best way to put on a hat

I love how Jack’s like “I must teach you the ways of Canada” in this extra, but what I love more is Bitty’s hair

I know that hair. That’s my hair. Normally his hair looks much more controlled than mine ever does but I know that hat thing. I recognised it instantly. So here’s some info about Bitty in beanies based on my experience

  1. Those little sticky-out bits? They’re the best part about wearing hats because you can put them on when your hair’s a mess and all that’s left are these cute lil curls sticking in various directions and implying that the hair underneath is all just nice pale-face-and-red-lipstick vintage curls instead of a Literal Disaster
  2. BUT
  3. Going inside is to be avoided at all costs. You have to take your hat off when you go inside. So at this stage I’d like to introduce you to Nineteen Thirties Hat Hair. The cute curls sticking out? Those are the only parts that won’t be flat against his head. He’ll look like an idiot. Jack will find it hilarious
  4. Now, in theory the fix for hat hair is to ruffle your hair a bit, and Bitty’s hair (unlike mine) might be able to put up with such treatment. But if there’s one universal rule about curls its that you do not touch them. You can’t make curls neater. You shower in the morning, put whatever product you use in, and then hope it stays nice for the rest of the day because every touch, light breeze, sudden movement will only speed the transition from curly to fluffy. The shorter your hair, the more this is true
  5. And the entire point of this post is for you to consider the two possible outcomes for a truly curly-haired Bitty wearing a hat:

The 1930s hat hair:

Very flat, then suddenly wild. A lot less pretty in real life.

Or, the mad scientist look:

And now I desperately want to see Bitty with either of these hairstyles

thoughts about Finn

I’m already seeing a lot of portrayals of Finn’s backstory as a Stormtrooper hinging on wanton violence and trauma. But I wonder if anyone has considered that the way Troopers are conditioned might be by an excess of care/attention, not by violence? I mean, we have evidence of that reading in the fact that Finn’s negative reaction is noted and pursued by his commanding officer. That demonstrates a heightened awareness of each of the troopers, not a lack of care. I wonder if maybe the medical care for troopers–as an example–was absolutely the best that money can buy, but not offered with pleasantries. Like, maybe Finn has had medical care thousands of times but usually he was put under sedation at the drop of a hat rather than allowed to stay conscious and engaged with the medical process. Like, maybe the biggest difference between his current medical care and what he experienced as a trooper is that they’re going to explain what they’re doing at every step now and he’s going to have to push himself to heal, not rely on them making it easy on him.

Like, if a trooper got a spinal injury, wouldn’t it make sense for the clearly affluent First Order to simply replace the spine and, like, build new muscle tissue or whatnot, rather than putting a trooper through longterm physical therapy and making him choose which course of treatment he wants.

Also, I think it’s worth thinking about how everything is easy as a trooper, but nothing is personal and that might be another key difference. I totally buy the idea of Finn being chronically touch-starved and unable to assert choices, though. I am loving that trend in the fic. I bet other key differences could include:

  • now he has to own things and remember where they are. Like, he takes off his shoes outside and then forgets that, you know, they’re his and he has to come back barefoot to find them later
  • also remembering how stuff belongs to other people too. Like, he doesn’t recognize the gesture as significant when Poe gives him the jacket. It’s not until Poe says it, maybe even later when he thinks about it again, that it’s a gift.
  • having to remember names is probably very hard. and then finding out people have two names each, that probably frustrates him and blows his mind equally.
  • it might take him a while to understand how different people’s backgrounds are. like, maybe he assumes everyone knows how to use a lightsaber because Rey was good at it. If Rey knows it, he just assumes everyone knows it. That’s the way it was for troopers: everyone knew exactly the same things. You never chatted about your childhood because it was exactly identical to everyone else’s. He probably grows to really love hearing people talk about their pasts. He probably makes a lot of friends by being just utterly charmed by the most prosaic of stories.
  • i bet the messiness of the base bothers him. i bet he has to keep telling himself it’s fine that no one has scoured that wall over there, it’s totally fine. because he clearly wants to go find a bucket and a sponge and just bleach the fuck out of that mold.
  • god, he is actually probably the neatest ever. once he gets a hang of the idea of this being his room, he probably keeps it fucking spotless
Fight for Me - Gabriel Landeskog

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“Alrighty, babe. I should get going so you can finish getting ready. I don’t want to keep you and make people mad. You’ve got to focus and keep your head in the game tonight. Only a few minutes to show time and you need to play well out there.”

