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hey !! ok so im like super late in joining the snk fandom (ooops) but i am getting super into ereri and was just wondering if you know of any cool fantasy/magic au fics? sorry to bother you, but i know you've been in the fandom for a while now!!

Oh man this list kind of got too long for me and somehow i still feel like i’ve forgotten so many so if anyone notices a fic that should be on here but isn’t, feel free to add it on ^_^

(These are in no particular order btw)

The Wolf and the Mountain - @bfketh
Summary: Levi didn’t really care what people thought he was - demon, spirit, or god - as long as they left him alone.That is until one winter’s day, when a snow storm deposits an injured wolf-spirit practically on his doorstep.

Time Deprives all but Memories - @appleapplepeach
Summary: Living in a future in which survival is their only victory Levi wonders if there can be anything left to lose.Offered a chance to make things right, he discovers that everything has a price…

The Choice - @appleapplepeach
Summary:  After their return from Shinganshina the survivors are doing their best to pick up the pieces. When someone intrudes on their fragile peace, will it be an opportunity–or disaster?

The Gate of the North - @appleapplepeach
Summary: Everyone knows the Survey Corp is the laughingstock of the military, a place for crackpots and weirdos. It doesn’t have the prestige of the MP or the security of the Garrison. The only people who join are people who can’t fit into modern society.It’s been Eren’s dream to join since childhood. Flunking out of school prevents him from attending military college, and he drifts along in life, ignoring his friends’ encouragement to go back to school or start a career.Levi is the gatekeeper of the Northern Gate, the most important (and most troublesome) gate that keeps the human world safe from interference and invasion. When he receives a letter from his cousin asking him to take on her friend for a summer apprenticeship he agrees against his better judgement.Neither of them is expecting the end of the world.

The Strange and the Usual - lalazee
Summary:  When Eren finds himself stuck in what is essentially a halfway house for supernaturally inclined misfits, there’s no stopping the veritable shopping list of events that leave him pushed closer and closer to ex-exorcist, Levi. But when is it ever that simple?

Be her Valentine - @raindrop-rouge
Summary:  Levi’s not all that great at being a Cupid’s Angel, but Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to redeem himself. It would go a lot better if Eren’s plans for the Angels’ most important day didn’t go directly against his though.

Witch’s Vein and Blood Stains - @monsoondownpour
Summary:  The Survey Corps is in dire need of a new witch after a tragic mission gone wrong resulted in their last ones death. Eren is still young and green as far as witches go, but he has raw talent and a curious mastery over wilderness that Levi can’t help but be drawn to. When circumstances conspire to pit the squad against the same adversary that took Ilse barely a year ago, will they be able to handle the challenge a second time round?

Forbidden Fruit - @monsoondownpour
Summary:  A collection of stories from my Greek Mythology AU where Eren is Persephone, Levi is Hades, and I’ll make everything else up as I go.

Demons and Darkness - @sciencefictioness
Summary:  Levi is a scout, and protects his village day and night from feral yokai, demon like creatures who feast on human flesh. When the chieftan of his village is killed by the beasts, Levi’s father takes over, putting him next in line to lead his people. All Levi wants to do is watch over Mitras with his blade, fighting along side his teacher, who he has been in love with all his life. When he discovers that Erwin is getting married, he heads off into the woods alone to drink and slay demons, trying to forget. He never expects to summon from the darkness a yokai of his own.

A Bird in the Hand - @mongoose-bite
Summary: Little ever changes in the Underworld, and few visit, but the arrival of a single songbird foretells a coming change for both the Underworld and its god, Eren.Spring is here.

Bemused! - @mongoose-bite
Summary: When an artist struggles with his art, sometimes Fate takes pity on him, and sends him a muse.Whether he wants one or not.

Magic does not Make a Garden - @mongoose-bite
Summary: Levi grows his garden peacefully on the edge of the desert, until the day he finds a boy with wings dying of exhaustion and takes him in.

Shooting Unicorns through your Heart - @emiza
Summary:  Eren is a magical girl. He is also very embarrassed over this fact, and the pink and rainbow fluffiness of his outfit, and would rather die than to let anyone see him in his magica glory.
Which is what happens when he climbs into the wrong window at night.

I am the Ocean - @emiza
Summary: Ägir and Ran, brother and sister, were the god and goddess of the ocean. They guarded over the brave Vikings upon their waves, caught them when they fell into deep waters and collected long lost treasures in their names. But as time passed and new gods were born, the world no longer needed the old ones.What happens to gods no one believes in?

Wake Up - @emiza
Summary:  Eren dreamwalks in his sleep and invades people’s dreams by accident. He usually can avoid alerting the dreamer of his presence, but one day he’s caught by a mysterious man whose touch feels like fire. However, the man only thinks of Eren as a figment of his imagination.

A Warm Breath - @ryuusea
Summary: “You’re a human child, aren’t you. You mustn’t touch me then, or I’ll disappear.“One summer when visiting his Uncle Erwin out in the countryside, Eren befriends a mysterious masked man who lives in the forest. They promise to meet every summer from then on.In other words, a story told through summers, year by year, of Eren being a (cute) brat, Levi dealing with said brat, and all the fluff, awkwardness, and strange feelings that come with growing up, despite the limitations placed on their interactions.

Starboy - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary:  In 1996, my boyfriend Eren Jaeger was abducted. In 2014, he suddenly reappeared. Only, he’s still sixteen and what’s more, he doesn’t remember anything that happened to him during his disappearance. This is a story about first loves, humanity, and maybe-alien boyfriends.

The Stag in the Dark - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary: After a high school hazing prank goes awry, Eren is forced to work at local “witch” Levi’s knitting shop.

Halocline - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary:  A lousy vacation puts Eren’s life at jeopardy when he goes for a midnight surf and gets caught in a storm only to be saved by a mysterious creature. Eren tries to communicate with his new friend but it’s hard when you don’t speak fish.

Welcome to the Jungle - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary: Eren and his crew run heists on magical dispensaries, stealing goods to perform illegal spells until one day things don’t go as planned…

Castle Ghost - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary: King’s knight Levi Ackerman comes across a mysterious, seemingly abandoned castle. Eren and friends deal with a meticulous, neat-freak ghost.

Joy to the World - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary: Pastel!Eren and Punk!Levi are the last two people on Earth. So they go to the mall.

The Perfect Temperature for Tea - @missmichellebelle
Summary: "I’m a witch.““Like Harry Potter?” A wry smile twists Levi’s lips as he mimes waving a wand. “Wingardium leviosa.”

Stowaway - @onewhositswiththeturtles
Summary:  Levi is the Captain of The Captain’s Killer, the most dreaded pirate ship in all the Caribbean, which hunts its bounty with ruthless efficiency. For years Captain Levi has dodged the Navy’s most decorated Commander, Erwin, and his attempts at sinking Levi’s ship and coercing him into sailing under the Navy’s banner. It seems that Levi will continue sailing the seas as he pleases, answering to no one but the mood of the winds, until a stowaway with a few secrets of his own ends up on his ship and throws everything in disarray.

And then there’s one of mine, Wicked Grace
Summary: “Please take this seriously,” Armin reprimanded. “The game is like Wicked Grace - played to the death. You must never reveal your cards. When you meet the Empress, the eyes of the whole court will be upon you. You’re safer in the fade with Fear demons.”

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Can you please do number 148? ☺️


The best thing about having a best friend is the fact you’re constantly with said best friend. That being said if Stiles could move in with Derek he totally would because their best friendom has reached epic proportions.

Sometimes Stiles will come over after school and Derek will be out of the room and Talia straight up asks him if he can help with the dishes. Derek leaves only to return with two plates for dinner with what Stiles likes to call the “optimum portion” on his plate. His father has inside jokes with Derek that Stiles will never understand. Hell, they’ve taken showers at each other’s houses and when they fail to have a certain clothing item they just take it from the other.

So yeah, be jealous, Derek is his best friend in the whole world.

Of course they stepped on each other’s toes, fought about the world’s most stupid shit, and occasionally were too sassy for the world to handle. Laura and Cora call them an old married couple much to their dismay. Except there really isn’t another way to describe them, it’s a pretty good comparison.

However they’re seventeen, Stiles is a man with needs.

…Derek needs.

The transition between sophomore and junior year did wonders for Derek. He hit the whole puberty thing like a pro. Skipped the acne train, managed to miss the squeaky voice memo, and ran straight into hot adult mode. He’s tall, dark, stubbly (or beardy depending on the day), and built like the hulk. So yeah…Derek got hot and Stiles was secretly all about that. Stiles was only human and his dick can’t control itself when it comes to his best friend.

Long story short, the whole sharing a bed thing had stopped too. Which sucked because Derek before and after puberty is actually a furnace and Stiles runs cold naturally. It worked really well Now? Now Stiles can’t deal with Derek’s soft sleeping puppy face combined with his shirtless chest in the mornings. At least not in the same bed.

While it pains him and Derek has questioned him on this, the solution was simple. Derek had a bed in his room, hence the name bedroom, but he also had this shitty futon for their late night gaming/movie extravaganzas. That was it, that was the solution, Stiles sleeps on the shitty futon that is too short for him now and his legs always fall off while Derek gets the bed.

Tonight they’re at Derek’s house, and it’s quiet with Cora at some weekend camp thing and Laura off in college. So it was just them and they’d been semi working on their separate econ papers and just hanging out while stuffing their faces with junk food. The last time Stiles checked the clock it was just after two in the morning, but that felt like forever ago and his eyes have been shut for a while as sleep welcomed him.

This…this is when weird shit happened and he thought it was a dream the first time it occurred.

It started with his legs, which were already half off the futon. Hands grasped his calves and put them straight. Then he was draped in the red fuzzy blanket the Hales kept around just for him even though it was threadbare and on its last leg. For the grand finale there was always this pause before he got a kiss on the forehead.

That’s right. A kiss on the forehead.

From Derek.

He was so done with it. Well…not like actually done done but he was tired of just getting them when Derek assumed he was already asleep. He wanted them to be real. He wanted them on other places than his forehead like his mouth, his chest, his—

Just lots of places, alright? Is that too much for him to ask?

So tonight, when his forehead was greeted with the soft brush of Derek’s lips he finally worked up the courage to crack his eyes open despite the lids feeling like a million pounds. Their eyes met and he watched as Derek’s face and ears were suddenly alive with red splotchy patches of embarrassment.


“Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?” Stiles asked softly, rising so he was resting back on his elbows.

