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I have a duck tales themed math problem for you! Okay so You (Donald) have two shoping bags (the weeks food shop) AND three, bouncing toddler triplet duckilngs BUT only Two Arms, How To You Get To The Car?

NO, MATHS D: I suck at maths!! Okay, let’s do this…

I don’t know who you are anon and why you send this, but this thing literally MADE MY DAY xD Seriously, this made me ridiculously happy. Guess I’ll reprobate the DT math exam. How would you people solve this??


@jokerxharleyweek Day 7: Breakout 

(Big thanks to @murderous-manipulative-angel for inspiring me with her post right here [x]) ;)

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Alright your wammy's house memes post is literally the best thing I've seen all week, it made me so happy, if I would ever get to see more of that I'd probably just die

I’m glad you liked it! Here are some more!

- Walking in formation with other kids so your code letters spell out a swear

- Matt is a furry and says nyah unironically

- *Answering calls from L* Hewwo?

- *After finding out L got kicked by Naomi Misora* I can’t believe L is fucking dead

- Referring to post burn Mello as a crispy boy

- All of Near’s toys came from the previous versions of himself which Watari deprogrammed and dismantled for the upgraded version

- Matt doing peace signs in every photo

- Chatting to A when you have to walk down the halls at night on your own so he won’t be lonely

- Mello wearing an ugly Christmas sweater every year, it just has a picture of Near’s face

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My ex had a thing for wanting to do sexual things in public. Once we were at a bookstore and when we were in a secluded part where no one was around he pushed me against the shelf and started fingering me until he had to cover my mouth. I couldn't take it anymore so I dragged him out of the store and to his car parked in the back and we fucked right there against his car. It was dark so thankfully no one saw us. Still haven't told my current boyfriend that it's the best orgasm I've ever had lol

On delays, the rest of season one, and being whelmed.

Before I get to the post-proper, this is me offering a cyber high-five to anyone who got the “whelmed” reference!

Hello all!

Alex Brown here! Your friendly, neighborhood co-showrunner. First, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for supporting our show - when we released our first episode nearly a year ago, I figured it would be a fun side project to do with my friends, and that maybe some old college acquaintances who knew us would listen.

I’m over-the-moon ecstatic that I was wrong. Your response to our episodes, our characters, our music (which is the best part, let’s be real), and the humor we try to put in our stage directions is beyond anything I could’ve ever dreamed of. Throughout this past year, we’ve seen spectacular fan art, amazing fan fics, lots of fantastic theories, moodboards that fill my heart with more joy than I can express, and lots of other great things. As someone who’s lived the past six or so years as a frustrated writer who has struggled to get published, it’s been ridiculously fulfilling to see that I’m capable of helping to create something that people can genuinely connect to.

With that said, I want to let you all know where I’m at with a few of our processes, because, for me, the struggle right now is quite real. It’s not really a secret that one of our mini-episodes, Home, was influenced a lot by my own experience with depression. It’s certainly something that Etta has, too - but a lot of what’s in there are things I’ve felt for a long time. And, for me, some of those things still linger. 

I have mechanisms in place to help confront these thoughts. Other than on-going therapy, I like to put a lot on my proverbial plate to keep busy when I’m not in an introspective mood. My day job helps with a lot of that - during the school year I’m often in late-night meetings, or meeting with student groups on the weekend. I was hoping to have a little more free time this summer, but my day job seems determined to keep adding to my growing to-do list.

I’m also stage managing a show this summer, which has been lots of fun (and is totally my jam - I’m a way better stage manager than I am a stage actor, lemme tell ya). But the theater I’m working with is about an hour away on a good day, so there’s a lot of driving involved at the moment.

There are other things I’m trying to balance as well - getting another book written (as that’s been on hold for…about a year now), trying to make sure that my friends stay connected (being scattered around the country makes that a bit harder), trying to just… have some downtime and read a book, or watch The Bachelorette. All of these things are very important to my mental health - and all of these things haven’t been happening nearly as much as they should.

That was a very long-winded explanation of what’s going on with me, but I wanted to share that with you all, because I want you to know that I take this show seriously. It’s pushed me creatively, taught me new skills, made me a better writer, certainly a better actor, and I hope a better friend. I truly adore the community that’s been built around this podcast, and I can’t wait to see what you all think of the rest of season one!

