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HP reread IX: follow 4 more soft wizard racism
  • this whole time I’ve thought dark marks are black, but it turns out they only go black when Voldemort touches them. the rest of the time they’re “vivid red”. Karkaroff said his had been “getting clearer” all year, implying that it faded during that decade-or-so when Voldemort was an evil spirit Smeagol. so, for 13 years, some of the biggest, baddest wizards in the country walked around with pale pink skulls tattooed on their arms. death eaters rockin’ that pastel grunge aesthetic.
  • while we’re gently mocking death eaters: if Voldemort’s original plan was to kill Harry, hitch a portkey back to Hogwarts and take control using the element of surprise and his loyal buds that showed up in the graveyard, he would obviously have taken them with him, right? please picture all the death eaters and Voldemort standing around the Triwizard Cup, touching it with a single finger and patiently waiting for it to take off. that is the funniest fucking image. UNFORTUNATELY we know that the portkey is permanently active as it took Harry straight back to Hogwarts as soon as he touched it, so INSTEAD picture Voldemort counting down from 3 so all the death eaters touch it at the same time. “are we touching it ON THREE or AFTER THREE?” “on three.” “so one two three touch?” “on three! ON THREE, GOYLE, FOR FUCK’S SAKE!!!”
  • I wish JKR had let Snape stay as a morally black/extremely dark grey reprehensible fucktrumpet triple agent who was invaluable to the order — and a great example of the whole “not all bad people are death eaters” (er… anymore) thing that gets brought up w/ Umbridge — and who we could all merrily love to hate while also genuinely liking as a character. (like the scene where he shows Fudge his dark mark? so cool. SO COOL. he outs himself as an ex-death eater in front of a whole group of people including his students, colleagues and the Minister for Magic just to make a point.) instead she tried to make him into some sort of tragic Byronic hero and it was pants. BUT LET’S NOT JUMP THE GUN, EH?
  • honestly I’m surprised Sirius didn’t launch himself out of the chair and try to eat Snape at that point. (Sirius was a dog at the time. this sounds weird.) 
  • speaking of weird dog Sirius, I really think he has spent far too much time as a dog and needs to chill. he came up with A DOG NAME FOR HIMSELF. which, okay, isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but what does Sirius go for? Spike? Spot? Rover? Lucky? no. SNUFFLES. Sirius, buddy, you gotta get out of that dog mentality. you let Harry, Ron and Hermione pat you on the head to say goodbye. you gotta be a MAN! 
  • after the third task, Dumbledore sends McGonagall down the pumpkin patch and tells her to take the large, black dog that she’ll find sitting in it up to his office. CAN YOU PLEASE IMAGINE how OVER THE MOON Sirius would be with McGoogles showing up, talking to him WHILE HE’S A DOG, taking him up to Dumbledore’s office WHILE HE’S A DOG, and telling him the headmaster will see him shortly WHILE! HE’S! A DOG! he fucking loved it. I bet he was utterly beside himself. McGoog, talking to him in dog form, probably being very stern and Scots about it. and she had NO IDEA it was him. I bet he could not fucking WAIT to tell Remus.
  • there isn’t a lot of Draco Malfoy in GoF, but he pops in at the end for some Classic Malfoy interaction. he shows up in their train compartment, as is his wont, and starts gloating about how he warned Harry about hanging out with the wrong sort four fucking years ago on the day they very first met, on the train, remember, Potter? I warned you! I said this would happen, Potter! you picked the losing side! I told you to pick your company more carefully, remember? remember, Potter? when we met on the train? I told you! you should have picked me! you should have pICKED ME, POTTER, WHY DIDN’T YOU PICK ME??? WELL IT’S TOO LATE NOW!!! I DON’T EVEN WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE, POTTER, SO THERE!!!!! then they all jinx him and leave him on the train with bats in his nose or something.
  • I am sure you will all be OVERJOYED to know that Goblet of Fire contains my single favourite moment from the entirety of the Harry Potter series as a whole. yes. my #1 moment. My Scene. during the third task, Harry bumps into a sphinx in the maze. sphinxes are dangerous mythical creatures, and Harry is taking part in a dangerous legendary tournament. the sphinx says, “You are very near your goal. The quickest way is past me.” and what does Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, the Chosen One, the saviour of the wizarding world, say to this? “so will you move, please?” that’s my SON. THAT’S MY BOOOY!!!
  • tmi books: here we have clary, a girl hater who dislikes people purely for being pretty. then Jace who makes unnecessary nasty comments and is so hetero that he can't be seen drinking something pink. this is Simon, a guy who two times on girls but it's okay because "he liked them both so much, he couldn't make up his mind". oh those people, they' doesn't matter they just stay in the background.

