best underground hip hop of 2012

The Underachievers | Cellar Door: Terminus Ut Exordium

The Underachievers are an underground hip-hop duo signed to Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder records whose debut mixtape Indigoism was probably one of the best mixtapes of 2012.  As new as this album is, Indigoism still gets more plays on their page on, which I think is kind of telling.  This isn’t a bad album but it’s not a huge change from their sound on mixtapes.  They’re still rapping about the whole ‘third eye’ thing, and being indigo and having gold souls and a bunch of weird, quasi-religious cultlike imagery.  Their beats are weirdly catchy, like they generally are, although there are some bigger names around this time (Ryan Hemsworth, Statik Selektah, Portugal. The Man, The Ruby Suns) (I’m not kidding, Portugal. The Man is on this album), and their rapping is deft and generally flows well, but the fact is there’s just not a ton to separate this from the great, possibly better music they’ve already released for free.