best views in town

Zack totally teased the two of them (individually) to get together when he found out the feelings were mutual meanwhile Jason is just tired of all the gushing he gets from Kim about the yellow ranger

Jason: “Kimberly Ann Hart, I swear to god if you don’t ask her out, I’ll-”
Kimberly: “What? Ask her out yourself? She’s not into you. Not even into guys in general. What are you going to threaten me with now, Scott? And how dare you full name me.”

Trini reverted back to using earphones so they could listen to music together, but someone always moved their head too much where the other’s bud always came out so she decided to get a splitter so they could still listen together, but have their individual earphones.

Zack and Jason (reluctantly) bet on who’s going to get their ass wiped during sparring between the girls during training each day because (one of them gets a little too sidetracked)

Their study dates are 20% flashcards and 80% ”if i fail this test tomorrow, you can tell the teacher why, Tri!” “that i couldn’t keep my hands to myself after i finally found your ticklish spot which took so long to find but it was so worth it though it may have resulted in a hole in your wall because you tried blindly kicking at me?”

Trini secretly loves when Kim plays with her hair, especially when she’s had a stressful day
she’ll collapse into her lap and let her do her thing, letting her caress her hair and gently scratch at her scalp

Kim watches her girlfriend go from grumpy cat to lazy sleepy content cat (she totally awes at the accidental purr that comes out)
Kim is the only one that’s allowed to unbraid/braid Trini’s hair

Here’s Kim’s words of advice and reassuring comments to Trini introducing herself as her girlfriend for the first time “Breathe. You’re going to do fine. You’ll be great. Just think about something calming, soothing, relaxing.
“Like what?”
“Think about me. Naked.”

Kim willing to fight anyone who insults or harms Trini in anyway and becoming furiously protective

Trini trying to bite back her words of anger and hatred when Amanda and her minions make a harsh snide comment to Kimberly knowing she won’t be able to stop any sort of aggression once it starts

Comforting each other about their
past and current home life

Instead of passing generic notes, they’re either playing tic tac toe, telling one another jokes or Kim drawing mini comics and Trini attempting to continue the story with her stick figures

Kim getting jealous when this new girl starts flirting with Trini and because this oblivious gay can’t tell the difference between a friendly compliment and I’m-trying-to-ask-you-out-on-a-date compliment, she unknowingly flirts back

Trini getting jealous when Jason asks if he can talk to Kimberly in private, when Kimberly cancels their plans because she promised to hang out with him and when Jason let’s it slip that Kim visits him in his room at night to talk about things that are troubling instead of talking to her

Kim volunteering to babysit Trini’s brothers with her
Discussing/”Making Up” stories about the Power Rangers with them
Trading embarrassing stories about Trini
Shyly but trying to act intimidating as they interrogate Kim to see if she’s good enough for their sister
Innocently asking if Kim and Trini are dating
Teasingly throwing the girlfriend word around the girls
Board Games
Movie Nights
Them and Kim getting competitive with one another during video games
Talking about their favorite superheroes as they show her their action figures
Questioning her if she believes in aliens

Kim sitting next to Trini or in front of her during Biology so they can reach under the desk and hold hands, y’know whisper in one another’s ears like losers, doodle in each other’s margin on their notebooks

Sneaking into each other’s rooms through the window

Both calming the other down after a nightmare
Kim stealing all of Trini’s flannels, jackets, hoodies. (Beanies are harder to get though she managed to steal her yellow one and replaced it before she was caught.)

Trini occasionally borrowing one of Kim’s shirts/tops

neck kisses
shoulder kisses
forehead kisses
nose kisses
cheek kisses
stomach kisses

Trini staring at Kim’s lips when she talks
Kim glancing at Trini’ lips when they’re sitting or standing too close

lip bites

Playfully bickering on who gets to be the big spoon always even though they switch it up all the time

Being able to keep up with each other’s snark, wit, sass, and sarcasm
Sly smiles
Knowing smug smirks
Suggestive glances
Amused arched eyebrows
Challenging one another

Trini resting her head on Kim’s shoulder

Kim resting her head atop of Trini’s

Trying out different cafés, bakeries, patisseries, coffee shops and learning and eventually knowing each other’s orders at all of them

jokes, innuendos, pick up lines, teasing, banter
eye rolls all the time
exaggerated eyelash batting
Kim flirtatiously winking
pleading pouting lips
Fake offended gasp
hugs from behind

Kim leaning her chin on top of Trini’s head or her shoulder

both being easily whipped and persuaded/convinced by the other

whispering sweet nothings before saying something dumb and stupid and playfully insultful to get rid of the cheesy, sappy, sentiment

Trini judging Kim’s music tastes and both of them trying to find a common genre

Finding places with the best views of the town/taking each other on random adventures

Late night car rides with the windows down

They frequent the cliff edge that overlooks the lake (swimming hole?) for a good view of the lights

If Trini can convince Kim to go hike up the mountain together in the morning, they watch the sunrise, but usually they watch the sunset after school/training

Drive In Movie Theater which either results in Kim being totally invested and Trini taking a nap or having a popcorn catching contest

Sharing Milkshakes

They always share the last donut and have a showdown on who gets the last piece

Taking selfies in those In N Out hats when they go out for burgers

Trini finds Kim singing into a hairbrush and dancing around her room one day as she blasts Top 40 Pop Songs
It takes roughly about 15 seconds to get her to begrudgingly join in
But she’s just in awe at the girl’s voice and so is Kim when Trini starts singing
They’re both panicking

Racing one another just for fun (of course where no one will see)