Derek stood there, and for a second the dorky shy kid he once knew was back, “I–um, do you want me to kiss you when you’re not sleeping?”

“Is that even a question? I mean I’ve kind of had a thing for you since freshman year big guy, but…if these were just best friend kisses then ignore me. That was a sleepy babble, don’t even acknowledge my words,” Stiles said.

There was this shift in shy dorky Derek, because suddenly that was replaced with this confident looking super hot version of Derek that Stiles had never seen but could totally get used to. For a beat they searched each other’s faces to see if there was any sign of hesitation or unsureness.

There was none.

Derek did this weird bending down thing and Stiles did this awkward scooting thing until they met in the middle. Hands cupped his face and his own ended up wound in Derek’s shirt, their heads tilted just so as their lips finally met. There wasn’t the fireworks like in movies but it felt damn good to kiss Derek. Of course Derek pulled him to his feet because the weird angle got to be too much.

Standing up only deepened the kiss and holy crap this could possibly top his love for curly fries. His love for kissing Derek. There needs to be a fanclub for this, obviously he’d be president and the only member, but still. The hint of facial hair Derek had tickled his mouth and chin, their tongues were suddenly involved and mingling, and it was just good.

So very awesomely good.

Eventually they pulled apart because oxygen, but they didn’t let go.

“Does this mean those weren’t best friend kisses or…?” Stiles asked, voice a little hoarse.

Derek smirked, “they were. You know it’s okay to be in love with your best friend right?”

“Well…in that case I love you and our best friend kisses.”


Giant: Ch. 3

Pack yourself a toothbrush dear
Pack yourself a favorite blouse
Take a withdrawal slip
Take all of your savings out
‘Cause if we don’t leave this town
We might never make it out.

Previously on Giant

There were still visits. Still calls, texts at all hours, weekends spent at home, weekends spent visiting. It was not as much as they’d like, but still, the friends kept in touch as much as they could, or hope. Kara didn’t regret her decision as much as she thought she would, only realizing into their first holiday without her father that she needed the time at home to fix herself and grieve properly that she wouldn’t have gotten if she’d gone away to school.

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jason grace appreciation

– jason grace cares so much
– he just accepts that leo is his best friend and they’ve never actually met, and jason just lost his memory
– he wants to slap the mean bitches at the wilderness school because they were saying rude things to piper
– he remembered reyna after a while. there was definitely a girl named reyna
– and that just means he actually cared for her and did not treat her like shit
– he just didn’t see her as a girlfriend
– he was worried for leo, after his return from calypso, because jason’s best friend now wasn’t as hyper as used to be
– he never felt like the biggest or greatest
– he wears glasses and that’s just so cool??
– joined the worst cohort in camp jupiter so he could, if possible, make it the best

I Never Stopped Loving You

Anon asked: Can I ask for a break up fic with Namjoon. He dumps you when bts makes it big and says terrible things and tell you he can get anyone he wants and then a few years later you become a top idol and he finally confesses that he had to leave you and tries to win you back~ fluffy please my love~😍😘

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Genre: Fluff, Romance, & Slight- Angst
Words: 4,085
Song(s) That Inspired Me: The entire ‘Young Forever’ album

Summary: Your relationship with Namjoon didn’t end on good terms, he became too headstrong and cocky for your liking. He left you for his newly found fame with BTS, claiming you’d never make it as an Idol yourself. Two years after you split it was your time to shine! 

“You’re going to be sharing the stage with Bangtan Sonyeondan.” 

You were utterly shocked to hear those words fall from your managers lips.

Originally posted by namjoonsgurl

Kim Namjoon, you beautiful, beautiful bastard, I’m proud of you and the boys. You thought to yourself as you eyed the billboard displaying Bangtan’s latest comeback promotion. After two years apart, the argument that ultimately lead to your breakup was still fresh in your mind.

“The guys want to be us, and the girls love us!” he exclaimed holding up a few slips of paper one of the receptionist at Big Hit have him. They had various names with their personal numbers added. A few of them even had been marked with their lipstick prints. 

“Your point is?” you rolled your eyes.

“I can get anyone I want y/n,” he spat. Your relationship with Namjoon had been rocky ever since BTS had started gaining recognition. It didn’t help that your boyfriend of a year and a half was insanely handsome; you noticed that girls started to flock to him more and more. You weren’t jealous per se; you just weren’t used to having to share him so much, especially with the growing female fan population.

You knew he wasn’t the type to cheat but more and more pictures were surfacing on the Internet, pictures of the girls hanging off his arm like he was theirs. But then again they didn’t know that he had a girlfriend, you were told to keep it out of the spotlight. You knew it was important for their image, but you could only take so much.

“You can get anyone you want huh?” you were trying not to let the tears flow but a lone one escaped. “If that’s so true, Namjoon why don’t you go and get anyone of those girls then?!” he gave you shocked look as you got up from your spot on the couch. “Go on!” you pushed him towards the door of your apartment. “Get out! I’m not going to waste my time pining for someone who doesn’t care about me anymore.” you sobbed finally letting out the tears you held back for too long. “You’re letting your fame get to your head. I thought you were smarter than that Namjoon. I really did but I can see otherwise.” you wrapped your arms around your stomach.

“You know what y/n,” he began.

“What?! Namjoon what do you have to say?” you had hoped he was going to apologize, but what came out of his mouth next broke your heart.

“You and me,” he said pointing back and forth in the space between the two of you. “We’re done. I need to focus on my career, on being an Idol.”

“Don’t let me hold you back then.” you said.

“I won’t. I’m going to be out there with the boys, filling stadiums. Seeing our name in bright lights while you’re still struggling to get recruited as a trainee!” he spat at you with so much venom, it felt like a slap in the face. You couldn’t even be bothered to yell back at him.

“I hate who you’ve become Namjoon.” you looked down at your bare feet grounded on the floor.

“Yeah? Well-” he went to say but you told him to go.

“Go. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be just fine. Go.” you said finally looking back up to the person before you. He showed no emotion other than a slight mist in his eyes. Where was the Kim Namjoon that you fell in love with? Was he really gone?

“What about all of my stuff here?” he asked nonchalantly as if he didn’t just break your heart.

“I’ll have all of your belongings packed and waiting for you in the hallway tomorrow afternoon.” you shake your head not believing he cared more about his things than trying to fix the relationship. “I hope you get everything you want out of being famous. Give the boys my best.” you said as you closed the door not only in him, but the future you thought you had with him.

“Y/n? Hello?” the voice of your manager pulling you back to the present. 

“Hmmm? Sorry I zoned out for a moment.” you apologized. 

“Is everything okay?” She questioned and you nodded in return. “Okay as I was saying, your appearance on the After School Club is tomorrow. So you’ve got to get a good night’s rest…” she went on and on giving you instructions you only half listened to. Your thoughts drifted back to Namjoon and the boys. You liked remembering the happier times with him.

The sound of the front door to the dorm didn’t register to either of you. You both had your earbuds in listening to music while reading. A very loud and obnoxious Taehyung interrupted by plopping down next to you.

“Taehyung really?” Namjoon said clearly irritated by the younger ones actions. He went back to his novel like nothing had even happened which made you smile.

“Ahh y/n! Whatcha reading?” he asked trying to look at the page you were on. You held up a finger to pause him while you finished the page.

“The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe,” You answered looking at the confusion on his face. “He was a very famous poet Tae.”

“Ah okay.” He simply stated as he shrugged his shoulders. “You guys want to go to out with me, Jimin-hyung, and Jungkook?”

“No thanks Tae, we’re spending the night in tonight.” Namjoon answered before you even had the chance to open your mouth.

“Well who’s going to supervise them Joonie? You know it’s always trouble when they’re off by themselves.” You jokingly said. Taehyung nodded not even bothered by what you had said.

“Ask Jin-hyung or Yoongi-hyung. They wouldn’t mind.”Namjoon countered.

“Ask me what?” Yoongi entered the room rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“To go out with the maknae line,” you stated. The pained look on his face made you laugh. “You know they’ll get into trouble if they don’t have someone go with them.”

“I don’t want to go,” Yoongi whined. “Ask Jin-hyung to go.”

“It’s your turn Yoongi,” Jin said appearing out of practically nowhere. “Stop being such a grandpa and accompany the younger ones out.”

“Fiiiiine,” Yoongi groaned. Tae pointed finger hearts in his hyungs direction. “You better behave yourselves.”

After Yoongi and the maknae line left for their destination, you set your book down and caught Namjoon’s attention. “You know you could have gone with them.You didn’t have to stay in.”

“True,” he said placing a finger in between the pages so he didn’t lose his spot. “But I wanted to spend time with my girlfriend.” That made you smile and lean into him.

“Are you sure?” you asked. “I know it can be rather boring just sitting here and reading all the time.”

“Y/n,” you looked him in the eyes. “I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the entire world. I love having these kinds of nights in with you. It’s relaxing.” He kissed you softly on the forehead.

You loved that he was as much of a reader as you were. The best times were spent cuddled up to him in just about any position as you both held books in your hands. Sometimes he would read to you and vice versa. The silence, save for the music that often played never bothered you. There was comfort in knowing that he was right beside you reading, it felt like home.

“Earth to Y/N!” your manager waved her hands in front of your face. “What’s going on with you today?” She asked sounding irritable.

“I didn’t sleep well last night,” you said. “I’m sorry. I’ll pay attention from now on I swear.”

“I can’t stress how important this upcoming interview is.” She said. “You need to rest as much as you can. Not to mention you have a pretty big performance coming up. You have to make a great impression on this group.”

What group?” you asked nervously.

“Only one of the most popular boy groups known to date y/n! Did you not hear me mention this earlier?” you shook your head in response. “Of course you didn’t. You’re going to be sharing the stage with Bangtan Sonyeondan.” Your mouth went dry as you looked at her. “You’ve got to make a good impression on them. You’re a rising Idol, you can’t make any mistakes” she kept talking but it all became fuzzy.

You we’re going to be performing with your ex and his friends. You couldn’t believe it, after two years you were going to see them again, in person. You were going to see Namjoon again. You didn’t know how you felt about this.

“You know I’m suddenly not feeling very well,” you interrupted her talk about your schedule. “I think I’m going to lie down for a bit.”

Your manager came over to feel your forehead, to check for a fever. “Well you don’t feel warm. Hmmm, I’ll have some herbal tea sent over as soon as you wake.” You nodded and got under the covers of the couch in the hotel room you were currently staying in. Your manager got on the phone immediately as she headed towards the door. “I need you to bring-,“ her voice faded out as she closed the door behind her. You closed your eyes trying to rest but you couldn’t, the shock of reuniting with him and the boys after all this time made you nervous. You hadn’t exchanged words with him since then. Hell, he didn’t even come to get his things from you, Jin did.

