best type of music

types of maladaptive daydreamers

The mover and shaker

The best, most jam-iest music that needs to be on full blast. and moves that could ~kill~. Literally. Their daydreams only happen when in fast motion, whether it’s hopping, dancing, skipping, gettin’ down, or runnin around. Loves speakers, having the house to themselves, and socks. Hates that they can’t easily daydream when others are around.

The pacer

The most common type. Earbuds are ~essential~. All they need is a comfy, climate controlled space to walk around and get absorbed. Love socks, hiking and the time when everyone else goes to bed. Hates when people ask them why they pace so much and always wear big ol’ sweatshirts.

The props person

Needs props. Always. Something to hold to make their daydreams more real, perhaps a bottle for when their para is at a party or a wand for the fantastical. A lowkey thespian. Loves collecting stuff (probably stamps), gloves and their siblings. Hates cleaning their room.

The thespian

Talking to yourself! Acting out every motion! Pretends to be super tuff but is just a lil bab that must be protected. Contrary to popular belief, doesn’t enjoy acting. Loves being alone, hates when they get caught talking to theirself. The most highkey.

The lucky ones

Don’t need to move or anythin’, just a comfy spot to curl up in with some music and a few scenario ideas. Probably has organized pinterest boards for each of their characters, relationships and scenarios. Loves long car rides and browsing pinterest. Doesn’t hate anything tbh.

Which one(s) are you? I’m a mix of mover and shaker and thespian :)

Care Bears Questions

Cheer Bear: What never fails to cheer you up?
Tenderheart Bear: A piece of advice you can give?
Bedtime Bear: How do you sleep?
Share Bear: Most recent present you’ve given to someone?
Friend Bear: Which friend do you have the most in common with?
Grumpy Bear: One thing that never fails to anger you?
Wish Bear: Someone or something you have faith in?
Funshine Bear: Favourite way to spend a sunny day? 
Love-a-Lot Bear: What qualities in someone would you consider romantic?
Good Luck Bear: Create a fortune cookie note based on your week.
Birthday Bear: What would you wear to a costume party?
Champ Bear: Favourite way to exercise?
Harmony Bear: List 7 colours you really like.
Secret Bear: Say one word related to a secret you must keep.
Take Care Bear: How is your health?
Best Friend Bear: Favourite thing about your best friend?
Daydream Bear: Something you often fantasize about?
Work of Heart Bear: What kind of things do you like to create?
Amigo Bear: What languages would you like to learn?
Smart Heart Bear:  A topic you’re really knowledgeable about?
Do Your Best Bear: What part of yourself do you want to improve?
Sweet Dreams Bear: The last dream you remember having?
Laugh-a-Lot Bear: What do your laughs sound like?
Shine Bright Bear: When do you feel you look your best?
Heartsong Bear: What types of music do you like to listen to?
Superstar Bear: What would you be world famous for?
Oopsy Bear: Last time you accidentally hurt yourself?
Wonderheart Bear: Something that leaves you completely in awe?
Grams Bear: Words of wisdom you’ve received from your elders?
Baby Hugs & Tugs: What is your most childish aspect?
Brave Heart Lion: A time where you had to be really brave?
Loyal Heart Dog: Friend you’ve known the longest and for how long?
Bright Heart Raccoon: Favourite subject in school?
Swift Heart Rabbit: What are your most exciting hobbies?
Lotsa Heart Elephant: How strong are you, physically and mentally?
Cozy Heart Penguin: How do you like to keep warm?
Playful Heart Monkey: Favourite game to play with friends?
Gentle Heart Lamb: What brings out your soft side?
Treat Heart Pig: What is your favourite way to treat yourself?
Proud Heart Cat: Something you’re proud of about yourself?
Noble Heart Horse: What morals are most important to you?
No Heart: Something you don’t care about?

perpetually-confused-shitposts  asked:

I thought you listened to like chill music. Like hangin out with my best friends on a lazy saturday type music.