Snowball fights

Behind the bleachers, rooftop, girl’s bathroom on the second floor or in a quiet vacant hidden corner in the library is where you’ll find them alone ditching class and being unusually couple-ish (The janitor’s closet was just downright disgusting and smelled of cheap chlorine bleach and sanitizer even with their superhuman powers, chemicals still had some effect on their body)

Squeezing each other’s hand for comfort or reassurance along with rubbing their thumb over one another’s knuckles

Trusting one another more than anyone

taking turns resting their head on the other’s chest

Trini resting her head in Kimberly’s lap as she’s sprawled out on the couch

Zack giving Kimberly the shovel talk and Jason giving Trini the shovel talk even though they care for both girls
It’s a ridiculously lovable somewhat annoying act

Trini calling Kim “Princess”

kissing one another’s palms and wrists

both being in utter awe that someone as amazing and beautiful wants to date them

rubbing soothing circles on one another’s hands when the other gets nervous/anxious

Kim tracing abstract patterns on Trini’s back when she’s sleeping

long walks or hiking up those mountain trails
talking to each other all night and even when one falls asleep the other doesn’t hang up the phone, lovesick idiots

When Kim asks Trini what she did to get into detention this time, if she isn’t sending a death glare towards Zack and groaning like she’s suffering through hell and back, she just gives a sheepish smile and a nonchalant shrug because she’s not going to admit that she volunteers to go to this and the teacher could care less

Taking photographs

Kim’s mirror is covered in polaroids and Trini has a secret album

Trini finding out that Kim can do an absolutely believable flawless British accent (you figure out the details)

Kim mouthing the lines to movies and tv shows and Trini’s not even paying attention to the screen anymore like always

God forbid, they have hidden poetry/song books about one another that neither of have told them about.

Tickle Fights

Kim complimenting Trini all the time just to see her blush

The only time they will ever carry each other without being a stumbling blushing mess or arguing over the position in carrying is when one of them is injured or asleep

Star Gazing on top of Kim’s roof

They totally had the same idea of kissing in the rain even though they both know it’s a fricking cliche because a) they can’t get sick and b) they’re saps and hopeless romantics even if they won’t admit it

Having a snowman contest

Kim pushing Trini into the pool and Trini pulling her in with her

Kim booping Trini on the nose and Trini is just bewildered

They take turns bringing each other drinks and donuts for breakfast during the school week (Jason scolds them about needing to eat a healthier breakfast)

They meet up before first period then always text each other before their next classes/during passing periods/hallway traffic jam to complain or give them a heads up about things instead of walking one another to class

Stealing from another’s food during lunch
though it turns more into a game of sorts

Whoever gets out earlier from class waits by the other’s locker after school

Let’s just say the Rangers can’t get drunk so they inevitably try to drink themselves to death, but a body shot and a lap dance ensues

“Do you trust me?”
“Not with my water bottle and definitely not over a cliff.”

“If she goes, I go.”

“You’re an idiot.”

“That’s just your way of telling me, you love me. I’ve cracked that code a long time ago, Hart.”

“Will you please just shut up for a second and stop doubting yourself and listen to me! You’re beautiful.”

“Why did we agree to play Seven Minutes in Heaven?”
“Did they just tell us to go fuck in a closet?”
“The irony hasn’t escaped me.”

“I hate this town. I hate these faces. I’m just so tired of everything, except you. Never you.”

“You’re not short,you’re just tiny.”

“I don’t remember falling in love with you. I just remember you grabbing onto my hand and squeezing way too hard when we were about to be pummeled to our deaths by a train and in that terrifying second I couldn’t process anything except a single thought which was, “You’re dying just admit you’re gay and pretty girls make you weak.”

“You’ve been shutting everyone out that genuinely cares about you”
“Not everyone, not you.”

“Do you think the world could suddenly end on a night as quiet as this?”

“Let me ask you something. Do you think there’s such a thing as a perfect day?”
“A perfect day. Start to finish. When nothing terrible or sad or ordinary happens. Do you think it’s possible?”

“We spend our whole lives stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how we’ll escape one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps us going, but we’ll never do it. We just use the future to escape the present. Truth is, we’ll never actually be rid of Angel Grove, we’re still Power Rangers and just like any other superhero we’ll end up staying exactly where we are. Unfortunately our home isn’t a city.” “Well, at least it has you.”

“You were not meant to simply be pretty. You were meant to fight back, so get up and face it.”

“What’s inside is what matters. You are so much smarter than they give you credit for.”

“I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be, but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see.”

“I feel lost inside myself.”

“I’m not perfect, but I’m original.”

“Tell me every terrible thing you ever did and let me love you anyway.”

“The happiest people, don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.”

“Perhaps, I want nothing more than to fall asleep next to you.”

“My life will end someday and so will yours, hopefully we die roughly around the same age, not that I want you to die ever but I don’t want you suffering of heartbreak like some depressing Hallmark movie so just kiss me anytime.”

“Thank you, for making me feel less alone.”

“I stopped explaining myself when I realized people only understand from their level of perception.”

“You are alive. You are not a sad story.”

“I love you, but don’t know what to do.”

“You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first.” Bullshit.
I have never loved myself.
But you
Oh god, I loved you so much I forgot what hating myself felt like.”

“Why did you do that?”
“Because I love you.”

“I would never let anybody or anything hurt you.”

“I don’t know for sure what I’m feeling. I don’t think you know exactly what you’re feeling either. This is all new or maybe we’ve felt this way for quite sometime, but refused to acknowledge them. What I do know is that, whatever mutual feelings we have for one another is not going to jeopardize our friendship.We’re not going to let that happen.”

“Just talk to me.”

“What is wrong with you?”
“I’m crazy, remember?”

