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New to your apartment in Brooklyn you go to explore only to get completely lost. Thankfully a charming gentleman with kind blue eyes was there to save the day.

Request: ‘The Knitter’ was so adorable! Can I please get added to your tag list? And may I request something as well? I recently moved to a new place and have this daydream about walking into Bucky accidentally and he offers to show the reader the city. Or they meet because she starts working for SHIELD and this is is how they meet and Bucky thinks she’s cute and offers to show her around, like Brooklyn and so on :) thank you! X


Warnings: Bucky’s pretty damn hot and sweet (I felt like this is a needed warning)

Word Count: 1820

Title: Tour Guide

Note: @gallifreyansass  I’m so sorry this has taken me so long to write this, I’ve been so busy with my holiday and organising my University. You’ve probably already settled in and know your way around the your new area now so I hope that all went well. Here’s some helpful Bucky for you anyway, thanks for the request doll, this was fun to write!

Stepping out of your brand new Brooklyn apartment you locked the door and headed down the stairs. Having just finished unpacking your moving boxes (most of which contained far too many books) your plan for the rest of the day was to get to know the area around your new home. You were more than ready to get out of your small apartment and so you excitedly jumping down the stairs you nearly ran smack bang into a rather well built blonde with blue eyes.

“Oh, sorry sir!” you called out as you narrowly avoided him.

“It’s no problem miss.” He called out and you smiled gratefully before continuing down the stairs slightly more carefully. The man you would later learn was Steve Rogers released a hearty chuckle and leant against the railing with crossed arms watching you descend the many flight of stairs.

When you reached the front door of the apartment block a very polite coloured man with a wicked smile held the door open for you.

“Thanks,” you said and he winked back giving you a dazzling smile in reply. Sam Wilson entered the building and closed the door waving up at Steve as you hit the street with a bounce in your step. You couldn’t be sure if you were nervous or excited but you were somewhere in that zone. Pulling your bag more securely on your shoulder you started off down the street taking note of where you had started off.

Much later you stood on the corner of one street and another staring intently at a map you were holding in your hands. It’d been two hours since you’d left the apartment and you had made it no more than a few blocks before getting completely lost. You tried to backtrack to your apartment but all the buildings looked the same and you just made yourself even more lost. You looked up again at the street signs above your head taking note once again of their names. Still being unable to locate either road on the map you released a sigh and stomped your foot in frustration.

You folded up your map placing it in your pocket and looked up to see a taxi cab hurtling down the road. You hadn’t noticed the puddle of water on the road and so flinched when the cab sent up a large spray. You scrunched your eyes in preparation to be soaked but you remained dry. Instead you felt a strong hand grab you and pull you out of the way. You opened your eyes to find a pair of sparkling blue ones staring back at you. Your saviour stepped back and cleared his throat awkwardly.

“Hi,” you whispered shyly unable to look away from his eyes.

“Hi.” He replied warmly his voice deep but firm. “Sorry about grabbing you like that but you already looked lost, I didn’t want to add wet to the mix.”

Well you’ve dramatically failed at that you thought to yourself taking in the hunk of a man before you.

“Thank you, it’s appreciated,” you replied instead and turned to start walking away, hoping he wouldn’t notice how blatantly you’d ogled him.

“Hey, wait!” the mystery brunette called out causing you to turn around, “Do you need a hand getting around. I meant what I said when you looked lost.”

“Oh,” you mumbled ducking your head and rubbing the back of your neck, trying to hide the redness of your cheeks. Inhaling a deep breath you pushed away your pride and risked a look at the man waiting nervously before you. “Um, yes. Please.” you added noting the beautiful smile that crossed his face as you said it.

“Brilliant,” he cheered in a gravely voice, “I’m James by the way.”

“y/n”, you replied, completely oblivious to the avenger who was standing in front of you. “Thanks for the help.”

“It’s no problem, really. You looking for anywhere in particular or….” James trailed off waiting for you to fill in the blanks for him.

“Oh, um, I’m, ah, actually new to the area, just moved in, and wanted to get to know the place but it’s not exactly going very well.” James laughed as you gestured to the scrunched up map in your pocket. He shook his head and smiled gently up at you sending your heart racing.

“Well then,” James added with a smile, “I guess you’ve just found yourself a tour guide.”


James was the best tour guide you could ask for. He showed you all the main sights and attractions of Brooklyn along with a few hidden jem’s. He showed you prospect park, Brooklyn bridge and the Brooklyn botanical gardens. He even pointed out where the museum and aquarium were. As you walked he spoke of the best diners, quiet places to sit in the parks and where you can get the perfect New York Cheese cake.

Walking around yet another corner James continued his enthusiastic ramblings about Brooklyn. It was beautiful to watch him speak so passionately about his home town and if you’d guessed his identity correctly, he wouldn’t have been this relaxed and at ease in a long time. He was so sweet and kind and the way his eyes lit up when he talked made you lose track of what he was saying more than you cared to admit.

“And here’s the old Corner Cinema. Well,” Bucky paused taking in the empty car park, “it, uh, was. It was a good place to go. Snuck out to watch films with my buddy St… my friend way too many times.” Bucky’s shoulders had dropped as he took in the empty car park his once cheery demeanour fading away rapidly. Wanting to lighten the mood you looked around and noticed a diner just across the street from you.

“Hey James, is there a good place to eat around here? I realise I haven’t eaten since breakfast and I’m quite hungry.” You asked innocently and you swore you saw his eyes shine with unshed tears.

“Yeah, just over here actually.” he replied stealthily wiping his eyes. “My friend and I always used to come here after the movies. They serve a mean bagel.” You smiled up at him and James led you across the road and held the door open for you. What a gentleman.

Sliding into a booth at the back you allowed James, or as you were fairly sure Bucky, to order for you. You were sure that the bagel you’d eaten was brilliant but you don’t actually remember what it tasted like, being too busy watching Bucky to notice the taste. You sat in the booth for a good two hours talking of this and that. He had a wicked sense of humour and the stories he told of his childhood set you both laughing.