Your blond boyfriend looked down at you, smiled, and brought up his hand to ruffle your (HC) hair. “Alright, okay. I’ll go. But can I get one last kiss?”

You jokingly rolled your eyes and smiled before tiptoeing back up and pecking his lips. “There. Now go. I worry for you enough. Stay safe out there, okay?”

“I will do my best.” he grinned. “I love you, baby.”

“I love you too.” you replied before walking off, putting your hat back on over your head and leaving the lower halls of the Pepsi Center. You made you way back up through a passage and into the actual arena where the fans and spectators were just stumbling in after roaming the halls and trying to find the proper sections for their seats or find a friend or maybe something of another category. 

You grinned and carefully walked up to your section and your seat, trying not to bump into anyone before you sat down and tweeted out a picture of the ice from where you sat before relaxing and waiting for the game.

Gabe had been your boyfriend for about six months now. He was a sweet guy with a ridiculously big heart who loved to share it with a lot of people. Strong, tall, handsome, sweet, and he could be such a dork sometimes. It was incredible that he was one person. It felt like you hit the jackpot with him.

Dating wasn’t easy at first mostly due to comments about you “being in it for the money” or just because he was attractive, but that’s not it. You didn’t care about the cash he had. It was just him and him alone. You didn’t need anything else. It all was just there, too. It was his heart that caught you. His heart and his eyes. All it took was one accidental run in at a coffee shop in the city, a spilled coffee, and a stained jacket for the past 6 months to happen.

You grinned as the lights dimmed around you and people hurried to their seats as the scoreboard lit up for the pre-game video they always played and the light show. It was always so exciting to go to a game. You never got to go to one in college because you never seemed to find the time or money to go to a game. Now, you were newly graduated and had a boyfriend on the team- nevermind who was the captain. So, you could go to one if you wanted to if you asked for and got the night off from your boss and told your boyfriend in time to get tickets.

Tonight’s match-up was Stars vs. Avalanche. It likely was not going to end well for your boyfriend’s team which was… struggling to say the very least. They had heart, but unfortunately in the NHL, that’s not enough. There’ve been a lot of nights this season where you had to snuggle in bed and hold him or comfort him through your laptop’s screen and remind him that it’s not his fault that things are how they are. That the sport’s a team effort and, even if he’s the captain, the other people need to work too. Not just him. Frankly, it felt like a miracle that he hadn’t been let go and traded at the deadline. You felt so awful for him and his anxiety was only getting worse. However, the game should still be fun.

You got up and wooped loudly as Gabe and his team hit the ice to skate around, the Stars skating on their own half of the rink until the starting lines and goalies for the night. Duchene, MacKinnon, and your Gabe for the front line with Tyutin and Barrie on opening D and Pickard in net. The Stars with their average starting lines of Benn, Seguin, who you had some odd gut feeling against, and Spezza. Klingberg and Lindell were paired on the D, and Lehtonen protected net.

The lines gathered up in the center circle after the anthem and waited. As soon as puck dropped, all was fair game. This could get interesting.


Well, you weren’t wrong.

“Where is he?” you panted, having just run down and through the lower halls of the Pepsi Center in search of your boyfriend. Instead, you quite near to literally ran into Matt.

“Gabe’s in the trainer’s room. It’s down the hall and over there and hang a left. Door should be open and hear him out before you tear him a new one.”

