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So I keep the roses I get from all of my shows and let them dry because it's good memories and I love the idea of laying together on my bed and tom asking why I have dried roses all over my room and then just laying there for hours talking about which bouquet came from what show and the best parts of the show. Then every time time comes to see a show he brings a bouquet for you and just smiles as he watches the collection grow

god pls that’s so soft!!!!! i love flowers so much and whenever people bring flowers for me after a show i cry i still have a dried white rose from my friend two years ago i did this gig at a coffee shop so it was completely informal and whatever and he showed up with a bouquet of a dozen roses it was the sweetest thing :’))))

(just finishing up the sappy saturday messages in my ask box!! no more pls <3)

signs as introverts, ambiverts, and extroverts
  • aries introvert: has many goals and aspirations under the surface. they tend to much more calm than a "typical" aries.
  • aries ambivert: quick and sharp. may not enjoy parties or dinners, but may enjoy socializing in general.
  • aries extrovert: sharp-tongued, hard-driven, a bit of a chatterbox. may be quite competitive.
  • taurus introvert: practical, lowkey loves love, reliable and trustworthy.
  • taurus ambivert: comes off as moody and cautious. has trouble choosing between doing the right thing and doing whatever
  • taurus extrovert: more open-minded to breaking away from routine activities. could be quite inconsiderate with words.
  • gemini introvert: prefers social media platforms. intelligent and lowkey manipulative
  • gemini ambivert: communicative and witty, but really enjoys taking time to unwind
  • gemini extrovert: best storytellers, are dramatic and tell it like it is. curious.
  • cancer introvert: loving and quiet, hides in the shadows and loves family-oriented activities
  • cancer ambivert: soft-spoken and asks more questions than statements, curious.
  • cancer extrovert: wants to be in the know. thrives on social contact, especially with close friends and family
  • leo introvert: probably lowkey extroverted, otherwise usually embodies more of the loyal side rather than the royal side
  • leo ambivert: likes to make statements with their appearance more than their words. loves going out with friends
  • leo extrovert: confident, a little sassy, and believes they should be treated like a princess. stands up for themselves
  • virgo introvert: quiet, reserved, and extremely analytical in the real world that surrounds them.
  • virgo ambivert: will initiate a conversation sometimes but dislikes small talk and still prefers to lurk in the shadows
  • virgo extrovert: sociable and communicative. likes to be in touch with your goals and understandings.
  • libra introvert: doesn't like to show off, not as flirty, extremely generous and caring
  • libra ambivert: likes to daydream, loves having slumber parties and doing their friends' makeup and hair
  • libra extrovert: flirtatious, willing to volunteer, bubbly, and romantic
  • scorpio introvert: mysterious, observant, quiet, a more intimidating persona
  • scorpio ambivert: the kind to throw a party but can't be seen throughtout the party
  • scorpio extrovert: talkative but not as open about feelings, competitive.
  • sagittarius introvert: philosophical, open-minded, looks at a bigger picture
  • sagittarius ambivert: enjoys traveling, witty and sarcastic but sometimes may have dry humor
  • sagittarius extrovert: outgoing, bubbly, carefree, and loves to have crazy adventures
  • capricorn introvert: very reserved, shy, hard-working, and determined
  • capricorn ambivert: may have a love for nature, and can be affected by weather.
  • capricorn extrovert: enjoyable, sarcastic humor, laid-back, and chill
  • aquarius introvert: quiet, mystical, a bit mysterious, lurks around, kind of nerdy
  • aquarius ambivert: usually more shy in public and then more outgoing around family and friends. fun and very humorous
  • aquarius extrovert: friendly, approachable, unique, and marches to the beat of their own drum
  • pisces introvert: shy, quiet, reserved, and clearly emotional. very cute and smol
  • pisces ambivert: sweet and caring. likes to introduce you to new people. spaces out easily,
  • pisces extrovert: seems less sensitive than they really are. bubbly and weird.

You don’t love girls on the playground, or long for them from afar.
Instead you stay inside with the teacher and build card castles from an incomplete deck and wish that you had blonde hair and aeropostale sweaters

You don’t love girls in middle school. You don’t love anyone for that matter, especially yourself. You think of boys destroying you and call it love. And when that fails, you destroy yourself slowly and invisibly. No one notices.

You don’t love girls when you finally get to high school. You don’t know anyone and don’t want to. You excel and you strive and your words are so sharp and sure no one questions anything you do. You still haven’t gotten used to being lonely and you suffocate on your thoughts.

You meet a girl halfway through your freshman year and you don’t love girls, especially that one. You wish you could say she wasn’t like the sun or the endless depth of the ocean or a city at night viewed from an airplane or the cup of coffee that revives you in the dead of winter at 4 am while you’re buried in textbooks. You wish you could say she wasn’t every cliched word spilled from the pen of an amateur poet’s bleeding heart because you don’t love girls. You don’t love girls. You don’t love girls. You can’t love girls. Not this girl, not the best and only friend you’ve ever had. Your faux confidence compliments her Libra sensibilities, You are passionate, while she is kind. She is made from the things you lack, and she is built to break your heart in the worst way possible. And you know she loves you, everyone does. In the end, you can’t say no to the words she never asked. You give in to her but you still don’t love girls.