Kim noticing that Trini has bad social anxiety especially when she’s seated or standing in a public closed in crowd so she always makes it a priority to get seats near the windows in the corner or a seat where Trini’s back is covered
Kim trying to learn Spanish on her own not just to impress Trini (that’s just an added bonus) but to make it easier for Trini’s brothers and dad to communicate with her. She manages to even impress Trini’s mom and manages to have forge somewhat of an acquaintanceship, but she’s still wary.

They’re in love, that’s all I’ve got to say.

anonymous asked:

Hey hey~ if requests are open, could I ask for how the rfa would react to a short mc with a big round butt XD. Mc could be insecure about it or very confident , up to you. Just thought it would be entraining to read. Thank you so much for all your writing, and please take all the time you need, there is no pressure and always have fun when writing !! Thank you Mama peño, you are amazing!!!

~Yeah no prob! hehehe all hail the booty 

◉ Yoosung 

  • Low-key living for it
  • Tries not to stare but he STARES 
  • Obsessed with you in skirts 
  • Any kind of skirt, pencil, mini like all the skirts 
  • Uses your butt as a laptop holder sometimes
  • He just loves when you lay across his lap reading or on your phone and he can lay his forearms on your butt and study or play console games 
  • Has slapped your ass 
  • Blushes like crazy every time though and stutters 
    • “S-sorry…was that alright?” 

◉ Jumin 

  • It doesn’t matter how insecure you are, he is obsessed with every part of you
  • Thinks your butt is perfection 
  • Very strict that the tailors making your clothes accentuate your…assets 
  • Will most likely ask if he can record your diet, daily activities and exercise routine to calculate how you got a body like that 
  • Making scientific research outta your fine ass 
  • He will absolutely not have you being insecure about it 
  • If he gets the slightest hint that you’re worried about how you look, it’s game over. He is cancelling his day for you 
    • “Today, I’m going to show you just how much I crave every inch of you, and I won’t be stopping until I’m completely sure you understand my love for you.” 

◉ Zen 

  • Verrrry handsy 
  • Can’t help himself around you 
  • Sometimes doesn’t even realize he’s cupped a cheek until you’ve like, stopped chopping the onions and you’re looking at him and he’s like :
    • “What is it?”
    • “Ahem…” looks down at his hand 
    • Gah! Sorry babe…habit…” 
  • Always makes you jog in front of him, so he has the best view in town 
  • Has dreams about the booty 
    • “I didn’t think it was possible but…you’re the only person in the world with a finer ass than me. I’m okay with it, though,” *squeezes*

◉ Jaehee 

  • W E A K   2 tha BOOTYYY 
  • She gets so flustered when you’re at home walking around in booty shorts(spanks) or anything accentuating your curves 
    • “MC I-I…have some work to do illbeintheotherroomokaybye” you cant even hear her flustered mumbles as she blushes and runs away
  • Very worried about how you dress in public because she can’t handle it and also doesn’t want others staring at you 
  • Low-key loves seeing you walk around the house in boxers >.>….
  • Also…if you’re in just a T-shirt and panties (even though most of the time she is a shy flustered bean and runs away and then you have to chase and tackle her)
  • Fav thing is going clothes shopping with you and seeing in the dressing room how different outfits look on you with your curves
  • Just thinks you’re beautiful 

◉ Saeyoung 

  • Boy can’t be stopped 
  • And you know it too so you wear things that tease him on purpose 
  • At any time, in any place, even if you think you’re home alone…if you lay on your stomach at all, Saeyoungs head will appear, laying on your butt 
  • It’s his favorite resting place 
  • Will also use it as a prop for action figures or animal crackers when he’s playing around 
  • Thinks your ass has magical powers 
    • *rubs your butt like a crystal ball* “ohhhh great mystical booty….what shall we have for dinner tonight” *places an ear to your butt* “it says honey buddha chip and PHD Pepper! The great and powerful one has spoken!” 

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God, He Loved Her (s.h.)

Author : @dej_okay

Word Count : 1k

Warnings : flufffFfff

Requested? : Yepperoni Pepperoni. By anon “hey dej!! i hope requests are still open, if not just ignore this :) could you write a cute sam one? "can i be him” broke my heart and i would love to have it healed with some fluff ;) for a plot I’d be open for anything but an idea of mine would be like a fall day together that sam and x spend together, maybe even with his fam?? idk just something cute, that’s the main thing haha, anyways, i hope you have a lovely day!!“ I hope i did this request jus
tice anon!

Author’s Note : So I tried fluff whatever its actually pure fluff. no angst or sadness i did it @rileywrites-parker Thank you to some of my biggest inspirations @hufflepuffholland @babyparker and @parkerroos and @sam-a-holland


Tags : @tiny-friggin-human

God, she’s beautiful.

Sam watched her with a content smile on his face, eyes shining with a type of happiness only a lover could bring.

God, she was all his too.

"Darling”, he called softly, tugging her towards him, his hands placing themselves on her cold cheeks, his face leaning down to press chapped lips against soft ones. Warm and just, moving against each other.

God, it just got better everytime.

When he pulled away, she was already staring up at him, eyes trained on him with a gaze filled with what could only be adoration. “What?”, he chuckled, thumb stroking her soft skin in circular motions.

“You’re beautiful.” He blushed, and she seemed to enjoy that. He always blushed when Y/N complemented him, which seemed to be often. She always showed her appreciation for him, and it made Sam feel amazing.

He felt her shiver, body chilling as the cool air enveloped them. He smiled, and pulled his scarf from over his head, and settled it around her own neck, adjusting it so it was just right, laying right above the collar of her sweater.

God, she just got even better.

