best thing to wake up to ok

things i’m sad we won’t get to see: 

  • elias waking up at kollektivet
  • being greeted by noora, the girl he likes
  • being quite shook by the last point, but trying to look as if he’s not
  • eskild asking noora who’s that cute guy sleeping on their couch
  • eskild telling elias that he has the best cure for hangovers, and preparing it for him, and elias finding it gross, but it helps
  • elias being genuinely thankful for their help and letting them know that he is
dan and phil play what would you do if: a summary

danandphilgamesDILEMMAS i feel personally attacked thanks phil

they credited jack’s video aw

they didn’t need to do that but philly loves crediting people

phil’s example includes a badger of course

the brown vs black circle debate

“we’re learning things about each other and you’re learning things about us” i’ll be shocked if you find anything you don’t know about each other tbfh

the firearm question… wow okay

“hey there mister philly, what’ve you got yourself an illegal weapon for? planning on doing some sneaky shooting?” cue the multitude of policeman!dan aus

dan tear your eyes away from him

actually don’t i’ve missed this

“i’d put it in a cloth bag without touching it with my own hand, so there’d be no fingerprint, then they’d know i didn’t touch it… unless i did touch it then wiped it down and then did that… but they wouldn’t know that” well phil did say we’d learn more about them… he’s thought about this to a great extent before

“this sounds like something you’ve thought through” dan and i on the same wavelength

“life isn’t grand theft auto, guys” - phil lester 2k17

‘what would you do if the house you are in is on fire?’ “i mean it would be very good for your username” phil ever the optimist

“we don’t have pets, stop rubbing it in game”

“i feel like because the internets watching i have to say i’d save everyone but me”

dan’s array of accents is always lovely

phil got about five hours sleep the night before the boy needs an early night

“what is a pervy stuff?” first of all mister english degree, flawless grammar usage and secondly dan’s reaction represents all of us

“as pervy as you want mate, time has stopped…. as long as you don’t leave a trace” the wholesome howell branding has completely disappeared

phil discussing going into a locker room whilst time has stopped… i wonder which gender he has in mind

if any at all

the dimple is looking particularly gorgeous today

dan knows phil like the back of his hand and is insistent that phil would actually do the pervy stuff

wake up people wake the hell up

phil is now obsessed with pervy stuff and is making up his own option

have fun with that, smut writers

dan is spiritually always stuck in sewers

“i believe there are mutant crocodiles beneath london” - again, phil lester 2k17

“phil would lick a foot rather than stay somewhere for three months, that’s what we’ve learnt”

of course dan gets a question about his dead best friend

and the trend of killing phil apparently is still a thing,,,, remember that video

“it’s actually dan and fernando games” phernanado looks weird so i used fernando ok fight me

“i’m not fernando. ask me something fernando wouldn’t know” // “i mean you’ve been fernando the entire time…” // “oh”

phil’s weird tongue laps

great description kirsten truly you have a gift

don’t mind me roasting myself

back to the video

“that means i can use my real voice now…. continue the friendship daniel” // “bye mate” yet phil cannot use his real humour as fernando,,, abolish the innocent branding bc it’s one thing u ain’t

“bestselling novel, yes mate” // “is that your next book?” i’d kill for dan to write a novel i really would like he jokes about it but nah i’d be all over that shit

“dan and fernando games, thumbs up if you want it to continue” // “rebranding incoming” joe dare he joke about it

the ripped skinny jeans and glitter nail polish are the true rebrand here

“i like sitting down”

dan’s facial expressions in this video are absolutely extraordinary i love him

daniel trump

“phillu…” // “yassu”

“yes punch me dad” can dan go a single video without calling something or someone dad

i wonder if he calls his own dad dad that would be weird by this point right

if dan became a spider….. that’s definitely going to be a fic by the end of this week

spies instead of flies same

dan’s deep speech

“spiders only live for like a week…” // “ideal”

phil’s logical reasoning i’m living

the word orgasm comes into the mix and dan’s clocks slows right down and he’s thinking all manner of things look at him

dan you’re on camera stop thinking of either you or phil climaxing in space

or both of you

i’m not here to judge nor am i a mind reader



phil would film himself moonwalking in space and upload it

like he needs the views


“that’s such a laddy answer”

p a r t y b o y s

“that’s some mark of oxin shiz”

“what, you’re going to incinerate me???” // “definitely”

you can tell who said what in that last quote pair i’m laughing

phil’s question is about living with a monkey but he already lives with a clingy creature does he not

“no i’m not having sex with a monkey!”

“i would spoon a monkey, for sure” phil i have many questions, oh so many questions

dan describing the options in detail is extremely interesting if you think about it

“… or just once a month, spank the monkey” what beautiful imagery dan thank you so much for killing any fic inspiration anyone had

phil is going to extreme lengths to argue against banging a monkey

“i would spoon the monkey, watch some game of thrones, and then go to bed in separate rooms”

and now dan won’t leave the spanking of the monkey alone

fucking hell the tension i can feel it through the camera

“no monkey sex!”

“you guys are alright out there… mostly”

“that was an emotional rollercoaster” you said it danny boy

i feel like i do know so much more about phil

whether or not that is a good thing i am still debating

“no please god no that was traumatising” dan actively trying to stop people requesting another video

he knows that just spurs people on it’s been years now

“we’ll see you next time if you come back after that monkey question”

please nobody write that fic i’m begging you please please don’t



i wonder who edited and added the annotations for this video hm i have no clue

this was a mistake

eventful to say the least

Ok but Spike totally wears eyeliner

How does he put it on when he can’t see his reflection? Somebody else does it. Mostly Angel. “wake the fuck up old man you gotta put my face on” “it’s 3 am” but Angel’s been doing it for years so he’s the go to

Fred used to do it lots too and sometimes she’d wing it and Spike thought it was the best thing ever “now this. this is art” but Illyria doesn’t do it cause she can’t seem to hold the thing without breaking it and that shit’s expensive ok

Gunn tried once. It was a disaster. They don’t talk about it. Lorne has it on video.

