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Taylor Swift + Every Award She’s Ever Won

A very long and comprehensive list of every award she’s won with pictures.

Academy of Country Music Awards (ACMs)

  1. New Female Vocalist of the Year (2008)
  2. Album of the Year (2009)
  3. Crystal Milestone Award (2009)
  4. Jim Reeves International Award (2011)
  5. Entertainer of the Year (2011, 2012)
  6. Video of the Year (2014)
  7. 50th Anniversary Milestone Award (2015)

American Country Awards (ACAs)

  1. Worldwide Artist (2013)
  2. Collaborative Single of the Year (2013)
  3. Collaborative Video of the Year (2013)
  4. Song of the Year (2013)

American Music Awards

  1. Favorite Country Female Artist (2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013)
  2. Artist of the Year (2009, 2011, 2013)
  3. Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist (2009, 2013)
  4. Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist (2009, 2015)
  5. Favorite Country Album (2009, 2011, 2013)
  6. Dick Clark Award for Excellence (2014)
  7. Favorite Pop/Rock Album (2015)
  8. Song of the Year (2015) 

BBC Music Awards

  1. International Artist of the Year (2015)

Billboard Music Awards

  1. Artist of the Year (Female) (2009)
  2. Woman of the Year (2011, 2014)
  3. Top Billboard 200 Artist (2011, 2013, 2015)
  4. Top Country Artist (2011, 2013)
  5. Top Country Album (2011, 2013)
  6. Top Artist (2013)
  7. Top Female Artist (2013, 2015)
  8. Top Digital Songs Artist (2013, 2015)
  9. Top Billboard 200 Album (2013, 2015)
  10. Top Country Song (2013)
  11. Top Artist (2015)
  12. Top Hot 100 Artist (2015)
  13. Billboard Chart Achievement Award (2015)
  14. Top Streaming Song (Video) (2015)

Billboard Touring Awards

  1. Top Package (2010, 2013)
  2. Concert Marketing and Promotion Award (2011) 

BMI Country Awards

  1. Award Winning Songs (2007 x 1, 2008 x1, 2009 x3, 2010 x3, 2011 x3)
  2. Song of the year (2008, 2009, 2010)
  3. Publisher of the Year (2009 x3, 2010 x3, 2011 x3, 2012 x2, 2013 x1, 2014 x2) 
  4. Songwriter of the Year (2010)
  5. Top 50 Songs (2012 x2)
  6. Country Awards Top 50 Songs (2013 x2, 2014 x2) 

BMI London Awards

  1. Award Winning Songs (2014)

BMI Pop Awards

  1. BMI President’s Award (2009)
  2. Award Winning Songs (2009, 2010 x2, 2011 x2, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 x3, 2016 x4)
  3. Song of the Year (2010)
  4. Publisher of the Year (2011 x2, 2014, 2015 x3, 2016 x4)
  5. Songwriters of the Year (2015, 2016)
  6. Taylor Swift Award (2016) 

Bravo Otto

  1. Super Singer Female (bronze) (2012)

Brit Awards

  1. International Female Solo Artist (2015)

Canadian Country Music Association (CCMAs)

  1. Top Selling Album (2009, 2010, 2011, 2013)
  2. Generation Award (2012)

Channel V Thailand Music Video Awards

  1. Popular New Artist (2009)

Country Music Association Awards (CMAs)

  1. Horizon Award (2007)
  2. Entertainer of the Year (2009, 2011)
  3. Female Vocalist of the Year (2009)
  4. International Artist Achievement (2009, 2013)
  5. Album of the Year (2009)
  6. Music Video of the Year (2009, 2013)
  7. Pinnacle Award (2013)
  8. Musical Event of the Year (2013) 

Country Music Awards of Australia

  1. Top Selling International Album of the Year (2014)

CMT Music Awards

  1. Breakthrough Video of the Year (2007)
  2. Female Video of the Year (2008, 2009)
  3. Video of the Year (2008, 2009, 2011)

Elle Style Awards

  1. Woman of the Year (2015)

Emmy Awards

  1. Original Interactive Program (2015)

Fifi Awards

  1. Fragrance Celebrity of the Year (2013)
  2. Fragrance of the Year: Women’s Popular (2015)

Glamour Awards

  1. International Solo Artist (2014)

Grammy Awards

  1. Album of the Year (2010, 2016)
  2. Best Country Album (2010)
  3. Best Female Country Vocal Performance (2010)
  4. Best Country Song (2010, 2012)
  5. Best Country Solo Performance (2012)
  6. Best Song Written for Visual Media (2013)
  7. Best Pop Vocal Album (2016)
  8. Best Music Video (2016) 