(( OOC: I listen to pretty much everything (minus country). But The “latest top 50” pop shit is what you’ll find me listening to the most…. because I listen to popular radio and I’m trash. ))

Music Really Brings People Together

So I work at Chipotle, a block away from my apartment. Legit best job ever, I can leave with 5 minutes to spare and get to work with 3 minutes left to kill. Love it. Anyway, today I was the only girl on the shift, and the boys all like fricken’ rap crap music I have no interest in. I keep this knowledge to myself, because why ruin their fun? I’m not a dick nugget. But the KMIT decided to ask me what music I like. I told him I have pretty random taste, from alt rock and punk pop, to musicals and Disney, to 90’s country and 80’s rock ballads, to The Beatles. He smirked, ran back into the office, then emerged as the sounds of drums start to play over the speakers in the kitchen.

“Bro, what is this? What did you put on?”

“Wait for it, girl. You gotta sing with me, though, you hear me gorgeous?”

Drums continue for another beat or two, then the strings pick up… and all my crew heard was



Best work morning ever. Everybody was laughing and singing Disney songs with us and we got so much work done, it was great.

anonymous asked:

Would you mind sharing your writing playlist? I have bat level hearing and when studying/working people talking two rooms over or on the street make it really difficult to concentrate and I have the same problem as you with music that has lyrics. It's so damn hard not to get distracted and to find good and fast paced music. I'm looking to add some new stuff to my classical and techno rotation so if you could share I would love it and be thankful forever…

Uhm…my writing playlist is pretty….eclectic? Lol. It’s shit like:

“Lovesick Fuck” - Mura Masa (2015)

“Lights” (Eyes Dubstep Remix) - Ellie Goulding (2010) [This is one of my favorite songs. That drop. Oh man. This entire song inspired of my personal favorite projects I did in film school. It has some lyrics but like…so good.]

“Infiltrado” - Bajofondo Tango Club (2007)

“Sugarcraft” - Medeski Martin & Wood (1998) [Honestly Acid Jazz, Jazz Funk, and Jazz Fusion are the best for this kind of stuff. Look into this band, their new iteration Medeski Martin Scofield & Wood, The Chemical Brothers, Charlie Hunter, Bond, Escala, David Fiuczynski, etc]

“Under The Sheets” (Pariah Remix) - Ellie Goulding  (2010)

plutoandpolaris  asked:

So I just found two songs that I think really represent Dark and Anti well. For Anti, it's The Mangle by Radiarc. The song was made for Mangle from FNAF, obviously, but STILL. IT FITS. The one for Dark is The Basics by Radiarc. The violin part, especially. Neither of these have lyrics, but they don't really have to. Instrumental pieces really fascinate me. I could talk all day about how each instrument represents something about the personalities, but these boxes have a character limit. :(

Okay, 5 seconds into The Mangle and I got chills. ITS’S LEGITIMATELY PERFECT FOR ANTI! Holy crap good call, my friend. I added it to my Anti playlist :D

And honestly I have to say the same for the one for Dark. They both scream the egos (plus they’re amazing in general omfg) and tbh instrumental pieces are some of the best types of music out there.

Fam you ever want to go into detail, submit it to me. There’s no character limit that way ;)

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I think the ask box is open, but if it isn't sorry! Can I request head canons about how Sohoku and Hakone dance? Like if they're ones to rock out and dance around their rooms, if they're dance all silly with their s/o, if they can dance really well, if they can't or won't dance at all, etc. If that's too many people can you do Hakone? Thank you!

Dont worry, anon. I’d let you know if the ask box was closed. <3

Hakone Gakuen:
Toudou Jinpachi

  • can surprisingly dance very well
  • knows a lot of types of different dances
  • salsa, waltz, the macarena, tango, etc

Arakita Jinpachi

  • is more of the hip hop type of dancer
  • can breakdance a little bit
  • best at moving to music and creating his own dances

Fukutomi Juichi

  • cannot dance
  • period
  • is very static and/or looks like someone put ice in his pants - there is no in between

Shinkai Hayato

  • more of the type to goofy dance with s/o
  • enjoys himself no matter what type of dancing
  • knows how to actually dance to a certain degree

Izumida Touichirou

  • not the best at dancing
  • always looks like he’s lifting weights
  • is willing to try any type of dancing for his s/o

Manami Sangaku

  • the dancing queen - only fifteen
  • very good at moving to the beat
  • enjoys all types of dancing and gives them a go

Kinjou Shingo

  • do you need someone with two-step expertise? look no further
  • took maki and tadokoro to line-dancing once
  • yeehaw

Makishima Yuusuke

  • danced ballet for at least 2-3 years as a kid
  • would rather stand around and watch others dance
  • doesn’t dance in public

Tadokoro Jin

  • beastly breakdowns on the dance floor
  • watch out for those flying hands!
  • evacuate the dance floor

Imaizumi Shunsuke

  • can fake a slow dance enough
  • otherwise almost fuku-level static on the dance floor
  • probably gets knocked out by tadokoro “flying hands” jin

Naruko Shoukichi

  • tries to breakdance
  • gets a concussion
  • keeps the party going anyway!