You kiss her and you love her so much you forget to hate yourself. You love her more than this life and whatever comes after and if the sun exploded today you would fight it just to preserve this feeling. You would denounce any philosophical ideology, personal belief, or relationship to hold her. You don’t realize it in time. You don’t realize you love girls until the girl you claimed you didn’t love left you. You see your love for girls at the bottom of a bottle and the burning embers of a joint. You see it when you push your bed against the wall so you don’t have to look at the side that she use to sleep on. You see it when you sob for Orlando and also when you attend your first Pride. You love girls, because it wouldn’t hurt this much if you didn’t.

You love girls, you know you do. Not because you’ve known since you wore light up sneakers and had gaps in your teeth. Not because you dress like a tomboy and later like a frat boi even though you have long, beautiful hair. You love girls because you have suffered and loved and lost. You love girls enough to write shitty poems about the girl that enlightened and left you. You love girls and wait for the day they love you too.

—  what i learned in the years before i knew i was gay
Chantaje - Mieczysław Stilinski Smut

REQUESTED: No, I just haven’t written for a while, and I wanted to do something for you guys!

WARNINGS: Hickeys, fingering, blowjob

SUMMARY: When you run into Stiles at a club, your past comes out. It takes a further encounter in the bathroom for you to both be okay again.

NOTES: I’ve listened to this song too many times, and it’s becoming problematic.

AAAAAnyways, SMUT YAY! (I miss writing smut. I haven’t had the motivation since my birthday because a lot’s happened.)

Hope you enjoy! Based off this song (and there will be translations of the lyrics too dw <3)

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When Honesty Becomes a Last Resort

Summary: You work as a series regular on Supernatural playing the role of an angel, Talia. Both you and your character on the show have some secrets that become too hard to hide from the ones you love.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Jensen x Reader, Richard Speight Jr, Bob Singer, Jared, Misha, Clif, Louis [OMC]

Warnings: douchey ex-husband, mentions of divorce, language, angst, fluff, brief violence, slight injury to reader, moc!dean 

Word Count:  2340

a/n: Decided to try something different with this. So not only does it include Dean Winchester, but Jensen Ackles, too. Yup, I know. Too much goodness, right? Idk where this idea came from, but hopefully I managed to pull it off.. somehow? I hope? 


This was written for @just-another-winchester follower’s celebration. Congrats again, lovely! ♥ I hope you like this!

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You’d sat there staring at the message on your phone for what felt like hours. The words playing like a mantra over, and over in your mind as you re-read the text for the hundredth time.

The copper taste of blood was on your tongue as you’d eventually bit your lip hard enough to break through the skin. Letting out a frustrated groan, you angrily tossed the phone across the table and held your head in your hands.

“Talia? Hey, what’s up?” Dean appeared beside you, concern written all over his face as he slid in the seat next to you, placing a hand on the top of your back. 

Biting back the tears, you looked up at him with a guilt ridden glance, “Dean, I’m so sorry.”

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Paste Magazine: Okay then, tell me this: A lot of this record does seem to be about how time will remember you. So how do you want to be remembered? It’s a hundred years from now and somebody looks Joanna Newsom up on whatever device they use to look things up, what do you hope it will say?

Newsom: I don’t know. Obviously, I’d like for it to say something. It’s kind of distressing to trip out on the notion of nothing coming up, of just being a blank. But it’s all so abstract to think about. I’ll be long gone. I think the only thing that really matters is that my friends and family from this space of my existence hopefully remember me well and love me and if I have kids that they remember me well and love me, and whatever love I gave them translates to them being happy and healthy people and them passing love onto the next people that come after them. And that’s the best form of immortality that I think there is. Not to be too corny, but kindness and love is essentially the only real immortality. And I guess evil is immortality as well. Any time you do an evil act it has repercussions for generations. I think those sorts of basic choices—good vs. evil—are some of the only substantive ways we have of marking the future forever.