Lorne is a fucking God of makeup ok but Spike won’t go to him cause then Lorne’s gonna bring out all the makeup and Spike just wants his eyeliner ok he doesn’t need- wait what’s that brush do

Wesley hates doing it but he’s actually good at it and nobody can figure out why. Turns out Wes had a goth phase. Running from your goth phase is a race you’ll never win Wes. You’ll always be one with the eyeliner.

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Omg Dave Strider is so cute. He has the best bed hair, and when he's waking up, his eyes before he finds his sunglasses, all sleepy, are the Best Thing. And just after he's showered and his hair is still slightly damp, and he smells really floral because he uses Rose's shower gel.


Imagine this: Karkat wakes up before Dave and is sitting in the living room or something. He looks up when Dave walks in and just. JAW ==> DROP

Dave shuffles in because he is still *TOO TIRED* so he’s just. Barely walking. And he’s got this WILD bedhead that goes right to Karkat’s gut because it’s fucking HOT AS SHIT OK DAVES BEDHEAD IS SO GOOD anyway *coughs*

Karkat is like. Dumbstruck. Dave is wearing a way oversized tshirt and boxers and that’s it? And its hella adorable?? His eyes are lidded he’s barely awake but what’s shown of his eyes behind crazy long eyelashes is this BRILLIANT BRIGHT RED its absolutely VIBRANT, they look sort of like bright red rubies and passion and fire and its CUTE AND HOT

And then he yawns and makes a teeny little noise with it like small and cute and kinda kitten like and Karkat just MELTS. AND THEN AND THEN AND THEN!!! He says “mornin” bUT HIS SOUTHERN ACCENT SLIPS OUT BIG TIME!! ITS THICK AND TIRED AND CUTE and Karkat just fucking DIES he LOVES DAVE SO MUCH



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Got a scary horse story? (H3)

Horses can be on the scary side anyway when you remember that they are the species most likely to send a veterinarian to the morgue. This is made worse when working with people that don’t really understand horses as well as they think they do.

The case that made me decide to stop mixed practice was a horse with over confident owners. The horse had cut itself on the inside of a hind leg, and was not the sort of creature that was happy to let you pick up its feet anyway, so even getting a half decent look was going to be hard, and suturing the skin flap under local would be impossible.

The decision was made, after discussing the various risks of anaesthesia, to knock the horse out and close the wound. I would have liked to have had a competent nurse with me, but didn’t have that option with it being a public holiday.

Horse anaesthetics can be dangerous, for everyone involved. The horse is a large creature with powerful muscles that can flail its limbs to devastating effect. While it is going under anaesthesia there is the danger of it falling badly, either on itself on on you, and they can go into an excitement phase where they kick, trash, or stagger around. If this happens, there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop a disorientated 400kg+ horse except get the hell out of the way.

This horse did not go down quietly. It decided, as the anaesthetic took effect, to rear up and attempt to cartwheel backwards.

Now imagine you’re at the front of the horse when this happens. Neck and feet flailing in front of you as the horse rises higher and higher. 

The owner, for some reason, was more worried about the horse’s safety than her own, and was trying to yank the lead rope down to stop the horse cartwheeling. This was a stupid thing to do because firstly you can’t stop the horse anyway, and secondly you’re placing yourself in the middle of the danger zone.

So I grabbed the lead rope from the owner, yanking it forcefully out of her hands and shoving her away.

It was then that the horse went over.

With me holding the rope.

Now I am not a frail lass. I’m pretty heavy, but that’s nothing to a full grown horse that’s proceeding to trip balls. I was lifted momentarily off the ground, hooves flashing near my face and the lead rope tearing through my hands.

Tearing is the right word. It burned. Texture in the rope tore away at the skin of my hands causing such pain coupled with fear that you would not believe.

I couldn’t look at my hands. I just couldn’t. They felt like they were on fire but I would have to drive myself to hospital and now the horse was anesthetized on the ground, I only had one chance to close the wound. No way on earth would the owner, who was now a mess despite the fact that they were not injured and I was, would allow me to knock their precious horse out again.

In shock, with hands that felt like they were still on fire, I started stitching up its leg. I wont claim it was my best work, far from it, because I was not in a good state and acutely aware that I was now kneeling at the back legs of the horse, which was probably a more dangerous position to be in once it started to wake up.

And I wouldn’t have long. 

I got a few sutures in, my dexterity was awful and the surgical scrub stung badly, before the horse started to twitch and I was out of there. I made sure the thing recovered ok, left instructions and drove myself to hospital, clutching the steering wheel with the little undamaged areas of my palms, still not being able to bring myself to look.

It was a strange fear that played in my mind. Obviously i had survived because I was now driving, though probably not as alert as I should be. I was fearful for my hands, and my future.

You need enough feeling and dexterity to function as a vet. You have to be able to feel the texture of a mass inside an abdomen, perform delicate procedures through gloves, sense a vibration in a pulse when you’re up to your shoulder in a cow. If I lacked feeling or sensation, I would not be as good a vet as I should be.

