best trailer ever


HANNIBAL: The New Series trailer

Still one of the best, creepiest horror trailers ever made.

*He should have hopped faster.” Terrifying.

How the hell did this show get cancelled?




This may very well be the best teaser trailer ever made.

Now that I've calmed down (not really)

honestly that was one of the best trailers ever! I’m so HYPE. maybe cos HBO made us wait so long but fuck yeah it was worth it. Just a few muddled thoughts:

1. Cersei and Jamie: I’m kind of shocked at Jamie being her right hand man which leads me to believe he’s going to betray her in a big way. Something will make him switch (last season’s finale already laid the groundwork for that). The question is will it be for Tyrion, for Dany or just out of the goodness of his heart - D&D kinda fucked up Jamie’s redemption arc so maybe this’ll be it.

2. Jon: Is it me or was there not that much of him? The only standout is him pushing Littlefinger in the crypts (thank you Lads). I’m just really excited to see him in the South so of course they had to save that for the show. Anyway he looks so GOOD in all his KiTN glory and I’m going to lose my shit when he sees the dragons for the first time.

edit: WAIT I lied. the shot with Jon and Tormund trying to outrun something in the snow is obviously the wight hunt, I’m ready!

3. Dany: I’m not over it. Daenerys, you’re doing amazing sweetie! Seriously when her hand touched the ground on Dragonstone I gasped. She’s crossed deserts and seas and she’s finally HOME, literally her birthplace, her ancestral seat. I’m so emotional and happy for her.

4. Arya/Sansa/Littlefinger: Um, not really much given away regarding Arya and I’m already bored of Sansa and Littlefinger. This cat and mouse game is not even remotely interesting. We all know Arya will kill him like the boss bitch she is.

5. Bran: where the fuck is Bran? Did I miss him?

6. Lads is a LEGEND: I cannot believe he gave us so much info and not one thing has come out wrong yet. He even confirmed Greyworm and Missandei ffs.

7. No Jon/Dany: Notice how there is not even a single reference or hint to these two. You know what that means right?… They’re going to kill us. Jonerys is truly coming to end our lives. Boatsex will be the last thing I see before I die. I’ve never been more excited for anything ever.

8. The Battles: Everything looks like BOTB x 1000 and I’m so hyped to see Dothraki fighting. The last shot with the dragons flying overhead… shook!

8. Random stuff: Was that Ellaria Sand and Yara making out? Also I will keep bringing up Sophie’s wig because it’s traumatizing me every time I see it.

ok I’m gonna go watch the trailer again for the 100th time.