You groaned a word of thanks and marched down the hall, absolutely fuming. You were pissed. Just when you told Gabe to play it safe out there and not fight, what does he do? Get into a fight in the last literal couple minutes of the game with Seguin which eventually evolved into fighting the beast known as Jamie “Built Like A Fucking Fridge” Benn.

You rounded the corner and nearly walked past the trainer’s room until you saw your boyfriend sitting on one of the beds being tended to by a trainer. A black eye, a scrape on his cheek, and a cut that the trainer just finished applying some kind of solution to to stop the bleeding and help seal it up. “Gabriel.”

He looks at you with a worried look in his eye, holding an ice bag to the blackened flesh of the other one. “(Y/N), baby, I can explain.”

“Gabe, what the hell!?” you sighed. “I specifically asked you to not fight. I worry about you! Do you not understand that?”

“(Y/N), please-”

“I think you need to listen to him-” the trainer tried to speak, but you cut her off before she could finish.

“Gabe, I can’t even believe you!”

“(Y/N), please, I did it for you!” he said, raising his voice enough to be heard over your rambling. You stopped. 


“I did it for you.” he said, calmer. “Babe, you wouldn’t believe some of the things I heard tonight, but that little… That green, pesky little shit kept talking about you. He kept calling me a loser and a waste and how a pretty girl like you is just into me because I’m rich and because I play hockey. Because why else would you be into me, apparently. He kept saying these lewd things and he’d been doing it all night. I know he was trying to mess with me, but he could have done it without bringing up you. Especially about your body and stuff from pictures he’s seen. So, since he hadn’t shut up all game, I decided I’d do it for him. And then Benn got involved a minute later and that’s why I look like shit. Not exactly a model looking like this, am I?”

You were shocked and felt bad about how you’d been only a couple minutes before. “He… You did it for me?”

He nodded. “Why else would I have broken my promise?”

“Oh god, Gabey, I am so so sorry!” you spilled. “I- I didn’t… I’m so sorry, baby!”

“It’s fine.” He mumbled. “You didn’t know. You had a right to be mad.”

You sighed and sat next to him on the bed. “Did I though? Did I really?” He only sighed in response.

You took his hand, looked down into your lap, and sat in silence for a while before trying to break the tension. “I still think you look like a model. All hot an rugged like that. It’s quite a look.”

You looked over to see a small smile on his face. “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah.” you smiled back, carefully bringing his face up to look over to you with your free hand and pecking his lips. “I don’t like it as much as your normal look, though.”

He giggled. “Yeah. I like my normal face too.”

You grinned and got the thumbs up from the trainer to leave before heading home with your brave, beloved boyfriend.


Request:  Jimin scenario where you’re an American idol who doesn’t know Korean and you visit Korea but you end up getting lost and Jimin helps you find your way

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You grew bored sitting alone in your hotel room. The scenery out your window was of the city of Seoul and it made it even harder for you to stay put. Your manager had told you to stay inside for the day but with a big new city a few steps away, you couldn’t resist for too long. Grabbing a hat, jacket, and your wallet, you slipped on a pair of sneakers before sneaking out. Having a day off, you would use it the best way you could.

Being famous in America and now in other countries was more than just an opportunity for your career but you were also excited to be able to travel. Your schedule ate up most of your time though. Whenever you could, you tried to have a little adventure.

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Imagine Lucas....

Imagine Lucas deciding to give Maya the rose in gmFather because she was sad about failing the test and he just wanted to make her smile. Just imagine a giddy lucas putting the rose (that he either picked from a garden or bought himself) in his hat right before the dance and checking every ten minutes to make sure it’s still there and hasn’t been crushed. Imagine him figuring out the best way to hand Maya the rose without making it seem too flirty or romantic. Imagine him thinking “screw it” when she gets dipped in front of him by farkle and putting the rose in her mouth then and there because he can’t wait another second. Imagine Lucas Friar smiling at himself afterwards because he managed to give her a rose at the perfect moment and thus succeeding on two fronts: by winning their little game and by making Maya happy. Just imagine Lucas Friar and all the times that he thought about Maya Hart before he gave her that rose during the dance.

