best thing about this is dumb show

I love Team Skull♡♡

Can I emphasize how much I love Team Skull-??

They have so much characterization and in depth personality, more than any other crime gang in the other games-

Like, just to list a few things-

1) A lot of the grunts exclude Gladion from the team. But when you first meet Plumeria, apparently it’s GLADION who went and told her about you. She then states how she hates that you’re messing with her cute, dumb siblings. Gladion literally went and told on you to Plumeria, and momma bear came rushing over just to show you not to mess with her baby brothers and sisters.

Best part? You beat her, she let’s you off with a warning, and leaves. She literally came over just to teach you a lesson. Not to steal your pokemon. Not to take your money. Not anything evil. Nothing like that. Nada.

2) Guzma was most likely abused by his father, or had a strained relationship with his father. BUT LOOK AT HIM TAKE CARE OF HIS FAMILY-

He could’ve easily turned out just like his father, but he didn’t. And I like to think if Plumeria is like a big sister to the underlings, Guzma is like the big brother-

3) The grunts are so relatable and down to Earth. They have low self-esteem. They feel ignored and shunned a lot. This is painfully relatable, gives them human traits that make them likeable, and I LOVE them-

ALSO! I love how everyone in Alola state that they’re more like troublemakers than actual evil crime gang members- It’s cute and I love it- ALSO THEIR THEME MUSIC IS SO NICE!




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Maid of Honor Wedding AU’s

Some random things I found saved on my computer.  Figured here was a good place to dumb them.

“Hi, yes, I know I’m in a ‘gentlemen’s club’, but my best friend is getting married and one of the groomsmen didn’t show up so I’m willing to pay anyone who’s about 6′4 and weighs 220 lbs, $200 for the night.  There’s an open bar.”

“I noticed that you have a beautiful garden and a lot of petunias.  That happens to be the exact type of flower that the florist decided not to include in the floral arrangements for my friends wedding.  How much do you want for all of yours?”

“My ex is the best man, and you’re the only other groomsman here that’s not already dating someone, please dance with me for just this one dance.  I also promise that while I did threaten to taze the best man into the next century, I had my reasons, and I’m not as he so eloquently put, a ‘ball buster’.”

the signs as things my history teacher has said
  • aries: "you wanna learn about the best deaths ever?! study russian history"
  • taurus: "by the time everyone of you graduates, i expect you to have a collection of unicorns to show me"
  • gemini: "the embargo act of 1807, what a stupid decision jefferson."
  • cancer: "thomas jefferson was a very stupid president"
  • leo: "you guys should add a batarang to your robot"
  • virgo: "run me over with that damn robot one more time colin, and i'll break it"
  • libra: "podado"
  • scorpio: *talking about a dumb law* "open the damn door, im about to drop the candy"
  • capricorn: "oh my god colin's winning. step up your game savannah, c'mon."
  • aquarius: "lets all hang colin from the flag pole by his toenails. that seems fun."
  • pisces: "if donald trump becomes president im leaving america"
So! I have good news and bad news.

Bad news: I’m quitting my job at MetroPCS as a customer service rep.

Good news: The boss at that building has decided to train me in phone repair and he will tell me the rates of it due to the artwork I showed him when he asked me what I do in my spare time.

Even more good news: I’m going to a senior center on the 16th to help the elders who live there learn how to best use their phones and they’ll pay me to do that.

Conclusion: I am still going to have an income through more unconventional means as some kind of pseudo-small-business and that is amazing imo.

But when you watch the battle droids klutzing around in TCW, it’s really kind of sad.

No, I mean sincerely sad. 

Because here are creatures who, at some level, become sentient. My tablet is not sentient. My car is not sentient. Artoo Detoo is. And in the Star Wars universe, even some of those little mouse droids display fear and personality. 

So, here you have these droids that clearly think and judge. We’re watching the Onderon arc. They make the judgment call to let the disguised rebels into the city–which, by the way, is a decision to be merciful and break protocol. They argue with each other about the best way to do things, they have conversations, they debate. (Even little things like, “Looks like some kind of explosive.” “How can you tell?” strike me as significant.) They anticipate their fate and show regret at the thought of their own deaths. 

And yet they’re incredibly dumb. And despite showing personality, they constantly lap back into groupthink (”Roger roger.”) They’re sentients, but sentients with pretty limited abilities. And then they blow up and we laugh. But it’s Don Quixote funny. It’s sad.  

After watching the prequels, I was mostly concerned with the ethics behind building people to fight robots. But here, even the robots are problematic. 

It’s been so weird watching SU reactions on my dash go from “literally the best thing ever, if you dislike anything about this show it’s probably because you’re some sort of bigot” to 90% criticism

…not that I’m against the criticism… I do love the show and disagree with some of the crit, but some of it… I do agree with, very much, one in particular I was kind of glad to see because I thought I was just dumb and missed something…

Opinions across the board are of course fine, it’s just a cartoon in the end. It’s just been kind of weird watching its status on this site go from being some sort of untouchable deity to now.

Every star falls eventually.

Htgawm: unpopular opinion (?)