And that’s what the point of this post is, I think. I have most of what I need for episode 11, but what I don’t have right now is a lot of time. As we’ve said lots before, I get individual audio from each actor, have to sift through all of their takes, and piece the puzzle together from there. It can take hours - sometimes, most of the time, it winds up taking days. Which is not a problem if I didn’t have lots of other time consuming obligations tugging me in their direction - but, here we are. I’m writing this note at 1:46 in the morning because I didn’t get back from rehearsal until 11:10 PM, caught up on The Bachelorette, and now have time to craft this note.

So, what I’m getting at is that we have sixteen planned episodes for season one, and we are very close to getting episode 11 out to you. I promise that I’ll try my best to get that done before June, but the show I’m stage managing opens right at the end of the month, so things might be a little hectic.

Once episode 11 goes out, we’re going to take another hiatus to prep the rest of the episodes. This time, I don’t plan to lift the hiatus until the rest of season one is edited and ready to be released. Unfortunately, I don’t have a timeline for you yet - and, seeing as how release dates seem to be a bit flexible when it comes to this show - I think it makes sense not to speculate right now. Once we know when episode 11 is coming out - and when the rest of season one will happen - we’ll let you know. I promise.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to get some admin stuff straightened out so we can start to sell our wonderful merchandise! The response we got to our designs was amazing, and I want to make sure that you all have access to that if you’d like to rep the show somehow! (And props again to Em and Eliza for the rad designs!). Once I get a handle on that, we’ll also launch our Patreon - but I want to make sure we have cool rewards for all of you, because you deserve the best! I don’t want to try to rush into things for the sake of having/doing them anymore - and I think waiting on these things will help us in the long run.

Wow, this note was much longer than I anticipated. Uhhh, so, yeah. We’re still here, and we will continue to make content and tell what we hope is one kick-ass story. It just might take us a while, and that’s 100% on me. I am but one person, and there are but 24 hours in a day. But we’ll get there together, one way or another.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for your support! You’ve made this whole experience into probably the best thing I’ve ever done, and I’m so glad you’re here. 

If you’re going to stay for a while and would like some chocolate fondue, I hear there’s some overflowing in the kitchen.



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I was engaged to a guy in the navy, and went back to my hometown this summer without him for a few weeks. I didn't want to get married to him, I was pushed into it and wasn't ready, so I knew I had to break things off, but didn't know how. An old friend I've always had a thing for was in town, so I went to get a beer with him just to visit and talk but one thing led to another & we had sex. Best sex I've ever had, ever. Needless to say, I'm no longer engaged & I'm moving back to be with him

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Hi! Do you know any Sterek fic where Derek is kinda nerdy/v applied in school and Stiles is popular/ a jock? I've read fragments of a story created in a Tumblr post, but my hearts needs more than that 😂💔

Enjooy 😌soooo sorry that you had to wait 🙈

seems to me it’s chemistry

Summary:Awkward Nerd Derek has been crushing on Handsome Jock Stiles since forever—so getting paired with him on a Chemistry project is definitely the best/worst thing that’s ever happened to him.

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It’s Always Been You, Dumbass

Summary: “Alright, cool, we should go,” Stiles says breezily, dusting off his hands as he stands.

“We should?”


“But… Do you even care about photography?”

“Not as much as I should,” Stiles plants both his hands on the table, bracketing Derek in, “You’ll have to correct my miscreant ways.”

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A Love Like Religion

Summary:“Derek, my man, you missed an epic party on Saturday. Seriously, dude, I know morning Mass is like, your thing, but come on. You’re missing on out so much life has to offer, bro.”

Big hands land on shoulders with a thump and a squeeze while Derek stands at his locker, loading his gigantic calculus book into his backpack. He gives his best friend a practiced sidelong glare, which of course just encourages him. “You’ll change your mind when I tell you who sucked me off in Lydia Martin’s bedroom,” Stiles snickers into his ear.

Despite himself, Derek is curious. He tries to hide it by focusing on his books, but he knows the heat in his cheeks betrays him. “Who,” he asks, giving in, knowing he will eventually.

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begin again

Summary: Ten years ago Derek turned down Stiles for prom.

Now it’s high school reunion time.