When I was at the hospital I found out I had second degree burns on eight fingers and both palms. I also realized, as the adrenaline faded, that my glasses were missing and I had a bruise on my right cheek.

The glasses, as it turned out, had been crushed under the horse, and I hadn’t noticed.

It must have hit me.

That was my last horse anaesthetic.

Since May is mental illness awareness month, I decided to share how Nero helps me with my worst mental illness; PTSD.

I have PTSD due to extreme childhood abuse, 17 years worth of hell. Well I still get horrid flashbacks and nightmares that make me wake up in a panic and ready to fight. That’s where Nero comes in. When I have a flashback or nightmare Nero is right there ready to calm me down.

He will snuggle up close to me and start grooming me telling me “It’s OK daddy.” “You safe, I here.” and things of the sort. Having little Nero with me does wonders to calm me down after a PTSD issue. He can even tell when I’m starting to have a PTSD nightmare and will yell his head off to wake me up so it doesn’t get too bad. Any time he senses anything is off with me he will do his best to get my attention and distract me from it which helps so much.

I’m working on getting him harness trained so he can go out with me and get registered as a proper emotional aid animal. Any time anyone tells me a bird can’t be an aid animal, I just laugh at them because they’ve never seen little Nero in action. He is a great helper bird!

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Concept: Mc gets termimal illness and dies and slow painful death and rfa bois + Jaehee gotta deal w^ it

You’re evil-
OK let’s do this


• When he finds out, he’ll probably start crying. Poor boy barely just managed to stop grieving for his cousin and then he finds out you’ve contracted terminal illness too?

• But he doesn’t want you to be another Rika. He doesn’t want you to go so suddenly and painfully.

• It’d probably be really hard for him to come to terms with it at first; he’s a sensitive guy, and just as soon as he though he found someone whom he wants to be with forever, you get ripped away from him. It’s just not fair.

• But let’s give credit where credit’s due; he’s far more mature than people give him credit for. He’d start to realise how important it is to live by his own saying of “making the most out of your time” and being happy.

• He’d never ever want you to feel like you’re dying or anything but normal.

• He’d take you out place and hold your hand and kiss you and spend every spare moment with you.

• And when you’re too sick to go places, he sits with you and you game and laugh and talk and have a good time together.

• He wants to see you smile. He wants to see you laugh. He wants things to be this way for ever. And if they can’t, he’ll do his best to give you forever in limited days (I’m sorry don’t murder me if you got that reference)

• When you die, it would probably be peacefully with you at his side. He wakes up all of a sudden and tries to shake you awake gently. He panics when you won’t wake up; but for the past few months he always panics when you wake up slightly later than usual. It’s OK. You’re OK. You’ll wake up and he’ll kiss you and cuddle you and sit by your side and tell you stories like usual. Right?

• You don’t. He doesn’t.


• Even if he’s not good at expressing it, he cares about you a lot and he always has. He’s never been put in a situation like this and he hates that he doesn’t know what to do

• He tries contacting the best doctors he can get his hands on and refuses to get it through his head that there’s no possible treatment that would rescue you from the inevitable

• He’d get out of his way to be more affectionate and try to do with his actions what words don’t show.

• Honestly he cares so much. Before you go go bed everday, he’d read you to sleep. And when you wake up, he’d be at your side too.

• Would never leave you for a second throughout it all. He would insist on being with you at all possible moments- you want a glass of water? Let the maid get it. Want to change into something? He could help you. You want to use the bathroom? He’ll walk you there.

• He really tries to get out of his comfort zone to make sure he’s always there in person in case you need him.

• Would still be super in denial that it’s not treatable. He refuses to believe it. Surely he could spoil you back to health or something? Right?

• He’d fallen asleep on the armchair beside your bed one night with Emily Brönte’s Wuthering Heights in his lap.

• He realises you’d fallen asleep with your head on his lap as well as the book.

• You’re not breathing.


• Much like Jumin, he’s never been in this situation before. He’s frankly heartbroken.

• He quits trying to audition for plays and trying to get parts to spend all his quality time with you.

• He’s both physically and verbally reassuring and tries to remind you of the happier things in life instead of the sad ones. He holds you and sings you to sleep sometimes, often while the do of you cuddle yourseleves to sleep.

• He leaves the popstar agenda behind for simpler things. Flowers, simple dates to the park, the things he’s never tried doing with you because he was blinded by all the flashines before

• But now it’s just you. You and him, and an hourlgass nearing emptiness on its top half.

• He’s painfully aware of how close you could be to death, and so everything before your daily song before bed, he makes sure the assure you how much he loves you.

• And then on the night that it happens, he tries to sing an old Korean lullaby

• It’s one of your favourites. You smile weakly and sing along.

• His heart sores because you never sing along? He’s laughing, and also crying? Why is he crying? Your voice is lovely.

• Halfway through you stop singing, but he keeps going. He thinks you just fell asleep.

• You haven’t, not really.


• It hits him really hard to be honest. For a moment, he believes it’s his fault. Everything he loves and tries to protect is cursed.

• Of course, he tries to set his worries away behind the wall of defensive memes™

• He tries to be lighthearted about it (not to the point where it seems like he doesn’t care, but more like trying to cheer you up so you don’t go having negative thoughts).

• He takes you out a LOT. Completely doesn’t bother with his job or Vanderwood for a while because screw everything, you are the most important thing to him.

• He runs his hands through your hair. Dowb your cheeks. Traces your lips with his fingers; your arms; the angles of your faces. Your lashes.

