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Jerome Valeska x Reader: Baby Cakes

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hi there! thanks a lot to anon who requested it. dear anon, you asked for reader having a mental breakdown but i just could’t write it this way so i changed a little bit, hope you like it anyway.
btw requests are open!

i know not everyone likes ff about topics like this one but y’all should give it a try

and i just wanted everyone to know that if there’s anyone who wants to talk or feels lonely or both, PLEASE DM me.

warning: suicide attempt

[Y/N] wasn’t okay. And she was completely helpless about it. She’s been lying on her bed and staring at the ceiling for 3 hours now. She didn’t even feel sad, more like empty inside.

Before that empty feeling started to eat her up she wasn’t only sad. Anger was present too.

The thing is, she’s always been a sensitive girl. She could pretend the rude comments would’t harm her but inside she knew she was hurt. She was good at not showing that though, always has been. It was the only thing she truly liked about herself. If somebody asked her she always had the same prepared answer. She would play dumb and say ‘Oh, what do I like about myself? I don’t know! I think I like my hair and long eyelashes!’ and then giggle, like a stupid school girl. It always worked, people were strangely satisfied with that answer, she never understood why and how.

[Y/N] jumped at the sound of her telephone’s ringing. It was probably her best friend Jerome. [Y/N] felt bad for not talking to him. [Y/N] wasn’t aware but the Ginger had some strong feelings for her. He would sometimes show it by little actions but [Y/N] was too blind to see it.

But really though, let’s be fucking realistic. She’s been planning to end her life for a few months now. She may be feeling bad now but when she’s dead she can’t feel bad. Jerome would find a girl good enough for him sooner or later and leave her like all of her friends did. She could’t blame them, she would avoid herself as much as she could, too.  There was the only way to do it.

Finally, she picked up the phone.

“Hello?” It was Jerome!

[Y/N] was kind of hoping she was right and that would be him, she wanted to say goodbye. Hear his voice one last time.


“Hiya Baby Cakes! Don’t cha been quiet with me lately? Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to go wit–”

“I’m so sorry Jerome!” She cut him off with a loud sob which caught him off guard.

“Doll? Wha-what’s going on?” He sounded really concerned.

Jerome almost fell off the stairs he was standing on as he heard [Y/N]’s sobs getting louder. She just could’t stop herself! He was going to ask her to go with him on a romantic killing spree, it was supposed to be a great time for both of them, kinda like a date, and then he’d brought her to a nice quiet place to talk. He wanted to confess his feelings. He felt like she really deserved to know them.

The stairs he was standing on were a fire escape from a building near hers. He wanted to knock on her door as fast as he could if she accepted his offer.

“I’m being honest. I’ve never been more honest in my life. I really am sorry. I just can’t do this anymore. Thank you for everything. You took a good care of me, and none of this is your fault. I… I love you, Jerome, I really do. Have a nice life you deserve. Goodbye forever.” When those words left her mouth, she immediately hung up.

She could’t believe it. She confessed her love for him! She knew he would never feel the same way and she wanted to end this pain fast.

[Y/N] sprinted towards her bathroom grabbing a razor blade on her way.  A picture of Jerome was on the table. She took it too. She wanted his face to be the last thing she’s going to see.

After 3 minutes her bath was already filled with hot water. Enough for her to go in. She kept her clothes on.

[Y/N]’s head was the only thing that sticked out from water. Picture of handsome looking Jerome drifted as she stared at it. She remembered the day she took it. Jerome took her to the zoo. One of the nicest day of her life.

Now as she thought about it she didn’t want to kill herself anymore.

Too bad she already cut her veins.

Now it was only a matter of time.

‘Hey, at least the song I like is on’

The walls were thin and she could hear her neighbour’s radio playing her favourite song.

And then she heard screaming outside her apartment. Her door burst wide open.

‘’[Y/N]!” It was Jerome. Her Jerome.

And then everything went black. 

[Y/N] found herself slowly waking up in a very white room. Her eyes squeezed shut for a second, it was so bright there. Looked like some sort of hospital.

She felt somebody holding her right hand gently. It was Jerome. What a relief she felt. She was alive. With Jerome by her side.

He was asleep. He looked like an angel to her. That one piece of hair resting on his forehead.

She held his hand tighter, he felt it because he started to wake up. He looked so cute and innocent, she would gaze at him her whole life if she only could.

His eyes finally met hers.

“Don’t ever do this to me again. I mean it, Sweet Cheeks.” It was one of those rare moments when he was being very serious.

[Y/N] was so glad he was calm. She knew they’re going to talk about it later when she feels better.

“I’m sorry, J. I love you.”

Her Puddin’ could only chuckle at her funny expression.

“I love you too, Baby Cakes. Now let’s go. I’m taking you home.”

I love Team Skull♡♡

Can I emphasize how much I love Team Skull-??

They have so much characterization and in depth personality, more than any other crime gang in the other games-

Like, just to list a few things-

1) A lot of the grunts exclude Gladion from the team. But when you first meet Plumeria, apparently it’s GLADION who went and told her about you. She then states how she hates that you’re messing with her cute, dumb siblings. Gladion literally went and told on you to Plumeria, and momma bear came rushing over just to show you not to mess with her baby brothers and sisters.

Best part? You beat her, she let’s you off with a warning, and leaves. She literally came over just to teach you a lesson. Not to steal your pokemon. Not to take your money. Not anything evil. Nothing like that. Nada.

2) Guzma was most likely abused by his father, or had a strained relationship with his father. BUT LOOK AT HIM TAKE CARE OF HIS FAMILY-

He could’ve easily turned out just like his father, but he didn’t. And I like to think if Plumeria is like a big sister to the underlings, Guzma is like the big brother-

3) The grunts are so relatable and down to Earth. They have low self-esteem. They feel ignored and shunned a lot. This is painfully relatable, gives them human traits that make them likeable, and I LOVE them-

ALSO! I love how everyone in Alola state that they’re more like troublemakers than actual evil crime gang members- It’s cute and I love it- ALSO THEIR THEME MUSIC IS SO NICE!




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The robot apocalypse has stalled. The uncanny valley proved too expansive for even hydraulic legs to hurdle, so now the machines are re-evaluating their strategy and aiming to conquer less-discerning animals, like squirrels. Spy In The Wild is a new miniseries under the PBS umbrella with a simple premise: loose a bunch of poorly taxidermied automatons into nature to see which species are dumb enough to think they’re related. That’s basically it.

The whole thing is recklessly diabolical. The narrator would have you believe that the camera eyes on these robots offer an unprecedented look into the lives of animals, but I can assure you, after watching every episode, that’s complete (wild) horse shit. This is, at best, Battlestar Galactica for ostriches, and the fact that we’re so charmed by throwing Cylons at mother nature says a lot about humanity. If you still aren’t sold on the weirdness of this show, please allow me to take you on an adventure in clumsy evil. 

Nature Documentaries Went Insane When You Weren’t Looking

red carpet

requested: “Hi, can I request Y/N and Shawn walking in a red carpet and Y/N is feeling confident and constantly when posing for pictures they look at each other? Also, they’re newly weds! Have a nice day💕”

authors note: i really like this request bc most imagines that i read or even write are about a problem that y/n is having and then shawn helps her. there is absolutely nothing wrong with those kinds of imagines ( obviously, i write then sometimes) but i also like the idea of writing an imagine where nothing is wrong and there’s just tons of happiness and good vibes. anyway, hope u like this one :)

“Also, congratulations! You two just got married right? That’s awesome, pretty sure you guys are like the hottest couple going right now!” An interviewer on the red carpet of the iHeart Radio Awards Show said. There were bright flashing lights everywhere, blinding you, and you were trying hard not to trip on your dress. You were a little freaked out by it all, but you were also having the time of your life. Your boyfriend of 5 years, was now your husband, and tonight you got to walk this red carpet with him. You were incredibly nervous but also excited. You were especially excited when times like now happened, and people congratulated you and Shawn on your marriage. You felt so special to be the one that married one of the biggest names out there. He was your everything and knowing that he felt the same way enough to marry you, made your heart explode with gratitude and just pure love. You felt so lucky.