“Thanks for today Bucky. I reckon I know my way around now.” you said smiling up at him not noticing your slip up. Bucky however had and his face fell when you called him by his nickname. He immediately became distant and moved to get up.

“Wait, sorry,” you said with a slight shrug, “I figured it out. If it makes you feel better it took me a while.”

Bucky nodded at your answer but his face was now guarded. You could see a war battling behind his eyes and you hoped you hadn’t scared him away.

“How did I give it away?” he asked eventually not looking at you and instead staring at his hands.

“Your glove was the first hint along with your stories and the fact we’re in Brooklyn. It was the cinema that was the give away. Oh and that.” You finished pointing at something behind him. Turning Bucky couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face or the laugh that escaped his lips as he looked at the photo-wall behind him. By his left ear was a black and white photo of him and a very scrawny Steve Rogers smiling giddily with sauce all over their faces. Shaking his head he turned to you and was surprised to see a smile on your face too.

“I guess that is a bit of a giveaway huh?” he joked his eyes much lighter than before.

“Just a bit,” you sassed back as you stood up and gestured towards the door. Bucky chuckled deeply and got out of the booth. You followed him over to the counter and watched gladly as he managed to persuade the waitress to allow him to take the photo home. Once out of the diner Bucky asked if you knew your way home and when you replied with an embarrassed no, you gave Bucky your address. Bucky confirmed your suspicions when he said he lived in the same apartment as you. You told him of your unknowing run in with Steve and Sam enticing another laugh from him.

When you made it back home Bucky paused before entering turning to look at you.

“Thank you. I really needed today.” he admitted awkwardly. You understood what he meant and so placed a hand reassuringly on his left arm. You couldn’t imagine what he’d experienced so you were happy to help. The fact that he was a stunningly handsome gentleman was completely beside the point.

Again trying to lighten the mood you replied “I’m fairly sure I should be thanking you shouldn’t I?”

“I was happy to help.” Bucky smiled in return before adding. “I mean it though, thank you giving me a chance.”

“It’s not everyday I meet a gentleman. I was more than happy to have my own personal tour guide” you sassed back

You brushed past Bucky and started up the stairs to your apartment leaving a smiling Bucky behind you. Bucky followed you up and stopped one floor below you to find his door already open and a smirking Steve Rogers leaning against the doorway. Easily able to read the emotions playing out in Bucky’s head Steve pointed towards the roof and the sound of you unlocking your door.

“y/n! Wait!” he called out sprinting up the stairs.

“Bucky? Everything alright?” you asked looking past him in confusion.

“I just, ah, remembered that, ah,” Bucky inhaled slowly regaining his courage before looking you straight in the eye. “I forgot to show you the best part of Brooklyn today and was wondering if you’d accompany me to Coney Island tomorrow night?”

You looked the now nervous super soldier up and down before smirking and asking, “James, are you asking me on a date?” When he didn’t reply you continued, “because if you were, I’d say yes.”

Bucky’s face lit up and you laughed when he replied, “yes doll, yes I am.”

“Then I guess I’ll be seeing you tomorrow then.”

One floor below you Steve slapped Sam on the back and you could have sworn you heard the coloured man mumble, “dammit Barnes, I was going to ask her.”

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Could you do 4 with taehyung? 💓😊

4.  “Sometimes, I can get my heart to pound so loudly, I can’t hear my problems. Those are the best days.”

― tour guide!taehyung x reader (this is honestly awful i’m so sorry)

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     “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” You whipped your head around to see your unusually attractive tour guide staring at you with a horrified expression on his face. Not that you blamed him.

After all he had caught you with one leg lifted over the ledge of Great Wall of China, mid-climb.

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A note from Lili (lililibird)

Hello, everyone!

I’m not sure where exactly I should be starting; but I do know that I owe you all some explanation.

Some things in my life recently have been…very difficult for me to process. Like a lot of you, I used Tumblr as an escape from the everyday. Recently though, I took it much too far.

A few weeks ago, my dad passed away. It was unexpected and has - without a doubt - been the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through in my life. My life has thankfully had a definitive lack of tragedies, and I honestly haven’t had to learn to deal with loss that hurts more than losing a childhood pet.

I used Tumblr, not as a way to cope or talk about my feelings; but as a way to pretend it had never happened. Lililibird never stopped having a dad, but I did. It became a very unhealthy situation, as you can imagine. I used this blog as a way to deny the loss in my life; and I (very much so) became addicted to just…existing within Tumblr. A moment of clarity tonight made me realize how horribly unhealthy it was.

So I deleted the blog before I had a chance to rethink it. (I also removed my Fanfiction, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.) I had been considering cutting ties with the ‘fandom life’ for nearly two months at this point, and I have no healthy desire (beyond friendships formed) to stay.

I do not plan on returning. I had a crazy amount of fun finding my way within this fandom, and meeting some of the best people to (probably) ever exist. I am thankful for each and every one of you, and every second that was spent turning this community into another home for myself. Tumblr and Fanfiction were  the entirety of my high school social life for years after I left the public schooling system. There were many days and even weeks where the only people I spoke to were via this site. For that, I am forever grateful.

I cannot express how much this experience on this site has truly changed me. Before the Percy Jackson fandom, I was a completely different person. This blog has genuinely shaped me in ways I cannot even comprehend. I really want to thank you all for that, for making my attempts to be a better person successful; and it was largely due to the positivity I received on this very site.

My sincerest apologies to those who I selfishly abandoned all at once. It honestly had nothing to do with any of you - if I could have you as friends in my day-to-day life, I’d take you without a doubt. (I am also sorry to @riptidescap whom I promised to beta a story for yesterday, and to the @pjoawards2k16 staff who now have three nomination slots to fill up.)

