best way to put on a hat

Bts reacting to you cuddling them bc of the cold.

Request: Bts reacting to you cuddling up to them because you are sensitive to the cold


You would sit next to him, curling your legs on his lap as he instinctively put his arm around you. 

“You okay baby?

“Yeah just cold”

“Do you want my hat?” he’d take it off before you even answered and put it on your head.

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“Jinnie I’m cold! Come over here,” you commanded while pouting.

“If you ate some warm food, you’d be warm~”

“I’m not hungry.” 

“Well guess who’s eating and warm…” *tries to feed you*

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“You’re cold you say? Well lets get up and shake it. They say exercising is the best way to warm up!” He’d force you up and wiggle your arms everywhere.

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You would climb on him as he laid on the couch.

“What? what? what are you doing?!”

“I’m cold and I want snuggles.”

“That’s what blankets are for. Go get some, you’re freezing.”


*Staring competition until he gave in*

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“Tae come cuddle, it’s too cold.”

“You’re cold? I’ll go get you a sweater!”


“You’re right… and blankets!”


“Oh yeah!” *Turns around walking towards you, makes a sharp turn into the kitchen* “I’ll heat some water to make tea before I go get the other stuff.”

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Would let you cling on while hiding his smile because he’s a small baby who likes affection even if he doesn’t admit it.

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You sat on jungkooks lap not caring what he was doing.

“Hey hey hey! What are you doing?!”

“I’m cold…”

“So that gives you the right to make me lose my game?”

*You shrug*

“You know what… you’ve been a bad girl.” *picks you up and carries you to the bedroom*

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A list of quotes my band director has said

This martini isn’t dirty enough

We need a stronger bottom

Think of the ding dong, I need a lot of ding dong

Have your parents pick you up at 9:010

I want it tasty

Yeah I’m not liking the uterus either

I want you guys to learn beef

Judd: The band is only as good as the weakest link.
Anthony: Fuck we’re gonna lose

Don’t try not to lose time

How can I breathe without no air

I changed my mind, I’m not changing my mind

We got six on the bottom and five on top.

Play an A# instead of an B-flat

Try not to sound like a duck

You fracked your climactic one note of glory

Mikey, stop being pointy

Ziggy, stop hugging Malakai

You can’t frack and never return

If you’re not making Juddy proud, you’re wrong

Stop being an ice cream truck

The leaning tower of Luke Choi

You can all take a breath together after your ding dong

Add a curvy linear

Try not to have a bulge in the front

You need to have a strong d

You’re teasing me melodically

It’s getting a little tight in Darren land

The ding dong is being lost

Ziggy and Daniel are joining the ding dong

Your higher note on the ding dong has even more stress

The ding dong was well projected

I don’t hear enough of the dong

Now we know where we are at. THANK GOD

It needs to be the creepiest 3 blind mice you’ve ever heard

It’s just not big enough

Just grab me, it is destiny

Add weight, like my stomach

Finger the air

Jesus that sounds like cattle

We are not playing Frogger with our instruments

Yo, what’s with that gangster hat

We’re Swiss cheese in the clarinet block

There’s just too much body language, and I don’t appreciate it

If that amp was your mother, she would be proud

It sounds so much better when we don’t breathe

Even though I changed the music, I really haven’t changed the music

You need to have confidence on those bitches

Breathe through 8 counts without taking a breath

Are you a G?

Dylan, you’re an ass

You need to have laser eyes on Lexi

We have to be more smart at rehearsal

I’m a Facebook like Nazi

Dylan, sound like Mickey Mouse


Will’s on fire, somebody put him out

Is there a way to pause without pausing it

I’m literally turning into a parrot

I want Kaitlin on top and everyone else under her

More trumpets, more sex

Hey there J-dog(Justin)

This is Amish paradise


You need to listen for Lexi’s cut-off

Stop yabbadabbading

You’re not good

French horns, don’t put your hand in the bell

I’m hearing wrong fingers

Turn on a new hat

Finger with me

Play it as written, nice and long

Please stop touching each other

You’re the Toungey McToungerson I’ve been hearing the whole time

Just pull it out

You’re not matching the windses dynamics

There’s 2 counts of horse

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is, oh look at that, lunch detention! Congratulations Nikko, Donovan, and Nathan!

Oooo, that was a big one

A bunch of you guys need to be the icing on the cake

*plays invisible banjo passionately*


Here’s my time for glory

Imagine you’re in an algebra class, taking a test on trigonometry

Sing your finger one two ready go

I just wanna touch it

*stops band* Jesus, guys

Start at number C

You can play those notes more fuller

You sound like an elementary band learning how to play mallets for the first time

Oh Jesus

Never blink

Jesus, try again

I changed my mind, I haven’t changed my mind

It did got better

Lower my thing

You’re talking into the horn

Play the ding bum

I know you wanna shake it

Hey guys can we get rid of that chair? No chair left behind

Pull out more, more than the D would normally take

We learned how to use our tongues today. You do 16th notes until you are happy

The good ol’ sleight of glove


Take Nikko’s stick and hit it right on the downbeat

I have a guide to fingering and tonguing

That’s enough men for 2 months

Mrs. Mocha and myself might get a little excited

We can’t waste any time (plays G minor as a round twice)

You are a ninja

No girly birds!!!!!!!!

Shake this as you’re doing the wawa

I don’t hear no wawawa

Thunder where are you

Get your life together!

