like Caroline hadn’t come across guys just like him on numerous flights. She had to admit that none had lips in such a deep crimson though. It was at that point she faltered, realising she’d lost her place.

Bonnie grabbed her attention from outside the cockpit door and gestured to her waist. Caroline had to remember to thank her best friend for that little prompt later.

“Please make sure your seat belts are fastened low and tight, the attendants will now be coming around the cabin before take-off,” she finished, noting a somewhat amused expression from her cute but distracting first class passenger as he clicked his seat belt into place as instructed.

“2A?” Katherine asked, nodding discreetly towards the cabin. “Trust me, I would have forgotten too if I got lost in those molten, brown eyes.”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh please,” she groaned. “If it weren’t for Bonnie, who knows what would have happened to our passengers in an emergency without their seat belts?”

“Hilarious,” Caroline growled in the brunette’s direction before looking towards her saviour. “Thanks, Bon.”

“My pleasure,” she smiled. “Although my guess is on 3C.” Caroline wouldn’t admit it aloud, but the cute blonde was seated in row one, seat A to be exact.

“Did you ever think that maybe I just forgot…”

“Hell no,” Katherine teased. “You’re Caroline Forbes. So come on fess up, who was the gorgeous guy? Twenty bucks it was the gorgeous but brooding brunette in 2A.”

“I’ll raise you $50 for the cheeky brunette in 3C,” Bonnie added.

“Are you ladies going to be doing any work today or should I consider this it?” Enzo barked, looking between them curiously.

He was their Cabin Manager and attempted to take his job seriously most of the time, even if it didn’t always pan out that way. He told them it was their fault for being too much fun.

“Of course not, Enzo,” Katherine purred. “You know more than anyone just how well we can multitask.”

“$100 on the blonde in 4B,” he offered, before making his way down the aisle to begin the obligatory safety presentation. Caroline just shook her head noticing the attractive girl seated there, most definitely his type but not hers.

The airplane took off smoothly and they were now at cruising altitude. Caroline was out of her seat immediately, offering refreshments to business class. She was trying to ignore the penetrating gaze of Mr 1A but it was difficult. Sure, she’d had guys flirt with her on flights but this one merely sat back not offering any lame conversation at all, in fact he’d been relatively quiet so far.

“Would you like a drink?” She enquired, finally gathering the nerve to speak to her passenger.

“Uh sure, thanks,” he murmured in an unmistakable English accent. “Whiskey, neat.” He didn’t look at her when he spoke, just tapped both feet on the floor, his fingers on the arm rest drumming in exact time.

“Here you go,” she said offering it to him. “Peanuts?”

“No, I’m fine,” he smiled, albeit uneasily. “But thank you.”

When he’d distracted her on the ground, Caroline had assumed he’d be trouble but his current demeanour wasn’t expected at all. She walked away, tending to the other passengers. Not that it stopped her sending sneaky glances at him during the flight. The one thing she knew for sure was that he could fidget and for some reason she felt sorry for him.

“Don’t worry about my brother, it’s just normal,” the blonde in 4B said almost reading her thoughts. “Can’t sit still to save himself.”

“And you’re perfect princess?” The cheeky brunette from 3C Bonnie seemed to like chimed into the conversation.

“The same accusation could be directed at you, Kol,” the brooder from 2A added to this already strange conversation.

Caroline was starting to feel like she was in the twilight zone. It was unusual to find travelling companions flying in different rows but these people seemed to know each other. In fact they fought like something resembling siblings. She busied herself, ignoring the curious glances of her friends as she did so. The one thing she tried to avoid was getting involved in personal arguments. The captain announced their descent soon after thankfully and Caroline tidied up quickly, not before sending a small smile in the blonde’s direction.

The wheels connected with the runway, something Caroline was familiar with but she couldn’t miss his steady glance on her as they taxied their way toward the airport. In fact he’d been staring ever since they descended through the clouds and headed towards their destination.

Most people would think it was extremely weird (and it was) but Caroline could tell he wasn’t the best flyer and for some reason she wanted to help, even with the peanut gallery commenting on everything for whatever reason.