Just some people who know.

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Always best til last…

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I enjoy how this ended up much longer than I expected and I’ve probably forgotten some…


Arjen Robben | World Cup Qualifiers | Sweden x Netherlands | 10.10.2017


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Themes= 😊 ,🌟 (I’m going to say that this is a Fluff one-shot simply because I don’t know what else it is. 

Summary: Is it possible to be your muses muse?
Characters= Sehun X Dresa (Written in third person)

A/N: So this was a birthday request by a special reader who has been reading my work for as long as I can remember I hope you had an awesome day and I hope you enjoyed the one-shot. Thanks for always supporting me :)

Dresa was really quiet and timid; most of the time she sat in the corner and stared. Drinking in every single detail that her surroundings held. She was curious to say the least but she understood that curiousity wasn’t always what people admired so she decided keeping herself to herself was best. She sat in the corner of her art class staring at the subject that she was painting.

Oh Sehun.

The man was stunning but above all else he was art. His jaw was perfectly sculpted and his eyes perfectly carved, besides the warm fuzzy feeling she felt when walking past him in the hallways she believed that he was truly a master piece; all emotions aside. His height was spectacular and his slender fingers always seemed to move with such diligence and precision. She watched as he stared at the bouquet of flowers in front of him, slowly stroking his brush up and down on his canvas. She had seen his works around the school and he was a great artist. So good in fact that the school had sponsored him to be their official ‘piece decorator’ word around school was that his final piece was to be hung in the school plaza. The plaza was arguably the face of the establishment and so it had to be top notch.
Dresa’s eyes seldom wandered from his face as she slowly moved her brush around the canvas, occasionally dipping it into the acrylic to mix the perfect colours for his skin shade. Soft music was playing in the back, the teacher encouraging a relaxing environment. ‘Relaxation is when art is at its finest.’ Is what he always used to say before turning on the radio.
She cocked her head to the side; intrigued by the way Sehun dipped his brush into the paint. He was trying a new technique that she had never seen him use before.

“Yo that girl…She’s been staring at you for hours now.” His friend Junmyeon whispered as he elbowed him lightly. He himself was an art expert but simply not as good as Oh Sehun.

“Hmm?” Sehun raised his brow as he paused moving his brush against the canvas and turned his head in her direction.
Dresa’s heart thumped as he turned to look at her. She quickly whipped her head down at her painting of his side profile. Was she staring too hard? Did he notice? It was daunting to say the least but in a positive way in which she hadn’t the words to describe. He continued to look at her though she was no longer looking at him, and then slowly turned to look back at the bouquet of flowers on the table ahead of him.

“She’s always staring.” Junmyeon whispered again as he put his brush down to look at Sehun’s work.

“Really? I’ve never noticed…” Sehun lied looking towards his right at his friend.

“Yeah she does. They call here lady mystére.” Junmyeon chuckled under his breath as he picked up his brush again. “Ah…. Oh Sehun, when will I ever be a better artist than you?”

“Lady Mystére? Why?”

Junmyeon shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. “I don’t know? But she’s weird…”

“Hmm? I wouldn’t say weird…maybe just quiet.” Sehun mumbled as he began to paint again.

“Ten hours is up! Brushes down”

Dresa looked up at her teacher; he was a short man with the roundest, reddest cheeks that she had ever had the pleasure of witnessing. His cheeks shook as he continued to speak.