Onoda Sakamichi

  • does those cute anime dances
  • watch him break out a whole love live routine
  • is all of the peanuts characters at once on the dance floor if asked to dance to ‘normal’ music

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Morally I'm destitute in the tomb of ill repute, she's rotten kind of cute for a zombie prostitute! (Yes, out of all the lyrics I could have chosen, I chose this. Go big or go home)

I MEAN OKAY. I’ll try.

Otabek was a fan of a lot of music. He was a DJ so it was to be expected of him. Even some of the more weirder songs from different countries he loved. Though the best pat of him loving different types if music is when Yuri hears him singing some of the lyrics when he’s in the shower. Yuri would just be laying in their bed on his phone scrolling through Instagram when he heard Otabek singing.

He wasn’t shouting the lyrics so it was a little hard to hear exactly what the other was saying, but when Yuri clearly heard the word “Zombie prostitute” he just had to hear the rest of whatever the hell his boyfriend was singing. So he rolled off the bed, sliding off in a lazy manor as his feet pushed him towards the linked bathroom and opened the door.

“Morally I’m destitute in the tomb of ill repute, she’s rotten kind of cute for a zombie prostitute” Otabek was singing to himself only slightly shocked when bar of hand soap was thrown into the shower, Yuri’s favorite way to get attention. Otabek smiled over at him and just chuckled out “What?”

“What the hell kind of song is that Beka?” Yuri asked, making a weird face as he repeated the lyrics in his head.

Otabek just shrugged “Voltaire…You should listen to his stuff”

Yuri just scoffed “ I think I’m going to pass on that. Don’t sing weird things Beka” He told him and closed the door behind him.

Otabek just smiled on as he finished singing.

//I took the cheaters way out on this one. I was running a blank but thought this would be funny anyways

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demeter and orpheus :)

Demeter : do you enjoy nature?

Of course! (and sometimes way more than people I think…)

Orpheus (best choice :D) : what’s your favorite song or type of music?

My favourite song is Shine a light by the Rolling Stones, and I’m very, very fond of rock’n’roll. :)


Another akuma, another attack that blew both her and Adrien away, rolling on the ground to end up in an all-too-familiar position.

Adrien’s grin was the one he gave whenever he found himself on top of her, the one she grew to love for its silliness – flatteringly amusing. Normally, Marinette would’ve playfully set his sights on the task at hand, but today, a different sentiment overwhelmed her, an echo of past musings and daydreams fueling her present adoration.

She didn’t think twice of the words formed in her mind before she released them, too caught up in a haze of emotions as she gently pulled Adrien’s head down, pressed their foreheads together.

“Marry me,” Marinette breathed against his lips, hopelessly enamored. “Will you marry me?” she repeated, this time as a question instead of the demand her heart insisted on.

Of course, the akuma chose that exact moment to interrupt, but not before she glimpsed the look of pure, dazed joy in Adrien’s eyes, spelling a heartfelt yes.