Jacob, you’re nothing

Be smart

I have other beaters in my office


You come when it’s time

There’s a lot of ding dongs, I feel like hostess

F all

Speak now or forever hold your run through

Play good

I’m honking my horn, get out of my way

Blend to the beef

Someone strike a D


The hunchback of Notre Justin

Don’t think of a snare, think of an instrument

Oh hello! What’s for dinner? COMPOUND TIME

I feel like I should rent a babysitter and put you in a play pen

Get better

We’re not in a smoking club here saying *cough cough cough* I’ve been doing this for 20 years, like there are like 5 band kids that need cough drops

Right now, you’re playing like a drunken sailor ballerina

*sings* be dahh boo dahhh DINNER TIME

It’s hard for Ryan because he has the runs

It sounds emotional, but it’s the wrong emotion

CUT, wow that’s a mess

Margaret you sound like the recorder version of Titanic on YouTube

You want candy, I want notes

Make it more shapey

FLINGER FLINGER FLINGER. I say FLINGER because it’s not quite there. It’s like you’re playing with octopus hands. Tentacles

This is the sound of not music

We are under the sea

Put your hand on your finger

How to tame your dragon

Right now, you’re a nike check mark

I feel like I’m feeding bread to a duck

We have a lot of articulation problems in the goat heard


It’s so bad, I feel like I’m on American Airline

Sound like a butterfly. FLY AWAY TUCKER, FLY AWAY

We’re not going to the zoo trombones, no butterflies today

Ba be ba da FORTSZANDO Ba be ba da AAHHH

WOAH! Wait that wasn’t Kaitlin, liar

Oh so you do have it on your stand. Hm. Two liars today *squinches eyes*


I want to hear a C, not an AAAAAAAA

Your guys’ bad phrasing gave him a bloody nose

Stop looking at me with your glossed over eyes

Why not, HA you thought

Here comes the Dylan!

Ding dong ding dong, don’t be a ding dong

I don’t want to expose everyone right now, but it has to be done


I guess I don’t yell enough

There’s limited times when we do that, like the McRib

It sounds like you’re in the bathroom

Don’t look like the hunchback of Notre Clarinet

This is like a daycare or something

It sounds like dinner time

Guys it sounds dorky

*turns to clarinets* bitch

I’ve always wanted to adopt Tucker

Light beer is like pee

Wow Hector, you’re like Jenni Craig

I was a lethal weapon

You have a secret affection for your clarinet

Figure out your life

It makes us sound like the asthma band

Team Fortress 2

So I noticed some really undeserved hate being directed at the TF2 community, and I’ve noticed that we’re getting smaller in size and that a lot of major contributors to this fandom are leaving or moving on to other things, so I thought I might as well try to give everyone a little reminder.

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Secrets || Hogwarts AU! || 01

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader // BTS x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Word Count: 3.3k 

Warnings: Swearing, Violence, Torture, Slight Smut, SLOW UPDATES! UNEDITED!

Description: As the newcomer of Hogwarts the school of witchcraft and wizardry, you are immediately sorted into a house and given an escort to show you around the school, and attempt to make new friends.

A/N: I read a really good Jimin Hogwarts AU one shot and this really got me inspired! @dest-writes thank you for your amazing Jimin x reader Hogwarts AU! - Lonely Hearts Club! <3 

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Your body trembled visibly, as you stood before the giant eagle statue which was the entrance Professor McGonagall’s office. After Dumbledore’s death over 20 years ago, McGonagall had taken over and become the new headmaster of Hogwarts. Over the years, many former students who fought in the Battle of Hogwarts, have come back and become teachers at the school. You, on the other hand, were a new student. You originally went to Beauxbatons Academy, until your parents made you move. They believed that Beauxbatons Academy focused on beauty rather than education. So they suggested Hogwarts, as it was one of the best known wizarding schools for education. 

“Sherbet Lemon,” Professor Longbottom’s voice pulled you out of your thoughts. You looked at the man questionably. “The ‘password’ was Dumbledore’s, Professor McGonagall wanted to keep it, for the memories,” he explained, his tone of voice changed, to a saddened one.

“Sorry, I hadn’t realised,” you muttered in reply, fidgeting on the spot.

“It’s quite alright Miss (L/N). Now let us head up, shall we? We don’t want to meet Professor McGonagall waiting,” Longbottom smiled as he guided you up to the office. “Please go in, she’s expecting you,” and with that, Professor Longbottom turned around and left.

Quietly you opened the door and stuck your head out from behind it. Your eyes widened in awe as you stared at the marvellous house sized office. At each side of the room, stood two large staircases, leading up to a globe of some sort. and in the middle of the staircases stood a desk, where Professor McGonagall sat, staring at you from above her glasses. Quickly she adjusted them further up the bridge of her nose and stood up, her long green robe dragging behind her on the floor.

“Good Evening, Miss (L/N). To be honest, I was expecting you sooner,” she spoke in a stern tone, clearly disappointed at your late arrival.

“I’m sorry Professor McGonagall, I had a little trouble with my parents before I arrived,” you replied quietly, rethinking over your argument with your parents before you left.

“Hmm, alright but please do arrive earlier, I began to worry when you hadn’t arrived. I feared something wrong had happened on your journey,” she sighed in frustration. You nodded, understanding where she was coming from.

“So, uhm? If you don’t mind me asking, why am I here?” you questioned.

“Ah yes of course! We need to get you sorted into your house,” Professor McGonagall replied, more cheerfully than she was seconds ago. When you didn’t reply she continued. “Hogwarts has 4 houses. Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Slytherin. Each house has different traits, and the sorting hat will put you into the one he sees you fit best,” she continued after a short moment. “Hufflepuff represents the hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play in a person. They are kind and try hard to find a way to make others happy.”

Your eyes widened when Professor McGonagall spoke. The way she talked was inspiring, confident and intelligently. She knew what she was doing and she definitely wasn’t afraid to speak her mind.

“Ravenclaw values intelligence, knowledge, and wit. They represent how power isn’t always found through brute strength, but can rather be found through the mind. They are hard working and strive for improvement. Ravenclaws don’t believe in failure and will continuously work hard to get where they want in life.”

“So basically-” you were immediately cut off when McGonagall put her hand up to shush you.

“Gryffindor represents the bravery, daring, nerve, and chivalry in a person. Gryffindors prefer to take the lead, as they are normally relied on during tense situations. Just like Ravenclaws they also work hard, but they work hard to protect people they care about and aren’t afraid to start a fight if someone is in trouble.” McGonagall took a quick sip of her water that was on her desk.  