“I’m a creative man so I have a creative mind.” He smiled as he stood at the front of the class with a red crayon in his hand. “So let’s share art pieces shall we?! With positive criticism comes positive change does it not?”

Dresa’s eye’s opened wide in panic as she stared down at her finished portrait piece of Oh Sehun. How could she share this? How could she let him see this? They’d never had to share art pieces before, she never had to share the dozens of other Sehun pieces that she’d painted, she bit her lip nervously thinking of what to do. But her hands were tied.

“Kim Junmyeon how about we start with this beautiful piece that I can see ahead of me.”

Junmyeon nodded as the rest of the class began to reorganise themselves in positions so that were easy to see his art piece. He cleared his throat as he began to describe his work.
“Well this piece is called ‘sombre et lumineux’. It’s where the dark meets the light. I wanted to represent human emotion, when an individual meets happiness, but I wanted to show rapid transition in emotion; hence the use of sharp and solid colours, not a lot of mixing.” He bowed his head as a chorus of claps sounded throughout the room.

“Mr Oh? Would you like to go next?” Your teacher raised a brow at him.

“Nah!” Junmyeon slapped Sehun’s back making the taller man jerk forward. “Save the best ‘til last, hmm?”
Sehun gave a shy small smile as he dipped his head down towards his chest.

“Fine. How about you?” Her teacher asked.
Dresa noticed that his finger was pointing directly at her and now the whole class turned to look at her. Including Oh Sehun. Her heart began to pound against her chest as felt slightly dizzy. She shook her head. It wasn’t the positive criticism she was scared of receiving but it was the fact that she’d look like an obsessive creep for painting Sehun.

“Come on, I’m sure it’s not that bad…we all have to show our pieces anyway why don’t you just get it out of the way?” Junmyeon smiled as he walked over to her.

“Stop.” She stuck her hand out so that her flattened palm collided with his chest. She heard a few gasps from around the room. Sehun stared at her and raised his brow at her in astonishment as she stared at her staring at Junmyeon. He had never heard the girl speak before. Her voice was quiet yet assertive. “I’m ashamed of my piece and I’m not ready to show mine.” She pushed Junmyeon back; he lingered stunned by her voice and then went back to sit in his seat.

“Okay… Maybe you’d care to show it after the break. There are no exceptions to this new rule.” The Teacher frowned as he turned his attention to the other students.

One by one everyone showcased their pieces including Sehun. Who had appeared to call his work ‘bouquet’ for a creative man, he didn’t seem to have an original creative ideas.

“Let’s take an hour break. We’ll begin evaluation later on.” The teacher dismissed the class. Dresa let out a shaky sigh as she left the room; she was so close to being caught. She walked down the corridors and sat in her favourite location. The dark room. Room 110. She was sure by now that everyone was aware that she stayed in this room. She was also aware of her nick name. “Lady Mystére.” But keeping herself to herself wasn’t a bad thing. She stayed in the dark room for a reason. Number one, it gave her peace and quiet and number two she was working on a project. She slowly took out the sandwich from her bag which she had prepared at home. Tuna and cucumber. Munching slowly she thought about the near miss she had just had. She slid her hand into the front of her bag to retrieve her phone.

“Oh crap.” She hissed, she must have left it behind. She quickly dropped her bag and stood up so that she could go back to the room in which she just left. Her body moved swiftly between people down the corridor, they were all staring at her as though she were a mythical creature but she was used to it. Quickly she opened the door of the art room and her heart began to pound as she looked ahead of her.

Oh Sehun.

He was alone in the class room, sitting at her stool his eyes fixated on her painting.
His eyes fixated on himself.
His gaze lifted slowly to meet hers when he realised he was no longer the only one in the room. It was silent for a few seconds and Dresa was breathing heavily, her palms were sweaty and she felt a sense of dread and embarrassment overcome her.