The Madison Hotel, Memphis - four hours later

Caroline had followed through with her usual post flight rituals, spending a good forty-five minutes in the bath and unpacking her clothes, even if it was only for one night. When she’d begun in this profession, it had been exciting and fun but Caroline had to admit it had become a little repetitive and tiring. All she wanted to do was stay in one place she loved with someone who liked it as much as her.

“Caroline?” Bonnie knocked on the door. She pulled the robe tighter around her waist and came into the bedroom.

“What’s going on? Don’t tell me Katherine wants another all night orgy.” Caroline joked. As the words came out, she was faced at the front door of their suite with two familiar brunettes and an opinionated blonde regarding her curiously.

“Nothing like embarrassing a girl, roomie,” Katherine chided, her now rosy cheeks a clear sign she’d been caught out by the serious brunette to the left.

“We need your help, Ms Forbes,” the broody one implored, moving into the room. Caroline couldn’t miss just how embarrassed her usually unembarrassed friend now looked by his presence.

“Suddenly, I feel like I should be more formally attired,” she mumbled. “Or possibly in a superhero costume?”

“How about Wonder Woman?” The younger, cheeky one she knew as Kol joked.

“In your dreams,” the blonde girl growled. “My brother has an extreme fear of flying and I’ve never seen him more relaxed than on your flight this afternoon.”

“Well, that’s good, I suppose,” she bit out, still trying to come to terms with all these people in her suite half dressed. “What does that have to do with me exactly?”

“It’s you,” the serious one offered. “You calmed him down, unlike anyone else.”


“We need to make that the norm,” the half distracted cheeky one offered between his glances towards Bonnie.

“But why?” She huffed, feeling like she was part of a weird TV experiment or something. “Surely he can make his own choices?”

“Not when it comes to flying.”

“But yet you do this without his consent?” Caroline didn’t know the guy past their interactions today, but for some reason she hated the fact that his family were interfering.

“He’s going to be the CEO of British Airways in six months,” the cheeky one offered. “It’s his legacy but he doesn’t fly well. As you can imagine we are trying to help him as best as we can.”

Caroline was stuck for words momentarily, wondering if their comments were authentic. She took a deep breath before replying. “So what exactly do you want?”

“Any chance he could ride along with you for a little while longer?


anonymous asked:

UGH I LOVE YOUR KSOO PIECES!! Can you please write a kyungsoo one shot or scenario where he has a habit of groping or touching his s/o's breast? Not in a sexual way but in a cute way bc iT'S A HABIT AND IDK IT'S CUTE??? PLS THANK U

omg thank you :) and i tried i hope u like it (sorry it’s so short)

You and your boyfriend, Kyungsoo, both had a spare before your next classes and decided to spend it on the rooftop.

Kyungsoo took his textbooks out, a look of concentration on his face as he grudgingly studied for the test he had tomorrow; while you did what you did best, propped your backpack on the ground and readied yourself for a nap.

When you woke up forty-five minutes later you weren’t expecting to find Kyungsoo asleep beside you, but what you had especially not been expecting was his hand on your breast.

“Kyungsoo?” you called, raking your fingers through his hair.

His nose twitched and brows furrowed at the sound of your voice. His hand unconsciously tightening as he snuggled closer to your warmth. “A little longer,” he murmured, his voice husky from sleep. “five more minutes.”

“Kyungsoo, your hand..” you whispered, embarrassed and apprehensive of the compromising position the both of you were now in.

“My hand?” he asked, confusion evident in his voice.

“It’s doing that thing again.” you explained, your cheeks burning.

His eyes shot open immediately, “I-I..” he stuttered, moving away from you to stand up. He hurriedly straightened his disheveled clothes. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” you laughed when you spotted his red ears and covered your own cheeks, “it’s just got a mind of its own.”

He replied with a shy embarrassed smile, his cheeks now lightly pink from your teasing.

You checked your watch, “We’ve already missed half of the next class,” you patted the spot beside you. “just go back to sleep. And don’t worry, this time,” you smiled up at him, “you have my permission to grope.”

