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Hello, X-Philes, young ones and even younger ones!

We hope you heard the news already, we launched a new campaign called Naya Kismet. It was inspired by the dedicated work of Gillian & David and it wishes to give back and support two charities; @childreachinternational & Target Zero. 

As a part of Naya Kismet, we we would like to introduce you to our old-style, Letter Project, the AneXdotes. 

In 1993 two young actors met in a moist anteroom, someone allegedly hit on the other, then they ran lines together and 2 days later they were up in Vancouver shooting the Pilot episode of this so-called TV-series, @thexfilesfox. There was rain, their lips were literally frozen, they didn’t know what they were doing, what they were saying; ‘Who is Billy Miles anyway?’  

They had no idea what is coming next. To be frank, no one knew what’s coming next. 

Do you know what happened next?

A phenomenon was born. Special Agent Dana Scully and Special Agent Fox Mulder started to chase UFOS, the truth, and quite often each other, in dark allies while slowly and surely building one of the best relationship TV history has ever seen.

1993 was the year when the first X-Phile appeared and a new era was born; The word ‘shipping’ was introduced, Mulder & Scully became the first ‘OTP’, a new & loud ‘fandom’ appeared and along with them the first generation of ‘fanfiction’ writers surfaced. The X-files fandom exists for more than two decades now and it is as alive as it has ever been… 

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are the heart of this fandom. Their devotion, love, and commitment to these characters are truly inspiring and their decision to come back for the 10th season brought us together again. I will be forever thankful for the revival and everything it has given us. I wouldn’t be here writing this if there is no Season 10 of The X-files. Our obsession with this show, our love for its characters and our dedication to Gillian and David, are the reasons we are in this fandom.

We have many things in common. But each of us has their own stories, their own reasons and their own experiences. This is what we would like to focus on, in this sub-project.

Both, Gillian & David are great advocates for many causes, they are activists who care about raising awareness on issues that matter, and they inspire us to do better. And we shall try. Naya Kismet has been launched for this exact reason. We are trying to make a difference with all of you. 

We would like to thank Gillian & David for everything they have done in the last 24 years and we would like to ask you to join us! We would like to ask all the X-Philes out there that if they have a story to share with these two, amazing people please write them down on a paper and post it to us*. No matter how old you are, how long you’ve been a part of this fandom if you wish to share a story, please do so. 

Write it down/draw it/paint it… what the show means to you, what these characters are given to you, how this TV-show changed your life. How these two actors changed your life. Let them know why are you thankful to them. Tell them who you’ve become, what you’ve discovered about yourself because of them, because of The X-files.

We are going to collect all these letters, organise them by age and create a book which will tell a story about our favourite duos: Mulder & Scully and Gillian & David. This will be given to them as a Birthday present in 2017.

This is just the beginning of a bigger project that we are planning, to celebrate David’s & Gillian’s Birthday and the 25th anniversary of The X-files. 

This fandom was the first in many things involving TV-show history, let’s try to do that again. We have many ideas for the upcoming months, but if you have any submissions, suggestions (art for the shop, art for the book, program ideas, anything to auction for charity) please feel free to message us - @sunshinetoday & @becksndot5 directly - or just submit anything on the Naya Kismet website. 

We are here, we are thankful and we are being of service. Stay tuned for more details to come. 

*We will share where you can post the letters in an upcoming update post!* 

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Did a lesbian ever piss in your cornflakes or something.

….y’all are for real still on this dumbass kick where you think I, a WLW, am a lesbophobe because I don’t like one (1) WLW ship or one (1) White Lesbian Character?

Y’all are really sitting over here still acting like anyone who has a reason to dislike one (1) WLW ship or one (1) White Lesbian Character is a lesbophobe?

It can’t be that I (A Black Woman) just don’t see myself really represented by that ship (because being a WLWOC is a multifaceted experience that it seems most Cl/xas struggle to grasp)

It can’t be that I (A Black Woman) don’t like the ship because it features two white women who are huge white saviors.  