“Jin-hyung what are you doing here?” you asked after opening the door. You were expecting Namjoon to have been the one knocking but it wasn’t.

“Y/n,” he smiled at you. “Namjoon hasn’t come out from his room. I felt like it was better if someone else came to retrieve his belongings. I didn’t want to make things harder for you both, or start another argument…” he trailed off as you hugged him. He was always the nicest to you, right after Namjoon of course.

“Thank you Jin-hyung. I don’t know what would have happened if I saw him after yesterday.” You tried not to cry anymore, but the tears betrayed you. “I miss him already.” You confessed.

“I know you do.You were perfect for each other. But maybe it wasn’t meant to be y/n” that only made you cry even harder. “I know it’s the last thing you want to hear, but we’ve got a debut tour to prepare for. He needs to focus on that, we all do.” You nodded your head. “Cheer up y/n this isn’t the end, it’s only the beginning. Soon your career will take off too.” He said rubbing your arm. “Now give momma Jin a kiss” he said pointing to his cheek. You weakly laughed as you hugged and reluctantly gave him a kiss. He always made you feel better, even in times like this.

“I wish you and the boys best of luck. I know you’ll do amazing!” you said pulling him into another hug before he picked up the box full of Namjoon’s stuff.

“Me too y/n, me too.” He winked at you. “This isn’t goodbye, one day we’ll be watching you on your own tour.” With that, he left you standing in your doorway watching as he got smaller and smaller.

Thinking of the last time you saw any of them didn’t help, you cried yourself to sleep.

The days blended together in a blur of appointments, dress fittings, and last minute touches before you were due to start rehearsals with the Bangtan Boys.

“We’re here for rehearsal with Bangtan Sonyeondan,” you manager told the receptionist at Big Hit. Her finger roamed over the keyboard, quickly checking the schedule.

“Okay just sign in on this list,” she handed the clipboard. “I’ll let them know you’re on the way up,” she said smiling, after she gave you instructions on where to go.

“Thank you,” you both bowed to her.  “Now y/n, I need you-,”

“To make a good impression I know. You need me to perform as best as I can.” You interrupted her. “To stay focused. I know.” You could feel her gaze at your profile as you waited for the elevator.

Ding! The elevator doors opened and you could have sworn your heart stopped.

“Y/N!!!! It’s so good to see you!” Jimin and Taehyung rushed out to hug you. “We’ve missed you!”

“I’ve missed you guys too!! Jimin you’ve gotten buff!” you exclaimed and he blushed.

“That’s what happens when you work out,” he shrugged, but you could tell he was proud of the change.

“Wait!” your manager interjected. “You know them?!” She practically yelled. The boys looked at you nervously.

“Yes I do. I knew them before they-,” this time she was the one to stop you from finishing your sentence.

“You couldn’t have bothered to tell me y/n?” she asked obviously cross with you.

“Well see her and Namjoon used to date,” Taehyung said oblivious to all of your stares. Jimin elbowed him. “Well it’s true,” he trailed off.

Your manager turned to you, and you could tell that you were in for a serious talk later. “We don’t have time to talk right now. Later you and I are going to have a sit down in your hotel room y/n.” she said in a serious tone. “You need to get to rehearsal. All of you,” she said pointing at the boys, which made them stand up straighter. “Need to get to rehearsals.”

Taehyung saluted her and Jimin elbowed him again. “Tae really?” You laughed and walked into the elevator with the two of them. You used the short ride up to catch up on how everyone has been.

“Being this big was initially a shock but we’ve been dealing with it pretty well.” Jimin said

“I’m so happy for you guys, I really am.” You said sincerely.

The doors to the elevator opened once more and you three stepped out. You followed them to a studio down the hall. “You’re going to love this place y/n” Jimin stated. He held the door open for you. Almost instantly Jin, Yoongi, Jungkook, and Hoseok paused what they were doing.

“YAH Y/N!!!” yelled Hoseok. “It’s so good to see you!”  As you stepped further into the room he came forward to give you a hug. One by one the others followed, Jin being the last to.

“See I told you it wasn’t a goodbye,” he said as he hugged you tight.

“Guys who stopped the mus-,” Namjoon started to say but stopped when his eyes fell upon you standing with boys like old times. “Y/n?,” your breath caught in your throat.

He looked good, so good. Butterflies flooded your stomach. His hair was dyed a blonde color and was slicked back, he filled out his shirt with muscles he hadn’t had before. He looked older, more mature.

“Namjoon,” you said breathlessly. Your feelings for him never went away. No matter how hard you had tried to stop loving him, you just couldn’t. He walked towards you enclosing you in a hug. “It’s good to see you too Namjoon.” You said after he released you.

Before either of you could catch up, the choreographer entered and wanted to get straight to business. You had heard of his legendary routines and his tendency to not waste any time. The eight of you had started to stretch and prepare yourselves for the long day of rehearsal before you while he lined up the music. He had you run through the moves for hours before you were allowed a break.

“Here y/n” Jungkook said as he brought a bottle of water over to you.

“Thanks Kookie,” you said after gulping down most of it. “How have you been? You sure have grown up since I last saw you.” You winked at him knowing it would make him blush.

“I’ve been good y/n. We all have been. We’ve missed having you around. It’s good to have you back,” he said before you both were called for a group huddle.  The choreographer discussed the plan for the rest of the day with all of you. Some hours later he decided to call it a day when he noticed you guys were becoming increasingly tired.

“You did a really good job today y/n,” he praised you. And you bowed to him in return.

The boys packed up their stuff to head back to their dorm. The only one who lingered around was Yoongi. “You okay y/n?” he asked.

“Yeah I’m fine. Just a little tired. Sore, definitely sore,” you replied as he laughed.

“Welcome to the Idol life,” he said walking out with you.

“Yoongi-hyu-“ you started to say.

“Ah ah!” he started to correct you.

“Sorry. Oppa,” he grinned. He always had a thing for being called oppa. “How has he been?” you asked.

Yoongi hung his head as you both walked towards the front doors of Big Hit. “I’m not going to lie,” he started. “Things were rough in the beginning. He was so sad for the longest time. He regretted what he had said to you that day.”

“How do you know?” you asked in a quiet voice.

“He came to me after the fact and confided in me. He felt so bad for saying what he did. He wanted so bad to apologize but he felt like it was too late. He said that you hated him. Is that true?” he said looking to you.

“I did say that, yes,” Yoongi visibly winced at your words. “But I didn’t mean them. I was caught up in what was happening, I threw around words that I didn’t mean. But so did he!” you exclaimed clearly getting worked up at this conversation.

“He did. Like I said he told me everything.” He looked over to the van than honked for him. “But please don’t hold those words against him anymore. He’s grown so much. I think you two should talk.” He gave you a hug and jogged off to the van that took them back to their dorm.

All of this was doing your head in. You were glad it wasn’t as awkward as you had thought it was going to be. The beep of a car horn brought you out of your thoughts. Your manager was here to pick you up and take you back to your hotel room.

“How did it go?” she asked as you slid into the front seat.

“It went really well. The routine isn’t hard at all.” You went on to explain how the rest of the day went after she left you.

“Y/n, we need to talk about -,” she started to say as you reached your room.

“What about it?” you were slightly irritated by the tone of her voice. She went on to lecture you about the importance of acting professional and keeping your personal life separate from everything else. You already understood this, it wasn’t as if it was the first time you had a conversation like this. Instead of talking back you simply nodded and replied politely at the right moments. “You understand?” she asked and you nodded. “Good. Now get a good night’s rest.” As soon as she closed the door behind her, you went to grab your toiletries getting ready for a shower.

You let the hot stinging water cascade over your aching muscles. It felt better than anything ever could right at that moment. Afterwards you stepped out and got dressed into your pajamas. You were brushing out the tangles in your hair when a soft knock sounded against the door. Who could it be? Opening the door expecting to find your manager once more to go over things again, your heart fluttered. He was dressed in a black hoodie and sweatpants, a dust mask hiding his identity to whomever he came across. But you knew those eyes anywhere.

“Namjoon? What are you doing here?” you asked clearly shocked.

“Can I come in?” he asked. You opened the door a fraction more. He removed the mask as he slipped in.

“What are you doing here?” you reiterated. He gave a small smile. The dimples that you loved so much showed.

“I wanted to talk to you. To catch up, I mean if that’s okay with you,” he started to ramble. That was always a trait that conveyed his nervousness. Once again those butterflies returned.

“Sure,” you were just as nervous as he was. You went over and sat on your bed. He nodded his head towards the bed to silently ask if it was okay to sit. “No need to ask, just sit.” You said and he chuckled.

“I’m sorry, I’m just nervous,” he said as he ran his hand through his hair.

“You’re not the only one Joonie,” you said which made him look at you. He loved the nickname you gave him years ago. “What did you want to talk about?”

“For starters, I wanted to apologize,” He said. You waited for him to continue. He turned his whole body, now fully facing you on the bed. “There was no excuse for the things I said, the way I acted,” his voice wavered a little.

“Namjoon-,” you began.

“No let me finish.” He interjected. “I never should have said those things to you. I was incredibly rude to you. I can’t even express how sorry I am for that.” You sat quietly as he continued. “I knew we were becoming more popular. We were going on tour for the first time ever as a group. I didn’t know how long I would have been gone.” He looked down at your hands that were in your lap. He picked up your right hand to hold it.

“I understand that Namjoon. I understand that stress now. But why did you have to say those things to me?” you asked biting your lip to keep it from quivering.

“I wanted to leave for the tour knowing you hated me,” He said. You scoffed at his words and took your hand back from his.

“Cause that’s totally okay,” you said swiping a tear off of your cheek.

“No you don’t get it y/n,” his voice sounded desperate.

“Please explain it to me then.” You crossed your arms in front of you.

“I wanted you to hate me, because if you didn’t, it would have been that much harder for me to leave you.” His confession left you speechless. “Y/n, look at me.” He said. You lifted your head to look straight into the eyes you could forever get lost in. “I couldn’t have you waiting around for me, I didn’t want that for you.” He lifted his hand to cup your face, his thumb caressing your cheek.

You brought you own hand up to cover the one that held your face. “But Namjoon, I would have waited a lifetime.” You turned your head to softly kiss the palm of his hand, which made him groan. “Only for you,”  you could see his eyes become dewy with tears. You took a chance and leaned forward to kiss the lips you’ve missed so much. Not hesitating, Namjoon kissed you back hungrily. He pulled you onto his lap, his arms encircling you. You were the first to pull away making him whine.