Insomnia pt.3

Type: Angst, Fluff

Pairing: Chanyeol X reader, Xiumin X reader


Word count: 2, 1k

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Minseok was furious. How could you just ignore some guy grabbing your ass? He watched you take orders and serve people their coffee with a smile on your face, as if nothing happened.

He would glance at the pervert that was sipping his coffee and staring you down.

“Dude, what are you staring at?” Yixing asked as he looked around trying to find what his friend was so focused on.

“Isn’t it obvious? He has the hots for Y/N.” Joonmyeon took another bite out of the chicken wing he was devouring in that moment.

“You know this staring is starting to get kinda creepy though?” He added.

Minseok didn’t react to either of them. He was too busy keeping an eye on you. You were the sole thing he was focused on. Everyone and everything else was just a blur.

He had made a conscious decision to come to the diner only during your shift. But he couldn’t think of a way to ask you to spend time with him outside of the diner without it sounding like he was asking you on a date. He liked spending time with you, he did, but he wasn’t sure if he liked you.

But that night he was so focused on you that he couldn’t help but notice. He couldn’t help but notice how you gave a genuine smile to each and every customer, how there was a certain clumsy elegance to the way you moved around. You would stop at the counter every now and then to catch a quick breath.

“You know you’re really bad at hiding your emotions. Everything is visible on your face. So I feel obliged to ask: What did Y/N do to make you so pissed off?” Joonmyeon pointed out. Minseok snapped out of his daze to look at his friend, but he couldn’t help but feel anxious for having you out of his sight so he quickly returned his gaze to you.

“I think I like her.” He was surprised by his own sudden confession. The words left his mouth before he even knew he was thinking it.

That night when he and the boys got home he couldn’t stop thinking about you. He tossed and turned in his bed, unable to fall asleep. He was wondering if you were safe, if that pervert was still there staring at you.

Minseok eventually gave up on trying to fall asleep. He went to the living room and plunged himself on the sofa next to Joonmyeon who was still playing video games on his laptop.

“Can’t sleep?” Joonmyeon questioned without taking his eyes off the screen.

“No. I just… I don’t know.” He leaned his head back. You made it very clear to him you didn’t want him to walk you home, but he just couldn’t let it go. “Hey, what time does the diner close?”

“2am I think. Why?” Minseok looked at time on his wrist watch. 2:13am.

“Shit” he muttered under his breath. He quickly got up, grabbing his jacket and putting on his shoes.

“Where are you going?” The urgency in Minseok’s actions made Joonmyeon turn his head away from his laptop. But Minseok was already out the door, rushing down the building’s staircase, skipping every other step.

In just a couple minutes he made it to the main entrance of the diner. The lights were already turned off and the door was locked. He looked around hoping to see you in. He could just feel that something wasn’t right. That’s when he heard it, commotion in the back alley. Before he knew it his legs were carrying him to the origin of the noise.

He felt his stomach drop. There you were, lying, unconscious on the cold concrete. A couple of feet away from you a tall figure pinning someone down. It didn’t take long for Minseok to realize what had happened.

“Hey, miss are you okay?!“ The tall man shouted over his shoulder. Minseok saw you open your eyes for a split second.

“Y/N!!” He rushed towards you. He lay you on your back and brushed your hair off your face. He saw a trail of blood on the side of your face and the slight bruising around your neck. This filled him with rage, but he tried his best to keep it in and focus on keeping you safe.

“Do you know her?” The tall man questioned, pushing the attackers head even harder into the ground.

“Yeah. We’re, uh, friends.” Minseok answered as he got his phone from his pocket and dialed the police.

You woke up in a state of confusion to the sound of Minseok’s voice. Your head throbbing and your throat feeling sore.

“Y/N? Oh thank God you’re awake.” You held onto Minseok’s arm as he helped you sit up.

“Agh” you let out a pained sigh. You held your temples as the pain in your head only grew stronger. You felt a bead of sweat roll down your face. You let go of your temples to wipe it only to find that it was not sweat, but blood. As you remembered what had happened before you fell unconscious, the fear and panic where once again too real and you felt your breathing quicken.