Y/N pulled away, gloved hands reaching out, as did her arms, suspended in the air as she began to twirl. It took Sam a while, but he realised why she started the task, the different colour fall leaves beginning to fall around them.

He crouched, eventually coming into a sitting position on the leaf coloured ground. He admired her, his girl, the light of his life. His darling.

His hands reached for his camera, wanting to photograph that moment, to capture it all, for him to look back on later, and smile, because how did he get this lucky, and god, everything with her just got better.

“I love you”, he blurted, the words escaping him with so much truth, so much passion, that she stopped completely, and turned, and looked at him. Oh god, she looked at him.

She smiled. “I know.” He reached out for her with a pout, and waited until she suffered forwards to pull her down with him, the squeal that left her lips making his smile reappear. She took resident pressed up against his side, comfortable.

He rested his chin on her head, and breathed in the sweet smelling shampoo she used.

God, he loved days like this.

He loved days when it was just them, just him and Y/N, the world shadowing them. Days when only they mattered. Days that belonged to young love. To their love.

God, he loved her.

Sam’s fingers gripped onto her hand, lacing the ligaments together in an action of endearment. “I’m so in love with you.” He loved saying that. She was his, and he was so happy because of that. He wanted to shout it from rooftops.

He loved her.

How had he managed to gain her affection? He was just Sam Holland, a boy way too obsessed with piano, and musicals. A boy in a family of great people, where he didn’t always feel so amazing.

Y/N made him feel amazing. She made him feel important. She made him feel on top of the world. Like nothing could go wrong with him when he had her.


He looked down at her, thoughts pleasing, happiness radiating off of him. “Yes, love?”

“I told you I loved you more.”

“Impossible.” Y/N obviously disagreed, making various attempts to prove she loved him more, but Sam wouldn’t accept it.

He swung their hands back and forth between them, leading her inside the heated building he was familiar with, ushering her towards a booth by the windows. He knew from experience that was the best place to view the town square from.

“Two apple ciders please.”  He hadn’t noticed her already ordering for the two, too distracted by her beauty, her presence in general. He was always astounded by her. She had the power to make him forget his own name.

He pulled her hand into his, stroking her knuckles through her mittens. Sam always had to be touching her, he had to have some kind of contact with her, had to show all of his affection in a simple action.

“You make me happy”, she spoke quietly, eyes trained on the people scurrying by outside in the cold air, hurrying home or to family. “You’re the only thing that makes me this happy.” He loved hearing that.

“Well, I would hope so.” He goofily grinned at her. “I try my hardest.” Sam pulled the cotton material of her gloves off, and pressed his lips to her knuckles. “You’re hands are freezing.” He began massaging her hands with his, breathing hot air onto the skin.

Two steaming cups of cider were sat in front of them, the waitress giving  them a knowing look. Sam picked one of the mugs up in his hands, and wrapped her own around the ceramic material.

“Keep your hands warm, sweetheart.”

She took a sip, and Sam watched as her eyes closed, point of her throat rising a little with a swallow. A content noise left her, and he picked his own cider up, and took his own hearty sip.

“I’ve been looking forward to this”, Y/N announced. “To autumn. With you.” She smiled down at her drink. “With us. Together.”

Sam Holland leaned forwards, and grabbed her cup, set it down, tilted her head up, and pressed his mouth to hers. He warmed her lips with his own until he was reminded that oxygen was a necessity.

When he sat back down, he noticed how happy she looked. “You’re glowing.” He loved it. “Makes me feel important. Like I can do something worth it.”

She laughed. “Well then, Sam Holland, the prime supply of the world’s happiness.” She shrugged. “You are important. You make me feel like me." 

God, he loved making her happy.

God, he loved how she made him happy.

God, he loved her.

Your Name

Nursey Week Day Four: Shout


       Spring C is nothing like any other concert Nursey had ever been to. It isn’t loud so much as full, as if every one of Nursey’s senses is just bursting with sensation and he can’t do anything but experience it. He doesn’t remember if he had anything to drink, but he feels loose and happy like when he steals some of Dex’s tub juice because he really doesn’t appreciate it as much as he should. Of course, the feeling could just be from dancing, screaming lyrics he doesn’t know, being anonymous, other worldly, immortal, just for a bit.

         A hand curls itself around his wrist and he turns, grinning widely when he sees Dex standing there, flushed from head to toe, jumping in time with the beat. Dex grins back and Nursey laughs for no other reason than he’s happy and needs to let the world know.

         “Come on!” Dex shouts over the music, though Nursey still doesn’t hear him. The only reason he knows what Dex is saying is because he’s staring so intently at Dex’s lips. A little on the thin side, but sometimes when he fusses with them the bottom one gets all red and kiss bitten, puffing up a bit, and Nursey could write sonnets just on that bottom lip.

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What’s Invisible to Others pt.1

Fem! Reader x Sirius Black

A/N: A little idea I had recently. Enjoy!

Summary: The reader is an artist searching for inspiration, and finds it when she spots a shaggy black dog.

Originally posted by breeleebooks

Why was this such an issue? You’ve never been without inspiration for this long. 

It had to be a conspiracy organized by the muses themselves! 

Now that you had the means to actually make a living as an artist, you suddenly lost the passion and inspiration to actually create something.

All your ideas were either cliche or failed to invoke the right emotions. They lacked that edge and creativity most of art pieces conveyed.

It also didn’t help that everywhere you turned you reminded you of your current crisis. 

You recently moved into a flat/studio. It was a spacious long room room with big windows. Your bedroom, living area, and studio weren’t exactly defined spaces, they all sort of blurred together. Your couch was covered in sketches and water colors, and the coffee table had random brushes and tools. 

