best tv characters


10. Gabrielle Solis & Renée Perry

It’s a tie. Both women are amazing and very similar: always looking gorgeous, very worried about looks and appearance, etc. However the main reason why they are included in this list is because in spite of them being so superficial, they have a huge heart and are always willing to help and protect their loved ones.

I love the way they evolve and change throughout the series. They are trying to leave behind their troubled past (Gabby’s abusive stepfather and Renée’s mother’s suicide) and learn from their mistakes.

In the end, the two women get the happy ending they deserve. Renée marries Ben and Gabby starts her own shopper company.


1. Chandler Bing - FRIENDS

Friends was one of the most popular and funniest shows ever. Even though all of the characters are awesome, Chandler is my favorite. We love him because he is the sarcastic, clumsy one, but also kind of adorable.

In the beginning he was very insecure and didn’t know how to talk to women. He grew up so much as the show went on, but was the funniest until the end.

Famous for his sarcastic comments and feminine behavior, he always had kind words for his friends. Despite everyone’s love for the Chandler and Monica couple, I think his relationship with Janice was hilarious and provided some of the funniest moments in the series.

He was the high school freak with major daddy issues. He found in Joey a best friend and advisor, and when we watched them interact on screen, we learned the real meaning of friendship.

In the end, Chandler and Monica adopted twins and moved to a house in the suburbs. He said the last line in the last episode of FRIENDS.


5. Ted Mosby - How I met your mother

Ted Mosby is a man who believes in destiny and who looks for signs of the universe. Some people think he’s annoying but the truth is most of us would like to have him as a friend.

Sure, Barney is awesome, but Ted is the sweetest guy in the world and the perfect boyfriend. He is always there for anyone who needs him and often puts others’ happiness ahead of his own.

From my point of view, his story with Robin is beautiful. From the moment he saw her, he new she was “the one", but ever since The Pilot he keeps calling her ‘aunt’ Robin. Even though it is practically impossible for them to end up together, that’s exactly what makes people root for them so much.

Ted is willing to do anything for Robin, even though he always ends up getting hurt. But he does it because he loves her. We know that in the future, he is a boring dad who tortures his children with his stories. At least he seems happy.