okay but consider kent parson as the nhl’s best captain™

  • when all the rookies and trades move to vegas, he makes them a list of his favorite restaurants and things to do and marks off which ones are good for dates, kid friendly, etc.
  • always stays the longest at team volunteer events because he genuinely loves making other people happy
  • has no problem with kids coming up to him and asking for autographs, and will literally drop whatever he’s doing to sign jerseys, photos, hockey sticks, whatever
  • still talks to (most of) the guys from his time Q, even if they stopped playing hockey years ago. he makes it a point to see them whenever he’s in their neck of the woods. (because mr. z always said your team is your family)
  • hates taking pictures, but always poses with little kids when they ask
  • picked up a love of driving from all the time he spent commuting from montreal to new york and back again, and always offers to drive his teammates to practice or the airport, especially the new guys who don’t have a us driver’s licence yet.
  • gets of bit of reputation for being overaggressive on the ice solely because he’s willing to drop gloves for any of his teammates. you fuck with them, you fuck with him.
  • tried to organize a team trip to volunteer at an animal shelter, but it fell through. so instead, he just paid the adoption fee for all of the animals on a kill line and saved like 65 cats.
  • holds two huge 4th of july parties every year - one on a friday night for his birthday, a huge club blowout where he encourages everyone to let loose and just have fun. and then a saturday one where he invites the whole aces team, staff, and their families. he flies out his mom and his sister and her family. there’s a cookout and games, and he always tries to make sure a few make-a-wish kids can come.
  • is a coach’s dream because he’s always the first to review game footage and is literally always asking what he can do to improve
  • has all of his teammates’ birthdays written on his calendar and tries to celebrate each of them - even if it’s just sneaking them a cupcake from winco
  • first guy at the rink - every single time
  • first guy at the gym during the off season too - every single time.
  • is actually a gr9 communicator (like actually leagues better when he’s not around jack “let’s rile each other up until we’re both at the point of emotional break” zimmermann) and can resolves conflict and confront teammates in a way that doesn’t even feel like you’ve been just told you need to get your shit together   
  • makes a point to meet and befriend all the wags because they’re important members of his friends’ lives and they make a lot of sacrifices to allow their SOs to do what they love.
  • kent always thanking the trainers, nutritionists, psychical therapists, etc and giving them lavish holiday gifts. 

kent parson being depicted as a wonderful player and a wonderful captain because his relationship with jack is only a small and troubled part of his overall personality  (✿◕‿◕✿) .。・:*:・

Business and Pleasure - Part 5

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,231

Warnings: Swearing, slight violence

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Steve was there in mere minutes. He must have rushed over from work, as he was still wearing his usual suit and tie.

Without a word, he enveloped you in a tight hug, his embrace comforting. You couldn’t help the tears that escaped your eyes, trickling down your face. The two of you stayed like that for a few moments. Steve was silent, waiting for you to speak first. You hadn’t been very coherent on the phone. All he had really understood was when you asked him to come over. The pain in your voice was evident, making him panic. He had just been leaving work, so he grabbed the first cab he found and made his way to your new home. The fare had been expensive, but he didn’t really mind. It was the quickest way to get to you.

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Don’t Tell Sam

Request/Summary:  @winchesters-favorite-girl ‘s 31 days of halloween challenge - october 27, ‘sneaking out’

Pairings: sister!winchester x sam, sister!winchester x dean

Words: a lot like 2145 ish

Warnings: tiny bit of swearing, mentions of underage drinking, bit of sexual harassment & bit of violence

Specific time/Important info: reader is a teenager

i’ve never really wrote anything like this before so it isn’t the greatest thing in the world but hey ho i tried

You had a strange relationship with Halloween. On one hand, it was a time to have fun and eat candy. On the other, it didn’t feel quite right to see people dress up as the monsters you knew weren’t quite as harmless as the people wearing the costumes. But you tried to think less about the latter, and more about eating all the chocolate you could get your hands on.

This year was no exception. Like always, a group of kids in your year at school were holding another halloween party for the entire grade. Like always, you wanted to go, and be with your friends who went every year, and eat too much sugar that’ll make you vomit, and listen to music that’s too loud, and pretend to be normal so you can just fit in. Like always. Dean didn’t have a problem with it. But like always, Sam refused to even consider letting you go. 

“Sammy, please. C’mon- I’ve got straight As at school, I never go against you, I always help do the research for a hunt. Do I not deserve this one night? I promise I won’t do anyth-”


“But Sam, you say this every year. And every year I do what you ask, I just want this one time to h-”

“I said no.”

“Please, Samm-”

“Y/n. You can either stop this and go about your day, or you can carry on arguing and stay in your room for the rest of the day. The choice is yours.” He left the library mumbling something about ‘teenagers’ as you turned to your left, dragging a hand to rub the back of your neck. Sam wasn’t usually like this - in fact, it was only really in October when he got this way. Every year near Halloween, his research into local cases got ten times harder because of all the pranks and fake stories spread around towns. You couldn’t blame him for being a little more stressed out than usual.

“Enjoy the show, De?”

“Honestly, I had a great time.” Your brother smirked as you dragged yourself to the chair next to him. “You know, he’s just worried about you, Y/n/n. Neither of us want anything bad to happen to you.”

You looked at your brother. “No- I know, I get it. It’s just.. I mean, you of all people should get where I’m coming from.” You paused slightly. “Wait. You are on my side, aren’t you?”

“You already know I am.” You looked at him hopefully. “But you know he’ll never let me convince him to let you go tonight.”

You frowned slightly. “It was worth a shot,” you started to get out of your chair.

“However, you may or may not feel so sick that you have to stay alone in your room all night,” you looked at your brother like he had two heads, “and I may or may not take Sam out to pick up some food at 7:30, so there may or may not be 15 minutes tonight when nobody but you is in the bunker, and there may or may not be somebody stopping you from doing whatever you so wish to do.”

You looked at your big brother with weary yet thankful eyes.