I wish I was in a place where I could have prepared myself for my account deletion, and sent each one of you a personal message like you deserved. However, I know for a fact I would have never left. I know, I’m a coward - but I know I’m not taking much from your lives by leaving; and hope that, if you’re angry with me, you can forgive me for leaving so abruptly.

I’d also just like to say that I will be okay. I’m not suicidal, I’m not dealing with any depression besides grief, I haven’t acted out in any ways but this one, and I have a great and loving support system within my family as I move forward from this.

Thank you all so much for making this time so precious to me. Thank you to @percyyoulittleshit, for giving me the opportunity for this closure. Thank you to @bananannabeth for being the best wife any sixteen year old straight girl could ever ask for. Thank you to @son-of-rome, @blackjacktheboss, @falloutpercy, @somethingmorecreative1, @scriptorsapiens, @zoenightstars, @ishelmascarinas, @maireep, @cinderdrilla @hamabee and @ofswordsandpens for quite literally being the best friends and fandom tour guides I could have ever asked for. I’m sure I’ll think of plenty AUs in the future that I’ll wish I could tell you about!

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the rest of you, thank you for caring about me in a way I never thought possible. However, please do not bother my friends on this site for information about me. They know just as much as you do, and I’d like for my exit from the fandom to be as quiet and painless as possible for all of us.

I wish you all the very best. Remember that I adore you all and hope that you achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of as time goes on! I hope I brought even the slightest bit of happiness to your lives with my blog! Stay amazing and thrive, lovelies!

But, for once, I’m not looking back;

Delilah (AKA lililibird)

Thailand's best Tour Guide

Yuri looks down at his phone again. Phichit should be waiting for him near the baggage claim according to his last texts. He strains to try and spot his friend in the crowd. Eventually he sees him with a big sign and an even bigger smile that Yuri is accustomed to seeing on his friends face. He waves as he walks closer. “Phichit!”


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Piper's friend talks too much. Horse Back Riding to Waterfalls WE GUARANTY THE BEST PROFESSIONAL TOUR GUIDES. A true friend would shut up and not brag.

I have no idea what you are talking about because I’m not really following things right now I’m to damn busy at the moment 😬 sorrryyyy 🙈

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can I have some nyo balkans headcanons pretty please?

I can try to make some! I hope they’re okay ;w;

  • Nyo!Bulgaria has long hair, and tends to either keep it in a ponytail or braided. She’s always smelling of rose perfume. Has the most gorgeous garden you will ever see, and is a bit more cuddly than her male counterpart.
  • Nyo!Romania used to have long hair, too, but cut it at some point and now it’s as long a that of her male counterpart. A fun and outgoing spirit, but she’s very serious when it comes to work. A ‘work first, play later’ type of person. Always has her nails done and has very pretty jewellery.
  • Nyo!Greece I think would be less laid back than her counterpart. A hard-worker whose full of life, with rough hands, broad shoulders, and untamed hair. At the end of the day, though, she’s more than happy to relax with close friends and a glass of  ouzo. She’s also got the cutest summer dresses you’ll ever see.
  • Nyo!Turkey is the queen of belly-dancing. Seriously, its her hips that don’t lie. Hair’s either let loose of in a neat bun. A loud and proud woman, much like her male counterpart, and she’s always dresses in the latest fashion. Huge sweet tooth, and a wonderful cook. Coffee and tea addict, for sure.
  • Nyo!Albania (who I will make male, since I’m seeing more and more Albania OCs which are women) is a fun, adventurous guy who’ll take a risk every now and then. A big flirt, always looking to impress the ladies, and who you’ll find at parties and clubs. Very friendly.
  • Nyo!Serbia is another loud and proud woman, although she may appear a bit colder than male!Serbia. However, when friends are involved she’s very sweet and hospitable to them, taking a sort of “mother hen” role. Tall, with hair let loose, but not messy.
  • Nyo!Montengro can be quite lazy, but is generally nice. Pretty well mannered, but won’t hesitate to spit some nasty words at you if you act rudely towards her or disrespect her. You’ll often find her on her country’s beaches, she probably even has a house there.
  • Nyo!Macedonia is the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet. Name any Macedonian folk dance, and he knows it. In fact, he’d be more than happy to teach you, and don’t worry if you don’t get it right at first; he’s patient and happy to help. Also, do you want a flower crown? He’ll make it for you. Big ball of sunshine.
  • Nyo!Croatia: strong, independent woman who don’t need no man. Hard-working and hotheaded. Don’t get on her bad side, it’ll end up ugly for you. However, she might forgive you if it’s the first time. Slightly less unforgiving and uneasy than her male counterpart. She’s the best tour guide, though, and will be happy to show you the best spots on Dalmatian coast (which she is immensely proud of).
  • Nyo!Bosnia is a wonderful cook and quite hospitable. She’s fun to be around, and will try to cheer you up, though she might unintentionally fail in doing so (and might even make things worse). Tries harder when it comes to getting along with others, especially Herzegovina.
  • Nyo!Herzegovina is a guy who will take no shit. Life tough, and so is he. Don’t negotiate with him or try to make yourself look good after you’ve messed with him. He’s quite tall and can also appear intimidating. 
  • Nyo!Slovenia is an excellent business woman, dressed sharply and always has her hair and make-up done perfectly. It’s not easy to get on her bad side, and if you do, she’ll choose mostly to ignore you or maybe give you a harsh glare.

College is filled with opportunities to join clubs and organizations that are not only socially beneficial, but also look great on your resume. Sure, join the Ping-Pong team for fun, but here are some college clubs you should join that will help you prepare for your career.

1. Become a tour guide.

I know you probably loathed doing a lot of campus tours in high school:

“To your left is the first bathroom ever created on campus…and to your right is a tree.”