“I wanted to see what you were so ashamed of…” He said softly as he looked back at the painting. “But everything is…perfect. My nose, and eyes…wow. You’re better than me honestly.” He rose from the stool and walked slowly towards her. He then pulled two stools from the nearest table and positioned them between himself and her. Sitting down on one he stared at her shocked form as she was clutching her dress in her hands. “Sit? I don’t bite.” He smiled softly but his eyes remained quizzical. “I’m honoured.” He pointed over his shoulder at the painting keeping his eyes on her as she lowered herself to the stool.
Dresa was shaking now, he was speaking to her. Now he knew that she existed she was now a living breathing entity that crossed paths with him and that made her feel anxious.
“You don’t speak very much do you?” He said quietly as though not to frighten her. Her eyes were still wide as she stared at him. “Why did you paint me?” He asked staring intently at her.

She shrugged her shoulders, knowing all too well why she did.

He stared at her a little longer; the dimensions of her face were perfect. She was weird-looking, in the most celestial way possible. He noticed that she didn’t blink very often and she was extremely still. His eyes widened as a thought popped into his mind. He cleared his throat as he leaned in a little closer making her lean backwards.

“I have a weird proposal. Would you meet me tomorrow?” His eyes rested on hers as he awaited her answer.

“Why?” Was all she said and his eyes opened wide at the sound of her voice, he swallowed hard as he was caught off guard. He found that he nervously began to play with his fingers.

“I want to paint you.”

She stood outside of Sehun’s house. It was big and tasteful, shrubs and bushes rich in the colour green lined the pathway to the brown brick house in the centre, it seemed as though the house had three floors. Why she had agreed to it she didn’t really know but she felt oddly compelled her muse had requested to paint her, she was about to experience being Sehun’s protégé. The man of her dreams wanted to paint her; she would have to be a fool to pass up that offer. What he would do with it she didn’t know, but she didn’t care much either. She pressed the bell and knocked just to be double sure. She wore a simple black dress; deep down she wished she wore something more appealing but she didn’t have the confidence to be sexy; so she remained looking like the ‘mysterious girl that hangs out in the dark room.’
The door opened slowly revealing Sehun standing tall beside the door.

“You came.” His eyes widened as the scanned her body as though checking she was free of weapons, it was dark and cold outside and he felt the wind sweep around his ankles. “Please, come inside.” He stepped aside and let her in, shutting the door behind her.
Dresa looked around, the house seemed basic and it was very heart warming, most of the décor that surrounded the place was made of mahogany. “Come.” He led the way, as they walked up two flights of stairs and ended up on the third floor, he continued to walk all the way to the furthest door pushing it open as the hinges creaked. “I really need to oil that up.” He mumbled to himself as he stood aside and let her in. An overwhelming smell of paint filled her senses almost knocking her back. She could she palettes tubs and tubes of paint littering the floor, and old paint stained calico fabric protecting the floor boards, he had already set up two stools in the middle of the room and Dresa couldn’t help but realise how close in proximity they were to each other, she could already feel him staring into her soul. “You can take a seat.” He stretched his arm out towards one of the stools as he closed the door lightly behind them.
Dresa stared up around the walls in awe as she slowly made her way towards the stool. There were numerous paintings all signed and dated. A range of different colours and emotions pouring from them. There were 20 at least.

He took two big steps forward and sat on the stool in front of Dresa; picking up his palette and brush.