“I’d have wanted to do the same thing at your age. And we both know I’m not necessarily the best role model for shit like this. Just stay safe, alright? No funny business with anyone, you hear? And, for the love of God, don’t drink any alcohol while you’re there.”

You raised your eyebrows at that last one.

“I’m serious - I know how rich that sounds coming from me. But please, Y/n.”

“You have my word.”

As you hurried out of the library, you shot an extremely grateful “Thank you!” at Dean. You didn’t have the time to stay - you had an outfit to figure out. Besides, you didn’t want to infect Dean with your sickness.





Each minute was slower than the one before it. What felt like hours had barely been seconds; it didn’t matter now, though. You were in your outfit (you ripped up an old shirt that Sam had given you so you could be a gore-less zombie), Sam and Dean were currently in the Impala, and your friend was on her way to pick you up. You were about to spend a night surrounded by your friends and dancing to your favourite songs. What could go wrong?

A lot. 

A lot could go wrong. As you stood down the street from the party, tears threatening to fall down your cheeks, you gripped tightly onto your brother’s shirt. Sam was right. Deep down, you knew he would’ve been since you first mentioned your plans for tonight. But you just wanted this one time to prove him wrong, to prove that you could be responsible, to prove to your friends that you were just like them. 

The party had been fine when you first got there. Yes, there was alcohol. No, you didn’t drink any of it. Although you wanted to fit in, you wanted to keep you promise more. You filled a red solo cup with diet coke and entered the room of sweaty teenagers and overpowering music. You and your friends found a fairly empty corner and danced with each other. For once, you were actually having fun. Were. Everything was going fine at first, but you couldn’t help the fact that all the underage drinking around you was making you feel quite uncomfortable. You obviously knew it’d happen, and it wasn’t the drinking itself that made you feel uneasy - it was how it made some people feel like their actions were okay.

Teenage boys + a seemingly bottomless cup? Not always the greatest combination. Some of them weren’t so bad - in fact, the group dunk guys in the middle of the room screaming the lyrics to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ only improved the night. What made it worse, however, was the boy (whose name you didn’t even know) who thought that it’d still be a good idea to grind on you after you politely, and then maybe not so politely, asked him to stop over and over and over again. You attempted to step around him to get to the bathroom. He didn’t like that.

He grabbed your chest. “Where do you think you’re going, babe?”

Your eyes grew wide and you shoved him off of you. Anger poured into your veins and you couldn’t help but feel vulnerable. He smirked. Without thinking twice, you brought your foot up to his shin and rushed past him. You should’ve listened to your brother.

Feeling like you were trapped in a labyrinth, you eagerly pushed past everyone. You needed to get out into the fresh air and away from whoever the boy was. When you got through the front door, you were met with a sparsely crowded front yard which left you slightly relieved. At least if he followed you, he couldn’t do anything. Although there were fewer people outside than in, anything he did would be a lot more obvious - he wouldn’t have the guts to do it.. right? 

Wrong. He stormed through the door almost straight after you and his face reflected something that was anything but happy. Fuck. He squared up to you, trying to make himself seem as intimidating as possible. It worked. You didn’t want them to, but your hands began to shake as soon as you looked the stranger in the eye. 

“Think you’re funny? Doing that in front of everyone?” His words slurred so badly that you struggled to piece together what he was saying. You opened your mouth to try and formulate a response, but the wind was knocked out of you before any noise could leave your lips. Pain simultaneously spread from your cheek and your gut and you doubled over. ‘All of this,’ you thought to yourself, ‘because I didn’t want to dance.’

He left almost instantly. Not because of guilt. Not because of shame. But because a friend had called him back inside because he was ‘missing out’.

You were disgusted. You wanted to cry, scream, shout at the people watching. You wanted to, but you didn’t. You couldn’t. They’d just say you were overreacting. So you left.

You walked as far as the street would take you, until you could no longer hear the music from the house. You reached in your pocket, pulled out your phone and dialed Dean’s number. When he picked up, you kept your voice as calm as possible whilst you told him the name of the road and the small store you were stood in front of. He asked what had happened - his big brother instincts instantly taking over - and he knew you were lying the second you opened you mouth. You were about to hang up. “J-just please, don’t tell Sam.” You pressed the red button.

The sight of Baby pulling up tipped you off the edge. The tears you’d tried so hard to keep back fell down your face. In seconds, Dean was out of the car and engulfing you in a hug. 

“I’m so sorry, De. I promise I-I didn’t drink, it wasn’t my fault.”

“Shh, sh, y/n/n. It’s okay.” He was silent for a moment. “I’m sorry.”

Your eyebrows furrowed.

“He heard the call.”

You turned your head to the Impala, and sitting in the passenger seat was no other than Sam Winchester. Your heart dropped further into your chest and more tears spilled from your eyes.

You got into the car, pulled your knees to your chest and refused to make eye contact with anyone. The silence surrounding you lasted until the end of the street.

“Tell us what happened.” The voice was emotionless. 

“Sammy,” Dean could clearly see that you were distressed. As much as he wanted to know what had happened and why you were in such a state, he was aware that right now probably wasn’t the best time to ask.