“Joonie?” you said out of breath, leaning your forehead against his.

“What is it babe?” he asked and that made you heart skip a beat.

“I’ve never stopped loving you.” That made him look up at you, you could see the love in his eyes.

“Y/n? Do you mean it?” he questioned. You leaned back into him and nodded silently. His lips were slightly parted, his breath mingling with yours. “Good. Cause I never once stopped loving you either.” He declared, once again bringing his lips to yours. You stayed like that for who knows how long. “As much as I’ve missed you and your lips on mine,” he began “We need to sleep.” Now it was your turn to whine.

“But Namjoon,” you started to complain. “I’ve missed you. Please don’t go.”

A velvety laugh escaped his lips. “You’re crazy if you think I’m going to leave.” He got under the covers hugging you to him. Your head rested on his chest, his slowing heartbeat lulling you to sleep. “I love you y/n.” he whispered as your eyes closed.

“I love you too Joonie.” You snuggled deeper into him. Home, you were home.

A/N: I hoped you enjoyed it! This piece (so far) has been my most favorite to write. ^^ Thank you for reading!!


Honestly, if the first two months of the Trump administration has taught Democrats only one thing, I hope it’s this: Republicans are going to oppose progress and anything that’s in the best interest of poor and working class Americans, and the GOP will fight for injustice whether Dems are “reasonable” or not…….so why keep wasting time with niceties & “grand bargains” that won’t ever be extended in return?

Conservatives will deny that climate change is real, and they will oppose racial justice, economic justice, LGBTQ rights and gender equality. From blocking sensible background checks after Sandy Hook, to repealing Affordable Healthcare, to banning Muslims, to removing laws for gender pay equality, to gutting internet privacy, Meals on Wheels, school lunch programs, and the Consumer Protection Agency, Republicans have repeatedly demonstrated that they are against American citizens, and on the side of banks, private prisons, insurance companies and big business—for all these reasons, the next *progressive* president needs to govern accordingly, and act as though another fascist like Trump (or a fundamentalist like Pence) could come along and in the blink of an eye, take everything away and reverse any progress we’ve made over the last several generations.

At this point, America needs to go hard left just to undo every awful thing Trump has done (thus far) and get within spitting distance of the REAL political center.

The next Democratic (or Independent) POTUS needs to abandon incrementalism & centrism and start every bargain as far left as possible, because starting from the “center” is an automatic, de facto concession to Republicans, who always move the goalposts further and further to the right.

In other words, we don’t need a candidate who chases after conservative voters and ignores the progressive base. Conservatism is the problem, so we really don’t need anymore “Democrats” who are “proud of their conservative roots.” We need a hardcore progressive.

Mick Rory and survivor's guilt

A post by @coldtomyflash reminded me of a topic I’ve been wanting to talk about for a while now: Mick Rory and his survivor’s guilt, and how it plays into his loss of Len and his characterization on the second season

Mick’s got loads of survivor’s guilt, from his childhood right up through legends. Mick’s survivor’s guilt started, undoubtedly, with the death of his family. He caused the fire that killed them, even though it was an accident, and his mental illness got the better of him and prevented him from seeking help for his family. That’s the normal survivor’s guilt – living through an accident that others, particularly those you’re close to, do not – with the added heap of self-blame on there to mess him up even further. We see in 2x12 of Legends how that guilt and blame are already starting to sublimate into self-harm – burning himself with matches, at that time. As people grow older, and since we can assume Mick received little professional help being, based on the Legends timeline, and adult or just shy of it at that time (depending on birthdates – his is never specifically given, but 1990 is the year Leonard would have turned 18, and we have to assume they’re at least close in age).
We don’t get to see exactly what happens after they return Mick to the timeline after the fire, but it’s most likely not good. He’s wrapped up in blaming himself, starting to self-harm, and probably a bit of a pariah with the community he came from after the fire. He probably still has Len at this point, but other than that? Mick doesn’t really have anyone else.

The other thing Mick doesn’t seem to have is a whole lot of self-esteem. Len didn’t finish high school; Mick probably didn’t either, if he even went. Rural farming communities do not have the best educational pushes, particularly if your parents don’t think it’s useful, or if they think you’re going to take over the farm or something. So he probably is undereducated and doesn’t think he’s very smart; he may have been told so, as his father doesn’t seem like much of a gem. He never refutes any of the bad things said about his intelligence by any of the team members, even when they very obviously hurt him. Even with the pirates episode, he feels unwanted. Part of it may be because he doesn’t want to admit he has feelings to hurt, but part of it is also probably because part of him thinks they’re right. You can’t argue with facts, no matter how much you resent them.

So Mick’s got survivor’s guilt and self-esteem issues right off the bat when we get to him in Legends, and we can start to see Mick sublimating it into sacrificing himself for the only constant left in life: Leonard.
It’s most obvious in the Gulag episode, where Mick makes himself a distraction so that Leonard can get out. Now, mick’s not one to sacrifice himself for just anyone or anything; he’s not about to sacrifice himself to save Raymond in the yard, because Ray doesn’t matter. Not yet, anyway; not until Raymond takes a beating for him. Then, things change. Because then Mick feels responsible for him.

Mick does not want to be responsible for other people. I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth repeating, because his survivor’s guilt is probably a large part of why he doesn’t want to be in charge or responsible for anyone else. We can see it with Sara: being in charge means that you shoulder some of the blame for what happens to your team, at least in most people’s minds. Mick doesn’t want to be to blame for the death of people who he’s supposed to be working with. If he shows up, does his part, and things go wrong and people die, that’s not his fault. He doesn’t have to take on that guilt because hey, he did his part, it wasn’t his fault. Should’ve been planned better, or someone should’ve done their part better, or something, anything that means he’s not responsible for more people’s deaths. (Clearly, he’s fine being responsible for other people’s deaths if he’s working against them, but that’s a horse of a different color.) Is also why he pushes people away; if he doesn’t have friends , he can’t be hurt by them dying or being hurt, which is probably particularly important given his chosen profession, where there’s a lot of violence and death.

But now Raymond has MADE him responsible. Because he took a beating meant for Mick, if he dies because he’s too hurt to get out after Mick and Len left him, Mick would feel responsible for Ray’s death. He’d feel guilty. And Mick can’t bear that much more guilt. That’s why he won’t leave Raymond at the gulag. He doesn’t want to be responsible for Raymond’s death.

And the Len takes his place at the Oculus.

Leonard is, by Mick’s own admission, his only friend at the time. He’s known Len for very nearly thirty years, based on their ages and the timeline we’re given. And Leonard has, to Mick’s mind, died because of him, because honestly, if Raymond had still been the one at the Oculus? I do not for a minute believe that Leonard would have sacrificed himself. So Mick wakes up and finds that, essentially, everyone he’s ever cared about has died, because of him. Keep in mind – this is only a few episodes after they took Teen Mick from the fire. Mick JUST revisited those painful memories and most likely reopened all the wounds and made the guilt even worse.

That’s probably a large part of why Mick and Sara – who both start season 2 dealing with the loss of a family member, as you can consider Len Mick’s family at this point – deal so differently ,and why it seems to affect Mick much deeper. Sara lacks that guilt about Laurel’s death – she wants to change it, of course, and she certainly wasn’t pleased that she wasn’t there when it happened – but I think she believes Rip when he tells her she wouldn’t have been able to stop it, and her initial quest to kill Damian shows she does blame him for Laurel’s death (as she should). Mick, though – all that anger and pain are reflecting right back onto him, and he sublimates it the way he always has – self-harm, this time in the form of suicidal behaviors.

Mick can’t quite bring himself to just end it – there may be a variety of reasons, but it’s not uncommon, when dealing with survivor’s guilt, for the person to have conflicting feelings of a desire to end their life, while still feeling that they’re not allowed to. After all, they lived through the event, so if they kill themselves there tends to be a sense of having wasted their survival. Mick deals with this by throwing himself into dangerous situations there’s a good chance he won’t live through – running into gunfights without ammo, setting off explosives he doesn’t intend to leave, picking fights with speedsters on the Waverider. He wants to die, because he feels like the cause of everything bad happening to people he’s close to, but he can’t bring himself to be the direct cause of it, because that would, in a sense, be wasting Leonard’s sacrifice.

Which is why it is supremely shitty, to the highest degree, for someone to say to this man – to his face – that he shouldn’t give advice on partnerships because look how his turned out.

Like, holy shit.

When he said that, Stein was all but saying that Leonard died because Mick wasn’t a good partner. He says that to a man suffering from survivor’s guilt and self-esteem issues who he KNOWS has been hallucinating his dead partner out of sheer grief. And he just throws it in his face, and then proceeds to take the advice Mick gave him anyway because IT WAS GOOD ADVICE!

I nearly lost my damn mind.

Bts reaction to their girlfriend being to busy with school or work to see them


Seokjin would try his best to be helpful, reminding you that you had to eat and that sleep was actually a thing that you had to do cause much as you liked to deny it you were human. He would be the person to leave text’s for you to go to sleep if you weren’t close to each other physically, after all he just wanted to make sure that you were taking care of yourself.

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“I promise you can return digging an early grave, but you need to eat a little bit first, just a little? For me?”


Yoongi would be the most understanding, he himself works almost insane hours, one of the main problems would be that without needing to see you he might fall into a bad habit of even more work! Be careful not both of you work yourself to an early grave!

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“I promise it’s going to be fine!”


Hobi would be the kind to send you as much encouragement to you as he could! It didn’t matter in which form it was! Sometimes it would be snapchats in the morning with the text “Do your best! I believe in you!” or just little messages during the day. He would be your personal cheerleader!

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“You can do it! You are so close to the end!


As the leader of a popular kpop group if anybody could understand being busy it was Namjoon, he would offer you an option since you were both busy you could at least be busy in the same room, if you had to be way to busy to see each other this was at least an option of some kind!

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“At least we see each other this way?”


Jimin would try to be cute about, sending you cute selfies hoping that it would make you pay more attention to him, the problem with being as cute as him was that he really wasn’t used to being ignored!

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Taehyung would be pouty, first of all his isn’t amazing when people more or less ignore him. While he works hard himself, he would have a hard time accepting you being so close… and half way through your work he would dramatically plop down in your lap demanding attention, take pity on the poor puppy.

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“Don’t you love me anymore?”