“You actually put thought into our little game dontcha?”
“I actually do.”


How to Teemo [Drawing Edition] ((Haha!))

//So a lot of you have been wondering how I draw out certain characters, so I figured I’d try and give a brief little tutorial on how I do Teemo. (Also It’s Teemo Tuesday today so how could I not? ^u^)


//Now I’m not the best at step-by-step- processes so bare with me on my explanations ^^;

  1. Base shape: I start out with a well rounded oval. One that’s not too wide but also not a complete circle either.
  2. Cheek fur: I draw teemo’s cheek fur so taht it goes in-tume with the base shape, that way the fur doesn’t look too short nor too long.
  3. Face: In here, I used his default expression. The only difference being that I only put one long eyelash at the edge of his eye instead of putting multiple (but of course that’s just my preference.)
  4. Helmet/Hat:  The brim of Teemo’s hat is circular and sits perfectly a top of the base shape of Teemo’s head. Let us also not forget his goggles and his tuft!
  5. Ears: Teemo’s ears go through his hat. To get that fitted just right I put them just past his goggles but not too far off so taht they don’t pass the hat’s brim.
  6. Finally- Chest fur! Everybody loves this little feature on Teemo I’m sure. IMO you can go crazy with how you want to do this part! You can make it fuzzy, poofy, short, fluffy, or hell- you could probably not give him fluff at all if you wanted to, HAHA.

//Then you clean up the sketch a bit, add a few last little details like his eye patches…aaand that’s how I draw Teemo!

//Hope this little tutorial was helpful! Got another character or subject I should cover? Fell free to shoot me a message and I’ll look it over! Thank you! ^u^

I would like to bring your attention to a hidden gem in the Heart of the Mists lobby. If you already knew about this, congrats, if not, here you go!

There’s a spot on the map that can only be accessed by glider. I don’t know if this was here before or if they put it in when gliders were released outside of the HoT maps.

You walk up the stairs as far as you can go and glide around the right side until you reach an alcove.

Then, when you walk inside-

-YOU GET SKELETONS PLAYING CHESS. One of them is wearing a cowboy hat.
I never knew chess was this brutal.

So the Sorting Hat, right.

The Sorting Hat’s job is to put every kid in an incoming class into the house that’s right for them.  And there’s been all sorts of discussion about what criteria it uses, and how much choice plays a factor, etc etc, but I would like to propose a different issue with the Sorting Hat.

Namely: in an incoming class of forty or so kids, how likely is it, do you suppose, that exactly ten kids will be best suited to each of the four houses?

Answer: proooooobably not so much.

Now, there’s two possible ways of dealing with this.  Possibility one is that the Hat is programmed to keep the houses just about equal, more or less, give or take a couple of students.  Of course, unless the hat can read the whole incoming class and run down enough game theory to optimize sorting without actually sitting on anybody’s head at all just in the course of its opening song–which I am pretty sure canon would deny–the only way to do this is to start shamelessly mis-Sorting somewhere around the middle of the alphabet.  What if the entire Weasley line just ended up in Gryffindor because too many sensible students kept enrolling and the hat had to fill a quota?

That possibility is a lot more terrible than hilarious, and I don’t necessarily believe it, which leads us to:

Okay, so what happened, exactly, the year that 75% of the incoming class ended up in Ravenclaw House and there was exactly one new Hufflepuff out of them all?