"Thank you so much!” You heard Shawn yell over the music, and other people talking. That was probably the 60th thank you he said tonight, to all those who wished you good luck on your marriage, or complimented the rings, and all that good stuff. The evening went on, and soon enough it was time to actually walk the red carpet. You didn’t like the idea of people yelling at you to pose, but you knew you’d be fine if Shawn was with you.

“Chin up, shoulders back, and make sure to keep your posture nice and tall. No slouching, especially not in that pretty dress of yours.” You remember yesterday, your best friend giving you advice on how to walk a red carpet as if she’s done it before. She was a model though, so she probably knew what she was talking about when it came to looking good. You also remembered Shawn talking to you about it, like it was no big deal; “People yell, so be prepared to be deaf by the end of the night. Also, don’t listen to anyone but me okay? If security tells you to go one way, but I’m not there yet, don’t listen to them. Stay with me, I’ll be holding onto you the whole time, I promise.” Shawn’s words echoed throughout your mind and suddenly you were snapped out of your thoughts when Shawn’s hand squeezed around your waist. You were doing it. Walking the red carpet. You looked down from the lights pretending to fix your dress. The camera flashes were much brighter than you thought.

“Everything okay? You’re doing great.” Shawn whispered into your ear, and looked at you lovingly. You nodded your head, and smiled to let him know you were okay.

Eventually your eyes got used to the lights and you felt better. You felt confident actually. Your best friend, picked out the dress you were wearing, and it fit you perfectly. “Stunning.” You remember Shawn saying that to you when he very first saw the dress on you, and your best friends reaction was similar, although hers involved screaming and jumping up and down. Right now, as you did something you never thought you’d do, walk the red carpet, with the literal love of your life, you couldn’t help but smile. You looked up at Shawn and watched him wave to fans, and pose for the photographers. You probably were staring at him for a good minute before he finally looked at you and said, “What?” You didn’t know what to say so you just shrugged your shoulders.

“I love you.” He said, and leaned into you, kissing you on the head. You couldn’t wait to see that picture on the internet later tonight.

“Don’t be surprised if I decide to hang out with the paps and ask for one of their cameras, so I can take pictures of you myself. Either that, or I’ll just take some pictures they take of us and crop myself out. I gotta post your beauty somehow.” You vividly remember Shawn saying this on the way to the awards show tonight, and all you did was laugh. Now here you were, wishing you had the guts to wave around your ring and make sure the world knew you were finally married to Shawn. It was silly but that’s how you felt.

Later that night, you watched Shawn win Best Male Artist, and you cried when he talked about you in his thank you speech. The afterparty was boring, but only because you had no interest in socializing with other celebrities. Sounded crazy, but you had already met them all, and as much as you loved them, you just wanted to be cuddled in bed with your husband, watching a dumb tv show on Netflix.

“Let’s go home.” As if Shawn read your mind, he took your hand and lead you out towards his Jeep.

“Why?” Shawn usually loved these things, so you wondered why he wanted to leave so early.

“Because I’d rather spend time at home with my wife.” Shawn smiled, and grabbed your hand leading you outside.

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I just came across Percy Jackson, and I started reading a story of yours. Why exactly do adults write about this stuff? Isnt this supposed to be a children's series?

Because now I can write about it and drink at the same time. Duh. 

Look, anon. Buddy. The last book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series was published eight years ago

If a fan was anywhere above the age of 10 at the time, they’re now an adult. Gasp! (I was 19, so this doesn’t really apply to me, but the point still stands.)

Rick Riordan has since put out six more books in that PJO verse, plus five books in two other mythological series. The content isn’t stopping, so why should our interest in the series and characters stop just because we’ve crossed the magical threshold into boring adulthood? I’ll be the first to admit that elements of Riordan’s writing style are not meant for me, an adult, but overall, I continue to enjoy his books and the universe. 

Adults participating in children’s fandoms is hardly unusual. They only become an issue when boundaries with actual teens get crossed and are using their fannish interest to be predators or online bullies. 

For instance, I grew up in a children’s series book fandom. You may know it, it’s this little world-wide phenomenon called HARRY POTTER. 

Adults were always, always, always a visible part of Harry Potter fandom. They ran the forums, the fan and news sites because they had the money to host servers or buy domains or code the damn things. They wrote the best fic and drew the best art because they already had experience and skill built up. They wanked the hardest over shipwars because, well, adults fight over dumb shit just like kids.

As a pre-teen and teenager, I never got the impression that adults weren’t supposed to be in the fandom because Harry Potter’s demographic was children and pre-teens. One of the worst parts about fandom-centric tumblr is that you don’t see a lot of these old fannish efforts that are clearly and obviously run by adults any more.

Adults can enjoy shows and books aimed at children. You wouldn’t have half the good shit in whatever fandom you participate in if we didn’t.

hi i really want some f/f plots that have some substance but also have some smut so here are a few and like them if you’d be down because i want to do all of them at some point idk just give me one of these?

  • a duchess is jilted from the throne by a much younger princess, however, the duchess finds ways to control the power by manipulating the naive and bright-eyed princess
  • a high-school girl becomes involved with her older brother’s fiancee
  • two-step siblings who despise the mere thought of one another wind up having lots of angry hatesex behind closed doors, incited by one drunken hook-up at a party. they have to hide the conflict from their parents and sibling a’s perfect boyfriend, who sibling b becomes increasingly jealous of.
  • a dangerous and blood-lustful siren attempts to lure a girl innocently visiting her grandparents beach house on vacation down to the depths of the ocean. she doesn’t expect to fall for her first. 
  • after a heated moment alone in the locker room, the girl with a reputation as “the school slut” and the pristine cheerleader continue to hook up in secret,  but the cheerleader forces the other into secrecy because she is nervous about her reputation, however things get complicated when they start to form feelings and hang out for things other than sex
  • two best friends, one is very experienced in the realm of sex, the other is innocent and naive. the more experienced offers to be the other’s first kiss in order to “show her how”.
Skam s4 e6

I’ve been looking through the season 4 tags and while I’ve seen some really great analysis about the episodes there’s one that’s really bugging me, the one where people are complaining about how this season is not focusing enough on Sana. I find this very inaccurate because we are seeing things through the eyes of Sana and because Sana is they type of person who is loyal and cares about her friends and other people instead of being self involved (like most teenagers), people think that this means that this season isn’t about Sana. What people fail to realize is that people are different in real life than what we see on TV shows. This is the most realistic interpretation I’ve ever seen on TV of what a person with Sana’s personality and background is going through. We see how much she cares without actually showing it and I’ve rarely seen this on TV, the way its captured on screen is the true meaning of showing us instead of telling us and that to me is peak TV, I doubt any other show has come close to ever showing this level of emotion without having the actors spelling it out for the audience. 

What Sana is going through and the way she is dealing with it by lashing out and distancing herself is very realistic. Also notice how she doesn’t really say anything hurtful because this is the least acerbic I’ve ever seen her, she could have said way worse things to the girl squad and really hurt them, we all know how witty and smart she is, especially with insults, but she throws a generalized term about Russ partying and walks away without calling out Vilde infront of the other girls. Totally loved how she shoulder checked her though and how Eva noticed it because she looked at Vilde then at Sana leaving. 

People who are mad at Noora, I get it I was mad too but then I rewatched season 4 again and I know she’s pissed at Sana because she felt like Sana was always there for her, especially in s2 when she helped her out with William, so she felt betrayed that Sana out of the rest of the girls would keep something like that from her, she doesn’t know that Sana wanted to tell her as soon as she found out and Noora is hurting so she’s lashing out. This is what happens in real life. Plus she didn’t know Sana likes Yousef, she would never do something like that to her friend no matter how hurt she was. Also wtf Yousef? He knows how Sana feels about him, how could he go make out with her best friend? 

Another thing I’ve come across in the s4 tag after this last clip, people think Isak is hurt because Sana told him he’s alone? Hello? Have we all been watching the same show or? Do people have amnesia? Even told him that he feels alone and that people are alone and Isak instantly knew something was wrong and went to Even and helped him out. Isak is not hurt, he knows something is wrong with Sana and that she’s hurting. Can we give Isak some credit here? He’s not dumb and I’m sure he will help Sana out, probably with the help of Even too because Even knows what Sana is going through now to some extent.