It can’t be that I (A Black Woman) don’t like the ship because it relies heavily on the idea that POC can not help/govern/save ourselves and so need divine guidance from white people to lead us in the right direction. 

 It can’t be that I (A Black Woman) don’t like the ship because it features one woman who wears foundation about 18 shades too dark for her skin and a bindi and another who, when in Polis, suddenly got a magic tan that was also 18 shades too dark for her skin?

It can’t be that I (A Black Woman) don’t like the ship because it’s fandom regularly attacks every single last POC on this show (from Bob Morley to Jarod Joseph to Chris Larkin)

It can’t be that I (A Bisexual Black Woman) don’t like the ship because it’s fandom is full of a bunch of white feminists who truly believe that a wlw ship featuring two, standard attractive white women is somehow more important rep than an interracial ship featuring a Filipino man and a bisexual woman. 

It can’t be that I (A Bisexual Black Woman Suffering From Depression and Suicidal Inclinations) don’t like the ship because it’s fandom has sent me messages that run the gauntlet, including:

1. You should kill yourself.

2. Your son is going to grow up to be a criminal (I guess because he’s black?)
3. Your mother should have aborted you.

4. You’re a monkey. 

5. You can’t be bisexual, you don’t ship Cl/xa.

and so on and so forth.

It can’t be that I (A Black Bisexual Woman) don’t like the ship because it’s fandom has raged about L/xa’s death for over a year, but when Poussey died all of a sudden a lot of y’all voices were going on and on about how her death served the plot and was necessary and well done (even though Poussey was a lesbian, played by an ACTUAL lesbian).

It can’t be that I (A Black Bisexual Woman) don’t like the ship because it’s fandom has decided that ADC and Eliza Taylor are somehow the best gay icons that have ever existed, period, even though they are both straight women, they are both relatively silent on LGBTQA issues and for the most part neither of them have done anything to raise awareness for us outside of playing a character on TV. 

It can’t be that I (A Black Woman) don’t like the ship because it’s fandom attacked Ricky Whittle when he was frustrated by his lack of screentime even though he, as a series regular, arguably should have been shown a lot more in Season 3, but when his character died he suddenly became a chess pawn in your crusade against the CW, until he asked people to continue watching to support his friends and y’all immediately turned on him. 

It can’t be that I (A Black Woman) don’t like the ship because of it’s fandom is full of racists. 

It can’t be that I (A Human Being) don’t like the ship because its fandom is full of bullies. 

I mean wow, imagine thinking that hating one (1) ship must mean you hate all WLW. 

Guess that means I hate myself and my best friend and Tierney and basically….75% of the Bellarke Fandom. 

Let’s just be honest and say what this is actually about for y’all:

 In White dominated wlw spaces White women expect all wlw to know and love every so-called, “lesbian icon,” who is also a white woman. Y’all expect every wlw to go through the same White experience as if White is the default race, when the experience that WLWOC face coming to terms with their sexuality is nothing like what White WLW experience. So excuse the fuck out of me for not finding representation in your one (1) WLW ship and your one (1) White Lesbian Character.  

Me a known lesbophobe, just….reblogging and supporting all of these lesbians:

10 Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged by @castiellover and @savin-people-fucking-cas thank you so much i love these games

1. Castiel and Supernatural

I can’t remember myself being so obsessed with a show and a character so much as i am with Supernatural and Castiel. Supernatural changed my life in so many ways and showed me the best family that ever existed in a tv show with so many wonderful people and Castiel is the reason i got to know spn fandom in the first place,  i care deeply about him and i get really angry when writers treat him badly.