Jungkook would be the worst about it, as the maknae he was never really used to people not paying attention to him! All his hyung always made time for him, so he would without a doubt be terrible about it, and maybe also a little insecure about it, being maybe a little worried that you didn’t love him anymore!

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- Prussia

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Never Good Enough - Jughead x Reader

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Request: “ Fluffy/ Angsty Jughead x Reader where he doesn’t think he’s good enough for her and they cuddle at the end”

Warning: Very mild swearing. The mildest of mild.

Word Count: 1354

A/N: Hey guys. This is only the second fanfic I’ve written and would really love some feedback. I’m really looking to improve my writing. Also if you have any requests feel free too send them my way. Also apologies for the long chunks of dialog. I am a fan of monologues and tend to write that way.

He couldn’t believe her. Everything about her amazed him. The way she only ate m&m’s in increments of threes, her unabashed love of karaoke and most defiantly her total commitment to solving the murder of a fellow student she hardly even knew. Y/N was perfect. The perfect girl for Jughead. If only I had the courage to tell her. Jughead thought wistfully. If only I were good enough.

“ What’s up Jug” Y/N said as she gracefully slid into the booth across from Jughead at Pop’s, leaning over to steal a handful of fries off his plate.

“ You may be my best friend, Y/N, but if you ever steal my fries again I will have to do something drastic” Jughead said, barley stifling a smirk.

“ Drastic like what Jug? Dare to wear a colour other than black? Or perhaps, if your feeling like doing something particularly drastic you may even dare to sit on another booth” Y/N said as she made an exaggerated face of mock horror.

This made Jughead laugh. Laugh so much to make the sip of chocolate milkshake he had just taken explode out of his mouth and nose. Nice one Jones. He thought. That’s exactly the kind of move you want to pull in front of the girl of your dreams.

“ Well Jug, I was just about to go order myself a burger and a milkshake but i’ll make sure to ask Pop if he has some kind of adult sized bib for you” Y/N said as she winked and slid out of the booth once more, gliding ever so elegantly across the floor of the diner as she did so.

Jughead’s smile faded as she walked away. This is how it always went with them. Best friends but polar opposites. She was so put together while Jughead was a bumbling mess. She loved to talk to people while Jughead preferred to stay in the shadows, watching but never participating.

“ So Pop didn’t have a bib” Y/N said returning to the booth with a milkshake. “ But he did give me this cloth so you could clean yourself up.”

Y/N and Jughead spent the rest of the evening in a comfortable silence until the bell rang and the sound teenage boys whooping and yelling invaded the diner.

“Y/N!” Reggie, the newly instated captain of the football team yelled as he walked over sliding into the booth next to Y/N, ignoring Jughead.

“ Whats up Reg”

“ Y/N, I was wondering if you wanted to go out on a date with me”

“ Uh- I don’t know Reggie, we hardly know each other”

“ Well what better way to get to know each other” Reggie smiled. “ Can you think of a reason why not”

“ I suppose not” Y/N said, returning Reggie’s smile.

“ Uh- um- I have to go” Jughead stuttered as he gathered his things, nearly running out of the diner. Leaving Y/N staring after him, confused as to why her best friend took off with such speed.


The next day at school Y/N tried to talk to Jughead with no success. He took his usual place next to her in class but came in to each class late and ran off as soon as the bell sounded at the end of each period.

Jughead did not join his friends for lunch that day, or the following day. Or the one after that. He went out of his way to avoid Y/N. Barely making eye contact in class and ignoring her incessant stream of calls and text messages. It wasn’t unusual for Jughead to be sullen and withdrawn but eventually Archie cornered him at his locker.

“ Okay man, what is going on.”

“ What do you mean Arch, everything’s cool” Jughead lied, not able to make eye contact with his red headed friend.

“ No one has spent more that ten seconds with you in days. You run in and out of rooms so quickly when you catch the sight of any of us, especially Y/N. Tell me what’s up!” Archie said.

Jughead told Archie everything. His crush on Y/N. How he thought he would never be enough for her. How Reggie has asked her out right in front of him and she had accepted. His face falling as he did.

“ I just don’t know if I can be around her anymore”

“You need to try, Jug. You need to talk to her. Even if she doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, she is still your best friend and she still loves you. She, at very least deserves the truth.”


Y/N was so relieved when Jughead finally returned one of her text messages, wanting to set up an old school movie night at her place just to two of them. She was so relived to hear from her best friend after almost a week of radio silence she immediately canceled her date with Reggie for the same night, saying she was ill. To her spending time with Jug was way more important than any date. That’s how she ended up, sitting on the floor of her living room with what felt like every single pillow and blanket in the house next to Jughead.

Jughead was trying. He was really trying to go back to normal. But he was off. Not laughing at jokes he would usually laugh at. His smile almost too wide, too forced. He could tell Y/N knew that he still wasn’t right.

“Okay. What its is Jug, because this is really staring to bother me. First you don’t speak to me, barely even look at me for an entire week. Then all of a sudden for no reason at all you finally message me back wanting to hang out. I cancelled my date with Reggie for you Jug. I wanted to hang out with you. Now just tell me what the hell is wrong!” Y/N yelled, climbing out from underneath the pile of pillows and blankets.

“ You canceled your date with Reggie for me”

“ Of course I did Juggie. I care about you so much more than him”

Jughead decided it was now or never. He stood up and moved over to where Y/N was standing; grabbing her by the arm, pulling her in to kiss her.

“ Y/N, I have wanted you for so long. But I always knew I wasn’t good enough for you. You should be with Reggie. You are so perfect and I am just a loser who can’t even process his own emotions in a mature way. You shouldn’t be with me” He said as he stepped away from Y/N, heading to the door.

“ Jug. I had no idea you felt the same way as me”

“ I can’t ever be enough for you Y/N. You are so perfect.”

“ Jug you have a distorted image of who I am . I have flaws and insecurities that you are over looking. I am not some kind of manic pixie dream girl, I’m a real, flawed person .You don’t get to decide what is and isn’t good enough for me” she said as she reached up to cup his face, bringing him in to kiss him lightly. “ You sure as hell are Jughead. You don’t understand how nervous and giddy you make me feel.

Y/N took Jughead’s hand and lead him back into the living room, into the pile of pillows and blankets. He pulled her down onto the floor, wrapping his arms around her waist; her back to his chest.

“C'mon Jug, lets keep watching the movie” . She said as he lightly kissed her forehead.

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Jughead Jones x Fem!Reader- Rapunzel- Part 2

(Part 1)

Warnings: Abusive Parenting, minor fighting, swears

Second and Third Person used

Words: 1732


“We’ll just go to Pop’s, nowhere special, but come on Rap, you need to get out of here. You can’t spend your entire life cooped up in there. So just come with me. You told me your mom won’t be home until tomorrow, we have time,” he persuaded and you sighed before nodding, grabbing his hand. He helped you down the ladder, your heart pounding and body shaking, both from excitement and terror.

But there was no turning back now.

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[iM@S CG: Starlight Stage] Nocturne event plot summary!

I hadn’t seen any subbed vids or summaries floating around yet so I decided to put one together! This event has a pretty good cast lineup for me, and Ryo is one of my faves so I’m happy she’s getting some more spotlight! (though in a really unexpected way?) I’m going to try to keep these comparatively short, though probably highlighting some especially good moments.

Obviously the event isn’t over yet, so I’ll keep updating this! I’m starting with the first four commus, so check back for more updates!

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Rant kinda thing over Archie

So Archie basically begs Jughead not to tell Betty about how Ms. Grundy and him were hooking up, and Jughead even knew that if Betty knew, she wouldn’t do anything to hurt Archie. So here Jughead is being like the best friend ever, and to this day, not many people know that Archie and Grundy were a thing. Moment of respect for Jughead for taking the high road.

And then Archie finds Jughead in the school’s locker room as he gets ready. So Archie sees jughead’s “home” or therefore lack of, in the closet underneath the stairs and he promises not to tell anyone. So Archie gets jealous when Jughead says not to tell Betty after he realizes that Jughead and Betty “had a moment”. Surprise surprise, Archie’s jealous and he wants Betty back after not returning her feelings for Archie at the semi-formal Dance thing. He also appears jealous when Jughead comforts Betty by putting his arm around her shoulders. Archie also tries to get back on Betty’s good side when he says while they’re trying to find Polly, that he was sorry he wasn’t there for her.

And then in the spoilers, we see that Archie is being a complete douche in many ways. For one, he makes a big deal to tell everyone in the middle of Polly’s baby shower, which is her one hope to get her parents to care about her. And another way is that Jughead kept Archie and Grundy a secret, or, as well as he could’ve, and then now he completely invalidates Jughead’s trust telling Betty about Jughead’s Dad being a serpent, and you can just see how the hope fades from Jughead’s eyes as he looks at Betty like, this is how I lose her. So Archie kind of redeemed himself by keeping Jughead’s homelessness a secret, but then he just betrayed Jughead.

I’m pretending the real ending to the Night at the Musueum trilogy is that Ahk comes back to the natural history museum in a few years, saying “It was nice to visit my parents for a while, but it was time I came home.” He brings with him Tilly (who gets to live the dream of being a ninja sword owning security guard in America) and Lancelot (who’s now Ahk’s dedicated personal bodyguard). The body of the real Kahmunrah is found and acquired, and it turns out that he’s just as sassy and sarcastic as the version they encountered at the Smithsonian but not evil at all. Jed finally figures out that Octavius is more than just his best friend and yet very little changes in their dynamic besides the occasional PDA because things between them were already perfect to begin with. (“Lancelot who? The only hypnotic blue eyes I see here are yours.” “Shut up and kiss me, ya sap.”) Larry teaches history at a near-by high school and leads some kind of after school club that frequently takes visits to museums in the evenings. All his students think he’s the coolest teacher ever because he knows how to make learning actually fun and entertaining. Ahkmenrah still visits his parents every few years but always returns to his real family. Everyone lives, everyone’s happy, everyone’s together. THE END. Cut to credits.