“And finally Slytherin. They value ambition, cunning and resourcefulness. Most Slytherin’s have a bad habit of pulling pranks on the other students in the houses, but please do not assume that about all Slytherin’s some are very caring towards, and I sometimes question the sorting hats choices, but obviously, deep down, they are cunning and filled with ambition. Now any questions before we begin?” Instantly you shook your head. “Good now, excuse me a moment. “

Your eyes widened in awe as Professor McGonagall’s body began to shrink and she formed into a black cat, her amber eyes piercing into yours. Quickly she turned around and hopped up into the desk. She then jumped up onto a bookshelf and continued to hop further up until she stood at the very top of the bookcase. Carefully she grabbed a wizard’s hat between her teeth and leapt down from the shelf. Turning back into her original form, she coughed slightly.

“I forget how dusty this hat gets over time,” her face was scrunched up, disgusted at the fact she had dust in her mouth. After a moment she cleared her throat and looked back over to you. “Please take a seat and we shall begin.”

Nervously you sat down in a seat opposite her and she gently placed the hat upon your head. 

“Ah! Another new student I see!?” the hat spoke loudly, frightening you. “My apologies dear, now let’s get you sorted! Hmm, I sense bravery, but also kindness. Hidden in there somewhere is also intelligence and cunning. It appears you have a bit of everything, but we can only put you in one house,” after a short moment the sorting hat spoke again. “I have decided. Ravenclaw!” he yelled dramatically.

A small smile spread across your face at his words. From the moment Professor McGonagall had told you about each house, you instantly took a liking to Ravenclaw. You definitely worked hard and was intelligent, so you were glad to be placed in Ravenclaw.

“Now, I shall go get Namjoon and he will give you a tour around Hogwarts. Because it’s after dinner, the first, second and third years should be in their dorms so there won’t be that many students going about,” McGonagall spoke quickly as he headed out of the office.

Moments later she had returned, but this time she wasn’t alone. A tall blonde boy stood behind her, wearing Ravenclaw robes, his big brown eyes look right back at you.

“Namjoon, this is (Y/N), (Y/N), Namjoon. I want you to take good care of her, and make her feel welcomed alright? I don’t want her coming back complaining about how much of an annoyance you’ve been,” McGonagall joked. Namjoon laughed lightly in reply and beckoned you to follow him. You quickened your pace to catch up with Namjoon and he made his way out of the office and onto the grand staircase that twisted and turned to different locations and floors.

“So (Y/N), we’ll head to the Ravenclaw common room first and let you get changed?” Namjoon suggested as he looked down at you. 

“Yeah, sure. I don’t mind,” you replied, unsure. 

“Don’t be so nervous. I’m sure you’ll like it here!” Namjoon beamed, his dimples visible as he smiled.

“Oh, it’s not that! I’m sure I’ll enjoy being here! It’s just I got into an argument with my parents before I left you see,” you muttered sadly, avoiding eye contact with the tall male.

“My apologies, I hadn’t realised,” Namjoon replied sympathetically. 

“Please don’t be sorry, it was a stupid argument over my education that’s all. I’m sure I’ll make my parents proud no matter what,” you smiled brightly at the tall male, who returned the gesture.

You both continued your way through the school until you reached the 5th floor on the grand staircase. As you went through the main door on the fifth floor, you almost immediately came face to face with a much larger door, with a plain design. The only thing making the door stand out (except its enormous size) was that of a bronze knocker shaped as an eagle. Namjoon made his way towards the door used the handle to knock on the door 3 times. Almost immediately the knocker came to life.

“Answer me this riddle!” it boomed, it’s loud voice echoing throughout the room. “Which came first? The Pheonix or the Flame?” the knocker questioned. Namjoon readjusted his robe and stood tall.

“A circle has no beginning,” he replied confidently. His smirk grew wider when they door opened wide revealing the spacious circular room inside. “Please follow me,” he instructed as he led you into the centre of the room. You turned on the spot, staring at the room in awe. The walls were painted a silvery colour, with blue furniture. The curtains also had a silver border around the outside, giving them extra detail.

“This is amazing!” you beamed as you looked back at Namjoon who smiled gently at you.

“Welcome to Ravenclaw Tower, or in other words, the Ravenclaw Common Room,” Namjoon spoke. “Now let me show you to your dorm, and then we can get you settled. As it’s only 7 pm, so my friends should still be up, I’ll introduce you to them,” Namjoon explained as he led you up to a small flight of stairs. “There’s your dorm,” he spoke as he pointed to the door on the right. Nodding you walked over to the door and opened it. Luckily for you, the dorm was empty so you didn’t need to worry about introductions with any of the other female students. 

The dorm was the same shape as the main room, and bunk beds were placed at the perimeter of the room, allowing the small gas fire in the middle to heat up the room. After finding robes, and spell books on one of the top bunks, you had come to the conclusion that was your bed. Not wanting to keep Namjoon waiting any longer, you quickly changed into your uniform and headed out of the door and down the stairs where Namjoon awaited you, sitting on one of the dark blue couch in front of the fireplace.

“Shall we go?” you questioned as you ran your hands down your robe, in an attempt to get rid of some of the creases. Namjoon nodded and guided you out of the common room.


The walk down the stairs and to the great hall was quiet, but not awkward. The silence was almost comfortable. Namjoon had explained that if there was anything you wanted to know, you just had to ask, so he didn’t speak like most tour guides did, as he explained it ends up annoying the tourist.

Upon arriving at the great hall, your jaw almost hit the floor at the size of the room. Four long table stretched out and went to almost the end of each side of the room. Laid on the tables, was left large amounts of leftover food from dinner. And a few students sat at tables chatting and laughing about their days. The group that caught most of your attention, however, was the largest group, which had a mixture of students from all four houses.

“Hey, guys!” Namjoon called as he made his way over to the group of friends. Each one of them replied with a loud or quiet hello before he stood behind two of the boys and wrapped his arms around their shoulders.

