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Hi! I love your writing like it's rlly fricken good! So my request is; The reader is the short & loud manager of Aoba Johsai volleyball team and so she's really close to them, especially Oikawa. Since they have matches againts Shiratorizawa, Oikawa notices that Tendou has a crush on the reader. And threatens him if he hurts her, he'll regret it but helps him win her over. Please? Thank you!!

I actually love this request, so I hope you enjoy it! I had fun writing it, and I hope I wrote Tendou well enough because I don’t have much practice writing his character. Hopefully I can get better at it! Enjoy!

Oikawa had noticed Tendou looking at _________ at their recent practice match. Not simple glances like he normally saw people give their manager, but a lingering glance that left more to be said.  When her laugh echoed around the gym before the match and her loud voice permeated every space of the air, Oikawa had seen Tendou’s eyes fixed on her. And it bothered him.

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A yandere Himuro, Hanamiya, Imayoshi and Takao (*≧▽≦)


TAKAO: It was like he did a complete 180. Kind, laughing Takao had suddenly disappeared. The shell of a man never let you leave the house without him. “Even if you look at Shin-chan, I can’t stand it.” His obsession was turning him against his own best friend. He had chosen you over the world.

IMAYOSHI: You should’ve seen the signs. Imayoshi had always been a little loopy —- his grin would disappear whenever any man got close to you. It was like he had a split personality; one for you and one for all who got in his way. “____-chan is too independent.” He tells you one day. “Shall I tie you down?”

HIMURO: It started out small; he’d pull you away when you were with friends, or he’d beg for you to stay with him longer. At the time you thought it was sweet. You don’t think that anymore. “Please eat up, you skipped the last meal.” He said, holding out the spoon. “If you do, I’ll let you see your family.”

HANAMIYA: The deeper Hanamiya fell, the more things started to bother him. Like why did you have to hang out with that guy so much? He confronts you, angry even as you hug him tightly and reassure him. “If you hang out with him again, you’ll see what happens.” He says, his eyes turning manic.

Oh My Favorite!! Aqours Trending News (October 2016) 
Caption: “Say ahh♡”— Shaved ice in the summer is the best!!!

Yep, as I thought, eating shaved ice outside on a hot midsummer day is the greatest!!♡ When it’s summer, I feel like eating shaved ice every day~♪
After all, you don’t have to go buy shaved ice unlike ice-cream, you can even make it at home.
Ah— According to Riko-chan, apparently if you work hard at preparations, you would be able to make ice-cream even at home, but about that— Expecting that of me is futile♡
Ehehe— Such a complicated menu is best left to a girly person like Riko-chan; what Chika specializes in is heavy physical labor, scraping the ice and making shaved ice like a man~! That’s how it is♪

This year, everyone often stops at my place on the way back from practice and sweats it out at the hot springs. Times like these are when I get to make full use of my shaved ice machine!
Chika-chan’s shop’s menu lineup this year is, melon, strawberry, lemon and matcha! And also— the absolutely essential, flavor of condensed milk~♡
This is the flavor I love the most♡
Incidentally, Riko-chan prefers strawberry milk, You-chan prefers lemon, Kanan-chan prefers melon and matcha, while Ruby-chan and Maru-chan are the same as me with milk flavor~♪
Mari-chan requested for matcha milk, while Dia-chan and Yohane-chan are somehow wishing for red beans.
I already told you, I don’t have red beans!
Jeez, the princess and the demon are really spoiled! They’ll just have to make do with matcha and melon milk♡

But even so— since it’s at home, having to make this many cups means I have to keep turning this machine or we won’t be able to eat shaved ice.
Being able to eat just like that at shops is so convenient!
Ah, if I do it a bit more I’ll make another cup, I want to have seconds♡♡♡

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine October 2016 issue