Remus x Reader

A tiny disclaimer, I lost everything on my Laptop (Thats were I have my fan fics) so I had to retype this all over again. I’m sorry if they’re grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes, I just kind rushed through it. I hope you still enjoy tho!!
It was (Y/N) ‘s seventh year at Hogwarts, she was sitting a the (Y/H) table. Hearing rumors that Harry Potter had fainted on the Hogwarts express. Harry’s like her little brother so clearly she was concerned for him. Dumbledore stood up as she removed her glance from Harry. “Students, Welcome to another at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry!” Everyone cheered including (Y/N). “I have a few things to say to you all, and as one them is very serious, I think it best to get it out of the way before you become befuddled by our excellent feast.” Dumbledore continued,”As you will all be aware after their search of the Hogwarts Express, our school is presently playing host to some of the dementors of Azkaban, who are here on Ministry of Magic business.” He paused she glanced over at Harry who glanced back.. She gave him concerned look and he return a similar facial expression. “They are stationed at every entrance to the grounds,” Harry and (Y/N) both pulled their attention to Dumbledore; “and while they are with us, I must make it plain that nobody is to leave the school without permission. Dementors are not to be fooled by tricks or disguises- or even Invisibility Cloaks,” Ron, Hermione and (Y/N) looked at Harry. Dumbledore went on about the Dementors. Her eyes wandered the table of teacher’s behind him. She noticed a new teacher. A quite handsome teacher, actually, a super handsome teacher. “On a happier note,” Dumbledore’s voice ruined my thoughts, “I am pleased to welcome two new teachers to our ranks this year. First, Professor Lupin, who has kindly consented to fill the post of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.”
“Kind indeed,” (Y/N) said a little bit too loud that her best friend since her first year heard. “What?” she nudged (Y/N) “Oh, um, nothing.” (Y/N) said not removing her eyes from the handsome light browned haired man. She looked over to her friend. Her eyes her filled with mischief. “(Y/N) has a crush on the new DATDA teacher!” she basically yelled, “SHHH!” (Y/N) put her hand over (Y/F/N) mouth. They both stood up and pulled her outside of the Great Hall. “What are you thinking?!” she snapped at her. “I’m thinking if you wanna get on Professor Lupin’s good side, you go talk to him today or tomorrow after classes, just got before we actually have his class.” Her friend winked as she walked back into the Great Hall.
—————-Remus’s Pov———–
It was a pretty hectic day, with the boggart and Remus was going to have to it all over again tomorrow. He heard a tiny knock at his door, and turned around and saw a beautiful girl, her presence lighted up the room. “Hi, um, Professor Lupin.” he got pulled back into his thoughts. “Hi, Are you one of my students?” Lupin asked trying to act professional. “Yes, but you don’t have my class until tomorrow.” she smiled walking closer to his desk. “Oh, well then what brings you up to my office?” He said shuffling some papers on his messy desk. “I just have this thing I do every year, and it’s to go say hi to all of the new teachers.” she was now looking over his desk at the paper he was shuffling. Remus looked up and their faces were inches away. Her (Y/C) eyes were so filled with life that he could get lost in. “My name is (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N).” She held her hand out for him to shake. He shook it standing up straight. He looked over at his clock and saw it was almost sundown. “You better get to bed, it almost dark.” he pushed her to the door. “Oh okay, well it was really nice to-” He closed the door on her face. He felt terrible.
——————(Y/N) Pov————
(Y/N) was shaking as she made her way over to Professor Lupin’s office. She knocked on his door. He was standing in front of a giant wardrobe. “Hi, um, Professor Lupin.” she said trying not to show the nerves in her voice. He turned around and stared at (Y/N) for a while. She wanted to run away, She knew she had made a mistake, she would never listen to (Y/F/N) again ,but as she was about to take a step back out of the door, “Hi, are you one of my students?” escaped from his lips. All the weight from her chest was lifted. “Yes, but you don’t have my class until tomorrow.” (Y/N) smiled as she felt more confident, so she walked closer to his desk.”Oh, well what brings you to my office?” He asked shuffling some papers. She looked over his desk to see if he was shuffling papers or maybe if she lucky she had made him nervous. “I just have this thing I do every year, and it’s to go say hi to all the new teachers.” (Y/N) knew she was lying she just wanted to see him and meet him. He looked up and she meet his lost blue eyes. Even though his eyes were lost, she found herself, quickly she remembered what she was there for. She blurted out at him, “My name is (Y/F/N) (Y/L/).” She held out her hand for him to shake, he shook her hand. It got kinda awkward after that. (Y/N) noticed he glanced over to the clock in his room. “You better get to bed, it’s almost dark.” He pushed her to door. “Oh okay, well it was really nice to-” The door slammed in her face. “meet you.” she whispered as she walked to the (Y/H) common room.
The next morning, she couldn’t stop thinking about what happened the night before with Professor Lupin. (Y/F/N) keep asking questions but she didn’t really want to talk about it. They got to their DATDA class, and (Y/N) quickly sat in front of the class. Professor Lupin smiled at her when he saw her sit in front of the class. “ I know you have all heard of the Boggart I have been doing with all my other classes, but for you seventh years I have a little something different planned.” He looked straight at her, she could feel her cheeks heating up, so (Y/n) looked down at her book. Class was really fun, she could really feel a strong connection with Professor Lupin. After class, she decided to stay after a bit. “Wonderful Class today, Professor.” she walked over to him. She met those beautiful blue eyes she fell in love with. “Well, Thank you (Y/N), You weren’t to bad yourself.” They talked so much that (Y/N) completely skipped the rest of the day, it was until sun down he kicked her out again. She was really starting to wonder if really she really had feelings for him.
——————-Remus’s Pov——-
(Y/N) and Remus have been talking a lot lately, she is truly an amazing girl. He knew she’s a student, but when he’s with her, he gets a feeling he has never felt before. He knew this might be crazy, but He was in love with her. Remus was just scared how she will react if he told her he was a werewolf. What if she’s scared of him, she would never love him back. Those thoughts swirled his mind as he heard a very similar voice call his name. “Professor Lupin?” (Y/N) stood right behind him, her eyes beaming with light. “Remus,” he blurted at her “My first name is Remus, You can call me Professor Remus Lupin.” Her face showed the confusion of the sudden action of his. “I’m glad I get to know your first name, I think I’m gonna stick with calling you Professor Lupin.” she laughed, Lupin smiled and to erase the awkwardness, he pulled out a chocolate bar from his pocket. “ Um, here, for you.” He handed her the chocolate bar. “Thank you so much, Professor.” She took the chocolate, and put it in her robe as she made her way to her seat. “Okay, Class today we are tackling the boggart today!” Everyone in the classroom cheered, “we are gonna be moving to the staffroom.” (Y/N) stood up first and then students began to make there way there. He taught them the Riddikulus spell and they were off. Everyone was super excited, Remus noticed that (Y/N) wasn’t too excited though. “(Y/N) what is your biggest fear?” He asked her, her head snapped up, “ I-I don’t know” she replied, “Wanna find out?” he asked walking over to her. “Um, I don’t think I want to Professor.” She really didn’t want to, but he thought otherwise,”Come on, It will be fun!” he pushed her infront of the Boggart. The Boggart twisted and turned, slowly the Boggart became a werewolf. Remus’s heart sank, he just stared at the werewolf, his head and chest started to hurt. “RIDDIKULUS!” she yelled soon the werewolf turned into a small puppy and then exploded into tiny wisps of smoke. The bell rang, (Y/N) stood there motionless.
“Why was my boggart a werewolf?”
“That’s what you were thinking a your biggest fear was.” He couldn’t even look at her.
“But, That’s not I was thinking of.” He looked at her. There eyes locked, “What was it then?” She didn’t answer, “What was it?” He asked again being a tad bit more direct.
“I was thinking of you.” she whispered
“I was thinking of you, but-”
“You fear me?” She took a step closer, he took a step back.
“No, I don’t, please just-”
“Then why were you thinking about me?” After a while of her stepping closer and him walking away, he hit a wall, there faces were only few inches away. Remus looked into her eyes, but he didn’t get lost in them anymore. “Please just let me explain-” Harry entered the room. Both of their heads looked over at him. “(Y/N), Please I need to talk to Mr.Potter.” She gave me a look that tore him to two. Harry waved at her, but she didn’t respond.
——————(Y/N)’s Pov———
(Y/n) ran to the common room, his eyes were so filled with pain se thought. She entered the common room with (Y/F/N) sitting there. “Hey! How was your talk session with Lupin?”
“Terrible” she replied
“Why?” She asked concerned
“Well, First of all, I didn’t want to fight that stupid Bugger, it became a werewolf when I wasn’t even thinking about a werewolf. I asked him about it, and I told him I was thinking about him. He got the impression that I’m scared of him, but I’m not scared of him. I’m the complete opposite. I’m in love with him. And the worst of all, he wouldn’t even let me explain, his eyes were so filled with pain. I didn’t even tell him how much he means to me.” (Y/N) didn’t even notice that she was bawling and made her way out of the common room. She was crying so much that she didn’t hear (Y/F/N) yelling her to run. All she remembers is blacking out.
She woke up to someone shaking her. (Y/N) opened her eyes to see Remus hovering over her. “Come on, we gotta go.” he held out his hand. He lifted her off a very old and worn down couch. As she got up and she truly got a good look around the room. There was Harry and Hermione, Sirius Black with Professor Snape floating behind him. A man that looked like a rat, and last but not least Remus with Ron who had a wrap around his leg. “I’ll explain later” he mumbled as they made their way out of the small house. It was dark outside, if they had been in Remus’s office, he would sent her off hours ago. “One wrong move, Petter,” said Remus threateningly. His wand was pointed at Peter’s chest. A cloud shifted. They’re were suddenly dim shadows on the ground. The group was bathed in moonlight. “(Y/N) back away from me.” (Y/n) followed his command and backed away. She didn’t remove her eyes from him. His limbs began to shake. “Oh, my-” Hermione gasped. “He didn’t take his potion tonight! He’s not safe!”
“Run,” Sirius whispered “Run. Now. Leave it to me- RUN!”
She couldn’t run, no one could. All she could do was watch. There was a loud snarling noise. Remus’s head was lengthening, so was his body. His shoulders were hunching. Hair was sprouting on his face and hands, which were curling into clawed paws. Sirius turned into an enormous dog, that looked like a bear. Peter had turned back into a rat. There was a howl and a rumbling growl. She saw the werewolf taking flight. She started running, running after the werewolf, no Remus. She was running after Remus. “What are you doing?” yelled Hermione “He’s going to kill you!” (Y/n) looked at Hermione with tearful eyes. “He won’t hurt me.” She ran off after him
Remus couldn’t remember anything from the night before. He woke up in a giant meadow, He looked over to his right and saw (Y/N). She was rubbing her face, her eyes were very tired. You could tell she didn’t sleep at all. “You’re awake!” she gave Lupin a weak smile and grabbed his hand super tight. He look into h er (E/C) eyes, Remus got lost in them again. All of that was gone to quick when he glanced over her left arm. There were 4 deep cuts, like if a bear had attacked her or , a werewolf. “I did that.” he said very weakly. She looked at her arm and gave a huge sigh. He had hurt her, he sat up and looked at the ground he would never forgive myself. “Professor.” she tried getting his attention. “Professor.” Still he didn’t move. “Remus Lupin look at me.” she said in a very stern voice. He looked up her eyes that provided a safe place. “I’m sorry, I meant Professor-” He pulled her in and kissed her. Her lips were soft, She didn’t kiss him back until a couple seconds after. There lips fit perfectly with each other. She pulled away and smiled. “I never got to explain my boggart. My worst fear was that if I told you what I really felt, that you reject me.” He smile at her. “I would never reject you.” Remus said before pulling her in for another kiss.

