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Trish Walker is a bright ray of sunshine on one of the darkest pieces of Marvel content that I’ve ever consumed. She’s open and honest about her feelings, especially with Jessica, and she isn’t afraid to show how much she cares. That kind heart doesn’t mean she can’t protect herself; she’ll do whatever it takes to defend herself and protect Jessica in every way she can. She doesn’t let her dark past cloud her future and she never stops trying to help save everyone. Trish Walker may not have super powers, but she’s absolutely a hero.
The most powerful person in the Avatar world is Korra, the avatar who can control all four elements and bridge between the human and spirit world. She’s hot-headed, selfish, impulsive, kind, funny and wears her heart on her sleeves as she saves the world from zealous ideologues. She may just be the most multidimensional female character in animation. Ever.

Emily Steck, The Best Feminist TV Characters of 2014 (x)

Korra made it on the list with characters such as the clones on Orphan Black, Mindy Lahiri and Annalise Keating!


Arrow AU: Episode 3.20 as Parks & Recreation