• He wants to touch you and hold you and keep these moments for eternity. Behind his exterior, he can’t help wondering how he’ll live without getting the chance to hold you like this.

• It happens when you’re outside one day. You’re already too sick to walk. He carries you outside and sets a picnic for two unde the stars. There’s Honey Buddah chips and PhD Pepper but also some healthy snacks because you insisted (he would have gotteb healthy shit anyway though, honestly; but with your health in mind and not his).

• He’s pointing out all his favourite constellations

• He’s smiling and laughing and saying that maybe you and he should have a star out there to represent you? So that no matter where you are, you’ll always look at the same star filled sky and remember each other.

• He starts crying at this point; his smile breaks. He can’t do this anymore.

• You wrap your arms around him and kiss the top of his head.

• “Saeyoung. I love you, OK? Don’t cry.”

• He feels worthless. Why are you the one comforting him? You’re the one that’s dying; but truthfully, a part of him will die with you as well.

• You talk about nothing else but the stars for a while, and all the constellations you know.

• You fall asleep at some point. He leans in and whispers his love for you repeatedly.

• You never wake up the next morning.


• HHhhh this one hurts to write

• She’d be honestly really shocked to say the least.

• She’d lost all her family at a young age and she can’t lose you too now. But it’s happening, and your life is seeping out of you right before her eyes.

• She stops the coffee shop project immediately, which saddens you. You feel like you’re a burden to her and you’re standing in the way of her ambitions, but she’s not having any of it and tells you that’s nonsense.

• She reads every single book about the disease you have that she can get her hands on.

• She cooks you the recommended food and gives you massages and provides everything from home treatment to physical comfort.

• She’s really freaking out about it despite how calm she seems. She’d wanted you to be her partner and best friend; maybe so much more. But time isn’t in her favour

• On the day it happens, she’s braiding your hair becase you asked her to. She’s laughing and smiling for once because you note how good she is; how is she so good at everything she does?

• You lean against her and close your eyes. Breathe out a sigh.

• “Jaehee?”

• “Yes, MC?”

• “I love you.”

• Something inside her breaks. Her eyes well up with tears and she puts a hand to her lips in surprise.

• It takes an entire minute for her to respond. The fear in her chest of rejection.. by both you and her society? It’s gone.

• “I love you, too.”

• You don’t respond.

“Babe, I’m Trying To Sleep” (Sik-k)

Title: “Babe, I'm Trying To Sleep”

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 508


Tossing, turning, and tossing again. That’s what you’ve been doing for the past 4 hours because for whatever reason, you just couldn’t go to sleep. You looked over at your boyfriend Minsik and tapped his cheek lightly.

“Babe.” No answer.

“Baby.” Again no answer

“Minsik!” His eyes shot open in pure shock, his heart beating fast, and his hair sticking up in different directions.

Minsik began to panic thinking something had happened to you. “Y/N are you ok? Are you hurt? Did someone break in?”

You giggled confusing Minsik. “No nothings wrong everything’s ok.”

“Then why did you yell my name like a crazy person?” 

“Because I can’t sleep and I don’t want to stay up by myself.”

Minsik sighed. He understood that you didn’t want to be by yourself, but he was so tired from all the interviews, making new songs and preparing for his upcoming tour. He had to get you asleep and fast.

Minsik laid back down and pulled you closer so that your head was on his chest. His hand rubbing small circles on your back. The gesture felt wonderful but it did not calm you and make you fall asleep. Instead, it made Minsik fall asleep. 

You nudged his side to wake him up again. “Minsik I’m still not sleepy please don’t fall asleep on me.” 

“Sorry, I’m just so tired,”  You immediately felt bad knowing the past week he’s been going non-stop. 

“But I’ll try my best to stay up with you ok?” He placed a soft kiss on your forehead.

The whole night you and Minsik stayed up talking about the first time you met and your very first date. According to Minsik, things happened a little differently than you remember. 

“Minsik I didn’t like you when I first met you stop lying. You were annoying and thought I was easy.” You rolled your eyes and playfully hit his chest.

“No, I thought you were the prettiest girl on the face of the planet. No one could compare to you, still no one compares to you baby girl.” You hid your face in the crook of his neck.

“Stop being so cheesy.” 

“You love it when I’m cheesy so no I won’t stop.” 

The two of you kept talking until all that could be heard was the soft snores coming from you. Minsik smiled and kissed your forehead and closed his eyes to finally get some much-needed sleep. Even though you two joke around a lot Minsik would do anything for you.

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I’m finally back!! I’ve been recovering from being sick and having a near death experience, but I’m back and ready to get these scenarios out for you all. Also, this scenario is not long at all because I was trying to rush through this (which I shouldn’t have) but I hope you enjoyed this.

Requests are open!

i dream of...credence?

the i dream of jeannie graves/credence AU i didn’t want to write a whole fic for because it’s pretty crack-y but then i wrote all of this, anyway. it’s ~1600 words of sort of summary almost not!fic. (there’s also mentions of grindelwald/dumbledore)

ok, so captain percival graves, united states air force, is on some kind of a test space flight when his one-manned capsule comes down, nowhere near the planned recovery area. in fact, he’s pretty sure he’s landed on an uninhabited island. a desert island. he checks his capsule but he can’t send an sos back to base. he can only hope his tracker was working long enough that a rescue team will come get him. while he’s exploring the beach, he sees a strange bottle. it’s beautiful and, curious as to how it got there, he picks it up.

as soon as he does, black smoke comes billowing out and he drops the bottle. the smoke materialises into the form of a young man, and graves wonders if he hit his head when he crashed. the man is wearing a black velvet vest, cropped and edged in gold. his chest is otherwise bare, dusted with dark hair, the vest barely concealing dusky nipples…graves shakes his head. he needs some water. but his eyes drift back to the impossible man. his pants are sheer, and graves’s face heats as he notes the shapely legs barely concealed beneath them, all the way up to…and he sighs in relief, and MAYBE the slightest disappointment, when there are solid briefs giving at least a modicum of modesty. all in all, he looks like a…


the young man’s eyes snap to his and he tilts his head. he starts speaking in a language graves can’t understand and graves rubs his eyes vigorously. the man is still there when he opens them, babbling away. ‘i wish you could speak english,’ graves says and the next minute the man says, ‘oh, thank-you, master, now you can understand me,’ in perfect english.

graves faints.