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☪ Solar Eclipse with Peter ☪

☼ okay let’s be honest this boy is a grade A science space nerd

 ☼ but everyone knows that right? Wrong. 

☼ everyone thinks he’s that geek kid that plays with star wars action figures and while that part is true it wasn’t the whole story

 ☼ no he was actually fasinated by space real space he loved everything about it and he really loved learning new stuff about it and he really really really loved experiencing it 

 ☼ he went to a space museum for his birthday it’s canon 

☼ he also really loves astrology and constilations and he’s really into horoscopes but I’ll get into that another time 

☼when you first met Peter you knew he was a dork after all that’s what made you drawn to him 

☼ but this oh this was a whole new level of geeky-ness even for you and Ned

 ☼ I’m talking researching months ahead of time for the best view in town 

☼ of course it was almost two hours away 

 ☼ buying those glasses 

☼ him literally jumping up and down when he got them in the mail 

☼ Tony offered him his penthouse for the night 

 ☼ yeah it was a good view but it wasn’t the best 

 ☼ after you heard this you were totally and utterly mad at him 

 ☼ “Peter! You’re telling me we could’ve watched it at THE Tony Starks hou- no mansion and that wasn’t good enough?”

 ☼ “Trust me (y/n) I know what I’m doing! I just want to experience it the best way I could with you.”

 ☼ this warmed your heart and you realized how much it meant to him and gave in 

 ☼ “okay you got me, but how are we going to convince May to drive us all the way up there?" 

☼ "Don’t you worry you’re pretty little head, I got this!" 

 ☼ "Please, please, pleeease, Aunt May! I larb you with all my heart! This is all I ever wanted in my life! I’ll never ask for anything ever again!”

 ☼ after a quick stop to Mr. Delmar’s for some snacks

 ☼ matching glow in the dark solar eclipse shirts for everyone this is a real thing o k

 ☼ “I don’t like the way mine looks on me” “Here take my hat, it gives me all the confidence I need.” “Stop Ned, you look beautiful (y/n).” “Thanks Petey.”

 ☼ many Peter dad jokes Parker moments

 ☼"Why didn’t the sun go to college?“ "Why Peter?”  "It already had a million degrees! hahahaha!“ 

 ☼"How does the man in the moon cut his hair? Eclipse it!" 

 ☼ "Peter, dude it’s not that funny." 

 ☼ "Hey! shut up Ned. It’s funny right (y/n)?”

 ☼ a session of karoke curtiosty to Aunt May’s iPod 

 ☼ “Maaayy driver faster we’re going to miss it!!!” “Peter, if I hear one more word from you I’m turning this car around and we’re going home.” “…sorry…" 

☼ Can’t forget about Peter’s random facts 

 ☼ "Did you guys know Orb Weaver spiders dismantle their webs when the moon crosses over and rebuilds them once the sun comes out again?” “Guys!!! did you not hear me?" 

 ☼ you reach your destination and you honestly didn’t expect this many people 

☼ Peter couldn’t get out the car faster he literally jumped on your lap and fell out when you opened the door "Oww!” “Sorry babe." 

☼ there were people on their phones ready to take pictures, people in the beds of their trucks, people laid down on the ground, and Peter and Ned talking to to a news castor, Aunt Ma- wait what Peter and Ned talking to a news castor? "So wait, they actually disregard all of their webs and start clean?” “Yup, right from the beginning! Cool isn’t it?”

 ☼ Ned and Peter made their way back to you “See he thought my spider facts were cool!" 

 ☼ Ned and May eventually found somewhere to settle down and set up the blankets on the ground

 ☼ Peter started explaining everything that was going to happen and honestly you weren’t paying much attention to what he was saying

 ☼ in fact for the first time in probably forever you didn’t understand a word he was saying 

 ☼ no not a bit you were to fasinated by the way he was talking

 ☼ the exciment on his face 

☼ his hands flaying around

 ☼ the way his eyes lit up

 ☼ him laughing at another one of his own dumb pun jokes

 ☼ then suddenly it got dark and cold fast 

 ☼ "oh here babe! Fast put these on, we don’t want you hurting those beautiful eyes.”

 ☼ once you put on your glasses you understood it was amazing

 ☼ “I’m sorry I’ve been acting like a whiny baby. I’m really happy you brought us, me." 

 ☼ "How could I not bring my favorite girl?”

 ☼ “Wow it’s so beautiful.” “So beautiful.” “Peter, that’s so cliche. Now stop looking at me! I did not come all this way for you to stare at me, we could’ve done that in your room." 

 ☼ "Hmm, true.” He stood behind you with his head on top of yours and his arms wrapped around you. Nothing can get better than this.

 i rushed with this bc im done with everything but hey pls spare me I wanted to get this up earlier this is my first time writing something like this so pls be nice and if this works out maybe I’ll do the astrology one and the road trip one too but we will see o k 

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parks and rec sq au!!


emma has based an alarming number of Big Life Decisions on impulse and another thing called well, what the hell? but this is pushing it. especially coming from her roommate, who double ordered their welcome mat five years ago. just in case. for what, mary margaret? in case, emma. so i can’t regift it? no.

“emma. come one! just yesterday you were complaining about your bounty hunter career’s lack of stability.” 

“bailsbondsperson.” emma takes a long swig of yesterday’s orange juice, which is warm. “and it was a figure of speech! sort of. i get work. just last week i collared a guy. the one who wore that top hat.”

she gives emma her most placating, earnest smile. the one that makes neighbors and birds alike swarm them in central park. “but do you enjoy it?”