Butyou probably didn’t have the best tour guide if you were bored. Being a tour guide is a great way to gain public speaking experience. When I was a tour guide, sometimes I had groups as big as 200 people. The more you speak in front of people, the easier it gets. When your boss asks you to pitch a new idea to the whole office, you won’t be as nervous. Tour guides also typically work with administration. One of the best letters of recommendation I ever got was from my administrator when I was a tour guide.

Also, being a tour guide can have perks. Some schools pay their students. For my school, we got to register first for classes, so I never had any trouble getting into a class I wanted. This incentive was amazing. Start as a freshman and give tours all four years. Campuses love hiring freshman to give tours because it adds diversity to their lineup and they know they can have you on their team again.

2. Join debate club.

Learn how to hold your own in a discussion. This skill is extremely helpful in business meetings and life in general. This club takes public speaking to the next level because it adds a sense of pressure and argumentation. Learn how to speak clearly, be poised when you’re under pressure, and voice what you believe in.

3. Get involved in student government.

Not only will you be a voice on campus representing your student body, but you’ll also learn how the school functions: what works and what doesn’t work. Being in student government opens the door to gain leadership experience on campus and work with the administration.

4. Seek out (your major) club.

If you’re in premed, join the premed club. If you’re in media, join the student media team on campus. You’ll not only meet people that are probably in your classes, but you’ll also gain networking experience with people in your field. Not to mention, you just gained a group of study buddies!

5. Consider philanthropy club.

Joining a club that does work for charity or volunteering in the community will help you gain a better perspective while you’re in college. Plan a canned food drive or get a group together and clean up your local park. Bring board games to a senior citizen home or visit your local children’s hospital. There are so many ways you can get a group together on campus to give back to your local community. Of course, this looks great on a resume, but do it for the bigger purpose, and change lives while you’re still in school.

6. Start your own!

If you’ve always wanted to have a book club on campus but there isn’t one, start it! Or if you want to get a group of people together to run every Monday and Wednesday evening, start a running club. No matter what the club or organization is, it says a lot about your drive, organization, and work ethic if you build something from the ground up.

Try to join a couple of these kinds of clubs your freshman or sophomore year so you can stick with them throughout your college experience. It looks better to have committed to one or two clubs for four years than to have bounced around to a lot of them throughout college. And don’t forget to throw in some fun and random clubs, like ballroom dancing or crafting!

How Seventeen would be on your honeymoon

S.coups/Seungchol: The ultimate husband like need got everything taken care of. He would just be so good at making sure you were happy and comfortable without being overwhelming. Like it would just be fun the whole time. He seems like the protective husband that would just always have his arm around you somehow like he wanted the world to know that you were his even more now, even the law said so. You guys would go to like a local restaurant and a waiter would like casually flirt with you or something and he would like make sure the next time that waiter came around both your rings were showing. 

Jeonghan: I just feel like it would just be so comfortable to travel with Han. Like he just seems so reliable yet fun like you’d probably be making new inside jokes the whole way over to the hotel. I can see you guys just like chilling the first day like you’d just be counting wedding money and talking about everything that happened at the wedding. Like it would just be laid back and calm and fun 

Jisoo/Joshua: He probably would’ve just wanted to cuddle the second you guys had gotten there. Like he would be so high on those wedding vibes and the fact that you were now his wife that he would just want to hold you and coddle you like THE WHOLE TIME. You guys would probably be the nauseating couple that like backhugged in public and he’d like be so excited and always introduce you as his wife to everyone, even when it was unnecessary. Like the clerk that was checking you guys into the hotel really didn’t care. But it’s not like you would mind because he just looked so happy and cute that even if you hated cheesy romantic stuff you would still feed him when he opened his mouth and let him kiss your nose in public.

Jun: Would be a mix between “Let’s do everything Y/N!” And “I’m tired can we just nap all day?” Like you never know with this kid, he’s either excitable or he wants to coddle you in bed. You guys would probably be exploring all the things that the hotel has to offer like you’d probably be that couple that was actually using the gym and like make use of the golf course. He seems like he would probably be the jealous type so he probably would be really stressed when you guys get back from the pool so you probably won’t frequent that as much.

Hoshi/Soonyoung: the couple that the staff low key hates. Like you guys would be the type to have a water fight in the ginormous honeymoon bathtub and would like break something. Or you’d be playing tag in the halls until someone had to tell you guys to quiet down. You guys would make use of all the hotel services too like you guys would decide to get like a couples massage but Soonyoung couldn’t sit still that long so he would be like chatting up a storm with the masseuse who would politely try to tell him to shut up because he was killing the relaxing feel.

Wonwoo: the cheesy couple that hangs out on their balcony a lot. Like you guys would’ve only been married a day and you’d already be acting like an old married couple. You guys would be people watching and just like make up stories for all the people you see. Once it got dark or you guys just got bored you’d probably talk about the wedding, laughing at all the embarrassing moments and just bantering about the events. You guys would just bond most of the time.

Woozi/Jihoon: 100% perfectionist. Like he’d want everything to be perfect for the two of you so like he’d have planned down to every last detail. Like you best expect to be wearing your swim suit under your clothes because Jihoon wants to be prepared for everything. Like he would probably have checked all the forecasts and picked the city that had the best weather and booked a hotel there and he would have like a giant map laid out in his room back home with like sticky notes scattered over it with all the places you guys should go. He also probably has a list of notes on his phone in case he might forget anything. He’s organization goals.

DK/Seokmin: He’s like that dreamy husband that just doing the he stupidest things with would be fun. He’d also want to go sight seeing but I can just see him wanting to do all of the silly little romantic things like if a bridge was known for keeping couples together forever, you’re going to that bridge. And not just that like he’d do all the cheesy stuff like breakfast in bed and you guys would like probably go for a midnight run for food. Like I can assure you right after the wedding you guys would like crave fast food and you’d just go to like a fast food restaurant, wedding dress, tux and all and just eat to your hearts content before you went to the airport. He’s husband goals y'all.