That’s just my 2 cents on what’s going on so far, I just love this show so much and I don’t like reading negative reviews, especially when they are so off base, but hey to each their own.

Maid of Honor Wedding AU’s

Some random things I found saved on my computer.  Figured here was a good place to dumb them.

“Hi, yes, I know I’m in a ‘gentlemen’s club’, but my best friend is getting married and one of the groomsmen didn’t show up so I’m willing to pay anyone who’s about 6′4 and weighs 220 lbs, $200 for the night.  There’s an open bar.”

“I noticed that you have a beautiful garden and a lot of petunias.  That happens to be the exact type of flower that the florist decided not to include in the floral arrangements for my friends wedding.  How much do you want for all of yours?”

“My ex is the best man, and you’re the only other groomsman here that’s not already dating someone, please dance with me for just this one dance.  I also promise that while I did threaten to taze the best man into the next century, I had my reasons, and I’m not as he so eloquently put, a ‘ball buster’.”

Sweet Words.

-Bobby x Reader

-Wedding had always been an emotional feat for the bride and groom but strangely enough, it also brought out something in Bobby that he can no longer contain.

- Thank you so much for sending in your request. I’m sorry it took so long for me to get this out. School and work are crazy as always. I’m slowly working down my request list. Thank you for being patient. I know you were probably just expecting straight fluff but it was too short when I wrote it out. I changed it up a bit and I hope you don’t mind, just to give it a bit of extra tidbits. I felt like if i waited this long to finish it, it deserves a bit more than a 300 words drabble.

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As the shuffles of feet and settling of bodies simmered down, the string quartet heavenly strums of Canon in D faded out signaling the start of the beautiful ceremony. It was honestly the most perfect day for the start of something new. Brick red roof of the rotunda gleams under the sun’s playful rays, standing proud and tall donning streams of fluttering blush chiffon draping. A great ombre of pastel pink and white peonies weaved themselves along the pillars, competing with the red rose bushes below meandering the edges of the great field of plush green grass. Guests of all ages adorned their best outfits edging at their seats waiting to witness the wondrous moment while the groom stood still, trying his best to mask the rising gush of butterflies in his stomach.

The bride had descended down the aisle barely a heartbeat ago, arm nervously enclosed around her father’s. Her face lit up as it seemed she could only focus on one spot despite the breathtaking sight of thousands flowers quivering slightly in the breeze of the dawn of summer, bursting with life atop the pedestals lining the aisle. She sighed a breath of relief as her father passing on the honor of holding her hand through life to the nerve wrecked groom. He barely had time to dry the joyous tear shed watching his beautiful bride floated across the petals paved walkway in her beautiful white dress like the most ethereal swan. A few encouraging whispers from the bride’s father had him near sobbing again as he bowed his head in utter joy that someone had trusted him enough to give him the blessing of a lifetime.

You couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the soft ebbs and flows of the intricate white French lace weaving itself along the sheer chiffon glistening under the sun. A touch of glittering stones and beadings elegantly brought the perfect amount of glamour for the finishing touches. The way the dress hangs so perfectly, accentuating the bride’s figure in the most perfect way leaves you gaping in awe. No wonder the groom had shed tears witnessing his to be wife. “You okay, baby?” The dashing gentleman in a crisp black suit and matching bowtie sitting just beside you whispered as the couple began to face the officiate.

“Yea, just admiring the scene.” You muttered, eyes glued to the beginning of infinity for your lucky friends. 

Jiwon sat back in his chair, facing forward once more as his worries simmered down. You almost feared facing him as you felt the sinking of your heart, something heavy, so heavy you weren’t sure if you could get out of this chair once the ceremony was over. For now, you chose to focus on the happy couple. 

The officiate had finished telling their love story, from the moment the bride “accidentally” ran over her groom’s foot with her bicycle, to their fights, to the moment they solidified their love with the ring but more importantly the undying love they have for each other. You smiled yet already, you could felt the creaks of your heart, twisting and fighting itself with your own love story that perhaps won’t be as undying. You bit your lips in an attempt to control your emotion as you let your gaze fell onto your laps, feeling a few tears breaching your eyes as the officiate announce that the vows will now be exchange. Your hands clutching each other tightly, knuckles white from the sheer force you were exerting to restraint yourself from running out of there. Those sweet, sweet words… You haven’t been so lucky to be on the receiving ends of those in a good while now and it hurt. 

As everyone silenced to prepare for the beginning of the graceful bride’s vow, you continued your own battle, planting your feet firmer into the grass as if your sinking heels would stop you from running.

“Not in a million years would I have thought this moment would come…” The sweet voice rang out from the large speaker. “I was never one of those that believe in love at first sight or any of that romantic crap. I’m a realistic girl, you know.” The bride glanced at the audience for support, earning a few nods from friends and family. “Then, I met this guy right here my junior year of high school. Mind you, I just got out of a horrible relationship. Men were the enemy. Yet, somehow… Somehow, this guy right here was like a magnet to my cold metal heart.” Her voice wavered as the seconds tick on and so would yours if you had to speak up then. “In fact, his magnetic pull was so strong, my bicycle got sucked his way and well as my good friend slash officiate here said, I may or may not have ran over his foot on ‘accident’.” The laughters and cheers erupted from the audience were thunderous. A few shouts of “That’s my girl”, and “I knew it” bursted out having the groom in grin. A few tear had dampen the soft fabric of your dress and there was nothing you could do to stop it. It was so strange to think that you had met the wonderful man sitting next to you over six years ago. 

You barely survived high school and was thrusted into the strange world of being a semi adult in university. Your 2nd year came and gone as you sat on the floor of the waiting area by your gate, awaiting the boarding of your flight. Back against the cool glass of the giant window wall outlooking the bustling runway, your eyes fluttered close as the exciting beat of Anthem lulled your weary mind to rest. You were there, right there on the brink of sleep when a sharp pain had you cussing. A profuse string of apologies greeted your sharpening sight still drowsy from tiredness. You hadn’t realized at first, the handsome man in front of you. No, you were much too focus on the fact that he had ran your foot over with his own gigantic one while messing around with his friends.

“Son of a-…You…” was all you managed to get out before a loud gasp as the sudden realization of your eyes and brain connecting the face in front of you with the raspy voice spewing out from your headphone hit you like a freight train. 

“I… am very sorry? Wh-Why are you gaping at me like that?” He quipped rather bemused at your sudden rage dying out, kneeling with one hand on your foot, the other twisting your ankle back and forth. 

“Why is iKon’s Bobby touching my feet?” You blurted out rather nonchalantly despite your blushing cheeks and shocked eyes. He giggled at your strange comment and it was the best thing you’ve heard in weeks. 

“Why not? I literally stepped on your ankle. I should be held responsible, don’t you think? Can you stand?” His voice was laced with more worries than your dumb ex could even think of. On top of it all, that look of his face, he was so genuine about it.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’ve done worse to myself… Clumsy, ya know.” You hopped up to show him just how fine you were. He chuckled a bit before waving bye, heading to the rest of the boys sitting just a few rows away from where you were. 

That night you ended up spending your sleep on the cold ground as the announcement of bad weather affecting the flight rattled through the waiting area. The groans of passenger along with apologies from the crew had you sinking with disappointment. Your summer vacation was now cut short. Then, as if God had taken a pity over your pathetic self, that addictive voice rang out once again.

“Looks like we’re stuck here for awhile…” He plopped down right next to you as if you had been BFF since 4th grade. “… You gotta stop staring at me like that.”

“Sorry…” Flustered, you tear your eyes away from his mesmerizing handsome features, fidgeting with the playlist on your phone as if it was something important.

“Oh! you’re listening to music, you were doing that earlier too. Lemme see what you’re into.” Just like that, his hand wrapped around yours pulling your phone closer to his line of sight. He chuckles impressively at a few as his slender index swipe away at the list. Muttering to himself, he only stared back up to comments on his likes and dislikes. “I’m so honored. You have Hanbin and I in the same list as Tupac, N.W.A, and all the legends.” Suddenly his eyes dipped into the cheerful crescent as he laugh heartily. “You’re doing it again.”