a few odd swr headcanons
  • Chopper’s the best cook of the Ghost crew
  • Zeb’s fake Coruscanti/Core Worlds accent fools the Imperials the best, but  Kanan’s accent is the most realistic
  • Ezra was born right-handed but is fully ambidextrous
  • Kanan is inoculated against more known poisons, illnesses, and/or diseases then any of the other crew members 
  • Hera runs at a higher temperature then humans and has much tougher, durable skin, but more breakable bones
  • Sabine’s least favorite color is brown
  • before joining the crew, Ezra had never seen a tree before
  • Hera swears the most, but the rest of the crew can’t interpret her lekku movements
  • Ezra has the most extensive list of aliases, complete with backstories
  • Sabine, Ezra, and Hera are all only children, but Zeb had 6+ siblings
    • Kanan doesn’t know whether or not he has any siblings
  • Hera has the most cousins (it’s somewhere in the triple digits)
  • Ezra doesn’t know how to swim
  • Hera has the longest felony list
  • Kanan, Sabine, and Zeb like to play rounds of holochess and dejarik together because they’re all trained tacticians
    • but Ezra always wins because he just reads all their tells
  • Hera has a family photo on her dash in the cockpit 
  • Ezra’s pretty well read for a kid his age because he used to spend winters in public libraries
  • Kanan takes the longest in ‘fresher to get ready
  • Chopper once adopted a family of Loth-cats
    • Ezra helped hide them on the Ghost, it took Hera a month to figure out
  • Kanan can braid hair really well because he used to help his master braid her hair
  • Zeb’s favorite type of music is classical
  • Sabine has the best eyesight but worst hearing 
    • it’s because of her blasters and all the bombs she sets off
  • Zeb’s very skilled at advanced mathematics
  • Kanan can recite over twelve poems by heart
    • he had to learn them for a literature class at age ten
  • no one knows what Sabine’s natural hair color is, not even Sabine
  • Chopper has never sworn, cursed, or said an even vaguely dirty word before in his life
  • the Ghost has weekly family game nights
    • hide-and-seek is officially on the banned list, but it’s Ezra’s favorite
  • Ezra has no possessions left from his childhood
    • everything in the Bridger house was burned, leaving only the wrecked furniture
  • the fact that humans cut their hair privately freaks Hera out, though she’d never admit it
  • Ezra has attended every opera ever preformed on Lothal
  • Kanan was formally trained in the customs and cultural practices of over eight hundred different planets
  • when Sabine escaped the Academy, she was unable to take all of her armor with her, so she lacks some key components
  • both Zeb and Hera can see exceedingly well in the dark
  • Zeb hear sounds both above and below human capability
  • during dangerous flights, Hera prefers that Sabine copilot and Ezra in the aft gun, so she knows where they are at all times
  • Ezra has never suffered from nightmares and rarely dreams
  • Hera can climb a tree even faster than Zeb
  • Hera once gave Ezra a blue blanket and said it reminded her of his eyes and it’s his most valued possession (besides his lightsaber and family picture)
  • Kanan has never broken a bone before
  • Zeb has the most scars of the crew, but they can’t be seen under his fur
  • Sabine loves flowers

(i think i’ll add more later…;D)

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35, 9, 5 for cheslock pleaseee

35) Crossover things (e.g. which Hogwarts house would they be in, or what would their role be in a zombie apocalypse)

so this was not specified, so I’ll do hogwarts house and zombie au, if you want something else please message me again and I’ll be happy to do it, ok?:

hogwarts house: I feel like he would belong into Gryffindor, since he’s daring, has patience and is a gentleman at heart

Zombie Au: A brawler that doesn’t want to resolve to fighting at first, but once he does, is merciless and never weakening, it seems. Doesn’t die, but would get bitten without noticing probably

9) A cute best friend moment

he got pretty close to Gregory and considers him his best friends, and his favorite memory, is when Gregory got sleepdeprived and fell asleep on him (he felt like Gregory was a cat, and he didn’t want to move)

5) Their favourite type of music

literally everything from classical music over cabaret to trance adn EDM, but he has a thing for technical music

Run Away, Run To

Summary: Chanyeol asks you to pretend to be his girlfriend to avoid a fan he dated once before.
Type: Fluff/Drama (?)
Length: 2084 Words
Members: Chanyeol x Reader, Jihyun (crazy sasaeng fan)

- Admin Audrey

Originally posted by essentyeol

“Chanyeollie! Where did you go?”

He dashes down the alley, pulling the rim of the cap even further over his shadowed eyes, the mask upwards over the tip of his nose. His breathing is ragged, heart racing in a fearful anxiety as he rounds the corner, away, away, away from the past, away from the horrid present, away from a possible future.

Her name is Jihyun, a freshman in a decent university, her favorite color is the brown of his eyes, her favorite food is the pasta they shared together one day, her favorite person in the world is him. He knows all of this because of the one day that became the highlight of her life, to him it is a mistake. It should never have happened, he should never have agreed to it - because this is what it has led him to, a life of running away from someone he was not dedicated to in the first place.

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