“hey, i got to keep the top hat! pawn shop took it for thirty bucks. i bought an extra-large pepperoni. you had four slices. traitor.”

mary margaret hands her a brochure filled with smiling families, promises of the best burgers on the east coast, and scenic views. “this town has something for both of us and i don’t want to move to a new state without my best friend at my side. and besides, its perfect! city hall is looking for…”

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Endless list of OCs // Tessa Dunbar - Teen Wolf [1/??]

“Tess- Tessa! What are you doing?!”

“What does it look like I’m doing, Liam!” she snapped back at her younger brother, her fists clenched and her ponytail flying behind her as she marched angrily towards the house she hadn’t set foot in in months.

“It- it looks like you actually believe what I’m telling you and you’re about to do something really dumb like go barging into a wolves nest!” Liam reached out, wrapping his fingers round her wrist and pulling her to a stop.

“Den,” Tessa whispered, sighing quietly as Liam cocked his head to the side in confusion. “Wolves have dens, not nests.”

“Thanks for the lesson, National Geographic,” he muttered, rolling his eyes and stumbling when Tessa shoved him. “C’mon, come home and we can… We can talk about this. You can tell me why you didn’t laugh your ass off when I told you I was a werewolf. You can tell me why this isn’t a surprise to you and you can… You can just… Not go running into danger, right? Because- because I mean, he- he bit me Tessa and if you go marching in there, what’s he going to do to you?”

Tessa lifted her chin defiantly, her jaw clenched and her eyes narrowed. “He isn’t going to do anything to me, Liam,” she growled. “But I’m going to kill him.”

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Hoseok Scenario: Give Me Love.

The Valentine’s Day Series

Genre: Romance

Hoseok just wants to make you feel loved

-Isn’t it a wonderful sight? – you raised your head towards the slowly turning orange sky, smiling excitedly to the nice view and giving a few turns around with your eyes closed.

-It is – Hoseok answered behind you, but he wasn’t staring at the sky, he was staring at you, at the way your hair moved with the soft wind and your spins, at the way the smile stretched across your lips, at the way you were simply you, perfect, delicate and his, so he couldn’t keep his eyes away.

You stopped upon hearing the seriousness in his voice and opened your eyes to stare at him. You had been going everywhere around town today, picking things here and there that you both wanted to eat and saving it for dinner later, but it wasn’t stressful or anything of that sort, it was fun and relaxed just like everything with your boyfriend was.
You’d told him to make a quick stop at one of the viewpoints of the city, your favorite one with he best views of town so he drove there just to let you enjoy the sunset for a little bit.

Approaching him with a wicked smile you got closer, Hoseok instantly opened his arms for you but you jumped at the last minute, throwing yourself to him while giggling and he reacted quick enough only to hold you because his balance was a total different thing. Both of you fell down in a fit of laughter, you on top of Hoseok while his eyes gleamed with joy.  Leaning down you pecked his lips and shoved away the few locks of dark hair falling over his eyes. 

–Why are you so serious suddenly? – you asked playfully, placing little kisses around his face not really minding you were both on the ground.

-I was just realizing something – at that you pocked his sides.

-What? If I can know – he sat, keeping your hands away from him to stop the tickles.

-Hmm important things…- this time it was him the one leaning in to kiss you softly. –like me loving you –

You laughed softly and caressed the side of his face. –Of course you love me, I’m the most lovable girl on earth – 

With those words you stood up and walked back to the car in an attempt of hiding your increasing and mortifying blush.

-Hey! Don’t you forget to say something? – Hoseok was running behind you and you laughed again, this time harder. Sometimes you won’t answer back when he said he loved you just to mess around a little.

-Maybe – you said while opening the car’s door. –but someone promised to cook me a Valentine’s dinner so maybe then I’d remember what I forgot – you winked at hoseok who couldn’t fight back the smile. God, did he love you.

-So I’m on duty tonight – Hoseok took a sit behind the wheel and started the engine. The bright orange sun outlined his profile and you felt that bubbly feeling inside that was always present whenever you stared at him. 

So you leaned a bit to his side, supporting yourself with a hand on his thigh just to reach his cheek.
-I guess you are- you were about to kiss his cheek but he turned his head so you ended up kissing his lips, for longer than you had actually planned. When you parted away Hoseok was looking at you with that sort of determined glint that was so attractive on him and a smile that held a lot of promises.

-Let’s get home –

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Snow had found himself a reclusive perch up on Old Town Hall Tower right where the best view of all the Fall Fest action could be soaked in. While the tourist crowds crowded the end that held the infamous astrological clock piece this quiet corner was made up at the opposite end. You could stealthily people watch while hovering closer to the street, but the artist had other plans in mind once toking up a blunt he’d rolled a few hours prior for the occasion. “Don’t make me laugh.” He muttered out of fear of choking and falling into a fit of coughs. It was a challenge once he took in the sight of his partner in crime. “’damn trouble maker.”

Free Fall - 12

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six   Part Seven  Part Eight  Part Nine  Part Ten  Part Eleven

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Barry walked into Graty’s with a Cisco. He was so nervous that his hands wouldn’t stop moving. Cisco elbowed him, “Dude chill out. We totally got this.”

“Yeah…I just…I know music is important to her. I really want to impress her.” He told him finally seeing were they were sitting. He smiled seeing laughing with Iris, “I want her to know that I really care about her.”

“Well I think you made a good choice.” Cisco smiled at him, “I’ll go talk to the DJ, just hang back here for a minute.”

“Okay…hey Cisco.” He stopped looking back at Barry, “Thanks man.”

He smiled at him, “Just be ready, Barry.”

Iris looked at her phone and smiled, ‘Here…make sure she stays plz’

“Hey, Y/N, do you want another drink?” Iris asked as she put away her phone, “My treat.”