2. Misha Collins

What i can say for this man ? He is everything for me, my role model ,he is the most talented actor, the most handsome man, the best human being ever, so much beauty inside and out

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3. Watching my favorite tv shows

Besides Supernatural i have an unhealthy relationship with Doctor Who and Sherlock and occasionally i get really obsessed with so many tv shows i lost count 

Originally posted by chevyimpalafox

4. Watching my favorite movies and discover movies that really worth it

5. Reading my favorite Fantasy and sci fi books and discover new ones worth reading i also read fanfiction ( and i mean lots of it !!! )

6. My family 

7. My job

 i have really bad days at work but the good ones worth ten times a bad one, the thing i love about my job is the chance to help people get better and save lifes

Yes i  am a Nurse

8. Tumblr 

i never felt the need for a facebook account or twitter but tumblr is something else entirely, i had the chance to get informed for so many wonderful and geeky things, to know about my favorite fandoms a lot too well, have fun everyday, laugh and cry with tears of joy and the most important thing to get to know better some really awesome people around here, @castiellover you know you have a special place in my heart ,i feel so bad i exposed you to all  this“destiel thing “,(not so sorry 😛)

9. Listening to music

 i love to listen to so different kinds of music but i am really obsessed with twenty one pilots 

10. Wonderful people

I want to tag : @alysewithlife, @ascendedspirit, @brentlybates @calliopecookiejar, @castielinparadise, @castiel-writerofthelord, @casthemagicdragon , @casbabes@confusedcambion@demonicangelwingz@desperately-seeking-words, @destielshipper321, @destielfreewill@grace-for-sale @gneisscastiel, @hellmustbemissingademon , @i-lostmy-sammy@lunatic-with-no-life @magnificent-winged-beast, @magicknightriderjellyfish @mile9213, @m-sherezade , @muneiraaltheeb@not-she-which-burns-in-it, @rainycheers, @rafaela8@rhapsodyincyan@pooffa@mgrxce, @samkitter769 , @silvie111, @sparkling-garbage28, @starsilly73, @starsinursa@tfw-destiel-cockles-misha, @vesseltryingtosurvive @wearenotlosechesters, @weallgonnadiesomeday@weathergirl83 @whyjm and @wolfyparty

Now with Sense8 gone, I’ve been thinking back to what trans woman rep’s been on air (not webseries, but TV networks, Netflix, etc.), and honestly, it’s just bleak in terms of trans women who are deemed sufficiently lovable

Like, for all the major faults and flaws of Sense8, Nomi was probably the best written trans woman character that’s ever been on TV in that sense (I only count recurring/regular characters, because one-offs are useless and worthless and have zero substance). 

After her, there’s just a mess.

I like to pretend that Transparent as a show just doesn’t exist because it’s horrible, so there’s next to nothing there aside from trans women playing trans characters, even if those character are junk. Last I recalled, none of them are in loving healthy relationships either (anyone who claims Sal loves Davina deserves to be punched), so that’s *sound of diarrhea*

There’s Candis Cayne’s role as Carmelita in Dirty Sexy Money. Not great by any stretch of the imagination, but the show did defend her and Patrick’s relationship, and he did love her, and she was played by a trans woman. Still, she was murdered, and spent a lot of time as his secret. Not great, but not abhorrent.

 There’s Venus from Sons of Anarchy. Played by a cis dude, and her character’s initial implementation was her being used to sexually assault and blackmail someone, which is very clearly a major negative right off the bat. Actor apparently wasn’t a fan of that, and the showrunner eventually came around to the idea of providing better rep to make up for that, so Venus became a recurring character, was given depth and history, got to slay some of her demons, and fall in love with a guy that (violently) defended her dignity and womanhood. Also not great rep for very obvious reasons, but the show provided a few top notch scenes that I’ll be thankful for nonetheless.


…that’s it. Fantastic. One show that was cancelled early. One where the trans woman was killed. One where the trans woman lived up to the predatory tropes and was portrayed by a man.

Great. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait another decade for a show to have another lovable trans woman.


Teen wolf would not have been half as good without coach like he just made it for me. Best cameo character to ever exist on any tv series. Love you coach

Thank you for being the best worst coach in Beacon Hills. You’ll be missed

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Heeey, I just met with the TW Cast tag and ohmygodplease do you have more? Thank you, this blog is the best fic rec blog I've ever seen, I'm in love with your system, I literally live in your tags page <33333


On the Threshold by Chronojourner (39/? | 87,116 | PG13)

Stiles Stilinski is having a bad day. One minute he’s in Derek’s loft and the next he’s on a TV studio set, where he and his friends are a television show and people who look exactly like them are the actors.