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roses are #ff0000

Summary:“Roses are red,

Violets aren’t blue, they’re fucking purple,

This place is neat,

Let me buy you a Slurpee.”

Stiles finishes and looks pointedly at Derek. “They don’t make avocado Slurpees.”

“I’m filing for fake divorce,” Derek decides.

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read the signs

Summary: Sure, Derek isn’t how they became a thing really, he doesn’t really know why awesome lacrosse player, popular and funny Stiles Stilinski even likes awkward, nerdy, Derek, but he does.

Which is why Derek takes it personally when Cora laughs at him and says, “Dude, there’s no way you are dating Stiles Stilinski.”

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hi it's me the gif person and yes i really liked your champion fob gif set, you're so talented!! those are the best gifs I've ever seen on this site!! so if you made a gif tutorial on how you work your magic that would be so so cool and helpful!! thank you :)

bruh you’re so kind it brought a tear to my eye :’)

you can view the post here! tutorial under the cut, and sorry in advance if it seems a little rushed, i’m kinda bad at explaining things, but if you need any help, feel free to ask!

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On Saturday, I texted this guy that I've been talking to, to come over. My parents weren't home, but my brother was having friends over. So the guy and I went into my room and I played music so they couldn't here. But my fwb fucked me so hard doggy style and then flipped me around and out his hand around my neck. It was the hottest thing ever, and that day was my first time giving head. I couldn't walk straight for two days. Best. Sex. Ever.

Based on @inkstay​‘s July 2017 prompt: Write about a hero giving up 

use of they/them pronouns for the hero, hope that isn’t confusing

The end came upon them like rain

Doubts falling like drizzle as the hero stood after defeating another villain

And instead of cheers and words of praise

There were tears and fear of the injured civilians lying on the ground

 The people of the world love a hero

They idolise the courageous person who can save them

The hero wishes the ordinary people of the world could save themselves  

They could if only they tried or maybe if the hero wasn’t around to do it for them.

The hope of the people was the hero’s shining sun in their own private darkened world,

It kept them alive and it made them think it was all worth it

All the scars on their skin, the bags under their eyes and their empting wallet

Their decaying human life was worth it because they secretly gave people hope

 But what happens when the sun disappears behind the clouds

When the people give in to fear and despair?

The hero should probably fight for them, fight to regain their belief and trust

But what if without the sun, the hero dissolves back into being the mere human they always were?

 The human without hope, without bravery or strength,

Who couldn’t fight their own insecurities let alone a villain in combat

Those insecurities got the best of them and suddenly the hero fell

Like the rain pouring down from the heavens

 Villains continued to battle each other like lightning and thunder, brutal and loud

They terrified and terrorised the people who wondered where their saviour had gone

Little did they know that their hero was among them

Equally as terrified as the rest

 The hero stood in the aftermath of next and last battle,

They’d given it one last shot and the villains and their own doubts were finally defeated

Collapsing to their knees, the hero blocked out the claps and cheers of the civilians around them

They knew this was the end

 In the people’s eyes the hero had won the battle

So they were curious as to why they never heard of them again

That day the hero gave up the title his fans had given him and slipped back into his human identity

They gave up heroism for normality and would never regret it

 Their legend would live on and some would judge them for walking away

But leaving the heroic deeds behind was the best thing that human ever did

In the beginning they loved helping and saving people when they could but then

The hero realised the person who needed saving the most was themself

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was with this guy who went to my high school who I had never really talked to (I just graduated college) and I had run into him at a bar. We went back to his place and we were just so hot for each other. I suggested we masturbate in front of each other and it was pretty much the sexiest thing I've ever done. He was super into being dominant so I let him spank me and yank my hair and we couldn't stop talking dirty to each other best sex I've ever had.

send your dirty confession here and I’ll post it. you can read them all here

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my best friend was dating this guy that none of us (her friends) approved of. he's the classic super sexy bad boy. well eventually she broke up with him and he start flirting with me. things have progressed and now we makeout every chance we get. he's by far the best kisser i've ever met. and my best friend has no idea that I'm making out with her ex boyfriend all the time.

                                              It Tastes Like Her

Here’s some Noir!AU Chell! Finally, it feels like I’ve been ages since I’ve drawn her, and I don’t think I’ve ever posted any of it until now.  I love this AU with a passion and I can’t wait to do more with it.