“I didn’t ask…which was so rude of me. What’s your name?” He looked at her directly in the eyes. He wasn’t smiling this time as it looked as though he was trying to figure it out. “I’m sure it’s something other than Lady Mystére?”
She raised a brow in astonishment, he had heard of her? She felt her arms becoming sweaty as he eyes began to scan her face. He frowned and shook his head. Her heart thumped against her chest. What did she do? Did he realise that he no longer wanted to paint her? Wasn’t she good enough to hang on his wall of masterpieces? “No this won’t do.” He muttered to himself as he stood up placing the items in his hand down. She watched him walk over to the side as he brought back a wet-wipe. “Could you remove your makeup? I want to capture your raw beauty.” He cocked his head to the side as he handed the wipe down to her. Dresa let out a shaky breath as she hesitantly took the wipe from his hand. She swallowed hard as she set about wiping the little makeup she had on, off of her face. “I’m sorry…That was insensitive of me. I just really want to capture beauty in it’s deepest dimension you know. All things natural.” He reached his hand and traced his thumb over her plump lip as he squinted ever so slightly, he then lightly grabbed her jaw with his hand as he turned her head slowly to the side; inspecting her side profile. “Truly ethereal.” He whispered as he pulled her face back to where it was. He swallowed. “Crap. I’m so sorry. I just get really passionate. I haven’t made you uncomfortable have I?”
She shook her head slowly, her heart threatening to burst out of her ribcage at the lingering sensation of Sehun’s thumb on her lips. He had grazed her so carefully and accurately. He picked the items back up from the stool and sat down again. “I still don’t know your name or would you rather I didn’t know?”
She shook her head lightly as he stared at her intensely. He smiled at her as he raised a brow. “I guess you are mysterious, hmm?”

Hours later and Sehun was just finishing up the piece. “You’re an amazing subject…an absolute pleasure to paint.” Dresa watched as his lips lightly smacked against each other as he spoke, making a Kaleidoscope of butterfly’s swarm in her stomach. He lightly placed his palette and brush down as he turned to look between her and the painting. The canvas was huge and it was overwhelming for Dresa to see her face on such a large scale; accurately impersonated. “So do you like it?” He asked her. She gave a curt nod. “Wow a woman of little words, hmm?”
She looked down at her hands as she began to fidget with her fingers.
“I’ve seen you around Lady Mystére.” Sehun said quietly as though he were telling her a secret. “You keep yourself to yourself, I’ve noticed. I’ve noticed you staring at me too, though I never imagine that I was your muse. Maybe I intrigue you as much as you intrigue me?” Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open as she listened to him speak. She intrigued him? But how?

He hissed as he stomped his foot roughly on the ground.
“Shit. I got your lips wrong.” He squinted at his painting in frustration; the lips were pretty much dry now as that was where he had decided to start. He stroked it lightly with his fingers and for a crazy split second Dresa felt as though she could also feel the sensation of his touch on her own lips. “This…this isn’t as…attractive.” He looked at her real lips. But he didn’t lift his gaze; he reached for her lips again gliding his thumb against them. “Yours are so much more plump…” He whispered to her. “Your lips are truly…beautiful. I’ve not captured them well enough.” He leaned forward in his stool and stared at her lips. She could feel his hot breath on her face as she held her gaze. She stood up from her stool so as to leave, but he lightly pushed her back down again, before he covered her mouth with his own. He slowly moved his lips against hers and she felt a burst of passion and wave of heat rip through her body.
His breath tasted like peppermint and his lips were soft against hers. She pushed away softly, her body felt limp but she found the strength to stand regardless.

“I’ll go now.” Was all she whispered
His eyes widened as he looked at her walk towards the door, her speech always shocked him. He forgot she had a voice.

“Thank you Lady Mystere. You were a pleasure to paint. See you next week.”

There was a hum and buzz in the corridor leading towards the school plaza; she struggled to make her way through the crowd as she felt eyes staring at her. ‘There she is’ ‘Look it’s her.’ She heard people whisper as she snaked her way closer to the plaza. What was going on she thought to herself?

“….Yeah it’s Sehun’s new piece, I’m shocked he’d do that.” She heard a female say as she walked past her and finally squeezed her way into the plaza. She looked up at the brick wall towards where everyone was facing. Her mouth hung open as she looked up at the painting above her and the placard directly below it.

“Lady Mystére.”

“You’re my final piece. I wanted to share your raw beauty, plus you seem to be the staple of this school maybe you’ll even go down in history. Do you like it?” She heard a familiar voice say from beside her. She looked up to see Oh Sehun smiling up at his painting. “I’m sorry about last night… I… I was overwhelmed by how Elysian you come across.” He stressed. “I don’t think I have ever been intrigued by a woman quite so much, besides your touch of mystery only intrigues me further. Also I was meant to ask…would you let me keep the painting you made of me? It’s breathtaking. I promise I’m not vain, but your artistry is… on another level I’d love for you to teach me a few techniques one day.” He chuckled as her eyes widened. Her muse wanted to be her protégé in a sense. She nodded in response as she opened her mouth to speak.