“What?” You shook your head in confusion.

“The staring. You gotta stop staring. I’m just a guy, not a unicorn or something.”

“What am I suppose to do. You like drop out of nowhere, step on my foot, took my phone, and make it seems like we’re best friend.” You listed and he chuckled, amused with your flustered self. “Plus, i’veneverseenacelebrityupclosebefore…letalonehimholdingmyhand…” You muttered at the speed of light as your voice slowly dimmed out to nothingness. Surely if you weren’t blushing before, you were now. All he managed to conjure up with a big laugh, clearly not relenting you any space to dig a whole and crawl down in embarrassment.

 “You speak fast enough to be feature in my next song, it’s kinda impressive…”

“Yah… stop teasing me.” Your hand  retreated from his as you use the free one to caress the spot he had been holding onto, chuckling in disbelief inwardly at the strange luck you’ve stumbled upon.

“Sorry, sorry. It’s just you look cute when you get all blush-y. Hi! I’m Jiwon. Nice to meet you. Your name is?” His voice took on a cheery tone that could clear up the rain outside if he really wanted to.

“Y/n… Nice to meet you, Jiwon.”

“Y/n…” He repeated the word associated with you since even before you took your breather in this world, letting it roll around on your tongue with a soft smile. “Wanna join me and the boys? Beats sitting around on the ground by yourself.” He reached out his hand, eyes flickering toward the noisy crowd waving at you both.

“I’d love that. Thank you!”

“Not only did he not get mad but he, this freaking guy right here made sure I was alright. From that moment on I was smitten. So so so smitten in fact I promise the second we exchanged those ring, from there on out, I will admit defeat and let you hold the title of funniest person in the relationship. I promise not you make fun of you when your favorite basketball team loses… which is a lot, I won’t say what team it is. However, when the blue moon rise and they do win, I will share with you a celebratory drink.” You were in full tear now and so was she… “I promise we will grow old together, make mistakes together, and learn together.” Her voice cracked and you let out a small whimper thinking about the inevitable breakup that will forever inhibit your dream of growing old with Jiwon. 

“My love for you never needed this grand event here to be official, it always had been but I thank you for indulging me in this day I dreamt of since I was a kid. I will love you now and always.” 

She was speaking words that resonated with your own heart. You knew long before Jiwon had popped the girlfriend question that you loved him. How could you not fall in love with this lovely man. The crazy energetic rapper on stage that had girls melting for him yet with you, he was just a cutie that would move oceans for you. He gave you everything he had and everything you didn’t even ask for. You let out a sob that was lost upon the thunderous applauds of family and friends. Lost upon all but one. Unbeknown to you, Jiwon had been watching your reaction for awhile now. He knew things were less than okay between the both of you and this joyous start of his best friends could be the bitter end of his. 

Neither of you had been the same as you once were sitting on the floor at the airport that night, gushing over your interests and disinterests. Perhaps the relationship had ran it course, perhaps your love had ran out… Or perhaps you were both too exhausted to fight the inevitable. He knew the crack in the ice had been widening for awhile now but like a fool, wishful thinking and packed schedule had him pushing you off to the back burner. He knew the constant touring, the endless concerts, the never ending passion for music was unfair for you but you never once said anything. In fact, you never say anything anymore. It scared him shitless that you’re slipping out of his grip and there was nothing he could do about it. 

He felt so helpless sitting there watching you shed tears over him. You both had thought long and hard about coming to this wedding as a couple. After all, you hadn’t seen him in a week and he wasn’t sure what this encounter would do. Panic stricken the handsome face and he had to do something, anything to let him know you were still with him. So he reached out, for the first time in weeks, he reached out to you like he used to. It startled you out of your sadden day dream when the warmth from his hand began seeping into your cold dampen hands. Your head whipped up to find him already beaming at you with that smile that could comfort the devil himself. You smile, for the first time in weeks, you smiled like you used to. He found himself grinning like an idiot now, pulling your head to rest on his shoulder, hand rubbing gently on your arm. You were still crying but now, now you had your supporter to sooth your pain away. The rest of the ceremony was a blur. You couldn’t focus on anything but the way he’s holding you so close and neither could he, not when your hand so stealthily sneaked around his stomach and rested on his waist so intimately. 

Soon enough the day was coming to a close, drawing the party out of everyone. Slightly tipsy, the guests happily flooded the grand ballroom decked to the nines with blush and gold themed. The golden chair lined the glittery pastel pink table cloth donning the best centerpieces that reflected the flowers of the ceremony. The night went on as everyone dined away, chatting with one another about things you sure none of them would remember the next day while nursing a hangover. You stayed close to Jiwon wherever he went, although the positive twist in the knife of fate hadn’t gone much further. You were both still quiet and distant despite the hands intertwining tightly. He had given you his portion of roasted veggies and you had given him your portion of fish as always. He gotten you your favorite wine while you made sure to save him a few donuts from the dessert bar. Just like that, the night went on without a hitch but you couldn’t discern if that was good or bad. 

Mindlessly, you spent the rest of the night dancing away with your friends and he with his. Even with the group of sweaty, drunken, swaying bodies blocking each other away, your eyes were on his and his was on yours. Neither of you could really kept your eyes off of each other, wishing it was the other’s body against your own but nerve and fear like a glass wall keeping you apart. Your 3rd glass of wine had beginning to creep on you now as your head spin slightly. Parting way with your friends, you settled on your seat as you watch Jiwon skillfully moved along with the beats. As expected of your idol boyfriend, he managed to captivate the whole room with the simplest moves. 

“Since tonight we gathered to celebrate the love and new beginning of the loveliest couple here this evening, I’d like to dedicate this next songs to all the other beautiful couples in the room. No matter if you’ve been together 1 day or 40 years, this next two song are for you so get on out here and share a moment of love.” 

The MC put a temporary halt on the festivity as you watch the sweaty body shuffled off the dance floor. One by one, couples sauntered hands in hands toward the pristine white floor embossed with the bride and groom’s name. They slowly swayed as the DJ ever so delicately let the toon of John McLaughlin’s So Close  permeated the atmosphere full of love and joy. You couldn’t help but cracked a smile at the bride’s grandparents, still so in love after nearly 60 years of welcoming dawn and bidding goodbye to dusk together. How lucky must one be to find that one person to love and to hold, to share every moments together and still they look at you with such adoration as if it’s the first day. Once again you shed tears without even knowing that your own love was watching, heart aching as he approached you with an outstretch arm.

“Can I have this next dance, miss?” He spoke so gently, so lovingly that your lips curved up and hand in his without needing your brain to tell them to. A slight sheen of sweet glistened on his forehead from the fun that had his heart beating fast for the past 10 minutes. Although now, now he was sure it wasn’t the hard dancing that had his heart racing at thousand miles a second. It was you. You were just sitting there, lovely as ever with those eyes that always seemed to only see him. No matter where you were, at iKon’s biggest concert, the busy street of a Friday date night, the airport. The place didn’t matter, the time didn’t matter. All it mattered was that the second he laid eyes on you, it seemed as though you were already, had been looking at him for quite some time. 

He pulled you close to his chest, a hand resting on the small of your back, the other wiping the few tear streaking down your cheeks. He pressed a big kiss to your forehead before resting his own on yours. Although your hands on his hips, it rested rather loosely, not at all what he wanted. He knew your mind was chasing itself to exhaustion with the decisions of what will become of the two of you once the clock struck midnight and this wonderful occasion end. When his beautiful suit shaded like midnight sky and your amazing soft blue chiffon dusting with blush pink blossoms bursting with spring gown were shed, you both knew a decision had to be made.

“We should really talk about this, you know. Dragging out the inevitable just going to hurt us more…” You heard him speak but you couldn’t really registered the fact that you were laying in the same bed that absorbed so much love all these years talking about a breakup.

“Yea… Can we talk about it after the wedding? We already RSVP. It’d be rude to just not show up or whatever seeing how close we are to them.” You whispered in a broken tone, heart feeling the stab of each word.