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but just imagine poe waking up in the middle of the night be he’s feeling super warm only to discover it’s because finn has snuck into his bed to spoon him and then rey snuck in to spoon finn and now poe is the tiniest spoon in all of spoon land and he has to stuff his fist in his mouth for a bit bc these nerds are the best most adorable thing that’s ever happened to him

22 of not ur avg school tipz
  • will maybe increase ur chances of doing well in college
  • these are suggestions, but tip 22 is strongly recommended

source: me, a dying second year student

  1. invest in a small portable blanket bc sometimes big study areas can be cold ESP during long periods of time when the sun has gone down. also if u live in cold place and u taking winter semester!!!! 
  2. also u might wanna consider bringing cosy socks with you so u can be all comfy when u study 
  3. do u know what place has unlimited wifi, lots of food, lots of walking space (4 ur breaks), pretty views, + is never closed (usually all these things anyways) ur local airport. my local airport also always has the perfect amount of background noise 
  4. i can diarrhea work when i put on some turnt up music when im doin subjects like physics and math. number based courses idk try it maybe??? IDK MAN IDK!!!! 
  5. have a study signal. like only turn on ur desk lamp when u ready 2 study otherwise leave it off even during ur study breaks. this way ur body knows when it’s GO TIME!!! i stole this tip from that rly famous yt video w the white man who is a psychologist it’s a rly good video 
  6. tip six is to go watch that video 
  7. bill ur school 4 all ur acne products!!! ha ha i’m kidding kinda 
  8. don’t quit ur extra currics when shit gets hard ull regret it and spiral down into a hole of procrastination. busy is good !!! learn from my mistakes!! (this 1 varies ofc) 
  9. party L O T S. ESP if ur working extra hard. it a positive correlation. or if ur not into partying do some social stuff whatever u like but whatever it is MAKE TIME FOR IT!!! KICK BURNOUT IN THE A S S 
  10. 2x!!!! this is a gift when ur trying to review concepts via yt videos. bump down if 2x is too fast but eventually ull get the hang of it and u’ll b balls to the walls smart
  11. coffee doesn’t have to take over your life. if you need to be caffeinated but it makes u too anxious to focus (me) then try some tea. david’s tea the buzz is rly good n has ginger in it i luv ginger 
  12. study motivation: the best way to cheat is by storing the information in ur head. this makes it way more exciting 4 me i’m so dumb!!! 
  13. don’t fix what isn’t broken. if ur study routine or note taking system is all working there no reason 2 go follow ur fave studyblr’s way. this is common sense i think this tip is just a reminder 4 myself honestly 
  14. exercise!!!! eat clean!!! u will feel much more productive n adulty so ur self loathing will decrease and im sure self loathing and productivity r negatively correlated 
  15. imho 4 me it’s best to do NO work on my way to school bc i already hate having to go to school so any way of making that process easier make it so i at least look forward to it more. if ur a real functioning adult ofc u can use this time to b productive??¿ 
  16. ur school supplies does NOT have to be expensive but imho I THINK u should have an enjoyable experience using ur school supplies even if that means spending a couple dollars on 1 pen!!! luv urself i always feel better whenever i look forward to writing 
  17. it’s totally ok if u have no idea what in the balls u are doing w ur bullet journal. ive been bullet journaling for more than 2 years now and what the hell
  18. wake up early!!! my family r the loudest ppl alive so the best work i do is in the morning. u also feel like a productive adult. this is dependent on lots of things ofc but try it?? rmr it is easier to wake up at the time you want and u will just naturally fall asleep earlier than forcing urself to sleep at a certain time to wake up earlier. 
  19. get sleep but figure out how much you need to perform ur best. usually best to do during summer. i personally feel best with 7 to 7 and a half hours of sleep
  20. do smt mindlessly productive in the morning like washing the dishes or just in general cleaning. it gets you going and feeling productive without much mental effort. I find it helps me prepare to do school work.
  21. make time for ppl. your studies are important (as important as you want them to be), but rmr that assignments and study time are much easier to schedule in but ppl aren’t going to be here forever. take the time to spend with ppl esp if you’re young. take some time to go fuck shit up w some amazing bitches!!!
  22. stay away from frat boys
The Start Of Something Special

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SPN S12 Countdown Writing Challenge

Prompt: “You’re hogging the blanket!”

Pairing: Dean x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings:  Swearing, sort of angst, insecure Dean, fluff, mentions of smut, slight Dean slut shaming i guess, don’t know if that’s a warning but imma go ahead and add it.

Summary: Admissions from both Dean and Y/n give both men what they’ve been looking for

Word count: 1771

A/N: I tried to stick to the little themes of wholeness in the end. Hope it was good for y’all.

