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what yall not gonna do is discredit black artists… black folks been out here singing and dancing at the same damn time for years and years… yall really are talking about these mediocre white western artists. black artists constantly bring amazing performances..


Short and sketchy Rein animations done for one of my classes. The running gif is actually a wip clip for my final project haha.

Even when this fandom has a really crazy few days, I still love it. I never thought I’d be one to join tumblr, and jonsa’s what brought me here and kept me here. The amazing metas, theories, fanfic, and fanart - it’s glorious. The fandom is a goddamned beautiful wellspring of creatively and I keep coming back to it. So thank you, jonsa fam, you’re the best!

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“Are we ready?”


Clay Quarantine!Sans!

So I have to say that Q quickly became one of my favorite Sans’s when I came across him. I mean he’s an AI Sans, what’s not to love? (besides maybe his freaking outfit omg q why do you have so many layers??) I’ve been wanting to make a figure of him for a while now and finally had the time to do so. And so here he is!

Q belongs to @jolie-in-the-underground go check out their amazing content and maybe ask Q some questions if you want!

Oh and some bonus pictures under the cut if you want to see.

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hc where is summer so will and mike are lying on the grass after going for a swim on the lake, mike sunbathing on his back while will draws the landscape with his crayons, giving his backpack a double take before pulling out jonathan’s videocamera out of it “oh my god, will. get that away from my face. what are you doing?” mike giggles looking up at him “well, jonathan said i should use it only for important things


Manhandling Rumple Weaver in episode 7x07 “Eloise Gardener”

Rogers figures out that Detective Weaver is behind the fake diary page Tilly gave him to make him believe Eloise Gardener was dead. He’s obviously very angry about it when he confronts Weaver, who insists he did it to protect Rogers from himself.

hc where bullies snatch will’s sketchbook from his backpack “what do we have here? zombie boy has a crush on frog face. awe, how romantic” and destroy all his drawings “you should consider yourselves lucky because no one else would ever want to be with freaks like you” so mike rides his bike to will’s house later that day “mike? what are you-” “hey, thought you could use some company” he smiles sympathetically at will “and a model

Since the nights are getting longer…

(On the northern hemisphere, at least) I’m going to start working on Night Court related artworks and will probably stick to Night Court themed artworks for the month of December. The problem is, I procrastinate a LOT, specially since tumblr decided to pull out the “best stuff first” bullshit, so this post is kind of here to hold myself accountable 😂😂😂

The pressure is very real since the Court of Dreams has the most beautiful group of Faes 😅

(If anybody has anything particular that’s related to the Night Court that they’d like me to attempt to draw, do tell me 😊 I can’t guarantee being able to for time or lack of skills, but I will try)

This post is a mess EXCUSE ME 😫

sure when flowey fucks up your game files and murders ur friends he’s still a loved character but when MONIKA does it shes “a bitch’ and “a horrible’ person