Dylan O'Brien isn’t fairing much better. Transported from the safety of his TV studio to a world where werewolves actually exist and the characters from his show come to life around him, he has to cope not only with werewolves, but also with Druids, werecoyotes, and at least one fairy who definitely doesn’t sparkle.

As more and more people are swapped between our universe and the universe of Teen Wolf, the fabric of time and space begins to unravel. It is up to the cast and characters of the show to figure out what is causing the problem and to fix it before the two universes are irreversibly damaged.

Coconut Water is not a Milk Substitute by Moit (4/6 | 9,092 | PG13)

Dylan and Stiles somehow switch worlds. Dylan thinks (at first) that he’s in a dream.

Stiles seems to have a better handle on our world because he’s used to supernatural things, but he can’t quite get over the fact that he’s supposed to be an actor who plays himself on TV. He likes Hoechlin’s smiley disposition, but misses Derek like a physical ache.

Posey and Scott are very similar, so there’s that. Stiles becomes fast friends with Holland and Crystal because they are lovelies. But no one in either world seems to understand what exactly is going on because Stiles and Dylan look EXACTLY the same.

Identical problem by Benaya (1/1 | 1,605 | NR)

Stiles started working at the local diner and he gets hit on by the same guy, but each time he meets him the guy’s personality is as different as it can get.


In which Tyler and Derek are twins and they both flirt with Stiles but he thinks they are the same guy.

Not enough people watch psycho-pass.
  • it is one of the best animes I have ever watched
  • it is one of the best tv shows, anime or otherwise, i have ever watched
  • it has a thought-provoking, unique and relevant plot 
  • it manages to exist in a futuristic sci-fi world whilst still maintaining an amazing amount of realism
  • all of the characters are enigmatic and intriguing, as well as being fully-fleshed out within the narrative
  • doesn’t rely on a romantic sub-plot to develop a meaningful relationship between akane and kogami, or akane and any other male character for that matter
  • unlike a lot of shows the dub is actually very well acted!!
  • gore/violence/adult themes are present without being gratuitous


Why Stella Gibson from The Fall is my favourite television character to date

Gillian Anderson as Stella Gibson in The Fall

Stella Gibson from The Fall is the best character I’ve ever seen on television. From the first episode to the end of the electric second season, watching the Detective Superintendent conduct herself felt like both a privilege and a relief. Where had she and her creator, Allan Cubitt, been all my life?

Gillian Anderson’s character is the first televised portrayal of a woman I’ve seen to handle her existence as she sees fit, without once giving in to spoken or unspoken demands that she apologise for her actions.

Everything we have learned to expect from female characters in police dramas is conspicuously absent from The Fall’s lead. Stella has no apparent addictions. There is no evidence of a lost love nor the desire to find a new one. Her lack of a social life is never questioned, and she doesn’t hide anything about her sexual encounters that she doesn’t want to.

Some of this is, in part, due to the decision Cubitt made to cast her as a transplant. Inserting a high-ranking, English detective from the Metropolitan police into a tense situation in the Northern Irish capital enables the show to function as it does. There is no need to question DSI Gibson’s lack of a social life because she isn’t expected to have one while working away from home. For similar reasons, it doesn’t seem strange that she cares so little about what her colleagues in Belfast think of her because she won’t be there long enough for it to matter. Not that it necessarily would. Her otherness is part of her appeal.

For me, the intense fascination surrounding Stella Gibson seems to emanate from the way she embraces her right to choose. It hinges on the way she isn’t stopped or slowed by the friction other people, mainly men, create in response to her behaviour. As cool as that makes her appear, it also makes her seem so spectacularly human, particularly in her slightly warmer, less guarded moments. Sleeping on Reed’s office couch, crying for the way she knows Spector’s daughter’s life will be affected by her father’s crimes, or how kind she is to Burns after he tried to force her to have sex with him are a few notable examples.

