best thing you've ever seen

The signs as opera singers
  • Aries: does not accept chorus roles, never marks during rehearsal
  • Taurus: always taking Alexander technique and helping others with their anxiety
  • Gemini: sings other people's parts in the back of the room
  • Cancer: Emotionally connects to their character more than anyone else in the production
  • Leo: posts more about their music on their social media/website than they do practicing
  • Virgo: never lets go of their score, is practicing or studying at all possible moments
  • Libra: doesn't make friends, just makes "connections" for future gigs
  • Scorpio: always asking everybody else what role they're studying, what they're auditioning for, and what their range is
  • Sagittarius: auditions for roles/programs/companies they're not ready for but "just for the experience"
  • Capricorn: has the cleanest and best fucking resumé you've ever seen
  • Aquarius: writes down every single thing the conductor and director say, never reads any of the notes
  • Pisces: late to the rehearsal because they were crying in a practice room
  • 1. describe the best dream you've ever had.
  • 2. describe the best friend you've ever had, regardless of the friendship's current status.
  • 3. describe your dream dog.
  • 4. describe your favourite person on tumblr and see if your followers can guess who they are.
  • 5. describe your dream life.
  • 6. describe your desired style. who is most similar to that style?
  • 7. describe the best day you've ever had.
  • 8. describe how you want to be when you grow old ( ex. a cranky old man or a rich, posh old woman ).
  • 9. describe what you hope to be in four words.
  • 10. describe your favourite movie without saying the title or any of the characters names.
  • 11. describe the best light you've ever seen.
  • 12. describe the coolest thing you've ever seen.
  • 13. describe the worst substitute teacher you've ever had.
  • 14. describe your favourite spot in your house.
  • 15. describe your pets.
  • 16. describe the dreamiest spot in your town.
  • 17. describe yourself as if you were a character in a book.
  • 18. describe the feeling you get when you see your crush.
  • 19. describe the best spot you know for watching the sunrise or sunset.
  • 20. describe your favourite weather.
KHUX be like
  • KHUX: oh you're upset you're so far behind the JP version? here have 50 missions a month :)
  • KHUX: oh you don't like the hackers? here let us punish them for you :)
  • KHUX: oh you don't like that we nerfed the Zootopia medals? here have a partial refund on us :)
  • KHUX: oh we underwent maintenance for four hours? actually we told you about that beforehand but here have some jewels we're sorry anyway :)