Mingyu: “Are you sure we’re going in the right direction?” “Yes Y/N, don’t you trust me?” “Considering you almost left our flight tickets at home i’m gonna have to go with no” That would earn you a glare. You guys had been driving for about an hour and you were sure that you were supposed to get to your hotel 40 minutes ago. You would come to get a lot of this throughout the honeymoon. it wasn’t that Mingyu was bad at organizing things (okay it was a little bit that), he was just so excited about being in another country that he would rather explore than go according to schedule. 

The8/Minghao: okay we all say he’s a little fluff ball of happiness and he probably is but like he’s also hard af okay guys like that glare is a very real thing even uf its never been directed at you. He seems like the fiancé that’s probably like “you want to go to where? How about somewhere colder?” Like anything to not put you in a bikini. Like I just see him as being a little less liberal with his affection usually so when you’re like always against his side at the ski lodge you’d be a little confused because he wasn’t usually so giving with his skinship. But you just looked so cute in that jacket that hugged you in all the right places when the was zipped up and he’d be damned if anyone tried making a pass at you. I don’t even know how this is like honeymoon themed I just needed protective Minghao in my life rn

Seungkwan: The world’s best tour guide. Like he wouldn’t let you guys go to any actual tours because it would be so much more fun to just explore yourselves. And so you two would barely spend any time in the hotel, you guys would probably just be roaming the streets the whole time and just be making up the most random stories for each thing. For some of them you might actually go in and ask the locals how this restaurant was started or what was here before that shop. You wouldn’t learn real history just random bits of people’s lives bc that just seems like something Boo Seungkwan would like.

Vernon: (Why is he going on a honeymoon he’s still a baby) So Hansol would be type to probably do something completely out of the box and unique. That or you’re going to like Hawaii there is literally no in between. You guys would also do like really interesting activities on your honeymoon like he’s mentioned that he likes going on active dates so I can just see you guys leaving the hotel at like the crack of dawn every morning and like coming back at night exhausted. It would be awesome really, you guys would be doing everything from bungee jumping to snorkeling. You’d probably come back from your honeymoon extremely sore but very very pleased with yourselves.

Dino: Honestly he would be the kind of person to ask your input for everything. His hyungs would’ve told him to make it a surprise but you guys were probably like best friends that just happened to also be romantically attracted to each other. So he would want your input on everything and like want to make sure you were on board with everything and that both of you did things that you would like. Dino would be a great significant other guys, why is he so much younger man…

Know It All || Klaroline

She’s proud of all she’s learned working in the museum, and Caroline just wants to show off a little bit for the hot guy asking questions. How was she supposed to know he’s the visiting artist featured in the next room?

“Pardon me, miss. Do you happen to know the theme tying these works together?”

Caroline twirled around to find the source of the luscious British accent, only to find that the cute guy with sandy curls was talking to her. “O-oh,” she stuttered, caught off guard. “Um, these works?”

“I’m sorry,” the man apologized. His sheepish expression didn’t seem entirely sincere, though, as it was ruined by a mischievous smirk. “I saw the name tag and figured you were a tour guide. I was just curious about the connections in this room, because I can’t quite figure it.”

Caroline glanced down to her chest, where her Whitmore Historical Society name tag was pinned. She took a moment to appreciate her choice of dress, as the cleavage was flattering, yet not completely obvious. The guy was hot, and her boobs never hurt her flirting game. The only thing working against her was that she wasn’t a tour guide, she just worked at the gift shop. “Actually-”

Assuming her flustered state meant ignorance, the man chuckled. “Never mind, sweetheart,” he said. “I’ll just ask someone else.”

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Tour Guide - Requested (Michael)

Anon asked: Can you write an imagine where your band is opening for 5sos and you get a little break in your hometown so you wanna show them things but the only one who goes is Mikey and like you get to know each other and develop feelings for each other while showing him places only the locals know about

I’m sorry it’s not good and not totally what you asked for, but I wanted to give you a story today!

“I’m so fucking excited!” you bounce round in Luke’s room, making them all laugh. “I never thought we would get break at my hometown”

“It was the right thing to do when we were so close”, you plop down next to Ashton and smile at him.

“I slept like a baby last night. My bed is heaven, I tell you”

“You better invite me sometime”, Michael winks.

“I don’t invite just whoever. It’s a special place”, you tell him making him smirk.

“I don’t get that you came out of it”

“We made breakfast plans Cal, I don’t ditch you for my bed”, you say sweet and he blows you a kiss.

“Well I think you’re an idiot”, Luke rolls in his bed. “I’m not leaving this bed for the entire day”

“What!” you almost scream looking at him with big round eyes.

“I’m not leaving my bed?” he says again with doubt.

“Are you kidding me? I thought I could show you all around”

“I’m gonna pas (Y/N). All I want to do is stay in bed, seriously all day”

“Fine”, you growl. You’re not putting up a fight, cause you know he’s been a bit sick. “What about you three?”

“Count me out too”, Ashton says. “I’m going to hit the gym, hard and then I’m going to sleep”

“Yeah me too”, Calum says apologetic.

“You’re all party poopers”

“I’ll come”, Michael smiles happy.


“Yeah, if you let me in your bed afterwards”

“I’ll think about it”, you laugh, giving him a thankful look at the same time.


“Thanks again for coming”

“No worries, this is fun”

“I still can’t believe that you came. The one I thought would bail, is the only one who wanted to come”, you laugh a bit.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” you asked dramatically. 

“Well you’re not really the outdoorsy type, now are you?”

“True”, he agrees. “But they are fucking idiots”, he places his arm round your shoulder and pulls you close to him. “When a beautiful girl ask you to hang out, you never say no”

“You’re such a charmer”

“Only with the right girl”, you feel your cheeks warm up.

“Come on”, you take his hand and pull him behind you up the last part of the hill. “And this is my favourite place in the word”, you open your arms wide.

“It’s beautiful”, Michaels says soft.