“Hmm?” Sehun raised his brow as he focused his attention on her form.

“My name is Andresa. And yes you can have the painting.”

He smiled at her.
“Wow… your name is lovely… I have one more proposal.”

She looked up at him as she waited for him to speak.

“Will you let me paint you again?”

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A Call Out Post

To all the friends who have spent far too much time on Google Hangout with the loser that is me recently.

Courtney ( @courtneye7220 ) - who has been a gem and so lovely what a babe. She just talks and talks which is literally perfect for me.

Alice ( @seriouslyprongs ) - Sugar - A fast friend who makes me super happy, maybe I’ll see her soon and she’s so cute wow.

Allie ( @elvendork-y ) - Allie The Valiant - Literally one of the cutest people on earth? Like? Have you seen her? Her dorcas is cute too and like… she’s great.

OTP: Selos

Siri ( @ask-siri-lupin ) - My doll - actually the prettiest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting? And she’s one of the coolest friends I’ve ever had.

The J Squad

Jules ( @romulusandremuslupin ) - Tiny Spaghetti - Is the same age that I was when I was a massive twat… but is actually a cool human and like… really nice. Also good acting 10/10.

Jasmine ( @stopbeingartsy ) - Flower Queen - this human though… she is so fine. And so funny. And so nice. The perfect.

Justyn ( @justyncase ) - lil duckling - one of the first people I properly befriended on this hellsite and they are just the best.

WIWWOW CWEW (Y'all thought I was joking last night)

(Jules, you’re here too because you are a meme)

Cai ( @askthenewmoon ) - bed bug - what a darling :’) apparently my sleepover buddy? He is the coolest.

Alison ( @rainbowsandsilverlinings ) - My Evie - Saving the best ‘til last? It’s possible. She’s beauty, she’s grace, I’ll punch everyone who argues in the face.

JEALOUS (Luke Hemmings)

Requested: Yes

  • You are a famous singer dating Luke but you are at the VMAS bs he’s on tour and he gets mad because there are pictures of you and Justin Bieber close together (but you guys are just friends and Your proud) and you get into a fight but it all works out

Rating: No Smut

Word Count: 1 995

Storyline: You’re at your first nominated VMAs but your boyfriend Luke isn’t able to be with you, and he gets jealous when there’s photos of you and Justin Bieber together.

“Baby, you look so stunning, I’m so sorry I can’t be there with you.”

You looked at the shiny screen in front of you, Luke’s big blue eyes looking through at yours. You were skyping him during your dress fitting as he was on tour right now and him and the boys were missing the VMAs, the first VMAs that you were nominated in a category for.

“Are you absolutely sure you can’t make it out? Even if you’re not here for long?” you said, as he shook his head.

“y/n you know if there was a possibility, I would be out there with you in a heartbeat” he said, sadness clear in his voice.

“I understand, but you better at least be watching the lifestream” you joked.

“Don’t worry I will be! I’ll be fangirling with all the other people on twitter and trying to find the right link” he laughed. “Anyway baby I gotta go, gotta rest up for the show, have fun tonight okay” he said, as he blew a kiss into the camera. “I love you. Good luck, you look beautiful” he added, and with a click of a button, he was gone.

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Why is Ocarina of Time losing so badly

I mean I’m glad to see Undertale winning, go us, but-

Where’s that oh-so dedicated fanbase? Is everyone just giving in?? I would’ve thought that the OoT people would’ve done some rallying of their own.


it’s just weird because the last couple of rounds were such a struggle?? and here we are at the finals - against freakin Ocarina of Time - and it’s 58% to 42%????

I just thought it would’ve been an actual fight like it was against Melee the other day