best villans

Toffee is a badass Disney villan

I knew I liked this show. I knew I liked Toffee and his laid back, no nonsense attitude. I knew he was smart and cunning.

But holy crap! I did not think he’d be one of Disney’s best villans! I won’t dare spoil this for you but you definitely need to watch the season finalie IN ORDER

Toffee and Bill Cipher are two of Disney’s best villans ever in any format. Period.

And yes I’m still crying my eyes out. My heart is broken, I feel sick, my head hurts and frankly this show sent me back into my depression in a hard way.


Fyodor is probably the best villian so far in BSD, because he’s an actual bad guy. In the Guild Arc, Fitzgerald is doing all this to get some magical book to revive his dead daughter, and to rebuild his family. We still have no idea why Fyodor is trying to get the same book to kill all the ability users, especially since he’s an ability user himself. I think I am just comparing Fyodor to Fitzgerald, since the first season didnt have any ‘villans’ unless you consider the port mafia villans. Anyways, we haven’t seen Fitzgerald actually kill anyone, or any crime. However, Fyodor’s arc (or the book arc as I think it is called) isn’t even over yet, and we have already seen him poision and murder people, trick someone into suicide, and cause all this mayhem. During the manga after the guild arc, you can see that Fitzgerald isn’t that bad of a guy, and you can like him if you understand him. He and Alcott are trying to rebuild the place they belonged. On the other hand, Fyodor is a really shitty guy. He pretty much had a child explode just to carry out his plans, and he is the type of guy that you are suppose to hate. Furthermore, he’s the one who sent a sniper onto dazai, and has taken out a port mafia executive easily. Yet, there are those who still love him (including myself) despite all this. He is a pure genius with superhuman intelligence. He will do anything to succeed, no matter how evil it is. If anything or anyone gets in his way, he would just kill them. As of now there are really no true comrades that he has, because he can’t afford to have anyone drag him down. (I think Nathaniel doesn’t count since that was really just a negotiation/trade….) He is such an evil guy, yet we still love him. It is so conflicting to love him because he is such a shitty, maniacal guy, yet so smart and crazy. I believe the best type of villans are the most difficult to love, and that’s just why I love him.


“What did I feel when Xena confessed her crimes? Well the problem is, Gabrielle, I never feel anything. I mean, bits and pieces here and there but nothing solid. Think back to when you were a little girl, and all you knew was your mother and your sister, and all of your faith revolved around them. Now kill them.”

almost-puzzlesme  asked:

imagine dami picking up internet slang/memes. like, nobody expects this lil kid to know all these terms and he certainly doesn't seem much the type to use them but he will take you by surprise by dropping "fus-ro-dah"s every so often and yelling "git gud" at anyone who he'd just bested - villans or brothers, no exceptions. sometimes, you can even catch him wispering "tell that to zod's snapped neck". when did this lil blob start all this. who taught him? no one knows. maybe jason does

(haha I’ll admit, I don’t know what fus-ro-dah is. I have never heard it!)

Jason’s definitely the one who said something, and Damian’s like “What?” and Jason’s like “internet slang, loser. Go research it.” So Damian DOES and it’s the best worst thing anyone’s ever experienced. 


Wow, two in a day! I tried to keep with Sylvia’s general silhouette, but I figured that since no one actually rides the army Zbornaks, bridles and saddles would be pretty much useless; thus the gas masks. 

I think those gas mask tubes replacing the reins are the best design idea I’ve ever had.

FYI, I’m going start tagging these as “The Wanderer AU”, so everything’s organized.

I propose we Captain Swaners throw a party after Zelena's death, Outlaw queeners and Rumbellers will undoubtly be our guests of honor and we will celebrate over the chopped head of this bitch with lots of rum (which we will be drinking in chipped cups in a picnic in the forest)

and then spit on the bitch’s graveyard