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I have a loooooot of headcanons about a four year time jump with the Voltron team, so I’m gonna start putting that stuff here.

Pidge is first, and I have a lot of stuff for her, but we’ll start with this: She ends up losing, in her words, “a shit ton of fingers” from an explosion when she was trying to disarm a Galra weapon. I’ll do a better picture of her prosthetics later, because I have a lot of cool ideas for them but for now, this is what I got.

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Ok now I'm imagining Earl in pajamas and Cecil comes over in furry pants and they play video games and summon lesser spirits of darkness with their blood stones.

Ohh, a slumber party! Just like having a fun night in the tent with a friend, but in the house! We do enjoy those in Night Vale.

Painting each other’s nails, sporting our favourite animals as footwear, swapping secrets…

…the odd ritual murder…