Minseok noticed this and quickly pulled you into an embrace, resting your head on his chest.

“ It’s okay. You’re safe now. I’m here.” He said softly as he stroked your hair. You understood his intention but his actions didn’t comfort you. He wasn’t the one who saved you.

You looked around and you saw him. He was holding your attacker strongly against the ground, not letting him move even an inch. You couldn’t take your eyes off him even though it was very dark and you could only see half of his face that the streetlight shined on. He was looking at you too, his stare caring a certain amount of weight to it.

That was when you heard the police sirens, and the rest happened kinda quickly. One officer put handcuffs on your attacker while another one took your savior’s statement. Not a minute after the police came the ambulance was there.

The paramedics looked at your throat and told you everything was alright. It was a little swollen and your neck was visibly bruised but it should completely heal within a week or so.

You were sitting in the ambulance as one of the paramedics dressed your head wound. The officer had just started taking Minseok’s statement. You looked around hurriedly but you couldn’t see your savior anywhere. Did he leave? But I didn’t get to thank him. He had been out of your sight for a good five minutes and your hopes of actually meeting him were fading.

The paramedics were done treating you, but you couldn’t get yourself to leave the ambulance. So you just sat there until the officer came to get your side of the story.

Your voice was weak, and it hurt when you spoke. It felt like there was something stuck in your throat, but you tried your best. You told him everything, starting from the diner all the way to what happened in the alley. The officer assured you that your attacker was gonna spend a decent time behind bars. He asked if you needed a drive home but someone behind you answered instead of you.

“It’s okay officer. I can take her home.” A tall figure appeared next to you.

“Is that alright with you miss?” The officer asked for your approval. Your eyes met the tall man’s and it felt like they were trapped. You couldn’t take your eyes off him. When you realized you had been staring at him for too long you quickly turned to the officer.

“Ah, yes. It’s alright with me.” You tried to reassured the officer but it felt like your voice was failing you. But, thankfully, he had heard you so he nodded and left.

“Chanyeol. And you are?” The tall man called your attention back to him.

“Y/N.” You said weakly, the pain making you reach up for your throat.

“Take it easy Y/N. No need to push yourself. ” He said placing a hand on your shoulder. “Let’s get you home okay?” You nodded in agreement.

“And you friend? Does he need a ride?” Chanyeol asked.

“ It’s Minseok. And no, I live really near here. Thanks though.” Minseok answered, sparing you the pain of having to do so yourself.

With that Chanyeol left to get his car and you were left alone with Minseok.

You could see in his eyes that he wanted to say so much, to ask you so many questions. But instead of words he just hugged you, carefully, trying not to hurt you. You felt the sincerity in his action and you felt yourself relax and hug him back. You just stood there, hugging, and time didn’t seem to exist. His shirt felt soft against your skin. This time you felt safe.

It was only when you heard Chanyeol’s car pulling over that you tried to pull away. But he didn’t let you. You realized that the hug was as much for him as it was for you. So you stayed in his embrace a while longer.

“Minseok” you called his name softly. He quickly pulled away a little, just enough to be able to look at you.

“Don’t tell anyone.” You begged. “Please” He looked at you for a moment before quietly nodding.

Chanyeol was waiting in his car behind you so you gave Minseok a goodbye hug and got in the car. You told Chanyeol you lived in the dorm and he started driving. You watched Minseok watch you leave, and you wondered what he was thinking.

The drive would have normally been only five minutes long but the universe seemed to be trying to make the drive as long as possible. You stopped at all the possible red lights.

Chanyeolkept glancing over at you.

“So what year are you?” He asked with a smile and instead of answering verbally you just held out one finger.

“Freshman eh? I’m a sophomore.” He shot you a boyish smile. You appreciated his attempt at making small talk, but it felt forced. He noticed that you were uncomfortable and his smile faded.

“I’m sorry. I just don’t know what to say in this situation.” he said in a more serious tone, gripping the steering wheel a little stronger. Your gaze sank to your lap and you fiddled your fingers.

“ Here” he said after a moment of awkward silence handing you his phone “call your phone and save my number.” You did as instructed and saved his number as “My Savior”. He must have seen this because you saw a smile tug at the corner of his mouth.