Honestly it blows my mind how most of the fandom is crying over the fact Laurel broke up with Frank. I’m like… Finally. Never liked that couple, it was beyond unhealthy. I don’t care about the sex thing because I loved how a woman can take charge of their sex drive and be totally confident about it. But don’t pretend the couple was the best thing of the show, I know the show has unhealthy interactions considering is about murder but come on. Laurel is not stupid, she’s one of the smartest there, so this Frank/Laurel thing made her look dumb. The relationship lacked of trust considering he lied to her over and over, the relationship even started off as unhealthy to me, since the pilot. After 3 episodes, Frank even acted jealous and possessive over Laurel when she was dating Kan and he had not right. It was such a creepy dynamic. Frank killed a pregnant women on cold blood, was the one who put the evidences that incriminate Nate, drug Catherine and I don’t know what else he’s done. I see people even complaining about her leaving him for it and calling her ‘annoying’ and I’m like ??? Your boyfriend confess to kill a pregnant girl (her murder is the reason everything started in the first place) & she’s supposed to be okay with it? We know she wants to run away from toxic people given her fathers background so her ending up things with Frank was the most logical thing she could’ve ever done. He is not good for her, he is going to keep lying and killing people if Annalise asks him to, and let’s not even put the favor he owns Annalise or Sam as an excuse because I’m sure he is a grown ass man. Also this fandom wants to complaining about Laurel going to Wes when it’s actually not the same thing at all? Wes is probably one of the best things she has, a person to rely on who never lied to her. Ever since season 1 he is been straight up honest with her and what he’s done. Wes killing a man because he was hurting his girlfriend is not the same thing, that doesn’t make him a serial killer. He was trying to defend Rebecca. We even see him blaming himself for it. Shooting Annalise was an instant reaction of the times Annie manipulate him and lie to him, yet, we see him regret it and blame himself for it. Frank’s constant shadiness does make him a serial killer in my eyes. Wes life is been a shit storm since he was a child and Its been put in hard situations, still, he is not a bad person, he even puts an amount of guilt on his shoulders and Laurel can see that, she is a good person and she wants to make sure Wes is okay because he deserves that. I’m sorry but Laurel Castillo deserves better than Frank. Is so transparent how you don’t want her with the black guy, who’s been labeled as the villain since the show started, but overlook the horrible things the white dude is been doing.

You know what I’d like to see?

A children’s cartoon where in some episodes the protagonist wears girl clothes and is addressed as “she”, and in some episodes that same protagonist wears boy clothes and is addressed as “he”, and this is never remarked upon in any way. It’s not a joke, or a plot point, or a Very Special Message thing, and none of the other characters ever treat it like anything worth commenting on; the closest you ever get is the protagonist’s best friend occasionally complimenting them on their current outfit.

Bonus points if the show’s creators play dumb in interviews and act like they have no idea what the interviewer is going on about whenever they get asked about it.

Some Dumb Positivity For Ya

Ok but…the fact that we’ve only seen Ruby in relationships with men before Dorothy, and they even mentioned Ruby’s ex bf in the same episode (so they didn’t try to erase it), is really freaking important. This completely obliterates every straight canon because OUAT deals with sexuality in a very subtle way on the show. ANY CHARACTER WHO HAS ONLY BEEN SHOWN TO DATE SOMEONE OF THE OPPOSITE SEX COULD IN FACT BE BI, GAY, PANS, ASEXUAL, ETC. THAT IS CANON. The best thing about the Ruby and Dorothy reveal was that it literally will make the GA SECOND GUESS EVERYONE’S SEXUALITY.

And I’m just sitting here and thinking about how obviously gay all of Emma and Regina’s interactions are going to seem to the GA from now on. And all of this just so happens to occur in the season after Emma sacrificed herself for Regina and during the season where Regina has been fighting so hard to help Emma come back from the darkness and has said that Emma is too good for Hook. Not to mention, Hook is dead and Robin is dying…

And mysteriously, we did not see Emma or Regina react to Ruby Slippers at all (because it would be too freakin obvious!). Maybe A&E are just now introducing a queer couple because doing it too early would have ruined their endgame for most people years ago. I mean, honestly tell me that the GA wouldn’t have gone “OMFG wait a minute!” the very SECOND that the camera panned to Emma and Regina’s reactions in this episode. The point of any good story is to have the audience piece together the revelation on their own, but not a second too soon. It needs to happen exactly when you want it to happen i.e. right before the reveal. 

SQ is coming. SOON.

//WOW WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT, I hit 100 followers!!!! I’ve only had this blog for like, 2 weeks man, that’s crazy you’re all great!!

So, I haven’t really RPed with enough people to make a biased list (lmao), and I mean I love everyone a lot anyway so I figured a follow forever was a good way to go! It’s mostly just a general thank you to everyone for even showing an interest in me-

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May the Phrack be with you

Good luck fellow MF fans. I’ll be thinking of you tonight…let’s hope our wishes, dreams, prayers, mantras etc come true.

Becs, leptonsandbosons and I have had the most amazing week and have met a few people who have met cast and crew. There are many lovely tidbits to share once I get home and blogging more regularly, but in summary no one we’ve met has a bad thing to say about cast or crew on Miss Fisher. Words like ‘dedicated’, ‘professional,’ ‘lovely’ spewed forth from everyone we met.

We’ve been privileged (through connections- thanks Clai- and sometimes through dumb luck) to some amazing things, not on the regular tour…and our zealous dedication to finding all the highlight places has been amply rewarded.

I’m hoping our luck holds at the screening tonight…congratulations fellow shippers of Phrack and friends of the show in general. We are the best fandom around and long may we (and the show) continue.

See you on the other side!