You sit down under the weeping willow, looking over the field filled with flowers. You tap on the ground next to you. Michael takes the hint and sits down next to you. “I came here when I was sad, when I wanted to think, when I wanted to be alone or when I wanted to write and sing”, you lay your head down on Michael’s shoulder. “I never took anybody out here before”

“Thank you for taking me”, he now rests his head on yours. You sit there, in silence enjoying the view and singing of the birds for a while.

“What did you think of today?” you break the silence.

“I loved it. I really did”

“What do you think of my town”, you take your head of his shoulder and look at him. “And don’t lie”, you warn.

“It’s nice”

“I know it’s not a big city”

“No, but it’s cosy, with good coffee and great food”, he smiles and you smile too. “And the most amazing girl I know lives here, so that’s a huge bonus”, you feel your head becoming red.

“Oh really, who is she?” you try to act cool.

“She’s looking me right into the eyes”

You move your eyes away from him, looking back to the field. “Oh I forgot to show you my old school”, you remember suddenly.

“Next time”

“Okay next time”, you smile hearing that he wants a next time. “You sure you want me to guide you around again?” you ask, knowing you dragged him more around than that you guided. 

“Of course, you the best tour guide I’ve ever had”, he pulls you in his side. 

“I’m quite happy now that the other didn’t came”

“Me too. We should spent more time together”

“We will”, you press your lips on his cheek. “Would you like to come back to my house? I’m sure mom will make us some dinner”

He nods yes. “Will you show me your bedroom too?”

“If you want”, you shrug.

“And will I get to test out your bed?”, he raises his eyebrow at you.

“If you play your cards right”, you smirk.



This is my freaking favorite thing ever.

225grams-blog  asked:

Why do you say hip-hop journalism is over? It's a bit discouraging to hear that as hip-hop is the reason I'm getting into music journalism in the first place

There’s no infrastructure for it. All of the old guard hip hop institutions have become tabloids or aggregation zombies. And yes you can go write about hip hop music at a fashion magazine or an “indie rock” website or maybe the culture vertical of a multinational corporation that also sells dishwashers and tiny confederate flag lapel pins. You can make $45 a week accumulating content there and theoretically do some good work before you burn out or the building burns down but you aren’t going to be a hip hop journalist exactly. At best you’ll be a tour guide. Your job will be to explain hip hop to readers whose interest in the subject runs no deeper than their desire to add a tab for Significant Rap Talking Points to their Cultural Investment Portfolio. Because of this the core hip hop audience will forever approach your work with a hint of skepticism (rightfully so). And every time you file an article you will have to cross your fingers and hope the sloppily reported wow aren’t rappers with guns cool video documentary that your bosses’ bosses just got a few young black men sent to jail behind doesn’t pop up as a related link.

Imo hip hop journalism is about being a voice and responsible advocate for the primary consumers and producers of hip hop music. It’s about contextualizing the culture for people who are of the culture or at least seriously invested in the culture. It means telling stories about entire communities and sometimes even about humans who aren’t famous recording artists/being groomed to become famous recording artists. As far as I can tell none of the publications that still have an audience and a budget for covering rap music are especially concerned with any of that.

jazzy_joness: Had the best time at the most magical place on earth! Special thanks to Willie for being the best tour guide ever and dealing with me on the tower of terror where I screamed bloody murder and thought I was gunna pass out. 😅#reunions #imissedmypippa

¿Celos? |One-shot Wigetta| ❤

 Me dejé caer en el sofá, pasándome la mano por el cabello y tirándolo hacia atrás por unos breves segundos. Increíble. Un paso en falso y todos se vuelven locos.
— Willy, macho, deja el tema ya. Se calmaran luego. — Me intentó de animar Vegetta, dándome una palmadita en la espalda — Que no te comas la cabeza, que fueron solo unos comentarios mal hechos y ya está.
— Sí, sí, todo lo que tú quieras, pero, ¿Estás leyendo la que se formó aquí? —Le dije señalando con la mirada hacía la pantalla. Llevaba ya unos 45 minutos o más revisando Tumblr. No puedo creer que se armen tanto lío por solo unos comentarios en Twitter. Balanceé  el vaso de jugo que tenía en la mano, haciendo que su contenido oscilase. Esto me ponía algo nervioso.
— A ver, Willy, siempre es igual. No estás descubriendo américa. Tumblr siempre se llena de teorías, ya se calmaran.  — Bufé y miré hacia otro lado. En cierta parte, tal vez sí tenía tazón. —Además, ¿Quién fue el pringao que insistió en sacarme celos con la asquerosa esa?

Sonreí y llevé hacia mis labios el vaso, intentando disimular la gracia que me causaba el que él  siguiera teniendo celos de ella. Recordaba muy bien como había pasado.
Esos días habitamos tenido varias peleas, lo cual era algo natural. Si te vas a vivir con alguien con quien no estás acostumbrado, puede que sus costumbres choquen con las tuyas, porque todos somos diferentes y humanos. Pero eso era algo que no habíamos visto venir. Creímos que todo iba ir de maravilla, y como no fue así, simplemente “Nos dimos un tiempo”. Era algo realmente estúpido, la verdad. Nos seguíamos queriendo como el primer día e incluso más, pero estábamos tan picados el uno con el otro que no queríamos admitirlo ni volver. Por lo menos hasta que el berrinche se nos pasara.

Era una regla no escrita el que durante nuestro “Tiempo” ninguno debía salir con nadie, lo de darnos un tiempo había solo sido una tontería, los dos lo sabíamos. O eso creí, porque cuando las chicas le coqueteaban en la calle el no ponía resistencia. Habían pasado varias cosas así, Incluso, durante los vídeos. ¿Se han puesto a pensar en los celos desesperantes que tuve oyéndolo hablar de “Pechotes” todo el tiempo? Lo peor es que no podía decirle nada, porque el parguela hacia ese tipo de cosas cuando estábamos grabando. No me quedaba más que asentir e intentar disimular todo mi puto odio, hasta que un día me cansé y decidí recurrir a mi lista de contactos en el móvil.