Cautiously you followed Namjoon and stood behind them. As one of the boys looked up his eyes widened in surprise and he instantly smiled.

“Who’s this?” he asked excitedly. Namjoon looked over at you and then back at the others.

“Guys, this is (Y/N), a new student of Hogwarts, originally went to Beauxbatons Academy,” Namjoon explained. You were about to speak up when he looked back at you. “It’s my ‘mission’ to know most things about newcomers, it’s helpful for my studying,” he explained.

“Ah right okay,” you smiled back awkwardly.

“Aw she’s so adorable!” a Hufflepuff squealed happily causing you to blush. “I’m Taehyung! But you can call me Tae!” he giggled uncontrollably. You laughed lightly in return.

“Nice to meet you Tae,” you replied.

“This is Jin and Jimin, they’re both Gryffindors. Jin has a bad habit of calling himself handsome, and Jimin’s just a cutie,” Taehyung explained. Jin leant back in his seat so he could see you more clearly, and blew you a kiss. Taken aback by the sudden gesture you blush deeply and rubbed the back of your neck. “You’re gonna have to get used to that by the way.”

“You’ve got Yoongi and Jungkook, who are both Slytherin’s. Yoongi can be rather cold hearted but if you get on his good side, he’ll be able to stand you. And Jungkook can be a right prankster, but he’s awfully shy around new people,” Namjoon carried on, as he pointed to each person.

“And finally Hosoek, he’s a Hufflepuff as well. He never seems to stop smiling, and except a lot of screaming and hugs. Same goes with Tae,” Namjoon finished as he sat down at the table. When he noticed you not sitting down he patted a seat next to him offering you to sit down. “Sadly we’re missing Choa and Hyuna, where are they anyway?”

“They had to do ‘girls stuff’ apparently we’re no fun,” Taehyung pouted childishly as he pretended to cry and clung onto Hoseok who did the same thing.

“I don’t think you’re no fun,” you smiled cheerfully at the 2 boys who were ‘crying’ moments ago. They now had huge smiled on the faces.

“Oh did you hear about the Christmas ball they are throwing for the 5th and 6th years? Originally they do it for all years, but since 5th and 6th years can’t go home for Christmas this year for exams, they’ve decided to throw a ball for us, as an apology for not letting us go home,” Jimin piped up with a smile.

“I really hate balls, they did one last year and it seriously didn’t go according to plan,” Yoongi growled in annoyance.

“You need to remember Yoongi, that was with every year, this time it’ll just be us 5th and 6th years,” Jin reassured the smaller male. Yoongi scoffed

“When is this ball anyway?” Yoongi snarled.

“I heard it was on Christmas day. The teachers allowed us to take a break from studying and have a little fun. They understand we’re under a lot of pressure at the moment and they want us to relax at some point,” Hoseok replied. The thought of a ball made you tense. Even though your mum was strict about your grades she still wanted you to be able to relax once in a while and have fun. You mother always went on about the balls that were held at Hogwarts and how magnificent they were. You panicked as you thought about the ball.

Should I even go? What if I don’t get a date? What if I embarrass myself? What if I don’t find the right dress? You had so many many questions rushing through your head you hadn’t realised you were being spoken too.

“(Y/N)? Are you going to the ball?” Jimin asked you again.

“Sorry I was lost in thought,” you replied awkwardly. “I don’t know if I’ll go. I mean, I just got here, and I’ll probably have a lot to catch up on, I don’t want to get bad grades,” you mumbled.

“You can’t not come! Seriously! Tae and I will help you find a dress any get everything sorted out for you! While you study!” Hoseok offered and you smiled.

“It’s fine. I’ve just never been to a ball before so-” you were instantly cut off.

“You’ve never been to a ball!” most of the boys yelled in unison, causing the other students in the great hall to turn and look your way.

“Okay listen here, you’re definitely going to this ball now. We are gonna get Hyuna and Choa to help you out once they come back from wherever they went,” Jin spoke dramatically.

“Okay, so what will we need. We’ll need to get you a dress, a date a-” you had cut Taehyung off from speaking.

“Guys seriously, I can be pretty independent you know. I was put in Ravenclaw for a reason. If you want me to go that badly, I’ll come. But just to let you know, I can’t dance for shit,” you muttered, embarrassed.

“That’s fine! Hosoek can teach you! He loves to dance and I think he’d be more than happy to help!” Namjoon smiled as he looked over at the older boy for consent. Hoseok nodded in reply and looked back at you. 

“That’s great, now we’ll work on that over the weekends, it doesn’t take long to learn the dances for the balls. They’re actually very simple,” Hoseok explained, trying to ease you tenseness. 

“Alright, I think about 2 pm would be the best time for me,” you said. “I’ll most likely be studying when I wake up, so I’ll need a break round about that time.”

“Good! Then it’s settled! I’ll come to your common room at 2 and then we’ll make our way to the room of requirement,” Hosoek beamed. Nodding in reply you raised your arms up and stretched. 

“Luckily tomorrow is Friday, and we’re on study leave, so we can start tomorrow, technically it’s not the weekend but still, it would be good to get started,” Hosoek suggested. 

“Alright. Anyway, I better get up to the dorm. I need to unpack and start studying I guess. Good night guys,” you yawned as you stood up. As soon as you left the boys all looked over at Jungkook, who’s eyes were on you.

“I think our Kookie has a crush,” Taehyung giggled cheerfully.

“W-what! No, I don’t!” Jungkook instantly denied his cheeks turning red with embarrassment.

“It’s alright Kookie. There’s nothing wrong with liking someone, but next time don’t stare at them like they’re a piece of meet,” Jin laughed loudly with the other boys.

“She is very beautiful though, and has a lovely personality,” Yoongi spoke up. The others stared at him in disbelief. “What? I think she’s a nice person okay? Plus I feel as if she’s the savage type,” Yoongi grinned. “She’s almost got as much swag as me.” Jimin groaned in annoyance as the others sighed 

“Hyung, there’s a time where you need to stop,” Namjoon spoke as he laid his head on the table. “I think I’ll be heading off to bed too, I’m really tired. Night guys.” With that, Namjoon left.