“Iris, you don’t have to do that.” You smiled looking at her. You had to admit you were having a lot of fun.

“After a performance like that this place should give you free drinks.” Iris winked standing up, “I’ll be right back.”

Barry was leaning against the bar as Iris walked up, “Please tell me you’re staying…Cisco and I go up in a couple songs.”

“We’re staying, don’t worry.” Iris smiled at him ordering two drinks from the tender, “Barry, I just have to let you know that I think this is a great idea.”

“Really? You don’t think it’s too pushy?” Barry turned looking at her.

“No, I think it’s perfect. Since she went up there she has done nothing but glow and tell us how much she loved it. How much she missed it. The only thing that would make her happier would be a grand piano forte.”

“A grand piano forte?” He smiled at Iris, “You two have become quite chummy.”

“She has loosened up after few drinks and while not as intoxicated as our dear Caitlin she has divulged a few things.” Iris smirked, “Like how she enjoys your smile.”

He blushed clearing his throat, “She…uh, she said that?”

“Mmhmm.” She winked at him as she grabbed the drinks to head back, “Break a leg, Barry.”

“Thank you.” You smiled taking the colorful drink from her.

“Wow…it’s swirling…” Caitlin leaned down looking into your cup.

“I am going to have a hard time in the morning, aren’t I?” You smirked looking at Caitlin.

“Yes, which is why I ordered a pitcher of water too.” Iris smiled, “Hopefully it will help a little.”

You laughed and continued to talk with them. You actually had real conversation with them. Talking about their jobs and hobbies. No one back home really talked to each other about anything.

“Uh…Hi…I’m Barry Allen.” You stopped midsentence looking to the stage seeing Barry adjusting the mic for his height and Cisco sitting on a stool next to him. Barry was smiling right at you, “And uh…this is for Y/N. These past few months have been amazing and I want you to know how much to mean to me. I don’t know if you know this song, but I just…well…here I go.”

You sat there leaning forward listening as he started. You knew the song. Your smile grew bigger as you started sing along with him. You were interrupted for a moment when you felt a tap on your shoulder. You looked up at the DJ holding mic to you, “He was hoping you’d join him.”

You glanced at Iris who was obviously in it. You shook your head at her as you took the mic putting it to your mouth, “Time stands still…Beauty in all he is…I will be brave…”

“I will not let anything take away… What’s standing in front of me…Every breath…Every hour has come to this…” You’d stood up by now and began walking toward the stage as he joined you in harmony, “One step closer…”

You were loving every single moment of this. He helped you up onto the small stage keeping hold of your hand. No one had ever been so thoughtful to consider singing anything for you let alone asking you to join them.

Barry Allen though…he was something else. He was a rarity that you intended to hold onto as long as you could. As the song ended you stood on your toe kissing him getting the applause of the crowd. You certainly didn’t do it for that.

When you pulled away you saw that familiar happy twinkle that showed in his eyes. As he laughed a little turning to Cisco to acknowledge him. He hadn’t let go of you hand yet and didn’t as the three of you descended off of the stage.

“You guys were great!” Iris smiled at standing up giving you both a hug.

“And super cute.” Caitlin smiled at you both sipping out of your drink, “You both should sing more.”

You looked at her nodding a little, “Uh…are you enjoying that?”

“Mmhmm!” She nodded slurping the drink.

“I’ll get you another.” Iris told you.

“No…I probably should get are friend here home.” You told them all before looking at Barry squeezing his hand, “Thank you, Barry. That was…that was really nice of you.”

He smiled, “I’m glad you liked it. I really wanted you to know that you mean a lot to me.”

“I’m getting that.” You smiled at him and started to let his hand go only to feel his fingers lace with yours.

“I’ll help you take her home. I have a little experience with drunk Caitlin.” He smirked a little, “Then maybe we can hang out for a bit.”

“I’d like that.” You nodded slowly feeling his hand release yours going over to Caitlin to help her up. After a moment of struggle he looked over at you, “Go…just go. I’m sure it’ll be easier.”

Iris smiled as he swooshed away, “You seemed really happy up there.”

“Yeah, you and Barry make a pretty good team.” Cisco smirked, “I mean I doubt you two were all the talent.”

“Oh no, Cisco, we wouldn’t have been anything if it wasn’t for you.” You smirked at him, “We would’ve simply looked like fools.”

“You’ve got that right.” He winked as he put his guitar away getting a laugh from Iris and you.

Barry walked back inside a little bit later and walked over to you and Iris, “Hey…sorry she…well she’s in bed and that’s what’s important. Iris, did you need…”

“Nope, I already called a cab.” She smiled at him giving him a hug and turned to you, “You two have a good night.”

You rolled your eyes a little as she walked out. Barry turned to you, “Am I missing something?”

“No.” You shook your head, “She is just…happy that you showed up earlier.”

“Really?” His eyes squinted at little as he stepped closer to you.

“No…we had a private discussion after Cisco left.” You blushed a little. Iris had brought up how much she liked the two of you together. How she hoped that recent events wouldn’t discourage the relationship, “It’s not important.”

“Are you sure?” He smiled taking your hands in his, “If she said…”

“It was a good conversation.” You interrupted him smiling as you stared up into his eyes. Man, those were some good genes, “So…if Caitlin is asleep…we don’t have to go home right away.”

He smirked a little, “Hold on tight.”

You tilted your head a little and for once he gave you the moment to catch on as he wrapped his arms around lifting you up. Your arms went around his neck as you felt the wind rush past your ears. This feeling was incredible. You could understand why he enjoyed rushing about.

He smiled when he stopped. He could feel your face buried against his neck. He set your legs down gently first before he whispered, “I thought I’d bring you to the best view in town.”

