best villain ever

Can you believe 14 year old azula delivered the best line of any villain ever “don’t flatter yourself. You were never even a player” iconic

batman fans who only saw the movies: the joker is the best villain ever, he is such an intricate and profound character and he challenges batman in a way no one else could ever by exposing the unpopular yet harsh reality of life

batman fans who read the comics: the joker is a piece of shit i hope he dies choking on five of jason todd’s guns and stays dead and forgotten

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If Rinehart died his teeth green and put on a top hat and cloak. He would slay cosplaying as black hat.

He’d never cosplay anyone ever, he’s already beautiful and perfect.

Besides, I already have a character with sharp green teeth - Rabbit!

like i ain’t debating the fact that ramsay bolton is literally the spawn of satan and that he deserves to burn in hell for all of eternity for the things that he’s done, but for some sick and twisted reason he still happens to be my favorite character and your shaming isn’t gonna make me praise him less

Pre S1: Let’s do Moriarty right from the off. We’ll surprise the audience and make him charming. And engaging. And sexy.
Pre S2: Moriarty’s really captured the audience’s attention. We could do so much more with him. But then it would be all about Sherlock and Moriarty, and our show is all about Sherlock and John. Let’s shock everyone and have him kill himself. That’s the end of Moriarty. We can move on.
Pre S3: We’d better have a villain that’s about as far removed from Moriarty as we can. Cold. Vile. Repulsive in his actions. But let’s throw in a bit of Moriarty just to surprise the fans and because we’re not ready to say goodbye to Andrew just yet.
Pre-TAB: It was good to have Andrew back. Damn it, let’s just have the whole episode about Moriarty. But he’s dead, so it has to be in Sherlock’s mind palace. And let’s throw in some sexual tension because damn, everyone can see the UST every time Sherlock and Moriarty interact.
Pre S4: So. Villains. Let’s go for someone that’s even more vile and repulsive than Magnussen. Not that we’re out of ideas or anything. Oh, and there’s Eurus. Who’s basically a female version of Moriarty, but no-one will notice that. Oh, okay, let’s give them some more Moriarty. But make it clear that he’s dead.
Pre S5: So… villains. How about…? Hmm. What about…? To hell with it. We all know no-one will ever come close to Moriarty. He stole the show in TFP. Let’s just bring him back. Alive this time. I know, I know, but everyone knows that we lie. And No body was recovered, remember. Clever of us to throw that line in there. Thank God. Let’s make Sherlock great again.

Opal Koboi Headcannon

When Opal was a little pixette, her father asked her what she would like for her birthday, expecting to be asked for a complete collection of all the 120 My Little Pixie Dolls, or jewelry embedded with rare and precious stones.

When she said she wanted a standard tech lab, she got the answer that it was “boys’ stuff, and wouldn’t make her popular among the little girls”.

She proceeded to hack her father’s Top Secret Business Files, and threatened to publish them unless she had what she wanted and was free to experiment in her lab.

Only when her father agreed, she handed over the password—but kept a hacker’s back door in the Files.

-the clace incest plot is over
-raphael came out as asexual
-isabelle is going to get treated for her addiction and stop the toxic r*zzy stuff
-malec said I love you
-daylighter simon
-meliorn is ALIVE
-jimon is real


DISNEY MEME > [1/6] Villains  

↳ Judge Claude Frollo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

“Protect me, Maria. Don’t let the siren cast her spell. Don’t let her fire sear my flesh and bone. Destroy Esmeralda and let her taste the fires of hell, or else let her be mine and mine alone.”

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Superheroess!!! (Do you know it was apparently superhero day the other day!? Im so disappointed that i missed it!!) Anyway ;u; - ‘Look, I really need a date to take to this superhero get-together, but I have no-one to ask…will you come with me?’ AU w/ a pairing of your choice? (Or mas if you don't want to pick //w\\) ((ALSO STEALTH DATING ?? MAKES ME WHEEZE SO MUCH?? YES I LOVE IT))

(NO I DID NOT KNOW OH MY WHY DIDNT SOMEONE TELL ME??? and yessss, stealth dating, it was going so well too, but then whitebeard ruined it!!!)

Marco doesn’t want to go to the gala. He honestly hates the gala, there’s always too many heroes talking about their great victories over EVIL and letting pretty girls hang off of them like they’re nothing more than decorations. It’s horrible and Marco can’t not go, not when he’s Phoenix, one of the most famous heroes in the world.

Most of the heroes that he had been friends with had all retired, age or wounds finally pulling them from their fights to quiet lives doing something else.

Which is why Marco hates going. He’s got no one to talk to and he spends far too much time ignoring the younger generation talking about him behind his back.

“You aren’t even listening!” Fire Storm shouts throwing his hands up in the air. “He’s not even listening Blue!”

“What,” Blue Gentleman asks looking betrayed. “But Phoenix, you always listen to us ranting.”

“I’m sorry,” Marco sighs. “I’m just tired.”

Fire Storm shakes his head, already bringing Marco down, “Are you okay?” He asks setting Marco in the rolling chair that usually holds a hostage, but Thatch was out of town and they never kidnapped Haruta. “Do, do you need us to beat someone up for being mean to you?”

“We can do that,” Blue Gentleman adds. “We like you.”

“I’m a superhero that beats you up.”

“Yeah, but you listen to us and you don’t just throw us in jail. It’s nice,” Blue shrugs. “You’re also kind of our friend. We can beat people up for you.”

Marco shakes his head, “It’s the gala. The last of my friends retired not too long ago and most of them heroes are horrible. There’s a few that aren’t so bad, but they’re also so in awe of me that it’s- it’s awkward. And I have to go.”

“Take a date!” Fire Storm shouts from where he’s taken over the small area that is used as a kitchen. “That would help right?”

“Who would I take? I don’t have anyone other than family and they’re all busy with their own lives. I can’t make them come with me.”

They exchange a look, one that’s hard to read with their masks covering their faces so thoroughly.

“You could take one of us?” Blue offers finally. “I mean, you’d have to swear not to bother us in our normal lives, but one of us could free up the time to go to your gala?”

“You, you’re kidding aren’t you?”

“Nah, we like you best. If you need to take someone to your stupid important gala then one of us can go to your stupid important gala.”

Marco blinks between them, studying them both in confusion before sighing, “I don’t want to break you two up, you’re a matched pair.”

Fire Storm laughs, “You have some weird ideas about us, bird boy,” He slides his mask up off his face. “The name is Ace. I’m a firefighter.”

“Sabo,” Blue says grinning. “I work at the newspaper downtown.”

“Marco Newgate,” Marco says because there is such thing as being fair and they had told him who they were. “I’m a paper pusher at Newgate Industries.”

“Pay up, I told you he had to be a Newgate,” Ace states holding a hand out to Sabo. “You worry about the old man too much.”