Her clothes, much discussed and oft emulated by power dressing advocates everywhere, are also a nice embodiment of how Stella is beholden only unto herself. She doesn’t dress for anyone else, she dresses to assert her own authority, or rather her distinct power. The detective is always immaculately turned out, with her  sexuality coursing through each appearance though never forced nor leveraged for the wrong reasons. She isn’t sexualized by her clothes, they’re sexualized by her.

Above all else, the thing I relish most about watching Stella is how uncomfortable she can make the others around her. It’s a singular superpower that challenges everything, especially the perception of sexuality, be it hers or anyone else’s. This discomfort, however, isn’t strictly a bad thing. Stella Gibson’s presence, her way of being and her self-possession act as a kind of mirror, daring her fellow humans not to disappoint her.

Ultimately, a leading female character who won’t stand for any kind of misogyny, one who doesn’t ever just “let it slide” because it’s simply not in her nature, is important. The consequences of this, better phrased as the lack thereof are also important. She doesn’t morph into the “barren spinster” Spector tries to tell her she is during the series two finale, nor is she a bitter misandrist, despite a well-placed observation that “maleness is a kind of birth defect.” In any case, I think all she really did by saying that was point out how nonsensical the patriarchy is which doesn’t happen often enough in mainstream television.

Really, I’m just so glad to watch such an intelligent, compelling show orbit around a character as truly interesting as Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson.

Things I hate about Dan Slott's run

These are the major blunders Dan Slott has made on The Amazing Spider-Man:

  • The Superior Spider-Man fiasco: He thought people were taking Peter for granted, so he decided to replace him with the worst possible substitute. Apparently, having a movie and a TV show means disrespect towards the Wallcrawler.
  • Black Cat’s turn to villainy, effectively a 180° on her character development.
  • Spider-Verse: Shattered Dimensions, only bigger and done wrong.
  • Silk: Slott’s horrible OC who only exists to be Spider-Man’s one true love. Rape and racism accusations be damned.

I can’t be the only one who feels this way, right?

You forgot

  • Turning Doc Ock into an attempted rapist with Superior #2 and an actual rapist with Anna Maria Marconi and maybe touching Peter’s own body without his permission
  • Pushing Carlie Cooper as the best character of all time
  • Asserting that every AU Spider-Man ever is just the same as Peter Parker, thus undermining the lead character
  • Eviscerating Mary Jane’s character
  • Everything in Peter Parker Paparazzi
  • retconning Harry Osborn’s death thus somehow making the Clone Sag even MORE confusing than it was already
  • killing Spider-Girl’s Dad and removing her own iconic outfit
  • Turning Spider-Man into Tony Stark-lite
  • Having Spider-Man interfere into the international politics of a warring nation in the continent of Africa
  • turning Doc Ock into a cancer riddled mummy-cum-Hitler wannabe
  • fridging Silver Sable and Ashley Kafka entirely pointlessly
  • ruining Silver Sable’s character
  • claiming Peter was shallow because unlike Doc Ock he dated traditionally attractive women, which is both untrue and also says a lot about how he views relationships
  • claimed Otto was morally justified in a lot of his tactics including not fighting small crimes
  • claimed that Felicia is justified in her anger at Spider-Man because it was his own fault that he let Otto take him over (???)
  • claimed Mary Jane was a three dimensional character in the silver age (lol) and that her tragic backstory ruined her
  • claimed Venom and Carnage were too sci-fi for Spider-Man but then had Spider-Man fight an interdimensional war against ancient immortal magic vampires alongside genderflipped and animal versions of himself
  • claimed Jessica Carradine, the daughter of Uncle Ben’s killer was lame in spite of the fact that he created the Regent, Paperdoll, Carlie Cooper, Silk, Clash and variant action figures of Morlun
  • has bullied people online
  • Has done stuff in Spider-Man literally so that people will remember that he did it

Also Shattered Dimensions only bigger and done wrong? I think you mean the last 2 episodes of the 1994 Spider-Man cartoon only bigger and done wrong.