“Ugh Namjoon’s so lucky (Y/N)’s in his house!” Jimin whined.

“Why you got a thing for her too?” Taehyung teased.

“Don’t act like you don’t like her either, I saw the way you all looked at her. Especially you hyung,” Jimin pointed to Yoongi. “You actually took interest in what she said, and focuses all of your attention on her,” Jimin snapped.

“So what? She’s cute. You jealous you’ve got competition?” Yoongi taunted. Jimin huffed.

“We’ll see who she chooses, plus I’ll be asking her to the ball,” Jimin replied proudly.

“In your dreams idoit!” Hoseok growled lowly. “I’m teaching her how to dance, therefore I should be taking her!”

“No way! I was the one that suggested it! So I should take her!” Jin piped up angrily. 

“How about this? Whoever she dances with at the ball will be hers,” Taehyung spoke up.

“Guys! Stop it!” Jungkook groaned. The others glared at the maknae in annoyance. “Think of it like this okay? We’re fighting over a girl, we’ve barely known for like 30 minutes. She might not even think of us in that way! You can’t claim her, and she hasn’t even gotten a say in this! Think of her feelings as well!” Jungkook explained.

“Oh, Jungkook. Why are you not Ravenclaw! You’re definitely smart enough to be in that house. Kookie is right. We’re fighting over a stranger we barely know. Allow her to decide who she likes,” Hosoek spoke.

“Deal?” Jin asked. The others glanced at each other for a moment.

“Deal.” they all replied in unison. 

to be continued…

applecrone  asked:

While I completely agree with your yoi hp sortings personality-wise, I have a hard time believing Yuri "Let me ruin my stealth mission for this tiger shirt" Plisetsky wouldn't hold the hat hostage until it put him in the cool cat house.

….he would absolutely TRY.

hat: hmm, let me see here. you’re a tricky one. could go one of two ways!

yuri: right well I want the lion one.

hat: lol kid you’re either a snake or a badger. you’re burning with ambition to be the best, but you already know it’s going to take grindingly hard work.

yuri: FUCK YOU. GIVE ME THE LION. what do I have to do? pretend to be loud and friendly and care deeply about stupid things? I can do that. I can rehaul my personality, or fake it for seven years, if that’s what it takes. no problems.

hat: “…SLYTHERIN!”

Embarrassing Friends- Auston Matthews

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Ok guys I love you all a lot and thanks for understanding my break! I promise I won’t let you guys down! So enjoy guys!

Warning: None?

Anon Request: Can you do one with Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews where you meet Mitch for the first time and he’s embarrassing Auston by going on and on about how much he likes you and won’t stop talking about you etc.?


              “So YOU’RE (Y/N)!”

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Dating Carl Grimes would include…

-probably knowing each other from a young age

-he’d try to push away his feelings at first, thinking it was ridiculous to have a crush in an apocalyptic world

-he’s not a fan of PDA, but you’re pretty much always holding hands. He likes the way it feels, like he can keep you safe from harm

-sex with Carl the first time would be fumbly, giggly and semi-awkward, but he’d try his best to make you feel comfortable

-he brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘overprotective’

-Rick Grimes. The ultimate cockblock

-Michonne teasing him to no end bc she’s actually such a dork

-Daryl not approving at first when his Uncle Instincts™ kick in, but gradually warming to you as it becomes clear how much you care about Carl

-which you do

-a lot

-literally he’s run out of flannels after you keep stealing them. Where are they? Who knows? Not him

-he’d let you wear his sheriffs hat

-when you wanted to put yourself in harms way he’d totally just tie you to things.

-“Carl Grimes did you just tie me to the fucking bedpost?”


-him being scared to death and blaming himself whenever you get hurt

-which almost never happens, because he’s always at your side

-you’re the only one he can take off his mask around, because h knows you’d never judge or pity him

-when he loses his eye, he’s terrified you’ll leave him

-you pressing soft kisses to the bruised skin around the bandage and assuring him you’ll love him no matter what

-when you become friends with Ron, oh boy

-ya’ll ever seen a jealous Carl? What a sight to behold

-but honestly, his jealousy will mostly just ensure that he’s closer to you than ever, arm around your waist and being a deadpan snarker to anyone he considers a threat

-like Ron

-fights with him are rare but when they do occur, Jesus. Take shelter. Mostly you’re arguments are caused by bottled-up feelings. It just takes something petty to set you guys off, and then it’s like someone has lit the wick on a bomb.

-usually, after these fights, you give him the cold shoulder until he apologises

-honestly??? Carl giving you puppy dog eyes??? Or eye, I guess. I’m going to hell

-trying to keep him grounded when he subtly develops a thirst for bloodlust

-he acts colder toward you, and pushes you away

-at first, you’re angry, but under close observation you realise Carl’s cold facade is a crudely-put-together mask and the boy you love is absolutely not okay

-comforting him, maybe with words, or hugs, or sometimes making love

-doing whatever it takes to protect the other

-understanding the term “soulmate”

-he will absolutely destroy anyone who lays a hand on you, man and walker alike

-sometimes his violence frightens you, which makes him feel immensely guilty

-“I love you, Y/N. And, I’m sorry that you have to watch me become this person. And I’m even sorrier you think I’m worth sticking around for.”

-“You are worth it. You’ll always be worth it. I love you, Carl Grimes.”

anonymous asked:

Reader is kidnapped by heroes for interrogations, and is tortured. Films of the torture are sent to the squad. Reactions? Rescue?


Black hat: Hes fucking pissed. The fact that a hero would DARE kidnap his damn employees? Out-fucking-ragous. He fucking fumes as he forces flug to create a device that will fucking OBLITERATE the hero.