Kiss Me

An anon once asked: Fluffy Simon imagine where the reader has a crush on Simon but is super nervous because there’s a large age gap (reader is 18/19). She eventually confesses tho and they kiss :-)… you got it, anon.

I apologize if any of this is ooc, I’m new to writing this fandom, and I’m still trying to get my footing. Also, I know this is a bit short, so apologies again. (Double also, the title sucks. I know, don’t worry.) Please let me know what you think!! <3


You stood obediently at the back of the room as Negan gave his speech, but you weren’t paying attention. How could you, with Negan’s right hand man stood next to him, a smug grin painted lazily on his face. He rarely spoke during these things—which was a damn shame—but he still was a good sight to look at. You two, surprisingly, had become good friends in the short time that you’d been at the Sanctuary. You seemed like an unlikely ally to him, until you picked up a gun. He was amazed that “such a young thing was such a good shot.” And to say that comment didn’t make your cheeks go red would be a blatant lie.

At some point, Negan stopped talking (which was shocking), and the group dispersed. You shook yourself from your reverie, hoping to find someone who could explain what he had said up there. Turning, you managed to bump into a solid chest.

“Shit, my bad—”

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Doing My Job

a/n: wow this sucks omg !! but i mean my hands are really cold and i don’t have that much time before i have to leave for work so …

You walked through the doorway of the house, smiling when you heard your daughter’s giggles from the kitchen. “Daddy, you made a mess!” She said, laughing some more. You gently closed the door, and toed off the shoes you were wearing. You walked down the hall, and peered into the kitchen. Shawn’s shirt was covered in some pasta sauce, as well as the counter beside the stove and the floor. “Mommy!” Your daughter lept up from where she was sitting on the floor, and raced over to you.

“Hey, punpkin!” You smiled, picking her up. “What’re you guys doing?” You asked, walking over to Shawn.

“Makin’ food!” Your daughter informed you, before squirming out of your arms and racing to her room.

“Hey, baby.” Shawn kissed you, and you smiled. “How was work?”

You sighed, running a hand through your messy hair. “Hectic. Remind me why I chose to work in retail?” The rhetorical question made Shawn laugh. “But let’s not talk about that. What did you two do today?” You asked, peaking into the living room and seeing pillows and couch cushions strewn around the floor. “Make a fort?”

“Yeah, we made a fort, watched a movie, colored. And I figured we’d make dinner, too.” Shawn nodded to the pasta cooking in the pot.

“Made a little bit of a mess?” You asked, grabbing a spice off of the rack and adding a little ino the sauce bowl.

Shawn’s cheeks flushed as the footfalls of a toddler got louder. You spun around and saw your daughter holding a paper in her hands. “Made this for you, Mommy.” She handed you the paper, and you saw three stick figures, one with a shape that resembed a guitar next to them. “It’s me, Daddy, and you!”

“And the cat,” Shawn pointed to the gray blob next to him.

You rolled your eyes at your husband, and looked back at the photo. “This is so good, baby!” You set the paper on the table and looked at Shawn. “I’m gonna go take a shower. Clean up the sauce before it dries.” You instructed him, walking up the steps to your room.

Slipping on a pair of fuzzy socks, you walked back downstairs, smiling when you saw the table waas set and Shawn was cutting up the noodles for your daughter. “You’re back!” She cheered, smiling.

“Miss me?” You asked, sitting down.

“I always miss you.” Shawn smiled, taking a swig of the soda he had, as the timer on the oven went off. “I saw that we had some frozen garlic breadsticks in the freezer, and I didn’t know if you had a plan for them, so I stuck them in the oven, too.” He explained, sticking the breadsticks on the table.

You smiled, taking one of the sticks. “I honestly forgot about them.” You laughed, gathering some pasta on your fork. You listened to your daughter as she explained all of the things she and Shawn did during the day, from making eggs for breakfast to when he jumped when the pasta sauce let out a bubble from warming up.  

After dinner, you relaxed in the living room while Shawn gave your daughter a bath, and put her to bed. You looked at him when he returned, and smiled. “You’re the best father in the world.”

“Nahh, I’m just doing my job.” Shawn replied, yawning.

a/n: so um, send some requests in and i have off of school on monday so i’ll get a bunch of stuff written then! :D 

Advice for incoming college freshmen!

Move-in days and first days of classes are fast approaching, and I know at this time last year I was absolutely freaking out. Luckily, I had a totally fantastic freshman year, and you will too. 

In my first year at school, I ended up taking on two leadership roles at my college: freshman ambassador and peer mentor. As a freshman ambassador, I hosted prospective students who were looking at coming to my school in my dorm and took them to class with me, and as a peer mentor I help out at orientation for new students and am a resource for them during the year. I LOVE both of these jobs and especially answering the questions of new students, so I thought I’d write some down to help people out!

  • Dorms
    • DON’T OVERPACK! Bring what you need, but don’t get carried away. Dorms are not very large, and you’re sharing the space with other people, so it gets cramped fast. My plan for this year is to take very little and see how much space I have, then have my parents bring out anything else I need for family weekend if I still have room.
    • BE PREPARED TO GO SHOPPING DURING MOVE-IN! My school’s freshman dorms have no air conditioning, and we moved in during the heat of August. My parents walked into the room and almost immediately went to Walmart to get me a window fan. Same went for storage–once I was in the room I saw there wasn’t as much space as I hoped (see above), so we got some wire shelves to go above and next to my desk–lifesavers. 
    • GET TO KNOW YOUR ROOMMATE(S)! Your roommate doesn’t have to be your best friend (though they can be–*waves at my freshman roommate*), but they aren’t someone you want to be constantly bickering with, or even basically-strangers with. Go to dinner with them, invite them to a school-sponsored event with you (there’ll be tons at the beginning of the year), chat in your room–don’t just ignore them!
    • KEEP YOUR DOOR OPEN! This is sort of a cliche, but it’s so important and so great. We kept our door open almost constantly for the first few weeks of school and people just said hi and wandered in! (Also, since our freshman dorms have no AC and it was incredibly hot the breeze was necessary, but that was just an added bonus.) Our entire hall was friendly by the end of the first few weeks, and even most girls from other halls on the floor knew each other.
    • RESPECT YOUR ROOMMATE! You might have to fill out a roommate contract or something similar at the beginning of the year. Take it seriously. You just met this person and you might not want to get all dramatic and serious and seem whiny or demanding, but it’s important. You don’t want to run into problems later that could be solved right now. If you want lights out at a certain time or have a problem with the window being open, you need to get it settled asap, or there will be problems.
    • GET TO KNOW YOUR RA! Your RA really wants to get to know you and have fun with you, and they are a great contact to have when you need help or advice–they’ve been at your school far longer than you, so they know the ropes. 
  • Classes
    • DO THE READING! You probably will be able to get away with not doing all the reading, but it’s always a better idea to. Especially if you’re at a school with small class sizes, you can always be put on the spot, and even if you can bs your way through it, you’re going to learn more and develop more as a person if you do the reading, even if it’s a story for your required english class that you don’t think matters to you as a bio major.
    • GO TO OFFICE HOURS! Office hours are your friend. Your professors definitely offer them, and don’t be afraid to see if you can schedule a meeting outside of them if you have class or work or other commitments during that time. Especially go if you have a paper in the class–all my professors have encouraged me to bring rough drafts to them to look over before the due date, but even if they don’t bring it up ask if you can. Not only does it make you stand out as a student who cares, you get the same notes you would’ve gotten if you turned it in as is, and you get to fix it to be EXACTLY as the professor wants it. Plus, for me, it forces me to get my paper done with time to edit it–if I schedule a meeting with my professor three days before the due date, I can’t write the whole paper the night before I have to turn it in, my usual MO.
    • MAKE FRIENDS WITH PEOPLE IN YOUR CLASSES! For one thing, it’s good to expand your friend group outside of just a few people, and making friends in all kinds of different classes ensures meeting lots of different people. Plus, you can form study groups and ask homework questions, not to mention have somebody to chat with before class and maybe head straight to lunch with after.
    • DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Basically the same as the reading bullet. Even if your teacher doesn’t check it, do the homework. It will benefit you, that’s why it’s assigned. I had a math course my first semester that had homework every class, but it wasn’t graded. Most people didn’t do it unless they were the ones presenting the solutions to the class. But the practice helped–the test questions were very similar to the homework questions, and people who did the homework did better on the tests, and therefore in the class. 
    • ASK UPPERCLASSMEN ABOUT CLASSES/PROFESSORS! Especially in a small school, they’ll have taken a lot of the same classes and professors. If you’re signing up for classes, ask for descriptions and recommendations of professors–but take them with a grain of salt, as people have different learning styles. For classes you’re currently in, ask for tips about doing well.
  • Food
    • LEARN ABOUT YOUR MEAL PLAN! Our meal plan has several options–three meals every day, just breakfast and dinner every day, just dinner every day, or just dinner five days a week, plus an amount of money that can be spent on food whose amount varies based on how many meals you choose. Freshmen at my school are assigned to three meals a day automatically, and after the first semester can choose which they prefer. I paid attention to how much I ate and found that the most practical thing for me was to have meals every night on the plan, and just use the money to buy breakfast and lunch, since the meals for those were larger than I needed. Pay attention to what you eat, and find the most practical option for you.
    • KEEP FOOD IN YOUR ROOM! Seriously. You will want it. It will be ten pm and the dining hall will be closed and you will be studying or watching a movie or scrolling tumblr and you will be hungry. Have chips or cookies or something ready. If you don’t, you will be unhappy. I have learned from experience. Also, it will make you friends. Seriously. Offer college kids candy or cookies and they will love you forever.
  • Extracurriculars 
    • JOIN A BUNCH OF CLUBS/TEAMS/WHATEVER! Seriously, find something you’re into and join it. Make your roommate join with you, ask a friend from psych to check it out with you, go by yourself–it doesn’t matter. Get involved! I understand that studies show that people who don’t get involved with these things often end up leaving school for good, or at least not having as rewarding an experience. 
    • DON’T GO HOME TOO OFTEN! For the same reason. You should definitely visit home if you can, particularly on breaks, but going home to often or too soon after school starts can ruin your college experience–students who go home on the first weekend are surprisingly likely to never return to college. The best way to beat the homesickness is to distract yourself with activities and new people until you settle in.
    • CALL HOME PLENTY! With that said, don’t lose contact with your family and friends from before. Your parents miss you as much as you miss them or more, and it’s easy to get distracted and forget that. I wish I had called home more my first year, and that’s one of the things I’m most determined to improve this year. 