“What? She’s big enough to go against the one thing I asked of her, so she’s big enough to tell us why she’s upset.”



You glanced at the older brother and saw that his knuckles were turning white. “Sam, I get that you’re pissed. I know that I shouldn’t have encouraged her to go and I know that you’re angry. But shut the hell up. Y/n should have listened to you, but she didn’t and there’s nothing you can do to change that. Our sister is obviou-”

“He came over to me. I-I don’t even know his name, but he was drunk,” you interrupted their argument, “a-and he started touching me. I didn’t like it so I told him to stop. B-but he wouldn’t listen.”

The car was deadly silent. 

“I-I kicked him, hard. In the shin. And I ran away from him but he followed me and he, h-he was angry. He shouted at me and slapped me and punched me and” you couldn’t hold it together anymore. Voice cracks turned into sobs, tear drops became floods. By the time you’d finished talking, Dean was parking the car at the bunker. You chanced a look up at Sam, fully expecting him to be staring straight ahead. His eyes were locked on you, his mouth parted slightly. Your brother’s eyes were full of pity and sorrow, and still a little bit of anger.

“I’m so, so sorry Sammy.”

Dean lifted you up, kissed your head, and took you inside. He tried to take you to your room; you refused. You didn’t want to sleep yet - your mind was still racing. You asked if it was okay for you to stay in the library for a couple of hours, and he said yes. Before he put you down, he held onto you for a few moments. Despite not making a sound, you heard every word he wanted to say. 

You didn’t sit alone for very long. The other Winchester knew where you’d be and decided to sit next to you. You weren’t mad. You didn’t know what you felt, but you knew you weren’t upset with your brother. He’d just been trying to help you and you just assumed that you knew better. Your hand rested on the table silently, and his reached up to join it. You couldn’t help the way it flinched away, in something that was almost like fear. You could almost feel your brother’s heart crack next to you. You hated this. You hated the way you were too scared to talk. You hated the way you felt some sort of fear towards your brother. You hated the way you had become so weak in such little time.

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry, too.”

damn this is so rushed and i feel like i ruined it even more with the ending but i had no idea what else to put bc my other ending idea just felt even worse but y’know what we’re gonna roll with it, thank you so much to everyone who read this far & thank you to @winchesters-favorite-girl for letting me take part in your challenge :)

Logged in - Part 1

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Summary: Dean x Reader: Sam tells Dean and the reader about a new online community for hunters and they both scoff at him, but secretly use it and end up drawn to each other.

Word Count: 4803

Triggers: None really

Y/N = Your name  

Note: Wanted to try out a different format of writing. Let me know what you think!

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

“You found it where?” The question came out as more of a barked laugh as Dean threw his brother a quizzical look that mirrored yours over his raised beer bottle. You were enjoying a post hunt celebratory beer when Sammy let it slip where he’d found the last bit of day-saving info that got you your monster.

“I told you, I was talking to this hunter from Arizona online and…” Sam started parroting his earlier words over Dean’s laugh as you both looked at the younger hunter with a mix of shock and amusement. 

“Yeah, yeah… But a  forum? There’s really a hunter’s forum online? What’s next, tinder for demons?” You asked, your words only making Dean laugh harder as the younger hunter threw you both one of his trademarked bitchy glares.

“It’s not a forum, it’s more like an information sharing channel where you can chat with other hunters,” Sam said, standing up for the service that had saved your lives, not matter how silly it sounded to you.

“So it’s a chat then? Like… Lol, brb, just need to gank this monster real quick,” You threw the words back at Sam with a shit-eating grin, earning you another wink and a laugh from the older hunter that made your heart jump in your chest. Yeah, you really liked making Dean Winchester laugh, even if poor Sammy got the bad end of the deal. Still, you did find the whole idea of a hunter’s chat kind of silly. What happened to the days where you had to rely on wit and phone calls to survive a hunt? Maybe you were just being overly sentimental, but you doubted all the info you could get online was as reliable as some good ol’ fashioned research.

“No (Y/N), it’s just a place to share info with other hunter who might have hunted the same thing before. A place to get tips and tricks and…” Sam started, the big guy clearly not knowing when to give up. Hell, by now you were just pulling his leg as you smiled into your beer bottle. Sure, the site had saved your asses, but hell… Sam was your best friend, he was like a brother to you. And what sister didn’t enjoy annoying her brother? Sure, the service, from what Sam had told you before the ribbing started, seemed reliable and like an alternative way of finding info and getting to know other hunters, but that didn’t mean you had to completely buy into the idea. Especially not when you could annoy your techie best friend for a while. 

“So… Demon pinterest? Big baddie reddit? Ooooh! I know, I know! Hunter’s wikipedia!” You said, grinning at the frustrated younger Winchester as he rolled his eyes at you.

“(Y/N)…” Sam sighed your name over Dean’s barked laughs as you softened your smile into something sweeter.  

“Yeah, yeah Sammy. Sorry, I know it saved us. Thanks,” You said, raising your bottle to touch the neck of it against his and stopping your teasing of the other hunter before he rolled his eyes so hard at you that they got stuck in the back of his head. “But that doesn’t mean I have to completely buy into it,” You added, still not fully sure about the service Sammy had been raving about before the teasing started.

