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James as a sniper

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Okay, but is No one gonna talk about the Fact that Robert Smalls Looks like Darkiplier & Keg-stand Craig Looks a bit like Eddie Gluskin?

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Remember when Jack and LJ switched places?

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Do you have any examples handy of Liam making up new harmonies during OTRA that you mentioned a few days ago?

Yes of course I do! The truth is, you can watch any performance from any 1D live show and hear Liam doing some cool note changes and/or adding in some sweet harmonies, because he’s just that good. I’ve included videos from TMH and WWA as well.

He especially likes to show off his falsetto harmonies in the choruses of songs. One of the things I like about him doing this is that he doesn’t overdo it, you know? And if anybody has examples of Liam’s added harmonies and awesomeness, please add them!!!!! I can only add five videos to this post but there’s SO MANY.

One of my favorites! Harmonizing flawlessly, note changes, and helping out Niall, all in a span of 4 minutes. (Little Things, TMH Los Angeles I believe?):

Here’s Liam showing off with Zayn. (Moments, WWA Washington DC):

My favorite performance at my favorite OTRA show. Great note changes and harmonies. They’re a bit hard to hear but this is the best audio I could find where the video wasn’t completely Harry-focused. (Through the Dark, OTRA Baltimore):

Listen to him harmonizing with Harry on the second and third choruses, as well as killing Zayn’s second solo. (Night Changes, OTRA Brussels):

And a compilation because honestly there’s so many incredible Liam vocals through the years and I can only add five videos to this post. A lot of these are just great vocal moments with note changes and not necessarily new harmonies, but there are some great harmonies in there too. His falsetto during Night Changes at the very end is just to die for:

I can’t add any more videos but I suggest also looking up any live performance of Fireproof, You & I, More Than This, and any instance where he does covers of other songs, because he always manages to put a unique spin on them.