Silk has to many people found redemption through Robbie Thompson

Deep Space Nine aired on January 3, 1993 so HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY! 🎉🎂 :

- underrated af

- one of the best space opera ever made on tv with Stargate and the reboot of Battlestar Galactica

- the most enjoyable sci fi tv show i’ve ever watched

- the station literally feels like home

- the cast is truly amazing and diverse, every character is important

- it shows the limits of the federation’s utopia very effectively and this line from Sisko is a great exemple: “it’s easy to be a saint in paradise (…)”

- Deep Space Nine is NOT the darkest Trek series, it has a lot of heart and there are a lot of “fun episodes”

- religion can exist in the future

- the relationship between Ben and Jake is fucking healthy, the Sisko family is awesome and not stereotyped with any racist trope

- the serialized storytelling is totally different from the exploration theme used the other shows but daaaamn that‘s good and the multiple storylines are well developed

- strong worldbuilding

- Deep Space Nine is realistic, right and wrong aren’t always absolute

- like i said, every character is important and there is a deep investment in their psychology, the relationships are emotional af i love them all
(btw the female characters are fucking wonderful)

- it’s the best Trek series in my opinion and i even doubt that Discovery will be better honestly but i try to be optimistic like Star Trek taught me to be 😉

Wham, Bam, Thank You, Pam (Beesly)!

      I didn’t watch The Office in prime time.  I had dance on Thursday nights, and by the time I didn’t anymore, the show was already in its sixth season.  I’d missed a lot.  When I started college, I turned to Netflix in my down time because I don’t like beer.  This was one of the best television decisions I have ever made.  A lot of times, the characters on this show are thoughtless and mean, but one character who is never that way?  Pam Beesly.  I love Pam, and if Dwight Schrute didn’t exist, she would be my very favorite character.  Pam is legendary because she is kind, never selfishly motivated, and endlessly awesome.

     Most people at Dunder Mifflin – Scranton are self-serving and the worst.  They make us laugh, but none of them are exactly upstanding moral citizens.  None of them except for Pam Beesly.  Even when she’s aware of how ridiculous her fellow employees can be, she doesn’t hate them or maliciously plot against them.  Sure, she’ll play a joke on Dwight here or there, but Pam isn’t out for herself alone.  She’s a good friend.  When she gives Meredith lice, and Meredith shaves her head, Pam isn’t just simply apologetic.  She takes Meredith out for a drink and has a genuinely good time.  Pam cares about people.  In the season seven episode, “Classy Christmas” she actively tries to make the holiday fun for Darryl’s daughter.  Not only does she care about making kids happy; she cares about Darryl.  It might not be realistic for office mates to like each other this much, but Pam reminds us that what matters in this world is to be kind.  Kindness gets you far.  Pam is a natural born mother and nurturer.  Your twenty-first century sensibilities probably just freaked out, didn’t they?  “How dare she suggest that?” you probably asked and then reblogged this to talk about how horrible I am.  But let me remind you, Tumblr generation, that being maternal isn’t sexist.  It’s a pretty damn strong thing to be, and Pam’s mighty great at it.  Let’s hear it for her.

      But just because Pam is a natural nurturer (take that, high school psychology class, I combined your two oppositional terms and made it awesome) doesn’t mean she isn’t shrewd as a serpent.  She is, and that’s part of what makes her so cool.  Pam is clever and witty pretty much always.  Some of her pranks and ideas are the best ever.  She’s the one who conceives the idea for a comic book and actually DRAWS THE PICTURES INSIDE.  That requires skill, attention, and a quick wit.  Pam has all three of these things, and that’s awesome.  She’s the one who’d been sending Dwight messages from the CIA all year until his “top, super secret mission” at Christmas.  That calls for a smart, funny person, and who better than Pam Beesly?  She is an abundantly talented artist, and while I am sad that the writers didn’t have Pam graduate from Pratt, she never gives up on her dreams and skills.  She perseveres even when it seems silly.  Jim’s brothers might have tried to “prank her” by telling her that art school is a waste of time, but Pam knows otherwise.  When you’re passionate about something and good at it, you go for it no matter how it looks or if it doesn’t work out perfectly.  Also, let’s all bow down to Pam for a minute to be the only one brave enough to do the coal walk in the season three episode, “Beach Games.”  I don’t even want to know how much guts you would have to have to do that.  That’s the bravest thing anyone ever did in the nine seasons The Office was a show.  I mean, tell that to anyone who says a woman can’t be strong, right?

