best thing on raw

I knew the first night we met and you left my house at 6am that we weren’t going to play by the rules. It’s a year since that night, and I still remember what it felt like to taste your lips for the first time. I don’t care that we fucked on that first night, or that we spend too much money on food because we’re too lazy to cook, or that sometimes you make me so angry that my blood boils. I don’t care that you don’t pay enough attention to the songs I make you listen to while we’re driving or that you can’t get through an episode of Grey’s anatomy without putting your hand down my pants. You are the one who still loves me, even though I wake you up in the middle of the night and throw up in the back of your car when you pick me up from a party. You’ve taught me that the best things in life are raw and unfiltered; and because of you, I never want to play by the rules again.

I think one of the best things about Terry Pratchett was that he was able to address very raw, gritty topics without being gratuitously explicit about it.  Of course, he also knew the most telling ways to leave things up to the imagination, which has its own kind of dread, but the long and the short of it is that his books were still more accessible than other series I could name.  Which I think is fabulous, because there was so much there for a broad range of ages to access; humor, philosophy, even science (which doesn’t feature prominently in a lot of fantasy series, but of course Discworld wasn’t your average fantasy).

Anyway, I wish there were more writers like that.  Maybe there are, and I just need to look a bit harder for them.

People are always complaining about John Cena. When he gets injured it’s always “this is what they get for not pushing younger talent.”

First … Cena was mostly in the United States title picture from April of 2015 until he lost that title to Del Rio.

Second … Take a look at the stats before you say they’re not pushing younger talent. Roman and Dean are both champions? Are they not young enough for you or is it because your favorite talents aren’t the ones getting a push?

Third … I speak for a lot of wrestling fans when i say for months that Cena’s open challenges were the best thing to watch on Raw etc Cena pushed and put over as much talent that he could. If you couldn’t see any of this I don’t know if we were even watching the same product.