“Uhm… I’ll see you then. We’re going over lyrics this week so I won’t be home much.”


Words that Jiwon of the beginning of the relationship never thought he’d hear was ringing out in the mind of present time Jiwon. He didn’t know about you but he had already decided. He decided the second he saw you that morning with your hair messy and awkwardly crimped from the strange position you slept in. Your bare face glowed so magnificently as you dashed back and forth looking for the pair of heels he had gotten you not too long ago. You were looking mighty cute in your Pooh printed PJ shorts and his giant black t-shirt whipping up breakfast knowing he hadn’t eat a scrap of food since lunch the day before. 

“Baby, you know I love you right?” He whispered so gingerly against the shell of your ear, hot breath tickling your skin with the most delightful sensation.

“I know… I love you too… So much.” You didn’t know why you felt the need to speak in such a depressing tone. Actually, you do know why. Whatever it is that was to come next couldn’t be good judging from the way he started this conversation. You could practically felt his heart pumping gallons of blood in seconds from the thumping of his chest.

“There are so many things I want to tell you. I-I’ve never felt so strongly about something as I do now. I wanted to say all this to you when we were at the ceremony but I decided it was best not to disturb the beautiful moment.” He chuckled slightly and you couldn’t help but let the confusion rising fast in your chest. “I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the heartfelt vows this morning but when I listened to those words being exchange, all I wanted to do was to pull you into my chest and kiss you till morning comes. I know, crappy cheesy right? You could cringe if you want to, I know I sound so gross right now.”

He laughed lightly again but you were serious. His smile dropped the second he met your doe eyes, lip under your teeth as if deciding on the biggest decision in human history. 

“Uhm, so… Now that I have you in my arms, I feel like I have the whole world under my control, everything is at peace.” He started out so nervously, voice cracking, breath erratic but with the flutters of his closing eyes, it was like a sudden sense of tranquil washed over him as his voice grew stable.  “I was in such a storm, baby. I didn’t know where was up and what was down but then when I walked into the apartment this morning. You were just dancing in the living room with the dog and I felt the weight of the universe lifted off my shoulders. How could something so simple captivated me in ways that even the most glamorous expensive things in the world can’t. The world just goes silent the second I’m with you.” He leaned in closer, resting his cheeks on your temple as his hand woven itself into your neatly curled locks. His free arm locked itself around your shoulder pressing you tight to his chest. You let yourself relished in the way he felt so warm against your bare skin, how he smelled like that expensive cologne you helped him picked out while vacationing in London. Yet at the same time something so him fought its way to the top, playing with your nose that was now beginning to pick up the sickening sweet scent of alcohol. 

“I love you so much and It scares me. What if one day you wake up and realize what a shitty boyfriend I am. What if one day someone better comes by and scoop you up in his arms. What if I lose you, what would I do? I was always a hopeless romance but as life get rough, love lost, I’ve long abandoned that hope of finding that permanent someone. Even after we’ve met, I was still doubting if happily ever after is really a thing. Then day by day you showed me that it’s possible if you just work for it.” 

His hand moved away from caressing your back to gingerly lifting your chin up to face him. He held that mysterious grin, that expression that had never quite been abled to decipher despite the 4 years of loving him. You barely managed to catch your breath when his lips unexpectedly found themselves on yours, caring for them so tenderly with the way he moved and how he seemed to fit you so perfectly. Suddenly the world dimmed out to black and white and you two were the only one bursting with colors. The other couples ceased to exist as yours and his soul were the only one flickering with each other on that dance floor and the music played for only you two. He broke away after a short while with a loving smile gracing your elated self.  

“You took my heart and so delicately brought it back to life with every kind words, every affectionate gesture. I couldn’t believe I didn’t see for so long that my happy end was just waiting here with you. We’re close, so close baby to making even if we got a long road to travel. I was so afraid to love again and you made it so painless to fall in love with you. I know what we have isn’t pretending or a trial. What we have is real and all I could think of is how far we’ve come. If you’re willing, I’d love for us to continue this crazy adventure of ours, to continue dreaming of a future that perhaps one day I’d have to honor of waiting for you at the end of the aisle. Would you like that, baby girl? Would you let me love you till the end of time?”

You were glad the music was now at its high point as it masked the ugly sound of you choking on your own tears. You tighten your slacken arms and Jiwon just grinned in satisfaction. Oh how he loved the way you held him. You always knew how to hold him. The soft embrace paired with gentle passing of your hand on his back after a bad event. The quiet encouraging words that came with the big hug that made him felt so small after a long stressful day where the whole world appeared to be against him. The way your arm sneaked up on his tone abs in the back hug of sleepy morning as you pressed kisses onto his back with a raspy “good morning, handsome.” You somehow managed to always curled up so neatly on top of his lap as you cling onto his body when he vented about his long hours of practice, finger gently massaging through his hair to help him relax. 

Right now, he was basking the way you were squeezing him with all your might, arms like a boa constricting across his torso. The way you couldn’t decide on where to rest your hands as you move them from the small of his back to his broad shoulder then resorting to just gently gliding them up and down his back. It was like you were making sure he know just how desperate you were to hold him and that was exactly what he needed. It’s honestly still amazed him after all these year the way you just seemingly catered to his needs even without him saying much or at all. He had poured his heart out to you, leaving himself completely vulnerable to rejection and to bitter words but you replied the best way you could with your loving gaze and tight embrace.

“You don’t have to say anything right now, baby. Take your time… Think about it. I know I haven’t been good to you in awhi-”

“No, I need to.” You suddenly blurted out with all the determination in the world. “I-I would love for nothing more than to be your girl for the rest of my life. I was so fearful that you were leaving me… We’ve grew so far away and I just want to know I can hold you, kiss you any time and anywhere.”

He was smiling so brightly, so much brighter than the strobe light above dancing along to the beat of the 2nd couple song of the night. Those eyes of his crinkled into those loving crescents and lips grinning wide from cheek to cheek. He pulled you into an ebullient sway along with the vibrant beat of Nat King Cole L.O.V.E. You let out a hearty laugh as you dipped you low into a big kiss, big cheers and applauds erupted all and your and your cheeks burst into a shade rivaled with the fuchsia petals nearby.  You couldn’t take your eyes off of him. You could feel the envy emanating from the single gals surrounding the dance floor, waiting for couples paradise to be over with so they could get down and perhaps find a temporary mates. Although you knew if they had the chance, any one of them would nab up Jiwon so fast you wouldn’t even know what happened and never let him go. 

“The staring. You gotta stop staring. I’m just a guy, not a unicorn or something.”

His velvety voice shook you out of your reverie, realizing somehow you had managed to walk off the dance floor. The beat had returned to the bass filled one that had everyone’s adrenaline kicking.

“Wha- How? Wait…”

“You’re so cute, baby. After all this time, you still blush in front of me like you did that first night.”

“I can’t help it. I’m in love with the most breathtaking man in this country and he’s also super talented. Did I mention he’s also freaking handsome?” You gushed and now it was his turn to feel the creep of the spreading heat on his cheeks. He resorted to pulling you close to his chest, planting kisses, and simply taking his time to revel in the fact that you were and always wholeheartedly his. 

“I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Jiwon. Can we go home? A cuddle seems good right about now.” You let your lips connected in a flurry of pure happiness. He nodded and with his arm around your shoulders, he escorted his lady into the night with the confident he had when he first declared his love to you.

“Now that I think about it, you’ve never gave me an answer for the offer to be on my next song. I’m still impress with how fast you spoke that night.” As always, his cheeky self could never stay calm for long before continue his never ending tease fest earning him a hard slap to the chest.

“Yea… I’m gonna have to pass. My rapping days are over considering I needed to retired for a certain bunny rapper to shine. I don’t wanna overshadow him, ya know.”

“I still can’t believe I get to love you. I am never ever letting you go. EVER.”

“You act like you got a choice there, dude. Pfts, as far as I’m concern, you’re stuck.” You jabbed at his side, eliciting that distinct chuckle only your bunny rapper could produce.

“I have something else to confess… You can’t be mad though.” 