Dr Flug: He’s not only pissed, but EXTREMELY worried, he doesn’t even need Black hat’s command to make something that will kill the hero, he just does it. He hopes to whatever gods are up there that you’re okay.

Demencia: She’s absolutely furious, so fucking mad that she HELPS Dr Flug, rather than hinder his progress. Nobody takes her best friend and possible crush away from her.

505: He is EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY worried, he also tries to help as much as he can. He does most of the house work and feeds everybody while they work on getting you back.


Black Hat: He fucking storms into the hero’s lair, destroying everything in his way. He disembowels the hero, making sure he dies VERY painfully. When he finally finds you he’s so relieved that you’re alive. He goes as far as to carry you back home if you’re too weak to walk.

Dr Flug: His device was enough to break through the door to the lair, he runs all over the place, searching for you. When he finally finds you battered and beaten he freaks out. He puts his doctor skills to work, fixing you up as best he can before placing you on his back to run back to Black hat and the others. He increases security around your room and makes sure you ALWAYS have some sort of self-defense with you.

Demencia: She was the first one to go in, moving fast enough through enemy lines that nobody had noticed her through the commotion. When she finally finds you she’s so happy she almost cries. She throws you over her shoulder, launching herself back to the others. A few days after the incident she NEVER leaves your side. She’s almost always around the corner or behind you.

505: He didn’t assist with the rescue, instead he opted to stay home to wait for you. When you get back he’s all over you, helping you with EVERYTHING. He even sleeps with you, just in case something happens during the night. 

Surprise! (Auston Matthews)

Anonymous said:

Can you do an Auston Matthews imagine where his long term gf surprises him by coming to visit Toronto and watch him play? Thanks!!

Word count: 1857

Originally posted by dylanmcilrth

You peer out the window of the plane, the city of Toronto shining brightly beneath you. For three years, you had been dating Auston. Your longest time spent apart had been for two weeks every summer when he was away at a team hockey camp. Now that he played for the Leafs, however, it had been four months since you had last seen your boyfriend. Four months since you had gotten to see his face off of a phone screen. Four months since you had been able to hear his corny jokes at the drop of a hat and hold his hand. These had been the longest four months of your life, honestly.

But now you were on your way to Toronto and the best part was, Auston had no idea. It was Auston’s teammate William Nylander that had the idea to surprise him, actually. Auston had been in a funk lately that hadn’t been getting any better. He was getting into more little spats with his teammates; he was more irritable in general, actually; he wasn’t putting up as many points as you-and everyone-knew he had the potential to put up and; the issue that was of most concern to you, he wasn’t talking to his teammates nearly as much. Instead, he spent nearly all of his time texting you, or calling you, or Snapchatting you, or FaceTime-ing you. While you loved everything about Auston and your conversations, it was very time-consuming to always be talking to him while you were busy with other activities, and you were worried about him.

That was where Willy came in. He had called you and asked if you would consider flying up to Toronto to surprise Auston during one of your school breaks. Actually, he said that the whole team wanted you to come up. It was a team decision, he said, and everyone knew that he was just really missing you.

You booked your ticket right after the phone call.

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007 / 101 kisses

007; truth, dare or drink
♡ optional bias (second person)
♡ best friend!au
xwhen your kisses aren’t supposed to mean anything but eventually do

it started when your roommate came home from work with a bag filled with colorful sticky notes she had swiped from the office and your best friend coming over with his roommates with cases and cases of beer.

with a snapback filled with clever, immature and probably inappropriate questions and dares, you and your friends were set for a night filled with laughter and alcohol.

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Battered and Bruised Ch. 7 (Bucky x reader)

Hello friends. Today is a lovely day and I’m so happy to be here. Writing fanfiction is something I really enjoy doing. Not only does it help me de-stress, and become a better writer, but I’ve also met some really awesome people. I truly appreciate all of you and I wanted to thank you for being here. Over 100 of you are following me now and I love you all. You’re all beautiful. Enjoy this next chapter of Battered and Bruised. xoxo

Description:  Bucky sees all the damage he’s physically done to you because of what H.Y.D.R.A. did to his mind.

Warnings: Cursing, angst

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 


“F/N, you need to let go of me. I couldn’t live with myself if I ever hurt you again.” He whipped his head towards you. His furrowed brows and tear stained face broke your heart. He pulled you into a tight hug, trying to take in your smell one last time, so he wouldn’t forget it. You body was heaving with every sob as he held you to his body.

“I love you F/N. I always have and I always will.”

When he let you go, he hurried out of the room and down the hall. Tears were streaming down his cheeks as he tried to get away from you, as far as he could. He didn’t want to hurt you. He couldn’t be close to you anymore. He was so afraid of hurting you again, afraid that he actually might kill you. 

He stumbled down the hall to the elevator, the tears in his eyes clouding his vision. He heard your wail. He could hear the anguish in your voice and it ripped his already aching heart in half. He leaned up against the wall, furiously pressing the button to go down, like pressing it more was going to make it come faster. As soon as it opened he got in and made sure that it went straight to the garage. He couldn’t let anybody see him this way. When the doors slid closed, and knowing he was completely alone, he sobbed, gripping his hair at the scalp and a scream filled with endless suffering filled the small elevator. He looked into the tile wall, his reflection staring back at him. A monster’s reflection. That was a what he saw. A destroyer of beauty and nothing more. He tried to stifle his cries as the doors opened. He threw on his hood and looked down, making eye contact with no one. When sat down in the car, he punched the steering wheel and yelled, the cries he had been holding in were finally being let out. He couldn’t drive, not like this. So, he sat in the driver’s seat for what was probably a good hour, crying. He loved you, of course he did. But, that’s why he had to do this. 

He would have rather lost you like this, knowing that you’re alive and safe, than lose you all together.