Not long after that he pulled over in front of the dorm.

“ I’ll walk you up.” He said turning the car off. And he did, he walked you up. You stood in front of your door unsure how to say goodbye without speaking. You couldn’t wave, that would be too casual.

“You have my number. Call me if you need me to, I don’t know, talk or something. Anything really.” He said quickly interrupting your inner quarrel. He looked in your eyes reassuringly. “Try to get some sleep. Okay?” You nodded in agreement. With that he turned around and headed down the hallway. You stood there and watched him leave and the only thing that you could think was “Please don’t leave”.

“Feel free to call me, for whatever reason.” He said from across the hallway “ After all I am your savior.” You felt your cheeks heat up at his statement. He did see.

You entered your room. Your empty, lonely room. It never really bothered you that you had your own room, in fact you loved it. Except tonight. Tonight you wished your mysterious roommate was still there. Or your witch of an aunt. Or him. Or anyone. You never hated being alone that much.

You just lay in your bed, still fully dressed, and closed your eyes. You were truly exhausted from everything that happened in the last couple of hours. Your body was too tired to stay awake any longer but your mind was too anxious to fall asleep. Your mind and body were caught in an uncomfortable middle. It was the most unpleasant feeling you had ever felt and you just wanted it to be gone.

I love love love watching children observe things.
Like, just now, I’ve watched about five kids(all of them four years old) spend just about twenty minutes watching a slug crawl up a wall.

Their eyes were glued to the slug slowly making its way up, and constant gasps of “look how far it’s gotten” were coming from them.

The best bit was one boy who, in a wishful whisper, said “I wish I was a slug” which resulted in a murmur of agreement in the little group.

Catching The Love Bug

Enjoy, @magnusandalexander!

Alec closes his eyes and sighs, leaning his head back to rest against the wall behind him. The emergency room is loud, and he wishes for nothing more than to be able to tune everyone else out as he waits for his turn, but he’s had no luck so far in the three hours he’s been here.

At least his hand doesn’t hurt anymore as long as he keeps it still, so that’s something.

Really, he can only blame himself.

If he hadn’t agreed to stay at work for an hour longer than planned, he wouldn’t have been in a hurry to get to class. If he hadn’t been in a hurry to get to class, he wouldn’t have been running absent-mindedly across campus. If he hadn’t been running absent-mindedly across campus, he wouldn’t have collided with the dude on the bike. And if he hadn’t collided with the dude on the bike, he wouldn’t have ended up in the ER with a hand that felt like it was going to fall off every time he moved it.

“Alexander Gideon Lightwood?”

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prompt: how about something where clarke/lexa is sick and is forced by the other one to stay home from work and El gets home from school and sees them being all disgustingly cute and in love

(part 21 of the clexa eleven au)

You wake up feeling like shit.

Every time you swallow a million tiny daggers dig into your throat, and your head is absolutely pounding. You snooze through your first alarm, skipping your morning run, and by the time your second alarm goes off Clarke is out of bed.

As you slowly make your way to the bathroom you can hear her and Eleven chatting away in the kitchen. Normally you’d be down there with them. Spending the mornings as a family is one of the best parts of your day, and you’ve been running earlier and earlier to maximize your time together.

It pains you to miss out today, but if you don’t get in the shower within the next five minutes you’ll be late to a meeting with a deep-pocketed donor who just might fund ab initiative your non-profit is launching.

You’re rinsing shampoo from your hair when Clarke knocks on the door and pokes her head in.

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Ice Cold Stylist (Joshua x Reader)

Request: If requests are still open, could you do a really kinky scenario with Joshua and ice play/ bdsm? I’m into kinky stuff lol and good luck with your blog :)

The meeting you’re in is killing you. Being a designer is hard, but being the only stylist for thirteen teenage boys with ranging styles is a nightmare. Making sure they always look good at airports and fanmeets is difficult. Luckily they all wear the same outfit most of the time.

The loud room filled with Pledis staff was crowded and the manager’s loud voice was beginning to give you a headache. You slowly rest your head in your hands so you can massage your temples and try to regain your focus.