“Yeah, you never know who’s on the other side, could be some kid thinking it’s all just roleplaying. Y’could end up with bad info,” Dean agreed with you, taking on a big brotherly tone, as if he was admonishing his kid brother about internet safety and stranger danger, though Sam clearly could take care of himself. “Books seem safer, you can rely on ‘em. And when they fail you, Bobby’s just a phone call away,”

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So I know there’s a lot of TimKon content about Kon comforting/helping Tim, and that’s great content!I adore it. But I feel it can feel a tad onesided at times? So can I take a moment to appreciate Tim helping Kon, because they saved each other. 

Tim making consistent trips out to Smallville, even though the travel is time consuming, because he wants to check on and see Kon. 

Kon waking up from a nightmare to find Tim curled around him and telling him it’s just a dream. 

Tim being there for Kon when Clark didn’t really accept him.

Tim being the one to reassure Kon he is good when Kon is focusing on his Luther DNA, and being ready and willing to counter every negative thing Kon may come up with to say about himself. 

Tim being so absolutely in love with his boyfriend and making sure Kon never forgets that

Cuddling- Divergent Preference

(For: Anon)


This boy obviously isn’t one for cuddles, Eric has a reputation to keep so he obviously doesn’t throw cuddles around willy-nilly. The only time he does it voluntarily however is after you two have had a good night of fun, or when you’re in a bad mood. BUT, every other night, Mr. Bad-boy, always ends up wrapping his arms tightly around you in his sleep, whether he wants to or not.


Coming from Abnegation, Tobias has never been good at expressing his feeling to you through words, when he tries, he always begins stuttering like crazy. Thus the best way for him to show his affection is by wrapping his arms around you as you fall asleep and let his love radiate onto you.


Peter, being his Candor self, has a bad habit of saying whatever comes to mind, and this isn’t always a good thing, especially when he ends up saying horrible things to you. The only way he can make it up to you is with his endless kisses and cuddles.


This goofball is always trying to make you laugh, so his countless tickle sessions always ending in cute and loving cuddling sessions, or, depending on your mood, it may even end in some heated make out sessions ;)


Caleb loves learning, and he recently read about how cuddling releases oxytocin within your body allowing you to feel happier. Ever since then, Caleb has been showering you cuddles and hugs, even when you’re studying!

A/N: Like usual, if there is any other character you guys want me to add to this, just ask! I hope you liked it!

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I never knew what it was like to fall in love with my best friend until I fell in love with you. It was sudden, but a long time coming. I could feel myself falling deeper but it wasn’t til I hit the ground that I knew I had been falling. They say it’s best to fall in love with your best friend…they also say it’s the worst. I haven’t decided which you are yet, somehow it’s a combination. But whatever it is, I hope it doesn’t stop. Because the worst thing would be to lose you: my lover and my friend. I’m not sure I can breathe without you, please don’t make me find out.
—  MK Ireland #156 : for better or for worse

Everybody loves Amethyst” SDCC zine by Grace Kraft !

0.  aight maybe this thing is coming together
1.  the cover!
2.  objectively the best page (Amethyst & Pearl)
3.  only peeks from here on out (Amethyst & Garnet)
4.  how about something sad now (Amethyst & Rose)
5.  Tiger M is still one of my fave eps (Amethyst & Steven)
6.  This page is dedicated to @zigsoul333 (Amethyst & Vidalia)
7.   oh to be young (Amethyst & Greg)
8.   let bygones be bygones (Amethyst & Peridot)

I added the context in the description as well but whatevs ! Make sure to stop by her panel and say hi. And… and just buy your SU zines, you monsters ! Yes, that goes for you attending SDCC T_T

Night and Day (Auston Matthews)

Anonymous said:

hey can you do an imagine where the reader is mitch marners best friend but her and Auston Matthews act like they hate each other when they really love each other? Maybe have them admit that they really love each other after one of them accidently yells it out during a huge fight (maybe the reader is all over one of the other guys on the team and auston is secretly jealous so he starts an arguement?) and then they both realize what’s up and potential make out sesh :)

Word count: 1340

Author’s note: His fresh haircut gives me life.

Originally posted by marntthews

In the past, you and Mitch had been a package deal. Best friends since long before you had introduced him to Steph, your relationship was closer to brother and sister than it was to two friends. You were always in contact with each other, whether it be a movie night, arcade tournament or just texting. Mitch was your best friend, and nothing would ever break that bond.

Nothing but Auston Matthews.

From the moment that Auston had gotten drafted and Mitch had gotten called up, you had felt your bond with Mitch shifting. Instead of the two of you always hanging out, he only ever texted you now, only hanging out with you if Auston came with. Mitch replaced you with Auston, and it hurt.

You knew that jealousness a petty, childish emotion, yet you still couldn’t help but get jealous at this stranger taking away someone who was basically your brother.