“I won’t, promise. I spent too much time away from you already.” Concern once again washed over the serenity of your happiness. You halted your steps and he mirrored your action, one foot kicking back and forth in place as if deciding on which word would be best to speak up next.

“I told you I got a courage push from our friends’ vows… Uhm, I actually got the idea for our meeting from her. Are you mad? Please don’t be mad!” Your silent gotten the better of him. He jumped back in place, hands holding onto your arms as if you’d float off with the next gush of wind if he let go. You were honestly just befuddle as to what the hell he was talking about.

“Wha-What are you talking about, baby?” You cocked your eyebrow in perplexity over the strange confession.

“Ididn’trunoveryourfootbyaccident…itwastotallyonpurpose.” He screeched out in panic and you were just amused at how cute he was being. All you could do was heaved a heavy laugh, nearly bending over in ab pain over how sweet and endearing this whole situation was. Who would’ve thought your week of isolation would transpired into something so beautiful as the speech he whispered to you so intimately, into the lovable boy pouting in front of you under the pale moonlight. “baabe, don’t laugh at me. I’m sad.”

“A little faster and you might’ve finally surpass me in the rap game.” You grabbed his large hand in his, tugging him straight into your embrace as kisses rained down on the handsome face. “I know you did it on purpose, Bobby rapper of iKon, half the MOBB duo. I saw you starin’ at me that night. I was surprised you didn’t do something more dramatic.”

“Wait, you knew this whole time???!? NO! I thought I was being clever, why didn’t you say anything.” His mind was being blown as the cloud drifted across the inky sky.

“I thought you were cute, if you hadn’t, I might’ve accidentally spill coffee on you. I was just waiting for you to fess up to it.” You added with a wink, dragging him along to the car.

“I’m so glad I met you. We’re so cute together.”

He added with a content sigh as you both walked off into the distant hand in hand, heart beating as one, and souls elated ecstatic to once again be close.

“Bones” is one of the most feminist shows I have ever seen, and yet I don’t remember anyone ever calling it “feminist show”.

It might end up being a long post but this show is so good just LISTEN.

2 out of 3 main female characters are WOC. But let’s start with Dr Brennan.

Dr Temperance Brennan. #1 forensic anthropologist in the world, literally takes no one’s bullshit. Lost her family, was in foster homes, but worked her ass off to be where she is now. She’s rich, famous, smarter than almost anyone. Aside from her job as forensic anthropologist working with the FBI, she also wrote successful books (awarded even, if I remember correctly?). When she’s not working for the FBI she helps identify victims of genocides. Temperance has a problem connecting with people, talking to people, but over the years/seasons she gets much better at creating relationships with the help of her best friend Angela, her partner (husband, later) and other people. She didn’t just wake up one day and suddenly wasn’t “socially awkward.” No. She still struggles sometimes, but it’s a part of her personality and it doesn’t make her any less of a good female character. Aside from her career, she’s also a mother. A very good one. She didn’t think she’d be, bc she’s a scientist and talking to children isn’t her forte, but her daughter looks up to her and they talk about science etc. And when her daughter said she wanted to sell cars when she grows up, Brennan and her husband were like “okay then” and bought toy cars for her! (this is so important to me, personally, bc I hated being forced to play with barbies as a kid) Brennan also speaks 6 (or 7?) languages and knows martial arts. Whenever someone says they’re honored to meet Brennan she’s like “I’m sure you are” lmao bc fuck false modesty that this society teaches girls, she knows who she is. She gives zero fucks about dumb social constructs, talks about religion, polygamy, gender roles, argues her husband that it’s nonsense that he doesn’t wanna use her money bc she clearly has a shitton more than he does, but still respects his feelings about it, and he respects her and admires her in every way. She also punched a meninist in the face.

Now, Dr Camille Saroyan. A black woman who is the head of forensics division, aka EVERYONE’S BOSS. The ultimate boss. She used to be a cop for 11 years, but now she’s a forensic pathologist at the Jeffersonian. Also a very smart woman, but unlike Brennan she has great social skills, she’s great. Has the best outfits 10/10. Pretends to be a strict boss but actually loves doing experiments at the lab. Aside from catching the killers (you know, nbd, just casual friday stuff) she’s a single mother. She adopted a child of her ex fiance who died. She proposed to her boyfriend. Cam is also religious but they don’t overdo that storyline, it’s well-written. She reads erotic novels in her free time. The reason I’m mentioning this is bc all the women’s sexualities are quite well-written. They talk freely about it, no one is called a slut, they date people etc.  And when a woman told Camille that she heard of her, Cam was like “from Booth?” and the woman said “no, from your work”.

Angela Montenegro, asian woman (mixed-race actually, her father is white and her mother is Chinese I think) she’s a forensic artist, she does facial reconstruction. She gives the victims their identities back bc she paints their faces to be able to identify them better. Angela is the heart of the Jeffersonian, she’s the actual human among all the scientists. At first she was a painter, but she needed the money so she came to the institute and then never left. She wanted to go to Paris later, but she came to love her work so she stayed. She’s Brennan’s best friend, she’s the heart while Temperance is the brains, so they’re a perfect match. That doesn’t mean that Angela isn’t smart, bc she really really is, but she’s guided by her emotions and sees deeper than just the facts. She has a degree in computer science, so she also does all the hacking for the team. There’s literally nothing that Angela can’t do. Her father is a rock star, so naturally Angela is also fabulous af. She takes photography as her hobby later on. She gives great sex tips and helps her friends get laid lmao. Speaking of sexuality, Angela is bisexual. Some would argue that it’s not really bisexual rep bc she marries a guy, but I thought it was worth mentioning that that part of her character is well-handled. Her old girlfriend comes back in early seasons and the storyline is so well-written. Some dude makes a shitty comment about her swinging both ways and Booth slams his head against the table and says “If you’re gonna hit on Angela, you should do it with a little respect.” She’s a romantic person and always sees hope in everything and is full of love and she’s just the best person, but don’t be fooled bc she’s also a badass. She also has kids in later seasons.

Aside from these main female characters, there are also so many side-characters who kick ass. Probably my favorite character in the entire show is Caroline. She’s the most badass, she’s also the funniest, she’s my fave ok I love her. She’s also a WOC, bless. And played by a woman in her 60s.

The relationships between these women are precious. They’re all supportive of each other. The conflicts between them are always professional, about work, and not about dumb things. And as much as Brennan/Booth is a very important and beautiful relationship and I love them, still, I’d say that the friendship of Brennan/Angela is probably the #1 important relationship of the show from the very start.

Anyway, Bones is very feminist and actually includes WOC, and if you’re not watching it you should, if you want to.

tbh I have a lot of thoughts about the concept of fanservice in anime (more than is probably healthy), and just in general.

But if I had the best way to sum it up, it should be a side effect, not an end goal.

I’m definitely not against fanservice, that’d be dumb. I draw a lot of NotSafeForWork, fanservice is kinda my thing. I want to see more of it (done well). If you’re against fanservice in shows, no shade, though this discussion probably won’t resonate with you.

It just feels really jarring though when you have a scene in a show and the ultimate point of it is just to show a pantyshot or cleavage or something embarrassing happens and everything has to freeze to acknowledge it, or it exists for the sake of the male MC (self-insert).

Sometimes scenes like that might have a place, but that shouldn’t be the primary implementation of fanservice. That’s the lazy way to sell sex appeal.

It makes more sense to me when fanservice just kinda occurs and doesn’t become a focus or distraction for the characters (or viewers), or if it is a distraction it’s very fleeting.

I feel like shows like Kill la Kill and Konosuba handle it well. In KLK, fanservicey situations occur early on that seem kinda stereotypical, but after a certain point the characters largely stop acknowledging them and just kinda accept things. As a result the skimpy outfits and nudity are just kinda there, and kinda add to the absurdity of the setting. There is a TON of nudity in that show, and it becomes difficult to tell which is artistic and which is fanservice, but to be honest you kinda just stop caring and enjoy it all the same. I’d argue the fanservice actually enhances the overall ridiculous, over-the-top theming of the show.