Guinness World Records

  1. Guinness Book of World Records 2010 (2010 x2)
  2. Guinness Book of World Records 2012 (2012 x2)
  3. Guinness Book of World Records 2014 (2014 x1)
  4. Guinness Book of World Records 2016 (2016 x1)

IFPI Global Recording Artist Award

  1. Global Recording Artist of 2014 (2015)

iHeartRadio Music Awards

  1. Artist of the Year (2015)
  2. Song of the Year (2015)
  3. Best Lyrics (2015)
  4. Female Artist of the Year (2016)
  5. Best Tour (2016)
  6. Most Meme-able Moment (2016)
  7. Album of the Year (2016)

Japan Gold Disc Awards

  1. Albums of the Year (Western) (2015)
  2. Best 3 Albums (Western) (2015) 

MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs)

  1. Best Female (2012)
  2. Best Live Act (2012)
  3. Best Look (2012)
  4. Best Song (2015)
  5. Best US Act (2015)

MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs)

  1. Best Female Video (2009, 2013, 2015)
  2. Best Pop Video (2015)
  3. Video of the Year (2015)
  4. Best Collaboration (2015)

MTV Millennial Awards

  1. Hit Chicle del Año (2013)

mtvU Woodie Awards

  1. Best Cover Woodie (2015)

Much Music Video Awards

  1. Your Fave International Artist/Group (2013) 

Music Business Association

  1. Artist of the Year (2010)

Myx Music Awards

  1. Favorite international Video (2010, 2015, 2016) 

Nashville Songwriters Association International Award (NSAI)

  1. Songwriter/Artist of the Year (2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015)
  2. Ten Songs I wish I’d Written (2015)

Nashville Symphony Ball

  1. Harmony Award (2011)

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards (KCAs)

  1. Favorite Female Singer (2010)
  2. Favorite Song (2010)
  3. The Big Help Award (2012) 

NME Awards

  1. Best International Solo Artist (2016)

NRJ Music Awards

  1. International Female Artist of the Year (2015)
  2. Video of the Year (2015) 

People’s Choice Awards

  1. Favorite Female Artist (2010, 2015, 2016)
  2. Favorite Country Artist (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)
  3. Favorite Song (2015)
  4. Favorite Pop Artist (2015, 2016)

Los Premios 40 Principales

  1. Best International Artist (2012)

Radio Disney Music Awards

  1. Song of the Year (2013, 2016)
  2. Best Break Up Song (2013, 2016)
  3. Best Musical Collaboration (2014)
  4. Fiercest Fans (2014)
  5. Best Song to Dance To (2015)
  6. Most Talked About Artist (2016)

Ripple of Hope Gala

  1. Ripple of Hope Award (2012)

SESAC Nashville Music Awards

  1. Recurrent Country Performance Activity Awards (2008)
  2. Country Performance Activity Awards (2008, 2009 x2) 

Shorty Awards

  1. Best Singer (2015)

SiriusXM Indies Awards

  1. International Artist of the Year (2013)

Songwriters Hall of Fame

  1. Hal David Starlight Award (2010)

Teen Choice Awards

  1. Choice Breakout Artist (2008)
  2. Choice Female Artist (2009, 2011, 2012)
  3. Choice Female Album (2009)
  4. Choice Breakout Female (2010)
  5. Choice Female Country Artist (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)
  6. Choice Country Song (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)
  7. Choice Country Album (2010)
  8. Red Carpet Hot Icon – Female (2011)
  9. Ultimate Choice (2011)
  10. Choice Break-Up Song (2011, 2015)
  11. Choice Voice (2012)
  12. Choice Single by a Female Artist (2012)
  13. Choice Summer Music Star: Female (2015)
  14. Choice Twit (2015)
  15. Choice Music Collaboration (2015) 

Telehit Awards

  1. Album Pop Femenino (2013)
  2. Best Female Artist (2015)
  3. Video of the Year (2015) 

Young Hollywood Awards

  1. Superstar of Tomorrow (2008)

YouTube Music Awards

  1. YouTube Phenomenon (2013)
  2. 50 Artists to Watch (2015)

Total Number of Awards Won: 270
Total Types of Awards Won: 154

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anonymous asked:

Dear GameDev, thank you for this blog. Really love it and learn a lot. Story: 2K showed "gameplay" trailer in 2010 and 2011 about Bioshock Infinite which showed a really different game. It had a darker atmosphere and more open space. The fights were more dynamic. Questions: Did we really see gameplay there? If not, why did they say it is? Why do you think it changed so much? Story changes, money or publisher instructions? Best regards Ratkes

I rewatched the gameplay videos from [2010] and [2011], and I’m certain it was gameplay. Definitely a work in progress, but the elements of gameplay were there - it wasn’t prerendered, and there was somebody controlling the game at the time. That said, it was also pretty obvious that the video in question was also heavily, heavily tailored to be watched by an audience and not actually played by a player. It was designed to show off the aesthetic and give an idea for what the game would play like, but it was highly unlikely the game would ever actually play exactly the way it looked.

The thing about gameplay demos and videos like that is that they are usually heavily scripted. They follow a predetermined sequence - start here, engage with this scene, show these powers, engage with that scene, show those weapons, run to this location where the next cinematic triggers, do this, do that, then it’s over. In many respects, what you’re watching in these cases is much more like an elaborate quick time event than free-form gameplay because robust gameplay systems aren’t yet in a state where the game can allow for players to do what they want. They might only have this one way to get through the demo, so they have to make sure whoever is playing is sticking to the script. The demo build won’t behave well if you don’t stick to the script - timing will get out of whack, scripted events will break, things won’t spawn or despawn correctly, incorrect or missing animations may get played on characters, etc. Furthermore, a lot of the prototypes end up using placeholder effects or data - like how the Vigors in the 2010 Bioshock Infinite gameplay video behaved really similarly to Plasmids from Bioshock. They probably were the abilities from Bioshock - put in to act as a placeholder. In essence, each video is very much on rails but most viewers don’t notice because they’re not the ones driving.

Furthermore, things change as the development team proceeds through the production phase. Elizabeth’s power set, for example, was a lot less well-defined in the 2010 demo than it was in the 2011 video, probably because the developers decided to focus Elizabeth’s gameplay on the tears in between (most likely to help differentiate her better from Booker). The gameplay videos serve as a snapshot in time to show what the developers wanted to present as the core experience for the game within a small time frame. My guess was that Irrational’s team had a lot of things they wanted to put into the game, and then started scaling back or adjusting them as they realized that some of these features were too resource-intensive, fragile (easy for players to mess up), or just lacking in fun.

Really, it’s almost never because of external pressure or story changes - executive meddling only tends to happen when development is already troubled, and story changes are almost never a factor when determining gameplay. If anything, it’s the other way around - the core gameplay dictates how the story unfolds, because it is way harder to develop gameplay than it is to change a story. No, what we saw in the progression of Bioshock Infinite is the same progression every game goes through - gameplay systems are implemented, reviewed, and then improved upon while schedule and effort permits. 

Remember, a lot of the stuff that gets cut before release is stuff that may have shown well in a best-case-scenario video, but couldn’t pass the worst-case test scenario. That’s really what a lot of games have troubles with - a feature or sequence looks great when everything lines up, but not every player is going to do the right thing at the right time. It’s these worst-case scenarios that end up driving a lot of gameplay, just because millions of people are going to be playing a AAA game and a lot of them aren’t going to play exactly the way you thought they would.

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Hey Taylor, 

The beautiful girl you see in this video was my best friend Kelsey, who sadly passed away in August 2010. Most of my best memories of her involve you Taylor. She loved you so much and we use to spend every possible moment obsessing over you and your music.

I got to see you live in February 2010 but Kelsey didn’t so when you were on tv she filmed it and sung along in the background. Her dream was to meet you so i’ve made it my goal for you to know our story and all of little memories. Over time I will tell you all the little things Kelsey would of wanted you to know, and all the things I want you to know. 

This little video was actually in her funeral video and I will cherish It forever. Hope you like it Taylor!

Love Sara xxxx taylorswift

The nerdfighter census made me think about how I ended up a nerdfighter. So I think:

Charlie’s “Baby Food” video

Recommended Michael Aranda’s “Baby Foodz” video

Like Michael Aranda so browse his channel, come across “The Google Verb Meme Thing” video

Go to original video.

Became addicted to vlogbrothers.

A nerdfighter is born.

But yeah, Michael Aranda and the google verb meme thing definitely were involved.


no i didn’t fuss with the colors. he was just turning red.


“Nothin’ to Worry About” - Evergreen Invitational 3/14/2010

(Best event and best video to come out of Evergreen drift.)