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Star Trek Asks

1. What planet would you not want to lead an away team on?

2. Favourite first officer?

3. Favourite chief engineer?

4. Favourite Doctor?

5. Starship you’d like to serve on most?

6. Your least favourite episode?

7. Episode you could watch over and over?

8. Best one liner?

9. Who would win in a fight between the captains?

10. When did you become a Star Trek fan?

11. Favourite Star Trek movie?

12. Best Starfleet uniforms?

13. Favourite captain?

14. Spot or Porthos?

15. Worst alien makeup/costume?

16. Best alien makeup/costume?

17. Favourite series?

18. First Star Trek episode or movie you saw ever?

19. Last Star Trek episode or movie you saw?

20. Least favourite character?

21. Favourite character?

22. Do you read Star Trek books? If yes, which ones would you recommend?

23. Best over dramatic Captain Kirk moment?

24. Best guest star?

25. Favourite Jeffrey Combs character?

26. The character you’d follow into battle no questions asked?

27. Which character deserved better?

28. Favourite time travel episode?

29. Favourite holodeck gone wrong episode?

30. Best starship designs?

31. Most cringeworthy moment?

32. Wesley or Jake?

32. Planet you’d want to retire on?

33. Best fight scene?

34. Which Enterprise is the best?


I’m memorizing Shakespeare for Hallowe'en. This will be fun as hell.