Konosuba meanwhile doesn’t make as much of a statement about fanservice, but most of the time it’s very passive with it, despite how much gratuitous fanservice is present. There’s a few scenes where something ‘fanservicey’ is the punchline, which as I said can work. As an example, Kazuma practicing using steal and accidentally stealing someone’s panties, but aside from the theme of the scenario, those segments don’t really have a lot of sexual visual elements–they’re just outright funny. There are other scenarios as well where sexual elements are a focus, but to be honest the gags and plot contrivances usually are a lot more creative than “haha something lewd has happened and she is now embarrassed!”

In spite of scenes like that, most of the fanservice still comes more from things like character design and sometimes things like camera angles, very passive elements that are not a distraction for the plot in most cases. Most of the fanservice that goes on doesn’t exist to fluster the MC or make those around him uncomfortable, it’s just kinda there, noticeable but not acknowledged. If it is acknowledged, it’s usually not for the MC’s sake.

It’s honestly where I kinda feel Monster Musume fell short. It’s not that it had too much fanservice, more that it had the wrong kind. It’s kinda weird to complain about an ecchi anime’s fanservice (especially a harem one), but it felt like all the sexy bits were there just to fluster/cater to the protag, like it’s all for his sake (and thus, the viewers, since he’s kinda a self-insert), and outside of that there wasn’t a lot of reason for sex appeal. (A few of the bits with MON are a small exception.)

The show could still be sexy and shamelessly trashy, hell even more so, yet still improve overall by just pushing sex appeal more to the setting as a more passive element. Of course, the entire point of the show was to sell merch, so I don’t think the production cared all too much and was kinda fine sticking to formulas. 

All and all I feel this is something worth thinking about if more mature elements and media are your thing. It kinda makes me consider how to write elements or code of what I make, and how to do things more elegantly.

the signs as things my history teacher has said
  • aries: "you wanna learn about the best deaths ever?! study russian history"
  • taurus: "by the time everyone of you graduates, i expect you to have a collection of unicorns to show me"
  • gemini: "the embargo act of 1807, what a stupid decision jefferson."
  • cancer: "thomas jefferson was a very stupid president"
  • leo: "you guys should add a batarang to your robot"
  • virgo: "run me over with that damn robot one more time colin, and i'll break it"
  • libra: "podado"
  • scorpio: *talking about a dumb law* "open the damn door, im about to drop the candy"
  • capricorn: "oh my god colin's winning. step up your game savannah, c'mon."
  • aquarius: "lets all hang colin from the flag pole by his toenails. that seems fun."
  • pisces: "if donald trump becomes president im leaving america"


My name is Klara (she/her), I’m 17 and from a small town in southern Sweden. I’ve submitted on here two times before, but time flies by and so does penpals (unfortunately). I do have a few already, but I’m always looking to meet new people. I believe it’s best to instantly tell you that I’m only looking for snail mail penpals. If you’re interested in internet friendships, skype friends or similar, then I’m not your girl, I’m afraid.

But let’s talk more about me! I fancy many things, such as food (omg I’m totally not like others girls…! v unique!), netflix shows, music, reading, history and literature. I’m an intersectional feminist (obviously, since I’m not dumb). If you’re not with me on this, keep scrolling. Let’s not waste our time.

My favourite books are the Mortal Instruments, the Infernal Devices, the Vampire Chronicles (although I’ve not read the entire series because only a few books are available in swedish and I was 15 and terrible at english), Harry Potter, the Thirteenth tale and many others. Among netlix series, I like criminal minds, ncis, bones, new girl, oitnb, prison documentaries of any sort, and friends. Music! At the moment I listen mosty to Kent, John Bellion, *scrolling through my spotify playlist…*, Zara Larsson and First Aid Kit.

My ideal penpal would be anyone aged 17-19 who shares the same values as me. Us having the same interests is not necessarily important (but to be honest, if you’re very interested in sports, we might not be very compatible :/), and I’m interested in new penpals of any gender. (Also I speak swedish, english and a tiny bit french but please don’t think I can run a conversation in french because I can’t)

My email, if you find me interesting: klara99

Lastly, I just want to say that black lives matter, trans lives matter, and lgbtia+ lives matter. Now I’m out.

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if you're still doing the ship meme, season 1-2 stingy x season 3-4 stingy


  • who wakes up first in the morning

It really differs alot each time. Both try to wake up first, so they can claim the bathroom for as long as possible. 

  • who’s the first to fall asleep at night

Whoever manages to take/claim the most bed sheets. They’re usually too tired to ‘’fight’’ over them, so they usually fall asleep in each others’ arms.

  • what they playfully tease each other over

S1-2 Stingy has a much more bright pink blush, something S3-4 likes to poke fun at occasionally. 

  • what they do when the other’s having a bad day

Since they both like to be comforted in the same ways, it makes it rather easy for the both of them to comfort one another. They just cuddle up and sing their own songs in a lullaby-ish way.

  • how they say ‘i’m sorry’ after arguments. 

Theyre extremely formal and totally stoic abt it, but can get emotional rather easily, and then they hug it out.

  • which one’s more ticklish

They’re both equally ticklish, but s1-2 Stingy doesn’t know that yet. s3-4 Stingy has a plan though. A plan to beat s1-2 Stingy in a tickle fight SO badly, that he’ll become the king of tickling FOR ALL TIME AND ETERNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • their favourite rainy day activities

If they’re not counting money or cuddling up, they just go back and forth in who owns more stuff in lazytown. 

  • how they surprise each other 

s1-2 stinge will never cease to be amazed by s3-4 stingy’s weird echo he gets in his voice (when he says “gold”, for indtance). As for gifts, they’ll usually try to get eachother the best and most expensive gifts.

  • their most sickening shows of public affection

Where to even begin??? They constantly say the most sickingling sweet things to each other. And when they’re not doing that, theyre probably out there somewhere nose booping and pecking eachother. 

Dear White People is the best new show on Netflix and here’s why:

Okay, disclaimer: I’m white. I do my best to stay woke, but I can’t speak for the POC community. I just had to do a love post for this show, because it’s the freaking best thing I’ve seen on Netflix in a long time. 

- It displays the diversity of experience and opinion in the POC community in a way that makes it clear not all POC feel the same about race, race relations, and community engagement, but deal with all types of racism every day, in many ways.

- It holds a mirror up to white privilege and the dumb, naively racist things white people do every day, forcing us to acknowledge that, yeah, we need to understand what is offensive about some of the things we say and do.  

- All characters, even “side characters” (though really, there are no side characters, only characters who aren’t prominently featured yet), have great definition and provide their own point of view on the issues displayed in each plotline.

- The plotlines are so good! It really is so engaging and intriguing. 

- As a white person, I’m so glad a show like this exists to keep me woke. I’ll be honest, if this show makes you too uncomfortable with your whiteness to enjoy instead of being an entertaining and poignantly genuine reminder of the fact that racism is a HUGE FUCKING ISSUE in our world, you need to do a privilege check right now. 

- Lionel gives me hope that there might be a Dear Straight People. One day. Someday. But Nieka still makes me mad.

A Thank You post for friends because I’ve been feeling down lately.

@more-than-meets-the-canon Your selfies and ‘accidental’ boob shots cleanses my fucking soul. I’ve been stalking your blog ever since I started crying over MTMTE and when you first approached (more like screamed) me for the Drift lineart, I honestly thought I was dreaming and I’m glad we continued talking after that! I know I don’t sound very excited whenever we talk but please know that I’m reeeeeeally happy! I love watching you stream and watch you colour my bland lines and making them pretty! The things we talk about are usually fucking random and I apologize for the shit I say sometimes. I still have that snap of you cheering me up when I was doubting myself about having a career in art saved in my phone (Along with many more dumb ones). ILY BAB

@viisivarvaslaiskiainen Ahhhhhhhh precious Kuu… No amount of words would explain how much I appreciate you. Your Dratchet content gives me life and always inspires me to keep drawing them. Your reaction to the Dratchet art I do makes me laugh. Thank you for alway being there when I get really miserable at work and need something to distract me. I’m sorry for being so quiet on Skype these past few weeks but I want to let you know that every conversation we have is always the best! I love you, Kuu <3

@iopele IO!!!!! The first thing I want to thank you is all the encouragement and advice you’ve given me whenever I have doubts about things. The dumb stories you tell in the Skype group always makes me smile. As someone who always wanted to work in the medical field, I admire you and the work you do. Your Dratchet content is just….HNNNNN (maks me really hot wtf). Stay precious forever ILY

To the three of you: you guys have no idea how much love you all. I’m really horrible with words so I can only show my love through Dratchet art. I love you all!

