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THE MIGHTY SISTAR you will truly be miss. I know this seems like the end but it’s only the beginning of a new journey. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. SISTAR was the best thing to ever happen to me & K-POP. I will always love you & continue on being THE B.E.S.T SISTAR!!!! Let’s meet again someday #THANKYOUSISTAR #BESTSISTAR #LEGENDSONLY #QUEENS

The Best Thing That's Ever Happened

Pairings: Jin x Reader Genre: Fluff

It was getting late. You daughter was getting sleepy but couldn’t fall asleep yet. You tried your best to put her to sleep but she caught you off guard as you held her in your arms. She suddenly asked you a question.

“Eomma, what kind of music did u listen to when u were little?” Said your little princess.

“Hmm… let me see, when I was a teenager, I listened to k-pop.” You said.

“What’s that eomma?” She asked with a confused look on her face.

“Korean pop.” You answered.

“Ahh, I get it now, but can u tell me more? Did u have a favorite song?” She asked.

You started smiling at her, she was too young to know what k-pop even was but she pretended like she knew. That, made your heart melt.

“Of course honey, of course I had a favorite song, I also had a favorite group as well.” You said with a smile.

“Oh, can you tell me about you favorite group eomma?”

“Of course honey bun, their name was BTS, there were seven members in this group.” You said.

“Seven?! Isn’t that too much eomma?” She said with a surprised face.

“It may seem like it at first, but as soon as you get to know them, it seems like there’s not many of them at all.” You answered.

“Did you have a favorite member?” You daughter asked.

“I did, but I love them all equally.” You said smiling at her.

“What was his name?” She asked.

“His name?” You said scratching your head.

For some reason you forgot the member’s name. It took you a while to remember.

“His name was Kim Seokjin.” You said.

Saying his name reminded you of the past. It reminded you about how you use to scream and smile every time Jin popped up on your screen. The way he would make you feel with just his smile.

The way he would tell his dad jokes and how you would laugh along even though you didn’t understand a word he said. How silly he was with the other members, how he took care of the other members, how tired the seven of them were from every schedule that they had, how much you wanted to help them but couldn’t because you were just a fan.

They were the first and only group that could make you feel some type of way when you listened to their music, the only group that could make you cry with just their lyrics, the group that made you smile after a long day.

Thinking about the past made you emotional, they changed your life, they made it feel like they were there for you when no one else was, they comforted you with their music. They weren’t there with you physically but it felt like they were.

And with that, you daughter asked you another question.

“Can you play one of their songs?”

“Sure honey.” You said as you pinched her cheek.

You went on YouTube and searched up their name. ‘BTS.’ Many videos came up but one video caught your attention the most. ‘Spring day music box version.’ You clicked on it and listened to it with your daughter. As she was slowly falling asleep in your arms, a tear fell from your eyes as you kissed her forehead and held her tight in your arms.

She was the best thing that has ever happened to you, she made you happy, and now, she brought back good memories. Memories that made you who you are today, a caring mother to your child, a good wife to your husband.

As you were holding your daughter, the door suddenly opened. You turned your head to see who was at the door, although you already knew who it was. The person walked towards you and stood behind you.

“She’s had a long day hasn’t she?” The person asked.

“Yes she has.” You answered.

“I’m sure you did too hun.” They said.

“I sure did Jin, I’m sure you did too.” You said looking into his eyes.

He took your daughter away from your arms, holding her in his arms for a little while before putting her into her bed. The two of you quietly walked to your bedroom.

“You know who I love the most?” He asked suddenly.

“Who?” You asked.


“I don’t even know what my life would look like if I haven’t met you, if we haven’t gotten married, if we didn’t have our little princess. The two of you are the best things that happened to me.” Jin said looking at you with tears in his eyes.

“Hun, what’s wrong?” You asked as you wiped away his tears.

“Nothing, I just really love the two of you. You guys are everything to me. I would try my best to love and protect the two of you.” He said with a sad smile on his face.

“I know Jin, you’re very caring, loving, and strong. You try your best to help me out around the house even though you had a hard day. You’re her superhero, she looks up to you. You make her smile everyday. You make me smile everyday.” You said caressing his face.

“I love you Y/N.” he said as he hugged you.

“I love you too Jin.”

You pulled out of the hug and kissed him on the cheek but he then pulled you in for a kiss on the lips.

“You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.” He said giving you one last kiss on the forehead.

anonymous asked:

I don't understand this whole jjong thing. Like he's so sincere to me. So sincere. And people are calling him fake and it's just. I took his words as a way if saying you know women are so amazing and beautiful they inspire all this grogrous art. :(

Jonghyun said something vaguely poetic about the wonders of women and them inspiring creativity (which I thought was freaking beautiful) and people are losing their collective shit and once again, I’m sitting over here like 

I think I said it best on Twitter. 

Now that is speaking on Jonghyun as a person and not directly addressing this latest scandal, but its true nonetheless. 

Both issues with Jonghyun recently have been rooted in misunderstanding/mistranslation. Nothing I’ve ever noticed about Jonghyun has come anywhere near being misogynistic. There are some clearly defined and noted misogynist in the K-Pop fandom. Jonghyun’s name has never come up. 

Not once.

I wish that people would take into consideration, when things like this happen, the ACTUAL person. Think about the things that Jjong talks about, who he advocates for, sings, writes lyrics about, who he generally is as a person (as much as we’ve been allowed to see). There is an element of common fucking sense missing when these scandals pop up. People are so quick to jump on the “OH SHIT, RECEIPTS!!!” train that they don’t use their brains. 

If someone fucks up, granted, that is worth a conversation, and some dragging, especially if it sounds like something that person would do (they have a history of fucking up). 

So far, Jonghyun has a history of apologizing for shit he ain’t do. This is the, what, fourth, fifth apology? I’m just tired. Being apart of this fandom shit is tiring.