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i don’t know how i’ve never seen this before but this video changed my life

Alex Danvers: “Seriously. Marry me, please!”

Clarke #1 on Buzzfeed’s 19 of the Best LGBT Characters on TV Right Now.

Bob wins Alpha Male Madness.

Highest rated finale so far. 

Leslie Jones tweeting about the show.

The 100 nominated for 10+ TV Scoop Awards.

Bob and Eliza win Best Drama Actor/Actress.

The Face Caress™ wins Sexiest Moment.

Bob wins Performer of the Month.

Bob, Eliza, and Bellarke nominated for a TCA.

The show’s official Twitter tweeting about the Bellarke (and Bob/Eliza) nom.

BuzzFeed including The 100 on their list of 17 Underrated Shows on Netflix.

I hope we can all agree the best Roy design was Red Arrow on the YJ cartoon series. The short hair, the bare arms… 👌 someone add a pic I’m on mobile