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imagine bart having panic attacks and nightmares when he comes back after the whole “flash: fastest man alive” run (considering he was killed by the rogues led by inertia and then forcibly brought back to life magically and being de-aged to 15 again and having his entire psyche fucked with) and him and kon having long and serious late-night talks where they both talk about dying and being resurrected and how… displaced they feel? how out of touch they feel with everyone else because they missed about 1.5 years of fights and deaths and struggles and changes and each time they find something else different it just. they realize how much they missed?

so conner’s keeping his list of superman v. lex and who he’s more like and bart’s just panicking all the time because he remembers being genuinely beaten to death without any other heros nearby and all of his friends distant from him and he just feels so alone sometimes. and conner is so confused and out of place so they help each other

and whenever bart has a nightmare he’ll go to conner’s room and just. sit on his bed and kon will let him rest his head on kon’s shoulder and calm down because everything is just. too fast and too much and listening to conner’s heartbeat helps him calm down a lot.

some nights they talk about tim and cassie and greta and cissie and anita and suzie and young justice and how they were all so… young and inexperienced back then and how even though they dealt with some heavy shit it still felt more like a game like anything else. how it took the death of donna and lilith to actually make it more real.

some nights they don’t talk at all bart just leans against conner and breathes and conner will fall asleep with his head resting on top of bart’s and his back hurts in the morning but it’s okay

and they help each other through it all and no one else really notices because they’ve all got a metric shitton of other stuff going on and tim is distant and angrier all the time and cassie is leading the titans and all her focus is on that and they don’t really see anyone else from yj anymore and they were never close with any of the titans really

but that’s okay because they’re helping each other through it and after a year or so back bart’s breathing a little easier and he isn’t having nightmares as often and conner’s thrown out that /stupid/ list and he doesn’t care about being like clark or being like lex he cares about being himself and both of them aren’t 100% yet but they’re improving and they’re better and they’re actively working toward being okay again and if bart has a nightmare he knows conner will always wake up to talk him through it or just be a solid presence there, and if conner starts wondering how much of him is actually /him/ versus how much of him is programmed, is clark, or lex, or the scientists who force grew him, bart is there to calm him down and help him remember that this is all him and that he isn’t like them

and they’re getting better

So,,,, remember last year, when I was spewing headcanons for a barisi camp counselor AU? I have a snippet that I really wanted to share. What’s under the read-more was supposed to be the last chapter of a multi-chapter fic I was thinking of doing at the time, but I decided that borders on overload for me, so I was thinking of just posting the cute snippets I wrote instead. 

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u bring the sun to its knees each nd everytime u smile, i have no doubt u’re going to blow the world away this 2017. thank u for letting me love nd support u. how lucky did i get, being able to exist the same time as u nd watch u prosper nd grow

i love u nd im already so so proud of u !! 💘💕💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💞💖💞💓💗💝💘💕💓💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💘💕💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💞💖💞💓💗💝💘💕💓💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💞💖💞💗💝💖💞💖💞💞💖💘💕💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💞💖💞💓💗💝💘💕💓💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💘💕💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💞💖💞💓💗💝💘💕💓💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💞💖💞💗💝💖💞💖💞💞💖💞💗💝💖💘💕💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💞💖💞💓💗💝💘💕💓💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💞💖💞💗💝💖💞💖💞💞💖💞💞💗💘💕💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💞💖💞💓💗💝💘💕💓💘💕💓💗💝💘💝💘💕💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💞💖💞💓💗💝💘💕💓💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💘💕💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💞💖💞💓💗💝💘💕💓💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💞💖💞💗💝💖💞💖💞💞💖💘💕💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💞💖💞💓💗💝💘💕💓💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💘💕💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💞💖💞💓💗💝💘💕💓💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💞💖💞💗💝💖💞💖💞💞💖💞💗💝💖💘💕💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💞💖💞💓💗💝💘💕💓💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💞💖💞💗💝💖💞💖💞💞💖💞💞💗💘💕💘💕💓💗💝💘💕💓💗💝💖💞💖💞💓💗💝💘💕💓💘💕💓💗💝💘💝💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💞

okay here’s 686 words of forces fic

A dream: There’s a hall, long and airy and impersonal, air crisp and ticklish against Sonic’s skin. He hides away, farther down, where the open air and night sky can’t reach him. He’s there for a meeting. The ghost haunting his nightmares is within arm’s reach, and they speak softly. Their breath hardly carries over the wind.