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I’ve been thinking about Sangwoo’s reaction to finding out about Bum’s uncle and honestly I think he’s going to be nice about it. It’s more beneficial to him to increase Bum’s dependancy by being the first person to be sympathetic than it is to fly off the handle (which tbh I think Bum is expecting.) Plus if Sangwoo’s smart, which I think, in this case, he will be, Sangwoo will be able to use Bum’s uncle to condition Bum to his way of thinking regarding murder. Honestly chapter 25 is Sangwoo’s opportunity to put his best boyfriend hat on and I think he knows that.

Teen!Tony/Teen!Reader: Oh My God!

Originally posted by keepcalmandcallnico

A/n: This contains smut!

“Okay class today we are starting a new project!” Mr. Adams announced. The class groaned. “This project will be on a home of the future. You and a partner of my choosing will have to create  home of the future. It has to have a way of getting everything eco friendly. That means a good way to get water and energy."You and your best friend looked at each other hoping that you’ll get each other like you always do. Mr. Adams got a top hat out and put everyone’s names in.

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anonymous asked:

Everyone catches the reader playing Black Hat's pipe organ.Only problem? They're REALLY good at it,like enough to rival Black Hat himself. Reactions?

Exactly nobody knows how you found the organ in the first place. Maybe Black Hat forgot to put it away to…wherever it goes. Maybe you just found where it rested. However you found it doesn’t matter as a haunting melody wafts through the manor.

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guysisolvedititwasgregagain  asked:

Hi! I was considering writing coffee shop AUs of some of my ships, and I was wondering if there were any tips/pet peeves/logical mishaps usually found in coffee shop AUs that you could give me. Sorry if you've answered this already.

TBH I AM NOT SURE if I’m the best person to ask for unbiased advice on coffee shop AUs. I have a history of taking pot shots at them in a really childish way.

If I put on my editor’s hat and put my personal feelings about them to the side, I would say the biggest issue with coffee shop AUs is that people don’t push the envelope far enough when it comes to the AU elements or the plot itself. With a majority of fics X is a Barista and Y is a customer, usually someone suave and hipster-ish. Most of the time it’s set in our world in the current time and Y falls in love with X, coming back with increasing frequency to the shop. Not much happens beyond this small slice-of-life narrative filled with shy, fleeting glances. And like, this is fine in isolation, but when upwards of 75% of the fandom(s) is writing the exact same setting and exact same sequence of events, it can get redundant real fast.

Like sure, X and Y can meet in a coffee shop, with one a Barista and the other a patron, but why does it have to be in our time? Why does it have to be in our world? Like what if this coffee shop is set in 1980s Miami, or a coffee shop that happens in-universe, for example? What if the coffee shop is not actually a coffee shop? What if it’s a front for money laundering, or while serving coffee a terrible disaster happens and our X/Y couple has to band together out of convenience to survive it? What if there’s a secret entrance to the sewers beneath this coffee shop that leads to a secret nest of mole people and one of our characters is the first to discovers it? Like, some of these ideas seem far more ridiculous than others, but fiction should be to push the limits of our imagination while working within predefined spaces (i.e. fantasy genre). Narratively all of these ideas could be pulled off.

So my biggest advice for coffee shop AUs is the same advice I would give for any trope, really. Subvert that trope and push the narrative further.

So…I finally finished them!

All thirteen dwarves (+1) are done and ready to be posted. I want to thank everyone for the incredible amount of support and love this project received so far, I’m so grateful and happy, you have no idea.

That said, tomorrow I’ll post the first of the fourteen drawings I did, I’ll post one every three days and I’m asking you *points at screen, uncle Sam hat appears on my head* to decide in which order you’d like to see them.

The way you can do it is by reblogging this post and writing where you want (in the tags too if you feel shy) which one of the dwarves you’d like to see next.  

Once the next drawing is posted the process is always the same, reblog that drawing and vote for the dwarf you want to see next and so on.

I’m putting a lot of effort in this project so that you’ll have the best, helping me spread my art and this whole work would give me so much joy (and grant you a place in heaven <3).

Thank you again for your support, let me know if you want to be tagged when I post the drawings, I’m creating a tag list right now! :)

Fight for Me - Gabriel Landeskog

Originally posted by fleuryisawesome

“Alrighty, babe. I should get going so you can finish getting ready. I don’t want to keep you and make people mad. You’ve got to focus and keep your head in the game tonight. Only a few minutes to show time and you need to play well out there.”

Your blond boyfriend looked down at you, smiled, and brought up his hand to ruffle your (HC) hair. “Alright, okay. I’ll go. But can I get one last kiss?”

You jokingly rolled your eyes and smiled before tiptoeing back up and pecking his lips. “There. Now go. I worry for you enough. Stay safe out there, okay?”

“I will do my best.” he grinned. “I love you, baby.”

“I love you too.” you replied before walking off, putting your hat back on over your head and leaving the lower halls of the Pepsi Center. You made you way back up through a passage and into the actual arena where the fans and spectators were just stumbling in after roaming the halls and trying to find the proper sections for their seats or find a friend or maybe something of another category. 

You grinned and carefully walked up to your section and your seat, trying not to bump into anyone before you sat down and tweeted out a picture of the ice from where you sat before relaxing and waiting for the game.

Gabe had been your boyfriend for about six months now. He was a sweet guy with a ridiculously big heart who loved to share it with a lot of people. Strong, tall, handsome, sweet, and he could be such a dork sometimes. It was incredible that he was one person. It felt like you hit the jackpot with him.

Dating wasn’t easy at first mostly due to comments about you “being in it for the money” or just because he was attractive, but that’s not it. You didn’t care about the cash he had. It was just him and him alone. You didn’t need anything else. It all was just there, too. It was his heart that caught you. His heart and his eyes. All it took was one accidental run in at a coffee shop in the city, a spilled coffee, and a stained jacket for the past 6 months to happen.

You grinned as the lights dimmed around you and people hurried to their seats as the scoreboard lit up for the pre-game video they always played and the light show. It was always so exciting to go to a game. You never got to go to one in college because you never seemed to find the time or money to go to a game. Now, you were newly graduated and had a boyfriend on the team- nevermind who was the captain. So, you could go to one if you wanted to if you asked for and got the night off from your boss and told your boyfriend in time to get tickets.