“(Y/N), are you listening? We need the red outfit in Jeonghan’s size for tomorrow’s performance” The manager says and looks in your direction.

“Oh..uh yes” You lie and look towards the manager “May I go now, I have to go and put everyone’s outfits in name order” You ask quietly and quickly get up once he nods.


The small dressing room was full of scrambling boys, all attempting to get your attention, because either they’re makeup was ruined or they didn’t get the right size shoes. It was a mess and the clock on the wall was only stressing you out more. You ran to Mingyu and fixed up his foundation where it smudged, then ran to Chan and switched his shoes with Jihoon.

You spend almost twenty minutes fixing Jeonghan’s extensions and another five minutes making sure Jun’s suspenders wouldn’t fall while he was dancing.

More complaints from the boys rolled in and you didn’t even have the time to fix Hoshi’s hair before they went on stage. You immediately buried your face in your hands, disappointed in yourself for not being able to make everyone look their best.

Before the door closed, you felt a soft hand on your shoulder. Your eyes meet with Joshua’s as you look and watch as he sends a calming smile your way, almost as if reassuring you that everything is okay.

You would never admit it out loud, but Joshua had always been your favorite. Just a smile from him could calm you down on a stressful day. His beautiful cat eyes seemed to hold the answers to everything, he was the only member that could read you like an open book.


After the performance, as the boys gather in the dressing room, you quickly bow to all of them and apologize for not doing your best. You saw eyes widen and heard quick replies that everything was okay and that they were all happy with how they looked. Even with all the reassurance, you felt bad for the quality of your work.

You stay in your bowing position until you feel fingers tap your back gently. You finally stand up and look up at the peach haired boy standing in front of you.

“Can we talk once everyone leaves?” He asks quietly, his voice soft with the slight American accent that you can’t get enough of.


It takes you about half an hour to help everyone out of their performance clothing and into casual outfits that will look good for their fansites. The twelve boys file out of the room, leaving you behind to hang up the outfits and clean up the makeup left behind. Completely forgetting about the peach haired male in the room, you put stray makeup brushes into the bag, humming softly to yourself.

You almost jump out of your skin when you feel arms wrap around your waist, travelling under your shirt. His soft fingers dance across your skin as his chest presses against your back.

“Josh, what are you doing?” A gasp leaves your lips when one of his hands grasps your right breast.

Your mind is racing, his fingers pull at the fabric of your bra. None of the boys had ever acted like this towards you, except for the odd bad pick-up line while you would help them get ready.

“You do so much to make us look good, and yet you apologize for almost everything” He says and pressed his face into your neck, leaving small kisses across your skin “I wanna let you know how good I think you look” He whispers.

He turns you around, pressing your back against the edge of the counter. Soft breaths meet the side of your face as he’s immediately against your body again, leaving open mouthed kisses across your jaw and neck, his hands finding your breasts again.

The way his hands grasp your skin like it’s the last time he’ll touch you and the way his breath feels against your skin makes you more wet than you thought possible. Your arms rise and wrap themselves around his neck.

His thigh pushes between your slightly parted legs, inviting you to grind you clothed pussy against him. With a lust filled mind and soaked panties you took the invitation, pushing against his thigh and rocking your hips. The moan that leaves your throat encourages him to flex his thigh, making it more pleasurable for you.

The increase in pleasure causes you to rock your hips faster and tangle your fingers in his hair, pulling on the pink locks until he’s releasing a groan into your ear.

He suddenly pulls away once you’re balanced on the edge of orgasm, causing you to whine and look up at him.

“Hold on princess, you’ll get to cum, I promise” He says and leads you over to the couch in the corner of the room.

He smiles that cute smile that makes your heart melt and walks closer to you. The way his hair is sticking to his forehead from the performance makes him even more attractive and you just want him to have his way with you, to take you as rough as he can until you’re begging him to stop.

“Can I take this stuff off?” He asks and looks at your clothes, reaching out to play with the hem of your t-shirt.