You looked at him, “Yeah?”

He stared down at you at you, “Yeah…the very best.”

You smiled before turning to look out at the actual view he’d brought you to see. He’d brought you to some rooftop that over looked the city just past STAR labs. You smiled at the twinkling lights, “It’s wonderful.”

You smiled again as his hand found yours. You could get used of that supportive feeling he kept giving you. You looked at him staring at the city. He smiled a little before he spoke, “When I first woke up and discovered I had powers, occasionally I would come here and just look at the city. The city that I could just run through within minutes. Just standing here it looked so slow then.”

“And now?” He looked at you when spoke. Your heart fluttered when he leaned down and kissed you. He was gentle and slow as if he was trying to remember every bit of the intimate action.

“Now, it’s still slow, but in a different way. The way I want to enjoy and appreciate.” He whispered and smiled, “Really appreciate with someone special.”

There was no doubt that there was a strong connection between the two of you. You felt it may be stronger than he did at times. You were still afraid that you might wake up falling or in the very least at home in you single bedroom apartment alone.

“What is it?” He frowned concern flooding his eyes.

“I…nothing.” You smiled at him, “I’m just not used of this.”

“Of someone expressing that they care about you?” He said in a tone that was meant to be funny, but his eyes were sad.

“Yeah, actually.” You nodded, “Back home, it wasn’t just Barry that was cold. Everyone is. There’s a lot of privacy issues…a lot of people keep things close. Expressing yourself to someone wasn’t a public thing.”

“Privacy issues?” He tilted his head curiously.

You smiled a little, “When I was really little, there was a virus that was released on the web that downloaded enormous amounts of personal information. I don’t really remember what happened, but there was a lot chaos. It’s why we moved to Central City I guess.”

“Anyways, it was a huge attack of cyber terrorism. Everything is highly regulated now. Usage times and data restrictions, but it’s all free.” You looked at him, “So for a long while everyone was really closed off. You paid in cash only and never did anything online. People just sort of adapted that way.”

“Well we are not closed off here and I really, really liked you. I intend to tell everyone about and hopefully have many more nights like this.” He told you swaying your arms back and forth, “So get used of it, cause I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.”

You laughed a little when he twirled you around and brought you back into his arms holding you close, “Sir, I might be a little too tipsy for twirling.”

“You did alright.” He smiled holding you close, “You know I’d like to take you out on a date again. Hopefully we won’t get interrupted this time.”

“As much as I would like that, I doubt we’ll go a night without interruption.” You winked at him, “But we can certainly try.”

“Challenge accepted.” You weren’t quite sure what you’d gotten yourself into when he said those words, but you had no doubt it would be an adventure.


              Halloween had to be one of Hugo’s favorite seasons. Not because of the candy or the Slutty Bunnies that roamed around town on the fateful weekends surrounding the holiday, although that was a much-added bonus, but mostly because for people like him… it was so easy to get away with things. That included all kinds of pranks, particularly mysterious contracts and best of all, an all-supernatural party to celebrate the chaos of all Hallows and their lack of party time during the rest of bullshit that was the Gregorian calendar.

              Due to his extensive time on Earth so far and his line of profession, wealth wasn’t much of a problem for Hugo and this was made obvious by the mansion he’d bought some years ago in West Hollow, right on the crest of a hill that offered possibly one of the best views in town. He liked it when teenagers whispered and pointed to it from the streets below, feeding them horror stories just to see their faces pale and their little human bodies quiver. To the idiot race of the world, that mansion was full of spooks, spice, and nothing particularly nice… but to the supernatural — Hugo’s home was pretty much open to all for one hell of a good time. Tonight was an example of that, expensive witch wards keeping out the ‘dumb humes’ and trapping in all the noise. All one needed to pass through was supernatural blood, and most attendees came already equipped with that invitation.

              A loud shriek went through the room as he and everyone around Hugo finished off a round of shots, licking salt off each other like animals and crushing limes between their teeth. Letting out a howl and slamming down his palm, he announced another round before grabbing the bottle to start pouring. Feeling a presence approaching, Hugo looked up to face a young witch, one he was surprised had actually shown up given that she’d kind of made it clear how above primal supernatural behavior she was. Still, he tried not to look too keen about it, despite that he was at her showing up. “Tequila shot?” He offered instead.

Return, Rewind, Rewrite 5/16

Continuation of haberdashing’s fic!

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten / Part Eleven / Part Twelve / Part Thirteen / Part Fourteen / Part Fifteen / Part Sixteen

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“So, how do you get to just take us places? Don’t you have, like, a job?” Belle asked, as they crossed the parking lot to Alice’s battered, mud-spattered Jeep.

Alice just smiled. “Please. Besides, you guys are like the only guests we’ve got right now.”

“Wait, really?”

“Yeah, haven’t you noticed?” She swung her massive black bag down from her shoulder, and began to fish through it. “Most people go to one of the big chain hotels outside the town limits – they’re a little more expensive, but they’re nicer, and besides, nobody really wants to stay inside the rainbow wall anyway.” With a jangle, she pulled her keys free of the bag. “Aha!”

“Why wouldn’t anybody want to stay inside the wall?” Dipper asked, looking around the parking lot. He couldn’t be sure, but he thought he’d caught a glimpse of someone ducking behind a parked car. And all right, maybe Belle was right and he was just a paranoid pants, but there was something about the way that everyone seemed to be watching them that had really put him on edge. “And what’s with the wall anyway? I thought the Transcendence destroyed the barrier that was keeping magic confined here.”

“Oh, it did,” Alice said, and swung the door open. “All aboard for the grand Gravity Falls sightseeing tour!”

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