Your feelings towards Auston also aren’t helped by the fact that the two of you are polar opposites. While Auston is quiet, you’re outgoing. Auston is a sports junkie while you prefer the arts. Auston loves hot weather and you’re basically Elsa. The differences between the two of you are like night and day. Steph is convinced that you and Auston are going to get married one day, claiming that opposites attract, but you don’t see it. Instead, you see a person that you could never connect with who stole your best friend, which automatically gives him two strikes.

Although you’re not a straight bitch to Auston, you definitely make sure that he knows that you have no plans on being friends with him. Auston seems to reciprocate your feelings, not ever wanting to be alone with you.

Unfortunately, you’re only human, and a single one at that. So, even though Auston Matthews is a friend stealer who you have nothing in common with, you recognize the fact that Auston is a very attractive man.

Which makes him a lot harder to hate.

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The Affair - Chapter 12

Summary: Negan & the OC (reader) share an intimate moment together before Tom returns home and she decides that she is going to finally ask for the divorce.

Characters: Negan & Reader (OC), Tom (OC) 

Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Blowjob

Notes: I wrote this a few weeks ago, but never really got to putting it up. Sorry about that -_-

AO3 Link:

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Burn~ Pete Dunne Imagine

Originally posted by samizayn

Warning : Heartbreak 

It was so hard to not spill everything out to him. It took you three months to come to this decision. You were thinking on how were you just going to tell him. Pete was telling you on how much he deserved the title around his waist, he held the title in his lap admire it and talking about it. 

“ Yah okay? Yah haven’t said a word this whole time I’ve been talkin’ to yah” he asked, a frown on his lips. You mustered up a smile, trying to keep yourself together. 

“ Yeah, I’m sorry just it’s been a long day.” You replied, moving closer to him. 

“ Why? Yeh want to talk about it?”

“ Not really, just a lot on my mind.” You sighed, looking at the man that you desired all the years you’ve known him. 

“About what love? ‘m here for yeh” he places a hand on your knee.

“ What’s the point in talking about it if you’re just going to go back to your busy schedule…” You spatted with venom in your voice. You look down at your lap, feeling the guilt setting in. Pete’s eyebrows creased together. He put the title besides him. 

“ Tell me” 

“ You are getting so much more opportunities, TV time, everything. I am happy for you, I am, but I barely see you and the less I see you I slip away from what we have…” You trailed off, motioning to the title and yourself and around the backstage area.  

“ Yeh know what I see? A women who supports me makin’ my dreams happen. Yeh will have yer moment Y/N. I want yah to become a champion too. T’ have yah moment. Just like me..” 

“ Pete, I don’t think things are working out between us.” You blurred out, letting it out. 

“ W-what?” He asked, mouth a gap. “ Why?”

“ Because we never are together anymore, it’s always about you winning and becoming the champion. When was the last time we went out for dinner? Or had a night to ourselves? I just have to do this for me.” You explained to him, looking away. This was harder than you thought. 

“ We can fix this. I can do better, we can go out. I will spend more time with yeh. Please, don’t do this.” Pete tries to reason with you, taking a hold a hold of your hand as you try to get up to walk away from him.

“ Pete, please. I try my hardest to be in this relationship but I feel like I am the only one in it” you slip your hands from his grasp as you walk down the hallway with Pete following you. 

“ I can’t let yeh do this! You’re the reason I got here. Remember the time I told yeah that I can’t do this without yeh by my side? When Regal almost had my ass out of here? Yeh saved my job, I love yah. It’s because of yeh I keep doin’ this” He turns you around, pulling you close to him. 

“ You don’t need me Pete, you are on top and you don’t need me to push you to keep going.” 

You tried to remove your hands from your waist but he held on.

“ I want t’ be able to come home t’ our apartment to cuddle with yeh, I want yeh love. I can’t picture my life without yeh. We can make it work, I’ll do whatever it takes!” Pete’s arms tightened around you, his voice cracking.

You teared up, forcing yourself to hold yourself together.

“ You got to let me go..” 

“ No!” Pete yells in frustration,” How can I when yer the best thing that happened to me?” 

“ Please, stop.” You begged, tears spilling down your cheeks. It was hard enough to tell him you wanted it to be over, now he was fighting for you. You made him feel loved and wanted, something he never understood how to.
“ I love yeh, I don’t care what it takes. Don’t leave me..” Pete sinks to his knees, trying to hold himself together.

“ I love you so much Pete Dunne” those words put a smile on his face. 

“ But I can’t do it anymore.” You continued, wiping your cheeks from the tears. Pete smiled dropped, he nodded standing up. He was losing you and he can’t do anything about it. 

“ Can we kiss one last time? Please?”  You knew you shouldn’t but you did. You gaze into his eyes, his hands going to your waist, holding you close to him. Pete leans in and you lean in, kissing him softly.

 Pete wraps his arms around you, letting every emotion and love he had for you into that one kiss. You grabbed onto the straps of his ring gear, before pulling away when you needed breathing. Pete held onto you.

“ I need to go..” you whisper, letting the straps from his ring gear go.