You nod rapidly and look at him, your eyes scanning his face. His bottom lip was being abused by his teeth and his eyes were staring down every inch of your body he could see. His hands then quickly pull your shirt over your head, his eyes now focus on your breasts, covered in nothing but a thin pink bra.

His hands rest on your hips as he repeatedly slips the tips of his fingers beneath the waistband of your pants, teasing you with the gentle slides of his thumbs right above where you want him most.

“Joshua, please take them off” You beg quietly, he complies quickly, sliding your pants down and pushing you back onto the small couch.

Once your back hits the soft cushions, you watch him walk to the door to lock it, then he strides in your direction, this time making a stop near the drink table. He appears beside you with a small container in his hands and he puts one knee on the couch.

“(Y/N), are you ok with this?” He asks and shows what he’s been hiding in his hands. The small piece of ice glistens in the light of the room, the already melted substance dripping down his long fingers.

You nod even though you are a bit hesitant at first, no one you had been with had tried any kind of temperature play before. Your thoughts are abruptly cut off when you feel the cold ice against your stomach, making goosebumps arise on your arms and thighs.

To your surprise, a moan leaves your mouth, making Joshua’s eyes get visibly darker. He drags the ice cube further, rubbing it above the waistband of your panties.

“Can I take these off too princess?” He asks quietly and snaps the fabric against your skin with his free hand.

“Please” You breathe out and feel the cold air at your dripping core as Josh practically rips your panties off.

He brings the ice cube between your legs and starts by rubbing it against your inner thighs. He was only done one thigh by the time there was nothing but water on his fingers. He grabs another ice cube and starts from your left knee this time, dragging the cold liquid up your inner thigh.

A grin spread across his beautiful face before he presses the ice against your throbbing clit, making a loud moan escape your throat. The sensation of something so cold against the small nerve was an overwhelming feeling and the feeling only become too much one Jisoo’s long, still wet finger entered you slowly.

Another moan rips itself from your body, spurring him on to add another finger and start thrusting them as he moves the quickly melting ice against your overly sensitive clit. His fingers curl and your back arches.

“Princess, I wanna fuck you” He whispered as the ice melted between his fingers and your clit.

“Please, I want you so bad”

Of all the times you’d watched the boys get changed, you’d never seen Joshua Hong strip so fast, it was almost unbelievable how fast he had lost his clothing and was now sliding a clear condom onto his dick.

It took only seconds before he was back on top of you again, his hands gently parting your legs to give himself more space to kneel between your spread legs. He pulled one of your legs up so it’s resting on his shoulder. He reaches down to slide his fingers along your pussy to make sure you’re still wet enough for him. Once he realizes you are, he pulls his hand away and uses it to hold the base of his hard dick.

He gently pushes into you and holds your hip tightly as he bottoms out quickly. The moan you release is enough for him to know that he can move as he begins to pull back until only his tip remains inside you.

He snaps his hips forward again, watching your jaw drop and your eyes close in pleasure. His pace then picks up after witnessing your beautiful expression, his eyes begin to focus on the way your breasts bounce when he thrusts.

His laboured breaths, your moans, and the loud slap of skin against skin were the only noises to be heard in the room, both of you progressively getting closer to your orgasms. He lifts your hips slightly, so he can angle the head of his cock to hit your g-spot, making your vision go white as his name loudly left your lips.

His hips didn’t stop, they sped up, his moans getting louder as your walls clenched around him from your orgasm. Only a few more thrusts before he released all he had into the condom. He moans and looks straight down into your eyes, his hair sticking to his forehead. He leans down and presses his lips against yours, distracting you enough to slowly pull his softening dick out of you.

After separating your lips, he gently rests his body on yours, making sure not to hurt you. He lays his head on your chest and smiles.

“Don’t forget you need to get Jeonghan’s size in red for tomorrow” He said quietly.

How to organize your journal articles

Do you save alot of journal articles in your computer? If so, how do you organize them? Or perhaps the question is, do you organize them? I find it really easy to just leave them all in the downloads folder with their vague filenames such as 228.full.pdf. I mean what the heck does that even mean? Because of this, it would take me forever to find an article. Fortunately, I recently discovered this FREE program that organizes ALL your journal articles for you! All you need to do is drag and drop. I was really excited about this and I just wanted to share it to you guys! 