Esto había pasado hace dos semanas.

Estaba pasando el dedo por la pantalla, con cara aburrido. Nadie de los que estaban ahí me interesaba una milésima de lo que me interesa Vegetta, pero de verdad que tenía ganas de picarlo. Se lo merecía. 

Mi dedo pasó por varios nombres. Estadounidenses en su mayoría, hasta detenerse en uno que tiene una foto de una chica castaña y de ojos azules. Me quedé unos segundos mirándola. Sus labios eran finos y se curvaban en una sonrisa, la forma de su ojos azules era almendrada, sus cejas estaban perfectamente depiladas y la punta de su cabello era más clara que la raíz, iba en degradado, ¿Esas no se llamaban mechas californianas? Algo había oído de eso. Sus rasgos eran dulces y algo aniñados, con una apariencia divertida y cuanto menos atractiva.

El nombre del contacto era“Clare”… Umm… “Clare”… ¿De donde la conocía? ¿No era de la convención de Assansin´s Creed? Recordaba haber ido con Vegetta, ¿No? Me cuestioné, intentando hacer memoria. Parece que sí. Bueno, el punto es que es guapa. Bastante guapa. ¿Y si le llamo? ¿Qué es lo peor que podría pasar? Unas dos citas, algo de coqueteo y ya.  No me es necesario ni besarle, creo que solo con que él sepa que he salido unas veces con ella, va a bastar. Lo quiero de vuelta, pero es un pringao. Solo debería pedirme que sea su novio de nuevo otra vez. Aprieto el botón “Llamar”, ya no hay tiempo para arrepentirse.

—Hi? Who speaks?— Se escucha una voz femenina con un marcado acento inglés detrás del teléfono. No tenía por donde negar que era londinense.

—Hello, Clare. ¿Do you remember me? —Pregunto si me recuerda, ella ríe.

— Of course! you’re willy , we met at the convention of “Assansin´s Creed”, right?— Me dice, animada. Se acordaba perfectamente de mí.—How is Samuel?—Preguntó por mi compañero. Preferí ir al punto y decirle porqué la llamaba. Además, quería evitar hablar de él. 

— He … He’s fine. But I did not call to talk about it . I would like to talk about you and me.— Cambié de tema, intentado sonar seductor (Cosa que se me daba fatal). Volví a escuchar su risa, esta vez algo más nerviosa.

—That is…—Empieza a decir con tono de pregunta, divertida.

—Thas is… I want to have a appointment. With you.—Le suelto, esperando no quedar en ridículo. Mi inglés no es malo, pero mi pronunciación es deplorable. La verdad  es que tampoco me importaba mucho. Solo era para sacarle un poco de celos a él.

— Oh seriously? I would love to. When you can?—Accedió, dulce. 

La verdad es que me sabía mal involucrar a una chica así de dulce solo para sacarle celos a él, pero la tontería ya estaba hecha. 

Finalmente, acordamos el día, el lugar y la hora. Iba a haber un junta-fiesta de Halo en Santa Mónica, así que ella me dijo que podríamos ir juntos. Yo conozco más Los Ángeles que ella, que es inglesa, así que podía hacerle de guía, ¿No? “Tengo una cita, molesto un poco al pringao ese y de paso voy a una fiesta. Mejor plan no puedo tener.” Resolví para mi mismo, satisfecho.

Ese día…

—Willy, ¿Qué haces?—Me preguntó Vegetta, viendo como rociaba un poco de perfume en mi cuello para luego terminar de acomodarme la camiseta gris que recién me acababa de poner.

—Voy a salir.—Respondí, sonriendo para mis adentros.

—¿Con quién? ¿Dónde?—Se extrañó.

—Con una tía. Por ahí.—Intenté sonar lo más casual que pude, y a parecer funcionó.

Puedo jurar que vi la boca de Vegetta caer hasta el suelo. Estaba atónito. Se encontraba de pie junto a mí, viendo como terminaba de arreglarme y sin saber que decir. Já. ¿Creía que era el único que podía estar con tías y alardear de ello? Pues no. Apuesto que no le ha dicho a ninguna de esas arrastradas como me dice a mí. “No, no, enfócate Guillermo. La cosa es que él se ponga celoso, no tú” me reproché.

Salí y cerré la puerta detrás de mí con un aire victorioso. Le pasaba por andar de parguelita hablando de tías. 


Caminamos bastante, faltaba media hora aún, así que de paso y para hacer hora, me fui enseñándole algunos lugares de la cuidad. Ella no conocía muy bien Los Ángeles, por no decir nada. Había crecido en Londres con sus padres y su hermano, Dane. Solo salía por las vacaciones, había visto muy poco de estados unidos en general. 

 Íbamos caminando sin más, cuando ella paró para decirme algo.

— We should take a Selfie, of memory.—Propuso contenta, a lo que yo accedí. La “cita” iba yendo bastante bien.

Puso el teléfono a una distancia más o menos adecuada, y sacó la foto. Miramos hacia la pantalla para ver como había salido la foto y nos reímos.

Our faces look horrible!  Just look at us!— Solté entre risas, indicando hacia su móvil. Ella había cerrado los ojos y tenía cara de haber bebido algo y a mi me había llegado el sol directo en la cara. Joder, me veía aún más chino. Esto solo me pasaba a mí.

Hicimos un segundo intento, y esta sí que salió como esperábamos. De hecho, había salido más que perfecta. Sonreí, satisfecho. La verdad es que no era egocéntrico (Ejem, como alguien), pero sabía muy bien lo que tenía.

— Can I post the photo on Twitter? — Me preguntó, guardando la foto.

—Of course. We look good.—Le confirmé. Esto era perfecto, iba a publicarlo. Seguro que no va a tardar en llegar a Vegetta. Vaya tontería estoy haciendo.

