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Be generous, Sir Samuel.
Truly treat all men equally. Allow Klatchians the right to be scheming bastards, hmm? In fact the ambassador is just a pompous idiot. Ankh-Morpork has no monopoly on them.

Terry Pratchett, Jingo

I love that this book goes through, like, a billion little tiny moments of Sam Vimes tries very hard to be a good person and does his best despite his upbringing and culture. Sam Vimes realizes what microagressions are (”Not very funny jokes, come to think of it”). Sam Vimes call his best friend out on using racist language. Sam Vimes realizes he just thought someone who’d lived in Ankh-Morpork for ten years couldn’t speak the language, and that is a bad thought.

And Sam Vimes realizes he is working so hard at trying not to be racist (and go him, for that) that he’s refusing to let Klatchians be people–which is to say, sometimes dicks.

Because Sam Vimes is still fucking up, still learning, but also, the fact that he is trying so hard is putting him miles away from people like, say, Rust. Or even Colon (who does learn a bit by the end!). It’s okay to fuck it up. You will always fuck it up. But just because you are fucking up does not erase the fact that you are trying, and just because you are trying does not erase the fact that you are fucking up.

Do any other Doms out there motivate themselves to do boring things by thinking about a sub (real or fictitious)?

“C'mon self, get the broom and get to sweeping, you wouldn’t ask a sub to kneel on this floor, would you?”

“C'mon self, get the shopping list ready. You may be willing to eat three tablespoons of peanut butter for dinner but what would you feed a sub if you needed to?”

i haven’t been feeling well for the past couple of weeks and have thus taken a bit of a break from tumblr .. but when i got back i was greeted with so many uplifting and kind messages & asks, and they were so overwhelming and helpful that i decided i needed to give at least something back to u guys.. 

so now i’m introducing the happie place !!!!! happie and libraerie .. i just had to do it …

🌼 what is the happie place ? 🌼

this is basically a happiness journal on my blog that everyone can contribute to ! every time something wonderful happens to you that you want to rant about / you find out a new self-care routine / you just feel like giving out reassuring words or spreading some positivity, just let your words flow here !

🌼 why are you doing this ? 🌼

happiness is hella contagious ! just reading about other people feeling good about life and everything surrounding them makes me so so happy as well … if this project can at least make one person feel less sad or empty or lonely, the project will have achieved its goal !!

🌼 so what exactly do i do ? 🌼

it’s very simple ! just send me an ask talking about why you are happy / what you do to make your day brighter / anything related to your happiness and positivity … and i’ll tag it with #thehappieplace !
& if this project goes well, you can just go through the tag and we’ll have many positive, glowing asks about how beautiful life is and hopefully, it will brighten up someone’s day !

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[King of masked singer] 복면가왕 - ‘Red Mouse’ 3round - WHISTLE 20171203

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vibes: something powerful. look into her eyes and feel depths, rushing water. it smells like stillness, forests, woodsmoke, bygone eras. o the tales that could spill off her cherry stained lips, pulling a harp from your heartstrings, hauntingly beautiful. she's just on this edge of time. mother earth's eyes peer through her, but she is, too, made for the glass spires, concrete jungle. Otherworldly knowledge, but there lies kindness, overwhelmingly warm, in the slope of her shoulders. amaranthine

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel so much spring within me.
Blow, winds, blow,
Spring has just begun.
And something’s taking wing within me,
What was dark so long, had felt like winter
Finally, there’s sun.
And so I sing
That I feel so much spring.

A New Brain: Gordon Schwinn - Moodboard

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Keith Kogane and the Hufflepuff Enigma by arifail - best crossover :)

Oh my gosh anon! Thank you so so much! Just looking at the summary and reading the first few sentences I know this is going to be an excellent read, and this fic is right up my alley! Thank you for such a great recommendation! I’m going to read this ASAP!

Anyone looking for a quality fic, look no further than here!