“You remind me of someone,” Infinite says.


“A little wolf child, eyes like stars and a heart larger than the sky. They looked into the eyes of others and felt nothing but compassion. Earnesty. Acceptance. All of this for strangers that owed them nothing and no one.”

Sonic stands back, and he stares. No comment.

“They trusted. They forgave. My dear, they knew nothing of despair.”

Infinite glances around the pillar, mask flashing into view for a second much as a knife gleams against moonlight before it strikes, that millisecond of anticipation, a lull in breath. Their red sclera is a torch in the sleepy hall. Their eye, green, pricks at his sides and lungs and heart, straight into his soul.

Then they slip back behind the pillar, behind the barrier between their perch and Sonic, between night sky and his silent, judging gaze.

“An untarnished soul, that child, long after they matured and the world lost its luster. A dangerous optimism. They acted as though they were indestructible.”

He hears a fwip, the tap of two shoes against stone that bounces up, off, around the walls until the sound grows cold and distant. Barely audible, as Infinite is and always will be a creature of silence. It amazes Sonic how someone can leave so little impact on the world around them.

Now, Infinite, the creature of fake and nothing, appears once more around the pillar, their good eye looking straight into his. No silhouette; the moon pours through their body and onto the concrete, just as cold and piercing as their gaze.

“Unfortunately, they were as mortal as they came. And so are you.”

They step forward. One. Two. Stop. “Do you understand what I’m trying to say? This life is unsustainable. Why live a lie? Why not save yourself?”

“Soundin’ kinda soft there, Finny.”

A breeze, a draft, passes through, brushing against his cheek, ruffling their hair.

“I don’t want to see the same tragedy happen twice.”

“Now, that’s funny,” he says, and he’s tilting his head just a bit. “You tried to kill me, like, five times in the past three days.”

Sonic’s not stupid. He sees the twitching of their fingers, anxious, itching for movement and action and influence. He hears the breath, that strange, useless in and out and he knows they don’t need it, not anymore. The silence. The moonlight shining in and through them.

A mirage. An illusion.

“You were nothing more than a target.”

An excellent audience.

“Oh? And what’s different now? Got something in my teeth?”

Someone Sonic wished he’d never met.

Infinite feigns a reply, feet a rhythm, tap, tap, as they resume their stride, slow, deliberate. It reminds Sonic of rain against a roof. The pattering, the softness, the irregular and yet well defined beat that soothes a troubled heart. They’re only a few feet away now, long passing the pooling moonlight’s edge and into the realm of dark wrapped around them like blankets. Everything’s quiet. It’s a fragile silence Sonic is reluctant to break.

Then the steps are gone, feet still.

“What’s changed,” Infinite says, eye impossibly bright and burning from this close, “Is that I’ve stopped and observed. And you, you’re awfully familiar.”

Something Sonic never noticed about this dream: Their hand rests on his shoulder at this point.

“I have a question for you.” The hand’s grip tightens, as much a tug back to reality as it is a distraction. (Grounding because of the pressure; distracting because of, well, the pressure.)

There’s a lump in his throat, thick and sticky, that Sonic can’t swallow. “Yeah?”

“Who’s the wolf child?”

Again, Sonic’s not stupid, and as they stare at him, into the very core of his being, the answer stares him right back in the face.


Ahahaha, sorry


@spacedracie hey dracie!!!! i’m so so so happy to hear that you enjoyed my klance masterpost and i’m extremely flattered that you want to translate it and share it with people!!! that’s very high praise, in my opinion, thank you so much!!! you have my full permission, so please go ahead! 

there’s no need to thank me, i’m just very glad that i’ve been able to share this with everyone and knowing that you want to share it with even more people makes my heart swell with joy!!! i do actually plan on adding more to the masterpost after every season, so definitely look forward to that 💜 lots of love right back at you, thank you again!

  • i love varys so much????
  • Tyrion’s reaction to Jon being KITN tho I luved that
  • melissandre uniting jon and dany is enough for me to like her lol (or not idk)
  • grye worm scene with missandei was cute and all but meh it could have been shorter 
  • cersei you smart ass bitch
  • but hes so brave bless him
  • jon leaving sansa in charge was nice i just hope she doesnt screw this up
  • the arya scene with nymeria was beaitiful and sad at the same fucking time??!! lile :(((((((
  • the euron attack looked really good ngl
  • theon ugh you were doing so good goddammit