— Ready! It is already published. —Me dijo, mostrándome el Tweet.

” AMAZING day in LA Santa Monica with the best ever tour guide @WillyrexYT  Now heading to #halofest!“

Abajo del texto ponía la foto que nos habíamos sacado hace unos segundos. Tuve una idea. Saqué mi móvil, iba a contestarle.

“That was great! Its always nice to take a break from making videos and go out… :P “

Le contesté, mirándola y sonriendo. Ella me devolvió la sonrisa, hablamos un rato y seguimos caminando. Ya estábamos cerca del lugar y ya iba siendo hora de que empezara.

Cuando ya estábamos ahí, vi que había tomado su móvil y estaba escribiendo.  El mío vibró en mi bolsillo y supe que me había contestado. Lo desbloqueé, vi la contestación y le volví a sonreír. De verdad, me caía genial. Como amiga, pero me caía genial. 


Ese día fue normal, agradable. la chica era bastante enérgica y siempre tenía un buen tema de conversación. Si hubiera sido hétero, probablemente habría sido  exactamente de mi tipo. También había que destacar que estaba constantemente pegada a su móvil, pero eso no me molestó. Ella aparte de agradable, era bastante sociable, sabía cuando y de que hablar. Sinceramente, el coqueteo fue poco. Nos tratamos más como colegas que otra cosa. Hubieron abrazos, apretones de mejillas cariñosos y uno que otro toque de manos que la hicieron sonrojar, pero más de eso no. Tampoco tenía intenciones de engañar a mi novio. El asunto era sacarle celos, no iba a hacer nada de lo que después me sintiera culpable.

Y con respecto al lugar…Estaba lleno de cosas guays; Consolas con diferentes versiones de Halo, figuras coleccionables, cosplays mega chulos, ordenadores y de todo. Fue la leche, la verdad. De hecho hubo momentos en los que pensé “Bua tío, si Vegetta viera esto…” Y hasta me ponía algo triste y todo. Sacudí la cabeza. Tenía que dejar de pensar en eso.

 Saqué las llaves del bolsillo  de mi pantalón, suspiré, las metí en la cerradura y abrí la puerta con lentitud.

—Hola… ¿Vegetta?—Pregunté al vacío. Parecía no haber nadie en casa.

—¡Buenas compañero!—Me saludó desde el sofá.—  Os habéis divertidos bastante, tú y tu chica, ¿Eh?—Me espetó. Sí, se había enterado. Y sí, estaba celoso. Sonreí.


—Avísame antes, ¿Vale? Habíamos terminado y yo no lo sabía.—Estaba… ¿Triste? No, esto no era lo que yo quería.

—A ver, es que no es eso…—No sabía como explicárselo.

—¿No era eso? ¡Pero si acabas de volver de una cita! Y era guapa la chica y todo.—Rió amargamente, mostrándome la pantalla de su móvil, donde salía la foto que nos habíamos sacado.

—Pero, Samuel…—Tomé su mano. No quería que esto pasara. Lo último que esperaba era ponerlo triste.

—Pero nada, Willy. ¿No te gustan las chicas ahora? Pues ve con tu novia, que leches. A mi no me digas nada.—Dijo, para después levantarse del sofá y caminar en dirección a su habitación. 

—¡Espera!—Le grité,  persiguiéndolo. Vaya tontería había hecho. A tomar por saco el orgullo, la dignidad y todo. No quiero ponerlo mal. Es que soy tonto.

Lo abracé por la espalda sin conciencia de la fuerza con la que lo había hecho. Solo quería que se detuviera, que no se alejara.

—Wi… ¿Willy?

—Perdón.—Susurré contra su espalda, estrechándolo aún más.—Hice esta tontería porque quería ponerte celoso. Celoso, ¡No triste, joder!—Le reproché, soltándome de su espalda y poniéndome en frente de él para quedar cara a cara.

—¿Y no era más simple decirme que querías volver? No sé macho, en plan locura.—Me preguntó divertido, haciendo incapié en “locura”.

  Hubo un silencio que duró unos segundos, segundos en los que estábamos solo mirándonos a los ojos. 

—No lo volvamos a dejar.—Le pedí. Más bien que una petición fue una súplica.

—¿Y quién te dice que hemos vuelto? Tal vez a mi también me de por salir por ahí con una guiri.

—Vegetta… No te atreverías…

—Qué no…—Dijo, divertido.—Ay, ya se ponía celosito…—Se burló con un tono agudo que me hizo gracia.

Me encantaba que fuera así. Me gustaban sus tonterías,  sus dichos, sus muletillas, su forma de expresarse… Me gustaba por dentro y por fuera, completo. Sonreí. Todo volvía a ser como antes, como debía ser. Enredé los dedos en su cabello y empujé con suavidad su cara hacia la mía para besarle, él me correspondió el beso. 

Mi novio (Sonaba tan bien decirle así), pasó su mano por detrás de mi cintura, acercándome a él, mientras que pasaba su otra mano por mi cadera. Lo sentí sonreír contra mi boca. La reconciliación iba a ser lo mejor de todo esto.

Dos semanas después

—¿Willy? Vegetta agitó su mano delante de mi cara.


—Nada, que te has quedao empanao así de repente.


—No, el vecino, carapie.Rió, apretando una de mis mejillas.Mira, ya han dejado de hablar de el temita.—Me dijo, con un tono jactancioso.—Que te dije yo…

—¿Sí? ¿Tan rápido?—Me asombré.

—Sí, sí. ya ves tú que no era para tanto. Ahora están hablando del nuevo capítulo.

Sonreí recargándome en su hombro. Tenía razón, me preocupaba por tonterías. Él era mi novio ahora, eso era lo único que importaba.

Stalkeé intensamente a la Clare esa para poder escribir este One-Shot, de verdad. Creo que ni cuando me mandaron a investigar la biografía de Miguel Ángel investigué tanto y con tanto ahínco. 

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