Tagged peeps: @waywardsons-imagines@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname , @sallyp-53@supernatural-jackles @d-s-winchester @winchesterreid @teamfreewill-imagine@deanscherrypie@jensen-jarpad @december-sunrise @spnimpalaimagines


Another hunt. Another grimy ass motel. Y/n hated all these motels. The smell of piss and weed in the carpet. The smell of sex and sweat in the sheets. The stench of smoke and alcohol seeped into the walls. It disgusted him.

“Fuck, there’s only two beds” Sam said as they walked into the dimly lit room. The couch was way too small for anyone to sleep on. None of the men were willing to sleep on the floor either, the carpet looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in the past 40 years.

“Urgh, seriously. Aren’t there any more rooms available?” y/n asked.

“No, she said this was the last one” Sam replied.

“Well I guess you’ll have to choose who you wanna sleep with” Dean said, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Y/n knew there was no way he was sleeping in the same bed as Dean. There was the fact that he was completely in love with the beautiful green eyed hunter. Sharing the same bed would only intensify these feelings when he was trying so hard to get rid of them.

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primarybufferpanel  asked:

Can I just... drop a prompt on you? I hope that's OK. Because I'm thinking about Karen, who's had a few BFs who were mean drunks. Maybe not necessarily abusive, but unpleasant to be around and she was on edge when they drank. Frank is at her door one night and he's drunk and she's kind of... bracing herself. But drunk Frank is mostly a cuddly, dopey puppy who sprawls on her couch and wants to pet her hair and earnestly tell her how nice she is to him when she gets him a glass of water.

Oh Lord, what is this major block thou has sent upon me? 

Look, sweetheart, if i ruined your wonderful prompt, I deeply apologise. I see it in my head but the words are REFUSING to be written, lately. Strangely enogh, this got long.

This prompt actually helped me relax, but I don’t know if I made it justice. 

Anyway, here it is. I do sincerely hope you like it. Send more Kastle my way anytime.

This one is called “Second Night”. I stole the title from Mansionair. This song actually helped me write it. Kinda set the tone, you know?   

Muah ;-*

She tried to stop shaking while Frank worked on the rags that tied her wrists to the chair. He loosened them, placing the ends of the fabric on her hands, the length still around her wrists.

“We ain’t got much time, now”, he said, and he was trying to use a soothing voice. It was not working. Not for her, not for him. “They’re gonna be here in a second, and Imma need you to trust me. Ok?”

Karen breathed in and out fast, trying to calm herself. She nodded, shaking all over.

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pyrrhic-sycophany  asked:

Good Morning~! <3 Sorry to hear you're not feeling well; :c I'm not feeling so hot myself so talking about Sheith'll help me feel better too~ I headcanon that when Shiro can't sleep at night he always goes to Keith's bed because Keith has told him it's okay to come over to him when that happens. Every time this happens, without fail, Keith wakes up to find Shiro buried under the covers, his face pressed against Keith's belly because it's soft and warm and he can fall asleep to Keith's breathing.

!!!!! This is absolute adorable omg. Soft Sheith is the best thing… (I really love this headcanon, hope it’s ok that I adopt this one!) and I hope you’re ok too! This did make me smile, so thank you :)

orang3lover  asked:

RusAme headcanon: Russia has nightmares from time to time, but when they wake him up, they're BAD. So America has learned (through trial and error) how to calm him down with hugs and whispered reassurances in less than ten minutes. Russia swears that meeting America was the best thing that ever happened to him.

h my god im gonna.. M gonna die this is so cute ok… hurt/comfort stuff is my SHIT
honestly i iust love the idea of ivan waking up in the middle of the night not being able to calm down because of nightmares or his ptsd or things and there alfred is to hold him until he catches his breath and just hug him and give him kisses and lull him back to sleep hhhHh

staos, ch3: at least this can’t get any—

on Ao3 | on ffnet 

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ok so i don’t feel great about this chapter and today has been a kind of awful day, but i start senior year tomorrow (muffled anxious screaming) and i have no idea how heavy my workload is going to be.

i don’t really like this at all but take it while you can.

Marinette makes a face at her phone as it rings. “What?” she grumbles after she answers.

You read the messages. And I just have to say… WHAT THE FUCK!” Marinette yanks the phone away from her ear as Alya screeches into the speaker.

Marinette rubs her eyes. “Al, do you know what time it is? It’s too late for whatever this is.”

It’s not too late for you to be out with Chat Noir.”

Marinette is awake.

She is wide awake, heart racing, blooding pumping loudly in her ears. “W-what?!” Tikki hovers nervously, having been woken up by Alya’s scream. Marinette gives her a terrified look.

Alya knows Alya knows Alya knows Alya—

Mari, someone got a picture of you and Chat on your balcony.

All the tension leaves Marinette and she slumps against the back of her chair.

Alya doesn’t know.

Marinette hadn’t even transformed today because of the Ladybug and Adrien thing—

Oh shit.

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It’s ok too...

Sleep in late - Your body is just getting the rest it needs and by letting it do that instead of waking up at like 7am with an alarm you’re looking after yourself. There’s no need to feel guilty about looking after yourself!

Take some alone time - Sometimes you just don’t want to hang out and be social or whatever and that’s totally fine. Take the time you need to just relax by yourself. You don’t need to feel guilty about this!

Take a break - It’s probably the best thing to do anyway. There’s no point in getting so worked up that you don’t get anything done. Go take a break for a while, relax and come back to whatever you’re doing when you’re calmer, more focused and less stressed - no need to feel guilty!