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I meant what I said the other night about things being over between us except there’s one last thing I have to say before I move on with my life.
So this is to say thank you.
I know it sounds strange.
It’s not the kind of thing you expect to hear from someone after you’ve fail to meet them halfway but here I am.
So thank you.
It was nice while it lasted.
I enjoyed riding a bus forty minutes to see you and waiting another hour just to see you for fifty five minutes. I enjoyed arguing over the best way to spend fifteen dollars.
Thank you for picking up my phone call on the second ring the night my father acted so recklessly.
Thank you for offering me hope.
For giving me something to try for.
And thank you for being proud of me on the days when I wasn’t sure that I deserved the applause.
For laughing at my jokes and letting me read you poetry about old lovers.
Thank you for giving me a hand to hold.
For letting me believe in something.
I may not have grown to love you, but one thing is for sure, I adored you then and in my own ways, I always will.
I’ll remember you for all the goodness you carry on the inside, for all the light inside of you and even the darkness.
I know you could have never loved me. I know it’s not personal, we just happened to be born on different ends of a spectrum and that’s okay.
I knew you couldn’t ever love me but thank you for trying anyways.
Thank you for trying with me.
—  For the boy I met in November / @thewordsyouneverunderstood
BAP + Disneyland AU

Yongguk: At first, he refused to wear the matching Mickey ears but after awhile, he gives in and you two are the cliche couple that everyone secretly hates but it’s okay because you have already taken selfies for your lock screen. After a few too many rollercoasters and a water ride that left the both of you soaking wet, you spend the rest of the day riding something more low-key like the spinning teacups and Youngguk smiles like a five year old.

Himchan: He’s defiantly not one for rides that drag you to the brink of death so you spend the day meeting characters, he even whines when Mickey tries to hold your hand romantically because you’re his girlfriend and he wasn’t going to lose you to a mouse. (The photo ends up with you in the middle and Himchan jokingly wanting to punch Mickey.) You guys sightsee more then anything, holding hands and wandering in and out of shops. 

Youngjae: The boy is literally dragging you to all the rollercoasters and the both of you are enjoying every minute of it, it’s almost like a competition to see who can scream the loudest. Youngjae being the photographer, he wanted to take hundreds of selfies with you in front of the castle and candid shots of you too. If you scroll through his camera, it’s basically you eating, shopping and asking him to stop taking so many photos. You guys end the night with the popular fireworks show where he gazes longingly at you as the colorful reflection of the light bounces off your face and in that moment, he realizes how lucky he is. 

Daehyun: He drags you to every famous restaurant he’s read online, all the Disneyland must-trys. You’ve never waited 20 minutes in line for Mickey mouse shaped caramel apples until now but the 20 minutes feels like five because you spend the entire time laughing in line with Daehyun, he tells the best stories and jokes that make you treasure every minute you’re with him. After eating your fill of sugar, the both of you head to some popular attractions such as the Aladdin show. He secretly pokes at your ribs to see you squirm and you jokingly punch him in the arm to quit it out so you can watch the show. “I think I would make a way more handsome Aladdin, don’t you think?” He says with a wink and you roll your eyes, leaving Daehyun in a fit of laughter. 

Jongup: This sweetheart would go anywhere you wanted and he would hold your shopping bags while you hit up another store for souvenirs. He didn’t really want to come in the first place because there’s so many people but because of you, he came anyway. Although he wasn’t prepared to be amazed much, he was at all the different themes of the park, especially Pirates of the Caribbean. “Are you scared?” You ask him as he holds your hand tightly, “who isn’t afraid of pirates?”

Zelo: The both of you would be going a mile a minute. Beforehand, the both of you have planned out which rides you guys would be willing to wait for and what rides should be granted with a fast pass. In between rides, the both of you would be feeding each other snacks you guys were able to buy while standing in line. The go-carts said no bumping into each other but the both of you had your game-faces on while racing to see who was faster, the occasional sabotage of bumping into each other as well.