Okay, this is about a thousand times longer than I meant it to be, but I hope it helps! Feel free to add more advice or ask me questions about specific or general things–I love talking about this stuff. 

Good luck, and have fun!

Unexpected Encounter

Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: Y/N tries her best to avoid Theo after they encounter last night. However she didn’t expect to run into him in the school gym, and things get slightly heated between them once again.

Originally posted by anexar

Side Note: This is my first every proper imagine, it might not be the best but I’m still learning so don’t judge to harshly ahaha. Anyway I hope you enjoy reading, and feedback is always welcome :)

You were dreading to return to school the next day. Your little encounter with Theo was one you wanted to forget, and you just knew if you saw him he wouldn’t let you forget about the events that took place last night.

You managed to avoid him successful for most of the day, however it was typically the one moment you let your guard down you ran into Theo. You thought going to the school gym to reveal some stress would be the best way to end the day, however what you didn’t anticipate was Theo…standing there, completely and utterly shirtless. You were torn between staying and taking in his muscular body or leaving, whichever you choose you were bond to regret both. But before you could make up your own mind, Theo lifted his head and you swore you saw him with a cocky smirk on his face. “Are you just going to stand there, or are you going to come in?” He asked you, “ I was actually leaving, thank you very much”,“ Oh come on Y/N don’t be like that, I promise I won’t get in your way” he said with a sly smile.

You pondered the thought and even though your mind was basically screaming to walk out the door, your body on the other hand was pushing you towards Theo. So you eventually closed the door and began to take off your jacket, revealing a simple sports bra underneath. The whole time you felt Theo’s eyes on you, and it took everything you had to not punch that smirk right off his face.“Do you mind not staring, it’s rude”, you glared at Theo. “I can’t help that a beautiful girl is standing right in front of me”,“ No! Don’t do that, you have no right to flirt with me…not after everything!” You yelled at him, Theo walked over to you and towered over you with his height “I have no right?!” You could tell that you were making him angry, and you knew that Theo angry was never a good sign. “I think you got that backwards babygirl, or don’t you remember last night?”. And there it was, there was the thing you’ve been avoiding the entire day. If he was going to play this game, you were going to show him that you played better.

Without a second thought you pushed Theo against the door, you could see in his eyes that you caught him way off guard. “Alright listen here Raeken”, you demanded “What happened last night was a big mistake, and I’ll never let it happen again”. You were angry and he could see that, after a minute of silence and long heavy eye contact between each other, Theo grabbed you and now you were the one against the door he ignored that surprised look on your face and said “ Say what you want Y/N but we both know that you’ll be back in my arms. You can’t resist me and truth be told I can’t stay away from you, you drive me insane with everything that you do babygirl”. Now it was your turn to be surprised, before you could reply Theo started talking again, “The good girl falls for the bad boy, it’s a classic story don’t you think? Stop trying to run away from this, you and I both know that we’re better together”.

And just like that Theo grabbed his jacket and left you standing there absolutely speechless, and the only thing that was running through your head was the feeling of wanting Theo’s lips on your skin, and his body so close to yours again. He was right you couldn’t resist him, and you hated yourself for that.

Darkness In You

Written by – gothamimagines

Date posted - 12th October 2015

Request - Could you please write an imagine where you’re one of the cheerleaders on the bus. And when Jerome comes in and freaks everyone out you are silent and don’t scream at all. He take interest in you and takes you with him. He try’s to get you to speak or scream or to make any noise but instead you keep quiet which makes him even more interested

A.N. – I changed the request slightly as it turns out the anon asked for the same story from another writer, so to be fair I shook things up a little. So the request is only a outline.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You hated traveling, it was one of the worst things in the long list of things you hated about being a cheerleader.

The only reason you were a cheerleader was because you wanted the extra credit it would get you for the after school activity. You hated most of the girls you had to work with and trusted them even less.

You’d been dropped purposely several times causing bruises and sprains, they’d tried everything they could to get you to quit, but instead of quitting you did the next best thing…you got revenge.

You dropped people in return, tripped them mid routine and purposely mistimed catches. Causing not only bumps and bruises but breaks too. They came to see you were ruthless and began to leave you alone.

You sat at the back of the bus alone, dead centre on the long backseat when all hell broke loose. The bus jerked forward, and screams filled the air as a red haired man entered the bus, gun in hand.

You sat frozen, completely entranced by the man before you.

You watched him walk up and down the bus. The way he span and dancing with excitement, his laugh, those eyes. He was mesmerising, he spoke but his words fell on deaf ears as you watched him.

The cries and sobs of your fellow cheerleaders filled the bus as he waved his gun around, but not a single sound left your mouth.

His eyes fell on you, they searched your face but found no trace of tears or fear. He smiled at you and your breath hitched.

“Well hello, what do we have here?” He slid into the seat next to you watching you intensely. You kept quiet, your brain unable to form words as you watch him.

“What’s your name?” He whispers but you still don’t speak, not trusting your voice.

“Hmm, the silent type huh?” He stood up and walked away leaving you feeling disappointed.

He suddenly spins theatrically and holds his gun flush between your eyes. A few of the girls around you scream in terror, but you don’t even flinch. He smirks down at you and your lack of reaction. He gazes in your eyes, looking for something. He smiles widely, whatever it was he was looking for he seems to have found it.

He pulls his gun away and reaches him hand towards you, he grabs your chin and pulls upward making you stand.

“Come with me” you can’t make out if its a question or a demand but you don’t care, he grabs your hand and pulls you down the bus.

“Y/n don’t!” You hear a shout behind you. The redhead freezes and turns with a bright but wicked smile,

“Y/n? Is that your name gorgeous?” He cups your cheek, stroking his thumb over it. He winked quickly as he turned and continued to pull you towards the door of the bus.

He pulls you outside, spinning you around and pushing you back against the bus. Your heartbeat increases at his close proximity. You ignore the other men outside of the bus

“So you don’t scream, you don’t cry, you don’t beg for your life when face to face with a gun….you are just a creature of mystery Y/n…there’s no fear in your eyes, nothing” he giggles, you can’t help but smile in return.

“The question is why? Why aren’t you scared Y/n? Do you know who I am?” You nod lightly, he waits for you to speak. You take a deep breath and swallow the lump in your throat

“You’re Jerome Valeska, you escaped from Arkham Asylum. The GCPD are looking for you” A look of pride fills his eyes that you knew him.

“And as to why I’m not afraid, I honestly don’t know. I know I should be sitting in that bus screaming and crying with the rest of the girls but…I’m just not scared” you frown to yourself as you try to think of a reason for your lack of terror in the face of a bunch of psychopaths.

“Well I think there a little bit of darkness in you gorgeous, I can see it in your eyes, the same thing I see in mine when I look in the mirror and thats why you aren’t afraid” he reaches and strokes your cheek “and I’d love to find out how deep that goes” he laughs manically, his eyes dancing with excitement.

“Jerome, let’s do this!” One of his fellow inmates shouts. Jerome sighs and rolls his eyes. He pulls you around the front of the bus

“Stay right here” he instructs before entering the bus once more with a hose.

Everything flashes before you as you hear the approaching sirens. Jerome appears outside again, popping his head around the front of the vehicle

“Get behind the bus” he shouts at you, you quickly shuffle behind the bus out of sight of the police

There’s screams from the bus, the shouts from the police and gun fire all around, you squat lower at the sound.

“Light em up!” You hear Jerome shout, you see him appear at your side.

“Well gorgeous I’m afraid this hasn’t gone to plan” he spits out glaring towards to direction of the GCPD

“So I’m afraid for now, this is where we say goodbye” you frown at his words not wanting him to go

“While there’s a chance some of your cheer - buddies may live and say I took you, means they’d look for you”

You felt sad, you had an instant connection with him, crazy or not. And you wanted to know what he meant when he said that he saw darkness in you.

“But I don’t want you to go” you whisper more to yourself than to Jerome. He grins wildly

“I said ‘for now’ ” you smile up at him. He grabs your face and slams his lips to yours roughly leaving you breathless

“I’ll come back for you, tell them I was planning on kidnapping you if they ask. I’ll see you soon gorgeous” and with one last brief kiss he was gone.

You felt the bus move against your back leaving you trapped before the GCPD, you throw your hand up at the guns pointing at you.

“Lower your weapons! She’s one of the kids” they rush you towards the cars, away from the body on the floor and the flames.

You were bombarded with questions from the cheerleaders and the police

“Y/n! Oh my god!”, “Are you ok?”, “Did he hurt you?”

You reassured everyone that you were fine, just dazed.

The latter part was true, you were dazed. Your mind reeling from the memories of Jerome’s lips on yours. You stomach filled with butterflies as you remember his promise to come back and him promising to see you soon.

You smile to yourself as you scan the crowed, hoping to catch a sight of red hair in the chaos around you. You sigh heavily, turning away from the scene, whispering into the wind.

“Hurry back handsome”

Typical Love Story ; Part.2 - Peter Parker

Request: I got over 90 which absolutely blows me away, thank you soooo much!

Words: 3354

Warning: None, not as sad as part 1 but still pretty sad, and heads up this is in no way representing how Michelle is in the film because I have no idea how they will present her. Let me know if you would like a part 3!(:

Part 1:

Tuesday morning was spent making thousands of calls canceling appointments, going through return policies, and coercing your worrisome mother into dropping the topic of Prom entirely.

The prepossessing Prom gown mocked you continuously. It lied untouch on a pink hanger awaiting a dance it would never see. You hated to sound pitiful and attention seeking, but the dress made you feel like a princess. The material clung to your body in all the right places sending more of an alluring vibe than scandalous. Cinderella blue covered the bottom skirt end of the dress and the top portion was silver underneath with blue laces decorating the chest. Your mom returned the dress despite how much she tried to persuade you into keeping it.

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