Say no - For whatever reason it’s 100% fine to say no. Whether it’s to being asked if you want to come out tonight, if you can finish some extra work, babysit siblings or even bigger things like sex. Don’t feel like you have to do something for fear of letting other people down - it’s fine to say no

Ask for help when you need it - Whether it’s for homework or something bigger like mental health - asking for help is fine. Nobody is going to judge you and you don’t need to feel bad about yourself for doing so

Take time off - Kinda comes under take a break but kinda doesn’t. If you need to take time off school or work or wherever else for whatever reason, that’s fine as long as you don’t over do it. If you’re ill and need some time off don’t feel guilty - crawl into bed with hot chocolate and relax and just know everybody will appreciate that you’re not spreading it.

Make mistakes - Everybody does it and it’s perfectly natural so don’t beat yourself up over it. Apologize if necessary, try to fix whatever went wrong if possible and just know that nobodies perfect.

Treat yourself - There’s no need to feel bad about spoiling yourself every now and again. Sometimes it can be the best thing for you so go and have some chocolate or go to Lush or do whatever you want to do for a treat and know it’s perfectly fine to do so!

Generally look after yourself!- It’s fine to do all of the above (and a lot more) to make sure that you’re a functioning, healthy human being both physically and mentally!

*sorry for this and how cringey it is but I felt that it was important and was mainly for my benefit when I was feeling bad anyway*

Littlespoon Sammy

Pairing: Sam x Gabriel

Word Count: 1535

Warnings: um sleepy sam has sleepy hair? just kidding, none, i believe

Request: littlespoon!sam and gabriel? love you! (thank you for the request, I love you too!!)

A/N: ok. first. I am so so sorry it took me so long to get this out, it’s just finals have been stressing me out so much and i’m trying to do the best that i can to keep up with all of that. And second, once school is out, i should definitely be better about posting!! Not too long now! side note excuse my horrible titles

It’s three in the morning when Gabriel wakes up to an empty bed. He doesn’t know why he woke up, or what he dreamt about, but the first thing he notices is how Sam isn’t pressing a hand to his, asking what’s wrong. With a groan he rolls over onto the other side of the mattress, burrowing into the cold sheets and breathing in Sam’s comforting smell of lemon shampoo and books and pine needles. He stares up at the familiar ceiling of their bedroom and wonders why the hell he ever falls asleep without making sure Sam is next to him.

Technically, he doesn’t need sleep. And technically, he doesn’t need to share a bed with a certain hunter whose feet hang off the end anyway. Gabriel isn’t one for technicalities though, and his main focus is the sleeping next to Sam part.

Gabriel gets up with a yawn and a stretch, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He shrugs on one of Sam’s old flannels but only bothers with buttoning it halfway, his sweats resting low on his hips and his hair a bird’s nest. Sam always says he looks so much more human when he wears his clothes and Gabriel loves that, even though he would never admit it.

In the process of maneuvering his way across the pitch black room he stubs his toe against the bed and swears, hopping precariously on one leg. “Every single time,” He mutters to himself, leaning against the doorframe until the pain in his foot subsides.

He shuffles through the bunker in search of his Winchester rather grumpily, squinting against the seemingly bright lights in the hallway and sliding his sock covered feet over the floor like a kid. Gabriel racks his brain for where Sam could possibly be at this ungodly hour, and comes up with just one option. He heads directly to the library with eyes still half glued shut and stumbles into a bookshelf along the way, grumbling profanity at that, too.

As soon as he sees Sam slumped over a book bigger than his head Gabriel can’t help a smile from growing on his lips, especially when he hears the little snores that escape from beneath his mop of hair every now and then. He peers over Sam’s shoulder at the scrawled latin phrases in the book turned makeshift pillow and shakes his head ruefully.

“Sammy, you nerd,” He quips, setting his hand on the other man’s shoulder as gently as he could; he knew Sam was a light sleeper and reacted impossibly fast when startled considering how tall he was.

“Whoa, hey, hey, it’s okay, it’s just me, Sammy,” Gabriel says softly, keeping a safe distance in case Sam striked out at him on instinct.

Sam blinks rapidly as he sits up and shields his eyes against the lights, and Gabriel grins at the fact that, of the two of them, his hair definitely looked worse. He pushes his chair back to stand and glances around as if to reorient himself, jumping at the sharp sound the chair legs scraping against the floor makes. He looks to Gabriel imploringly after frowning down at the watch on his arm and checking the time.

“What- what’re you doing up, Gabe?” Sam says groggily, his voice sluggish with the lingering effects of sleep, which he hasn’t gotten a full night of in Gabriel doesn’t even know how long. He rubs a hand across his eyes and Gabriel can see the tension in the lines of his face, the exhaustion starting to set in from countless nights spent researching.

Gabriel leans against the table and raises an eyebrow, his concern showing through as he chews at his lip. “I could say the same to you, Samsquatch.”

Despite how obviously burnt out he was, Sam lets out a snort of laughter, shaking his head as he stands up on unsteady legs. “Samsquatch? That’s gotta be the worst one yet.”

Resisting the urge to reach out and catch Sam’s arm because he knew Sam was too goddamn stubborn to accept help, even if it was something as simple as walking back to their room, Gabriel settles with standing just a bit too close. He’s certainly popping any personal space bubble Sam might’ve had, but this way he would be prepared to catch him if he were to fall asleep mid stride, which could be an actual possibility given his current state.

Sam glances over at him, an exasperated but easy smile gracing his lips. “You’re hovering,” he says not unkindly, gathering the files scattered around the table into a messy pile.