Tonight’s match-up was Stars vs. Avalanche. It likely was not going to end well for your boyfriend’s team which was… struggling to say the very least. They had heart, but unfortunately in the NHL, that’s not enough. There’ve been a lot of nights this season where you had to snuggle in bed and hold him or comfort him through your laptop’s screen and remind him that it’s not his fault that things are how they are. That the sport’s a team effort and, even if he’s the captain, the other people need to work too. Not just him. Frankly, it felt like a miracle that he hadn’t been let go and traded at the deadline. You felt so awful for him and his anxiety was only getting worse. However, the game should still be fun.

You got up and wooped loudly as Gabe and his team hit the ice to skate around, the Stars skating on their own half of the rink until the starting lines and goalies for the night. Duchene, MacKinnon, and your Gabe for the front line with Tyutin and Barrie on opening D and Pickard in net. The Stars with their average starting lines of Benn, Seguin, who you had some odd gut feeling against, and Spezza. Klingberg and Lindell were paired on the D, and Lehtonen protected net.

The lines gathered up in the center circle after the anthem and waited. As soon as puck dropped, all was fair game. This could get interesting.


Well, you weren’t wrong.

“Where is he?” you panted, having just run down and through the lower halls of the Pepsi Center in search of your boyfriend. Instead, you quite near to literally ran into Matt.

“Gabe’s in the trainer’s room. It’s down the hall and over there and hang a left. Door should be open and hear him out before you tear him a new one.”

You groaned a word of thanks and marched down the hall, absolutely fuming. You were pissed. Just when you told Gabe to play it safe out there and not fight, what does he do? Get into a fight in the last literal couple minutes of the game with Seguin which eventually evolved into fighting the beast known as Jamie “Built Like A Fucking Fridge” Benn.

You rounded the corner and nearly walked past the trainer’s room until you saw your boyfriend sitting on one of the beds being tended to by a trainer. A black eye, a scrape on his cheek, and a cut that the trainer just finished applying some kind of solution to to stop the bleeding and help seal it up. “Gabriel.”

He looks at you with a worried look in his eye, holding an ice bag to the blackened flesh of the other one. “(Y/N), baby, I can explain.”

“Gabe, what the hell!?” you sighed. “I specifically asked you to not fight. I worry about you! Do you not understand that?”

“(Y/N), please-”

“I think you need to listen to him-” the trainer tried to speak, but you cut her off before she could finish.

“Gabe, I can’t even believe you!”

“(Y/N), please, I did it for you!” he said, raising his voice enough to be heard over your rambling. You stopped. 


“I did it for you.” he said, calmer. “Babe, you wouldn’t believe some of the things I heard tonight, but that little… That green, pesky little shit kept talking about you. He kept calling me a loser and a waste and how a pretty girl like you is just into me because I’m rich and because I play hockey. Because why else would you be into me, apparently. He kept saying these lewd things and he’d been doing it all night. I know he was trying to mess with me, but he could have done it without bringing up you. Especially about your body and stuff from pictures he’s seen. So, since he hadn’t shut up all game, I decided I’d do it for him. And then Benn got involved a minute later and that’s why I look like shit. Not exactly a model looking like this, am I?”

You were shocked and felt bad about how you’d been only a couple minutes before. “He… You did it for me?”

He nodded. “Why else would I have broken my promise?”

“Oh god, Gabey, I am so so sorry!” you spilled. “I- I didn’t… I’m so sorry, baby!”

“It’s fine.” He mumbled. “You didn’t know. You had a right to be mad.”

You sighed and sat next to him on the bed. “Did I though? Did I really?” He only sighed in response.

You took his hand, looked down into your lap, and sat in silence for a while before trying to break the tension. “I still think you look like a model. All hot an rugged like that. It’s quite a look.”

You looked over to see a small smile on his face. “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah.” you smiled back, carefully bringing his face up to look over to you with your free hand and pecking his lips. “I don’t like it as much as your normal look, though.”

He giggled. “Yeah. I like my normal face too.”

You grinned and got the thumbs up from the trainer to leave before heading home with your brave, beloved boyfriend.

The Summer (22/32)

The Summer (22/32) | Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life. | Phan | Mature | Smut, Misunderstandings, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Bullying, Minor Violence, Physical Fight | 300,000+ Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

This Part: 10,114 Words

For reference, @phansdick is Dan, @insanityplaysfics is Phil.

(Previous) (AO3) (Masterlist)

Warnings: possessiveness, teasing, dirty talk, mastrubation, fingering

Chapter Twenty-Two

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MD #2

The second Mother’s Day without my mom and it’s not easier, but I can say the memories come with more appreciation than melancholy this year.

So, in the spirit of appreciation on Mother’s Day, I will share a memory that sustains my sister and me on this day.

When mom was in hospice care and family was coming from all over to, well, say goodbye, one wife of a cousin my mom never warmed to was among the visitors.

This lady is the least self-aware person I’ve ever encountered. She always had crazy bouffant hair, heavily shellacked. As kids we’d ask mom why she was so awful and mom would never say anything bad about her but things like, “Maybe there’s a halo under all that hair.”

Anyway, on this visit, there were several people there visiting with mom and hairdo rolls in all loud and patronizing. I think the best way to describe her is she would be the type of person when told someone doesn’t speak English, she would talk louder and put an “o” at the end of English words. “NO UNDERSTANDO ENGLISHIO?”

Anyway, she leaned in close to mom and shouted about being sorry not to see her before now but here she is, like, you know, a gift.

My mom said, “I like your hat.” My sister and I struggled to keep our composure because mom’s sight was waning and she probably did see all that hair as a hat.

Mrs. Hair made a big show of “oh you poor thing” and like mouthing to my sister, “is she blind now too?” And then, “No, I’m not wearing a hat, but that’s okay!”

And my mom didn’t miss a beat before she said, “Are you sure about that?”

Happy Mother’s Day <3