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interviewer: so guys can i get you to name a song from your new album and say which group member it reminds you of?

hobi: serendipity really reminds me of yoongi

hobi: *starts singing* you are my penicillin

yoongi: well…um…dimples makes me think of hobi

yoongi: *starts singing tone deaf af* those dimples are illegal, illleeeeeeegaaalll!

jin: *shouting* no i thought that dimples suited namjoon better!

jin: *winks at namjoon*

namjoon: *blushes*

interviewer: *internally screams* WTF!!

How each of the 7D would react if you offer them a hug:
  • Sleepy: "Sure, but hugs could make me sleepy."
  • Bashful: "Oh, gee, um..."(blushes)
  • Grumpy: "What are you, five?"
  • Doc: "Of course, but be careful of my delicate hat."
  • Sneezy: "Absolutely, but I hope I won't sneeze you away."
  • Dopey: (opens his arms)
  • Happy: "I LOVE HUGS! COME HERE!"

Digital commissions open!

sketch - $5 (extra characters: free)
B/W bust - $8 (single only)
quick colored picture - $10 (extra characters: $2)
full body/stylized/colored - $20 (extra characters: $5)
waist up/colored - $26 (extra characters: $7)

(note some sketches here are not cleaned up, rest assured I’ll clean up your commission and erase excess lines)

important: confirm my sketch and halfway point is fine, and once it’s finished, pay me and I will send it! please ask permission before posting it yourself, I would very very much prefer you reblog.

NSFW requests accepted, but won’t be posted publicly

Send me a message in chat if you’re interested <:)

One of the social/political publications on campus is calling for short essays on social justice issues we’re passionate about and I’ve been invited to submit some writing but I don’t think a pro life virulently anti abortion, anti death penalty, anti euthanasia and assisted suicide article on the inherent sexism, racism, ageism, ableism, and classicism of these institutions is what they have in mind…. nor the fact that free speech applies to everyone, including people you don’t like (and arguably to hate speech? Even though it’s shitty and morally wrong? That’s kinda the whole thing about free will and the nature of sin? Though that’s a whole other can of worms I’m just too tired to open rn)

Gonna play competitive tomorrow..

Might stream.. might not, probably will record it because I wanna put together some sort of video

Forgot that once you’re in diamond you have to KEEP playing in order to stay up in diamond. Decay sucks booty and I personally don’t wanna drop back down into plat all that much.

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‘I have lived a life. My only regret is that you didn’t get to live yours.’
But Steve’s regret is that he didn’t get to live his with her.

y'all I got so much appreciation for coran it’s obvious he was alive for a good few years more before going into the cryopod

coran had lost everything at this point

he witnessed the rise of the galra and the death of his best man alfor

his children, spouse, any family he possibly had, were probably gone

And he decided he was going to protect allura, alfor’s daughter, because if he couldn’t save his own children, he could at least try to save someone else’s child

I’m assuming he traveled to the castle of lions at Arus alone, and then willingly put himself to sleep so he could continue protecting allura later on

which is why when he first awoke he immediately sprung into action to neutralize the threat and protect allura