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Hi can you please send me the gayest spideypool or superfamily pic you have! Thankyou!

No, no. You don’t understand. I have too much Spideypool fanart to even show you. For the best Superfamily (w/o Wade) you have to see this comic. It’s literally the cutest. And for one of my favourite spideypool + superfamily, this gem:

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You are a potato with the ability to fly. Do you mess up some mofo's room, or do you dive into a pit of mashed potatoes???

1. How the fuck would I mess up someone’s room, I’m? A fucking potato?

2. Why the actual fuck would I want to dive into a pit of mashed potatoes as a potato? I can do that as a human?

3. How does potato-me having the ability to fly change anything??

4. Can I fucking propose to whatever part of your brain this came from

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What was it like meeting Tarjei? What did he speak about?

wwwaaauauauuu it was ltierally amazing and the best moment of my entire life!! it was just after seeing him in det gar bra, and we juts went up to him and i told him i enjoyed the play and he replied “did you even understand it” and i said “uh yeah, i understand norwegian but dont speak it very well, thts why im speaking to u in england” AND THEN HE SAID “okay so if i speak norwegian to you will you speak it back” but he said that IN NORWEGIAN, and he was looking directly into my eyes, and smiling, and my entire body just shut down and i stood there frozen not saying anything bc i was literally having an out of body experience hfkjdhgj, and then ashley behind me went “nei” and they all laughed and i just really was shaking, and then he was like okay lets take a pic, so he put his arms around us and i threw up my phone at some other random girl who was there and got them to take a pic, and ashley said to him “congrats on ur gullruten nomination” (this was before gullruten had happened) and he was like “wow thanks!” and then i said “yeah two!! well done!!” and he was like “yeah its so crazy”, and then we  had to go bc there were some other ppl waiting to see him, and i cant really remember what i said but i think i said “bye have a good night” and he said bye back!! hands down best moment of my entire life!! (and then me and ashley literally .. ran all around grunerlokka screaming, and got really fucking drunk on a roof and i passed out and had to go to hospital skgjhasfkljg but literally still the best weekend of ym entire life!!!!!

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How do I tell my husband of 7 years he's in a gay marriage? And also come out as trans... even if I will never transition as long as my mother is still alive.... fuck I'm almost 30. How do I cope with possibly never coming out?

first of all, would it be safe for you to come out to him? do you know his opinion on trans people?
if he’s accepting, then you can come out if you want. it would obviously be really hard, but the best thing to do would probably just be to sit him tell when he’s in a good mood and outright tell him that you’re trans.
remember that it’s okay if you dont come out. do what’s best for yourself.
im sorry that you have to hide who you are. you’re amazing❤️

Mar de Cristal

ask : hiya! I’m in a Percy mood so could you do a Percy prompt? “sometimes home isn’t four walls, it’s just two eyes and a heartbeat.” (do you guys write prompts? If you don’t, thats fine)

yes I do prompts, I fucking love prompts lmaoooo.

|| this is an Islander! Reader x Percy ||

// btw this is the most aesthetically pleasing thing I’ve ever written and I highly recommend you listening to Nym by Phlux, it’s sO AESTHETICALLY PLEASING + IT REMINDS ME OF PERCY SO LISTEN TO IT ON REPEAT WHILE READING IT I RECOMMEND IT 110% //

warning : there are no, I mean no, motherfucking swears in this imagine

There was nothing, absolutely nothing, calmer to you than your home. You closed your eyes, and breathed deeply, almost smelling the fried pork the food shack beside the beach sold.

You sighed, pulling your knees to your chest. Once more, you closed your eyes. The soft, white sand and clear waters of the beach you used to live on burned vividly in your brain. How the ocean would glow at night as the waves crashed into the shore. How the kids and adults alike would play along the beach, dunking each other in the water, startling the poor fish who swam beneath its surface. You opened your eyes, letting a small chuckle escape your lips.

Looking around (g/p)’s cabin, a frown slowly developed on your face. This wasn’t the same, not by a long shot. You weren’t meant to be kept in a cabin. Your home was back on your island, where you didn’t have a care in the world. Where the threat of dying was minimum. Slumping back into your bed with an unsatisfactory groan, you pulled the blanket up to your chin.

Longing a familiar setting, a calming place, you sat up once more. Despite it being six in the morning, you were up, consumed by homesickness. Quietly, you changed into your camp t-shirt and shorts, grabbing your weapon, and lacing up your shoes before you headed out.

You found yourself at the docks, and smiled softly. Taking slow steps towards the shore, you sat down, fingers sifting their way through soft sand, finding stones. Skipping one, it echoed lightly in the early morning, the sun washing over the lake in a soft orange light.

“I knew I’d find you here..” The silkiness of the voice washed over you, then receded back. A soft smile spread across your face, as the lean body the voice belonged to sat beside you.

