best tumblr fashion blogs

-A collective of the best fashion blogs on tumblr-

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We will be choosing 5-10 fashion blogs to join the squad!

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Thank you so much for 1k! Here’s a list of my top favorite blogs & their blog descriptions ☺💕
alien-glitter-fiend - Lovee omg she has awesome grunge & vintage posts!
axdorable -She does the best job of mixing kawaii, luxury, & pink posts & she’s beautiful!
banging-dickens -I’ve learned so much from following her blog she’s so awesome
barbie-squad - Fab pink & fashion posts
bbygirl-l - In love with her colorful & fun cyber ghetto posts
britneybaybe - Also in love with her colorful & fun cyber ghetto posts! I get so happy when i see her posts on my dash!
bugattigal -Adorable Kawaii posts!
chill-princesss -Pretty pink posts
chillprincesa -Also pretty pink posts!
choking-on-fiji -Super cool pink cyber ghetto blog!
clementine-peach -Gorgeous nature blog!
cocaine–goddess -Amazing cyber ghetto blog!
cybrg0ddess -One of my top favorites & she’s also so pretty! She does an amazing job of mixing cute gifs w/ soft ghetto & grunge
dixmndis -Her blog is honestly a perfect pink cyber ghetto blog i wish she would post more!
drakes-shawty - Dope cyber ghetto & luxury posts
drugstoredietcoke -Really cool grunge posts!
eggyscout -Love her pink blog!
geneva-diva -Another of my top favorites! She has a perfect blog with early 2000s fashion & celeb pics & she looks like Pamela Anderson!
golden-xtasy -Cool ass cyber ghetto posts!
hellaa-pink -Adorable pink blog
jealouswhore -Pink luxury posts be slayinggg
lil-cleopatra -Love her cyber ghetto grunge posts
meanplastic -His blog is one of the best on tumblr enough said. & I live for his comebacks lmao he is truly undraggable!
nicolewato -Another perf pink blog!
oreo-baby -Super cute pink kawaii & cyber ghetto posts
platinumputa -Omg another perfect blog! She’s also really pretty & does a flawless job of mixing luxury, pink, kawaii, & cyber ghetto posts!
princess-kleopatra -Her blog is so fab & cyber ghetto
princessalienglitter -Best pink blog on tumblr!
sanstitre-cesttropchic -Lovee her fashion blog!
y2kbae -One of my faves for sure! Her blog is like cyber ghetto candy!
yung-chulita -Badass cyber ghetto blog & she’s stunning!
yung-honey -Another of my top faves! perf cyber ghetto candy posts as well & shes hella pretty!
yvng-yoshi -Idk what you call this blog style but it’s dope af!
yvngputa -Gorgeous girl w/ a gorgeous blog! Lovely cyber ghetto & luxury posts

Thanks for keeping my dash poppin’ babes 💖💎