He nods his head. You slipped away from him stepping back as he lets you go. You walk backwards looking at him, it was so hard to walk away from him.  

“ Yer going to be a champion one day, I believe in yah!” He yells. 

You walk into the parking lot, getting inside. You already put your stuff in the back, gripping the wheel with your hands taking a deep breath. 

Pete stared down the hallway, a part of him wished he would run after you or watch you walk back telling him you were just pranking him. The love between the two of you was real. It proofs in his album in his phone and yours. There were so many memories. 

He turns around to pick up the title that doesn’t mean anything to him anymore. He softly sobs to himself as he continues to walk to the locker room, he didn’t feel anything anymore.

You took his heart with you when you left. It was yours always.

what it's like dating the signs
  • aries: super fun and honestly down for whatever. dominant!! can seem self centered and full of themselves. really powerful emotions
  • taurus: the best at cuddling. VERY lowkey. just want to be comfortable and happy with u. prob good at cooking n cleaning. earthy n raw love and sex
  • gemini: full of life and communication. VERY touchy grabby in bed. always down to talk to u about whatever. may come off to annoying but genuinely have good intentions
  • cancer: moody when arguing. full of so much love. possessive?? too possessive. loves boobs...
  • leo: extremely charming and boastful to everyone but will woo you more than anyone else. Dom!!! possessive but in a good way.
  • virgo: intellectual when they want to be. like things their way but will adjust if they love u. def a bottom!! give u all their attention when they speak to you
  • libra: full of romance and charm. top!! very jealous if they're insecure. will always try to make things work for the sake of the relationship. enjoys it if u do.
  • scorpio: manipulating in a sense to get u and get what they want. can be a top or bottom?? aggressive if they can't have u. deep emotions if they're really in love. ur ALWAYS attracted to them somehow even if u lowkey hate them??? magnetic.
  • sagittarius: crazy wild n fun. will love u but not in the typical way. may seem distant at times but that's just them. crazy top.
  • capricorn: deep and serious. meaningful sex. blunt jokes with minor facial expressions. can come off distant and asshole-y?? will attract with their distance. one they're engaged in something they love there's no stopping them
  • aquarius: the best top you'll ever fuck?? super kinky down for whatever. distant and loves u from afar. short attention spans! super fun when they're around the right people.
  • pisces: says extremely romantic things during sex. very emotional in whatever they do. can change emotions quickly. daydreamer. will love u in the most effortless way. love with them is walking on clouds
Light in the Past [Kylo Ren x Reader]

Summary: The reader – a bounty hunter – knew Ben Solo, and believes him to be dead. Now employed by the First Order, the reader lives in ignorance of Kylo Ren’s true identity. It is not until the two are required to go undercover to find Lor San Tekka that the secrets that Ren has masterfully kept begin to unfold.

Word Count: 4000+

Warning: Mention of dead bodies. (Not graphic. Just gross.) The reader fears death several times. The reader considers murder. 

Leave the mask… Kylo Ren instructed himself. He found himself struggling to obey. During his years with the First Order, his mask had become a part of him. It was a tie to his grandfather, an anchor and constant reminder of the power Dark Side. To leave it just to meet with her – a bounty hunter – seemed ridiculous. You’re out of options, he insisted. If you fail to regain her trust, finding Skywalker will become impossible.

Kylo remembered Y/N from his time as Ben Solo. She was impossible to forget. She had been General Organa’s apprentice. From the time she was old enough to fire a blaster, she had been taught politics from. He had been insanely jealous of her at one point, and not just because of the attention that she received from the General. It was the confidence in her stride, the way she seemed to know that she could talk herself out of any situation. The way that she seemed unaffected by anything or anyone was something that had stood out to Ben Solo. He had hated that she could go about her life so unperturbed when he hadn’t been able to look at her in the eyes without his palms becoming sweaty and his heart rate speeding up.

The tables had turned, now. He was Kylo Ren. He was more powerful than anybody stuck in the narrow mindset of the Jedi could imagine. What was she? In comparison to the master of the Knights of Ren, nothing. Yet, the memory of who she had been to him caused him to remove the helmet. Already, the feeling of vulnerability attacked him. It was a pointless feeling, he knew. Y/N had been a master negotiator without any help. He needed her. That’s what she would do, he reasoned. Leave the mask.

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request:  “Oh my god, I was joking, you didn’t have to buy me that.”

hello loves! the amount of requests I have seen for part two to ‘Bathroom’ has been amazing and that imagine will be coming tomorrow. so here’s some fluff to hold you over until then. this is honestly one of the funniest things i’ve written because it’s very silly! send in requests from this blurb list! or whatever you want! hope you enjoy!

In your humble opinion, turtles were the absolute best thing in the world. Ever since you were a little girl, you had wanted a turtle. All of the other kids wanted dogs, cats, fish, or even hamsters. But you wanted a turtle. But your family didn’t. So you never got one. ‘Twas a hard knock life for you without a turtle. Telling the story of how you wanted a turtle and never got one always resulted in someone saying, “That’s the most depressing thing I have ever heard.” But they were being more dramatic about hearing the story than you were when telling it.

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