Gabriel shifts so that he can gaze up at Sam’s tired eyes and gives him a soft look, his tone even more so. “I’m just worried about you.”

The taller man sighs, and although he’s facing the other way now Gabriel just knows there’s that unmistakable hard look on his features, the one he uses on the rare occasion he doesn’t meet eye to eye with his angel but doesn’t have it in him to argue.

Shutting his laptop with an air of finality, Sam replies quietly, “You don’t have to worry about me, Gabe, I’m fi-”

Gabriel stands up straighter and the shakiness of his voice is evident. “Yes, Sam, I do have to worry about you, if you keep going on like this! And don’t you dare say you’re fine, because I know damn well you’re not. It’s getting too much, Sammy, so just- just, please, take a break from all this, okay?”

He had started out frustrated, just below a yell, but by the end he was pleading with Sam, the “okay?” hardly more than a hoarse whisper. Sam’s jaw is clenched with an emotion Gabriel can’t place and the circles under his eyes seemed harsher in the light. He unknits his eyebrows as the hunter protests, albeit halfheartedly.

“The case, Gabe, I can’t- I can’t just-”

“Sure you can,” Gabriel says gently, any traces of anger he had gone with one look at Sam’s hazel eyes, vulnerable and weary and washed out. He takes hold of Sam’s wrist and tries to slowly pull him away from the table as he talked. “Forget about the case, alright? It’s just one case, Sammy, just one. You don’t have to save the world everyday. Let someone else do that for a change, will ya? Just come to bed with me, Sam. You need to get some actual sleep.”

Sam stays silent for a second longer but doesn’t put up much of a fight at Gabriel’s “Sam, please, for me.” His tense shoulders relax as Gabriel fits a hand against his much bigger one and he allows himself to be led away from the books, from the case, from the stress.

As soon as they reach the bed Sam flops down onto it face first, his sleepiness hitting him full force once he finally acknowledged it existed. Gabriel pulls the covers back and climbs in after taking off his shirt, nudging Sam with his foot where he was stretched out across the end of the bed.

“You gonna get in here or do I have to make to you?” He jokes as he adjusts the pillows, throwing one at Sam’s head and grinning at the groan he gets in response.

Sam manages to wriggle out of his pants without getting up and peels his shirt off in the same fashion, crawling under the sheets next to Gabriel in just his underwear. “I think I could sleep for eighty thousand years,” He murmurs through a yawn as Gabriel pulls him closer, snaking an arm around his waist.

“Good,” Gabriel chuckles as Sam’s hair tickles his nose, “You need it.”

Sam’s back is pressed flat against Gabriel’s chest, their inhales and exhales matching in a perfect rhythm. Sam hums and tangles their legs together, pressing his feet against Gabriel’s briefly before the angel pulls his away with a yelp.

“Your feet are always freezing, Sam! Stop doing that!” Gabriel exclaims as Sam’s clear laugh seems to seep into the corners of his ribcage and echo wonderfully in his ears.

“I do it ‘cause I love you,” Sam teases as he scoots closer into Gabriel’s loose embrace, his feet kicked free of the covers and dangling over the edge of the bed like they always are.

Gabriel runs a hand up Sam’s arm lazily, breathing in his comforting smell of lemon shampoo and books and pine needles. He stares up at the familiar ceiling of their bedroom and thinks about just how true that statement is. “I love you too,” He breathes as he kisses Sam’s shoulder, “Cold feet and all.”

Even though Gabriel can’t see it Sam smiles into the pillow, his eyes already becoming heavy with sleep. He yawns and marvels at how right this feels; Gabriel’s arms around him, their hearts beating in time, the silence of the early morning. Sam can feel himself starting to slip into unconsciousness, his body finally getting the rest that it needs, and safely in Gabriel’s arms, he lets it happen.

“I love you.” Gabriel says it once more, and it’s the last thing Sam hears before he sleeps.

Best thing in the world (Mark)

Got7 Mark

Best thing in the world: Jinyoung, Yugyeom, Jackson, Youngjae, Jaebum, BamBam

Summary: It’s the first day of December and you wake up Mark to decorate a tree.

Gif is not mine

A/N: I know it’s not the first day of December yet but I love Christmas ok.

What is the best thing in world?Some would say:taking a hot shower on a cold day, Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing it’s way earlier than you think, Tearing out a piece of perforated paper perfectly, Free samples or  Watching your milk mix into your coffee. But they never had woken up next to your boyfriend.

You opened to see your boyfriend sleeping peacefully, You opened your phone and you realized that it was the first day of December. You crawled out of the bed to find your plastic Christmas tree from the attic. The attic was cold and dark but you found the Christmas tree. You squealed and took the tree.You assembled the tree and made coffee to Mark.

You placed a cup of coffee on the bedside table and hovered over Mark “Wake up~”you whispered. Mark groaned but didn’t wake up “Wake up Markie~” you hummed. Mark opened his eyes and smiled as he saw you “Hi beautiful.” he whispered with raspy voice. “It’s the first day of December.” You squealed. Mark wrapped his hands around your waist “Yeah and it’s five in the morning.” Mark groaned. You sighed and tried to get up but Mark didn’t let you “give me five minutes and I’ll get the tree.” he sighed. “Actually I got it already.” you said and snuggled on his chest “Really? Then I’ll get the ornaments, lights and the star.” Mark said.

You decorated the tree together and after that you cuddled in front of the tree while watching Christmas Carol. Mark wrapped his arms around you “You are so cute when you get exited over Christmas.” Mark said and kissed your neck. And that is one of the best things in world.

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