best thing about the show lbr

Dex as Bitty's assistant is my new favorite thing.

Dex getting over the stereotypes he made when we first met him.

Dex offering to help because he feels bad Bitty always does all the cooking

Dex learning he’s actually good at it and kind of likes it and deciding once and for all that gender roles can suck it

Dex bonding with Bitty in the kitchen because lbr, the kitchen is where a lot of Bitty’s emotions happen

Dex chirping the rest of the frogs for sucking at it because come on Chowder, it’s not that hard to cut butter into flour and Nursey, get your act together, you–did you just drop an *entire carton of eggs*?!

Dex going to help after he finds out about Jack and Bitty because that’s the best way he knows to show his support and he might not be good with words, but him quietly stepping in and smiling and starting to peel potatoes says more than a speech ever would