     The Office was really great at making well-rounded characters, so of course Pam has flaws.  I think her chief flaw is that for many, many years (and probably too many) she was too timid.  Yes, Roy was a jerk who couldn’t commit, and Pam shouldn’t have been with someone who didn’t make her feel like a damn queen.  But she is so powerfully awesome and doesn’t even realize it.  She could have told Roy exactly what she wanted out of life, out of a relationship, and instead, she let him walk all over her.  That spiraled into some pretty heinous behavior on Roy’s part, none of which is Pam’s fault.  I just don’t know if Pam was smart for staying in that relationship before it got really, really bad.  She deserved hella better than Roy BEFORE she got together with him. She just doesn’t have enough confidence in herself, which doesn’t make a lot of sense because she rocks.  No woman on The Office rocks as hard as she does because there is only one Pam Beesly.  Not a one could take her place.

      I don’t even think this short article did Pam justice.  Every time I watch this show, she just impresses me more and more.  She’s such a good friend, a good mom, and all around, a really upstanding person.  If there were more people like her in the world, not only would our world be totally legendary… but can you really suspect it wouldn’t be a better place?  Wham, bam.  Thank you, Pam.

I don’t understand you, SU fandom. Usually you’re doing everything in your power to prove characters are gay on a shoestring of evidence. But when you finally have some of the very gayest content ever aired on television, and several episodes devoted entirely to a character’s infatuation with another, you say “yup definitely straight”


In all absolute seriousness, I love Alycia Debnam-Carey to death and I will support her in every project she’s a part of and I wish her nothing but the best.

But it really ticks me (and others, apparently) off that one of the main reasons she was free to do FT/WD is because The 100 didn’t have the sense to see how brilliant the character of Lexa was and book her with a long-term contract. She could be playing Lexa right now. But instead she’s playing a character that, while I enjoy it simply because it’s ADC in the role, it’s just… BLEH!

Alicia (at least the ADC version) wouldn’t exist if Lexa were still alive. And given the choice between the two, who do you think we’d take? If Jason and Co had any kind of business or storytelling sense, they would have signed Alycia. But nope. And that pisses me off. That we lost Lexa, one of the best characters I’ve ever seen on TV, and instead we have… not Lexa.

I seriously can’t get over Simon’s face in this picture. Because what he says he actually believes. He’s not just making up a lie, he truly believes in Kieren and that smiles just a winner. 

And then the next picture Kieren’s face in just amazement. He’s just looking at that man in front of him and he can’t believe his eyes or that Simon would say anything like that to him. I just can’t even believe these two perfect characters exist. 



Excuse you, Entertainment Weekly, you said ‘first female superhero’ so where’s my Fantomah movie?

Or how about Supergirl (which yes, was awful (the movie, not the series)) or the Jessica Jones tv show. Catwoman (also terrible), Bard Wire (oh god why) and Elektra (well, it’s the best movie Daredevil’s ever seen) also don’t go away, no matter how much we wish they would.

Well okay, those are almost all terrible examples which mostly relied on sexualizing the characters absurdly (just like in the comics, HEYOOO), but Wonder Woman is hardly the first superheroine in existence. And let’s not forget the fact that a Wonder Woman movie should have happened MORE THAN TWENTY YEARS AGO.

I guess I’ll always have the Powerpuff Girls and My Life As A Teenage Robot.