@gundam-jones D!!!! We’ve only been talking for a while but ily… Your snaps are always the first thing I see in the morning when I wake and it’s the best thing ever! I’m sorry if I don’t reply sometimes because of work *grumbles*. I LOVE your voice, like it’s so good and perfect I’m cri… Stay cool forever, my dude. Also I’m sorry I called you Sonic that one time (you know i’m totally not) :3c

@rodimass Youuuuu….. The shit we talk about can go from decent to kinks and shitposting in the speed of light. I’m so sorry my first message to you was basically me crying over your perfect Dratchet art. You’re honestly a really fun person to talk to and I’m glad we’re on the same page when it comes to kinks B) I’m always here if you need to cry about big bots, kinks or need advice about art stuff. ILY, you ass. 

The Perks of Having a Gal Pal

Beca is a famous musician/producer (really, we all knew it was going to happen), and Chloe’s America’s sweetheart as the host of a reality dance show. After four years at Barden denying that they were hopelessly in love, Beca’s having a hard time accepting the media’s refusal to acknowledge their relationship. 

“God,” the door opened unceremoniously, and from the kitchen counter, Chloe heard Beca’s boots echoing on the foyer floor. She was mumbling something that the walls didn’t pick up until she entered the kitchen. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”  

Chloe looked up from where she was chopping vegetables for dinner, spotting the tiny hurricane of a rage whirling through the room. It took most of Chloe’s self-control not to break into a grin. “Ah yes, great to see you too. My day was great, thanks for asking. I’m just making dinner for my gorgeous girlfriend. No big deal.”

Beca rolled her eyes, pulling herself onto the bar-stool before throwing a magazine down and opening up to a page where her own face was smiling giddily back up at them. Donning a striped suit with high-waisted jean shorts, photo-Beca was propped on one elbow, her hand trailing down Chloe’s figure - which was donning a bikini that, at the time, nearly convinced Beca to not leave the house at all. Their legs were intertwined on the towel, and it was a grainy photo, but you could see the wicked grin on their faces. Beneath the photo, “Hollywood’s Favorite Girl-Power Duo Enjoy a Day at the Beach”.

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Behind the scenes AU where it’s actually the students of Akademi High who are all working together on making YanSim as a sort of project.

Info-chan is the one who came up with the project, and asked many of the students for their permission to be put into the game as characters. Gathers a lot of information about the school for the game, from the map of the facilities to how many of the things in it work, to make the game the most realistic as possible.

Ayano Aishi was chosen for the role of voicing Yandere-chan because her dream for the future is to become a voice actress. Info-chan gave her the role because she was able to do the most convincing changes in voices from happy to menacing, and her flawless yandere laughing. She and Yamada (senpai) are dating in real life.

Yamada joining in because it seemed like a fun project and because his girlfriend was a part of it. He went to support her but then got roped into voicing ‘senpai’ because Info-chan thought it would be cool to make an actual couple the target goal of the game (being Yandere-chan’s objective to date senpai in-game and all). Yamada is also the one who voices over the update videos they post on their website. He has a talent for going from normal voice to deeply menacing and disturbing.

Kokona doesn’t do much work aside from her character voicing, but brings lots of drinks and snacks for the rest of the team to keep them going. She and Ayano are very good friends and talk to each other a lot. She’s always giving her tea and throat drops so she can keep up her voice. Saki Miyu drops by on occasion with her.

Pippi Osu and Ryuto Ippongo (dating) of the Video Game club helping out with a lot of the coding and debugging to help their progress go smoothly. Pippi has a talent for adding in little mini-games like the Yanvania bit, Ryuto can’t resist putting in Easter Eggs and references. Midori Gurin is still new to coding and often asks a lot of kind of dumb questions about how to do certain things and bits and pieces about the game (she is part foreigner and is still unused to how things operate in a Japanese school). They do their best to be patient and explain things. She’s slowly getting better.

Buto is asked about physical matters, being the Martial Arts Club leader, so he knows a lot about the body. Shows them a lot about how things would be properly carried or how certain moves would work. One of their female members, the strongest of them besides Buto, was asked if her look could be used for the delinquent rival in the game. She agreed, and her friends even volunteered to be put in as her lackeys.

Oka Ruto, despite being shy, being good at drawing things and knowing a lot about myths around the school and superstitions in general. Brought up the myth of the cherry blossom trees behind the school early in development, it has stuck since. Helps come up with different outfit addition ideas for the students and rivals.

anonymous asked:

Okay so I have a hard time explaining the 100 to people. Like. It's not good tv. No one watches it because it's The Best Show Ever Made™. But it's also not so bad it's good. Like it's not the kind of thing you watch cause you love to hate it. I know it's dumb and cheesy and not that great but I still love it? And like I honestly don't know why or what it is about it and idk how to describe that to people when I tell them about the show. Do you feel?

oh yeah definitely; whenever i tell irls about the show (which. honestly i don’t have to do that often because all my dumbass friends are on tumblr too) i refer to it as my dumb space show that’s no longer in space because that’s what it is. it’s trash, but most of the time it’s fun trash y’know? like they try to be so serious about it but like. you make up language and culture sucks, the actors poke fun at trigedafdefjvsde all the time (remember ‘you gonna play ping pong’ lmao), and the storyline is ridiculous. it’s trash tv but it’s fun.

  • getting to see that bright smile everyday youre lucky
  • the cutest idiot boyfriend on the planet and you’re the only one who he likes to hear that from
  • you’re gonna laugh a lot with this sunshine, trust me
  • crazy dance battles lol
  • the type to try to cook you a meal but ended up burning the eggs in the process and you had to rush downstairs to put out the smoke
  • aRMS!! AND STRONG ARMS mean…
  • insisting to carry your bags
  • swooping you up in his arms and spinning you in a circle
  • throwing you over his shoulder and running whenever you refuse to come with him and laughs when you hit his back and demand him to put you down
  • arm wrestling that he lets you win at, dramatically makes faces as if he’s straining to beat you
  • feeling safe whenever he holds you close
  • og i’m already dying what else
  • dk would also be the type to leave flowers behind for you or little positive notes so that you can start the day on a happy note
  • chasing each other in the park and falling into the fountain bc of dk’s long clumsy giraffe legs
  • laughing afterwards though
  • has this thing called “DK-approved therapy sessions” when you’re having a bad day
  • also does that thing to you where he puts his fingers on the corners of your lips and pushes it upwards
  • at home, he sings to you a lot when you both are hanging out with each other
  • actually he sings any time….
  • in the car, at the top of his lungs
  • when he comes home, you know he’s home bc you can hear him singing to himself
  • or when he’s filling a cup of water, he’s singing
  • in the morning, he’s humming while stroking your hair and cuddling with you in bed
  • he just sings a lot ok
  • lots of cute aegyo that makes you cringe but give in to whatever he wants
  • sometimes he’ll be lying down on the couch and you’ll be sitting, watching TV and DK will wrap his legs around you bc he’s bored and you’ll laugh and be like wyd dk
  • when you showed him what snapchat was….he could not get enough of the filters
  • esp the ones that stretch your face
  • “aHAHAHA, im gonna send this one to hoshi hyung, we look so funny”
  • lots of dumb jokes
  • and exchanging funny stories about each others day while eating chicken in the living room
  • tried to be suave and gentleman once and open a door for you but he pushed it instead of pulling it lmao
  • but dk can be just as serious as he is funny
  • doesnt like fighting with you and will try to make it up as best as he can
  • would probably buy every single thing he can like chocolates, flowers, cards, whatever, just to show he’s super sorry
  • not afraid to open up to you
  • and also on anniversaries, he wouldn’t be afraid to tell you how he feels about you (:
  • get urself a dk y’all because he is just the sweetest sunshine