“Am I really that typical?” You asked, a hint of playfulness in your voice. You turned your head, finally facing the gorgeous son of Poseidon. His eyes were focused on the lake, the soft orange light from the sky highlighting his features, creating a distorted silhouette across your own body. A smile spread across his face, but his eyes never left the water.

“Was it a nightmare again?” He asked, and you let your gaze fall on the lake again, following the ripples in the lake from the slight wind. Your fingers thumbed a rock, smooth, slate grey, and you wound your arm back, before pushing it forward, letting the rock slip from your fingertips as it skipped across the glass-like surface of the lake.

“Not this time.” You muttered, pushing the strands of (h/c) hair out of your face. A soft sigh escaped your lips, and you pulled your knees to your chest, clutching your legs. Clearly distressed, you watched the water again, not noticing Percy’s gaze on you. He frowned slightly, scooting closer towards you, resting his head on your shoulder.

Ebony strands of hair tickled your cheek, but you ignored it, closing your eyes. “So, what was it this time? Do I need to fight someone?” Percy asked softly, sea green eyes flicking to your face, which was washed with the mingling , soft orange and yellow lights from the sun. You let a soft laugh escape your lips, and Percy’s stomach felt airy, as it did when he first met you.

“No, Aqua-man, I don’t need you to fight someone for me.” You smiled, opening your (e/c) eyes to meet his own. Gaze flicking to the sand at your feet, a frown spread across your lips. You dug your heels into the soft sand, listening to the sound of Percy’s slow breaths mingling with the rustle of the wind through the leaves. You cut the silence short, a sigh escaping your lips once more. “I miss my home.”

Percy tensed up against you, you weren’t thinking of leaving, were you? He refused to believe that. Sitting up, he leaned back on the palms of his hands. A nervous laugh escaped his lips. “You have a home here, Y/N.” He chuckled, a slight waver in his voice. You looked at him, soft, (e/c) eyes filled to the brim with homesickness.

“It isn’t the same Percy. You can just-” You stopped, watching the worry flood his eyes. “Never mind.” You mumbled, and a silence fell over you two. Percy knew not to push it, he didn’t know what was troubling you. He just watched, watching your body rise and fall as you took deep breaths, how the day lit up your features, how you watched the lake with such intensity, like if you took your eyes off of it it’ll disappear.

Percy scooted over again, thighs touching, and a flood of reassurance washed over you. Leaning your body against his, you sighed again. Feelings overwhelmed you, and you felt tears well up in your eyes. A whimper escaped your lips, and you wrapped your arms around Percy’s torso, burying your face in his chest. Shock ridden, Percy froze, before wrapping his arms around you. “Y/N, it’s-” He didn’t know what to say.

His nimble fingers found their way to your silky, (h/c) hair, and he ran his fingers through it, worried eyes watching the lake. Several ripples traveled across the lake, originating from the center. Percy hated that he didn’t know what to do. You breathed in the soft, sea scent from Percy, and a rush of familiarity flowed through your veins. You clutched his blue hoodie in your fists, and you pulled your head back, looking up at the son of Poseidon.

He looked down at you, messy ebony hair falling slightly into his eyes. His soft, sea green eyes scanned your face slowly, his nose wrinkled slightly, his lips pulled in a slight, lopsided smile, bright against his sun kissed skin. Realization crashed into you forcefully.

He- he was home.

You tried grasping the concept tightly. He reminded you of your home. Calm, familiar, something, someone that brought undeniable joy to you in such large quantities that you didn’t think it was possible. You smiled back at him, then realized: home isn’t four walls. Sometimes, it’s just two eyes, and a heartbeat.

- nez


I tried out this new addition to the Chao World Extended mod “More than 8 Chao in a Garden”, and there are some bugs (for instance, you can’t interact with some Chao - you just phase through them) but even with this issue…


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Hi, I was wondering if you could help me? I consider myself vegan and I agree with veganism 100% but I don't see how boycotting products with less than 1% of animal derivatives is going to make a difference. Like I'd never eat meat, milk, eggs or honey, but if say a cereal has casein in it, I can't see how not buying it does anything for the animals

Hey anon

Veganism is about trying to do your very best in your situation. In my personal opinion if you have the option to get a vegan cereal that is affordable and accessible than you would have no reason to buy a cereal with say casein in it. The point is to show companies that vegans want all vegan products, not just half way or anything like that. All about that Supply & Demand life. I personally wouldn’t eat casein but it’s up to you depending on your situation. There are things like medications and pills that are pretty much all tested on animals and lots of pills have gelatin in it, but honestly what can you do??? If you need them to survive that doesn’t make you any less of a vegan than the next person you know? Like I said, it’s about doing the best you can and if you have access to the vegan alternative to certain products and it’s affordable than you should definitely be purchasing those.


Imagine Lance sneaking out at night to hug Keith and cry with me.