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Terrorladd af this video 9:12 The boys express their love for each other in joy! Me when someone finds my blog:
The Voice of a Smaller God - trajektoria (reyder Silent Hill AU)
By Organization for Transformative Works

In my restless dreams, I see that town. Silent Hill.

Reyder Silent Hill AU. A few months after the fateful confrontation with Sloane Kelly when Scott Ryder shot at Reyes Vidal – his lover and the infamous Charlatan – he suddenly gets an email from him. Reyes is waiting for him in a place called Silent Hill and urges him to come and find him. Will Scott, broken and full of regret, be able to reunite with his past love or is there something more sinister at play?

It is not necessary to know anything about the Silent Hill series to follow the plot and enjoy this fic. However, be mindful that this is a psychological horror story, dealing with distressing imagery, dark themes and adult content. Scott is in for quite a journey and so are the readers.

Finally, the first chapter of my Silent Hill AU is up! I’m very excited to share it, I’m completely invested in this story and I hope you will enjoy it too.

Just a reminder that I’m accepting commissions at the moment.

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bringing this back but when phil got his contact lens flipped in his eye dan knew exactly what to do...dan knows exactly how to take care of phil after living with a contact lens person for so long

dan raised his hand bc he was gonna hold phils face steady so he could take a look :( and then phil left to go fix it and we got some liveshow dan content while he made a dan bean :( truly one of the best moments in any gaming video ever

Once, when I was 6, my sister helped me make a Runescape account. And back then, I was young and impressionable, and tended to follow the norm on sites like that.

In this case, the norm was getting a “boyfriend”.

And even at the tender age of six rotations around the sun, i still knew i was a gold digging ho. I would only take a man if he could get me those swanky accessories like that one tiara.

And so somehow, by staying in the main area and repeating “I need a bf,” I managed to get one.

I was 6.

So a few days later, we were going along this beach area, and he decided to ask me how old I was. I smirked, for I was 6.

He informed me that he was 15. I smirked wider.

My sister, who was watching over my shoulder, told me to say that I was 13. 

My smirk reached devious proportions.

I did not do that. I did not tell him, despite my sister’s insistence, that I was 13.

I said: “im 6.”

Naturally, he Freaked The Fuck Out. He panicked and kept running around and repeating “oh my god oh my god oh my god I cant believe this is happening”.

Eventually he just logged out. My sister, meanwhile, was laughing her ass off.

To this day, I remember this occurrence with fondness and laughter. Every time somebody mentions Runescape, I recall my touching tale of a six year old who would stop at nothing to be treated like the princess they were.

And you know, sometimes, I can’t help but wonder. I think about that guy, and about if he, whoever, wherever he may be, who is now 25, ever remembers the time he unknowingly “dated” a 6 year old on Runescape.

a quick doodle for an old love

harvest moon 64 was my favorite game when i was a child (still is a fav), because interacting with the characters was so fun and romancing the girls was the best thing ever. the most disappointing moment in video games in my childhood was learning there were harvest moon games where you could play as a girl, but then you had to romance the boys

popuri was always my favorite girl