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Out of bill's misfit friends from the newest episode, who was your fav?

hmm I think Pyronica (?) was pretty cool!

also it’s funny Hectorgon looks a little like people thought Tad Strange would look like if he was a demon (mostly the bowler hat and necktie) and I wonder if that was intentional haha

Anon:way to go alex you had to put the finale on november 9. best birthday ever

hell yeah! it’s not the finale tho, there are at least 3 more episodes c:

Surprise Party ll Dantana

Dani had been working in the kitchen all day between making desserts and dinner. She had cleaned and decorated the apartment and even had the kids make some presents for Santana and a card, which they both loved. Today was Santana’s birthday and although she couldn’t really afford to take her out for dinner she thought of the next best thing, a little surprise party here with the kids. Dani had mistakingly brought the kids shopping with her to the dollar store the day before to get some decorations, she had bought way more things then she wanted to but it was worth it. Santana was absolutely incredible and deserved only the best. Smiling as Santana text her that she as on her way she text her back that the door was open and just to walk in. She thought it would be cute to have the kids jump out and yell surprise as she walked in. Looking around the living room at all the balloons she put the kids party hats on as well as her own and got them ready to shout surprise, turning the light off she told them again when to yell surprise, laughing as they giggled and practised their surprise faces and shouts.

for all my little athletes..

i know many athletes personally that are racing and training this weekend in this hot and humid weather. please make sure you take it very easy and slow down this weekend to off-set heat stress. i know you want to hammer your workouts, set a personal record, win your age group, or the race, but unless you have been training in this very hot and humid weather for the past several weeks, your core body temperature is going to rise a lot quicker than it normally does. drinking a ton of water will not off-set or slow this process down, but making sure you’re hydrated can help. the best way to keep that core body temperature down is not listening to your watch. go by feel and slow down. you WILL go slower than your normal bike and run race paces, but so will everyone else. you can also stay cool by putting ice in your hat, shirt, and pants. holding ice in your hands and dumping water on your head. everyone’s reactions to the heat will be different and there will be those that can push harder than others, but you must be very cautious. heat stress is very dangerous, so be careful and race/train smart 💛

also here are some thoughts on the new yogs main channel minecraft series

- This NEEDS to be in a format like cornerstone was, it needs to be on separate channels. The balance was really off, it was almost all team Sjipos, with a bit of 2girls1flux (best name) with 2 clips of hat films. I hope they switch it to a multi-channel thing. (more ad revenue that way too, also more content to put out)

- Lewis is going to die in this im praying 4 him


- Not even gonna ask what the search results are for “Sexy lewis.” (not gonna ask bc imma search it myself lmao)

Everyone’s Depressed About the Mid-Season Finale So….HOGWARTS MINDY PROJECT AU HEADCANNONS! 

- Mindy and Danny are both Slytherins, although the Sorting Hat briefly considered putting Danny in Gryffindor (11 year old Danny liked the sound of being in the “chivalrous” house).

- During their second year Mindy and Danny join the Quidditch house team. Mindy’s a beater (along with Peter) and Danny’s a seeker, and when Mindy gets annoyed at him during practice she’ll hit Bludgers his way.

- Danny is a Muggle-born wizard, and constantly feels like he has to prove himself. He tries to be the best in everything, from classes to Quidditch, and gets irritated because the only one who ever matches his knowledge and skill is Mindy.

- Mindy and Danny are banned from the Dueling Club. This due to an incident of trying to duel each other and somehow lighting the entire Great Hall on fire and accidentally summoning the Giant Squid from the lake. 

- Mindy and Danny are both Prefects and Head Boy and Girl of their year, and eventually warm up to one another, as they have to work together during this time.

- Once Mindy and Danny become close friends, Danny makes several Floo Powder day trips to Mindy’s house over the summer. He, of course, brings Richie along, and Richie and Rishi hit it off. They spend their summers playing Zonko pranks on their siblings and playing Quidditch together.  

- Because they need excellent scores to become doctors, Mindy and Danny study together for OWLs and NEWTs. This results in dozens of late nights, Mindy stress eating her way through a truckload of Chocolate Frogs, and Danny accidentally giving himself pink hair (he was studying for Transfiguration). Mindy laughs herself sick before finally helping him turn his hair back.  

- Mindy’s Patronus is a love bird, while Danny’s is a wolf. He’s very proud of himself for that, and is irritated when his Patronus also changes to a love bird a few months after he starts dating Mindy.