best that ever

My husband’s work is selling fudge and I told him not to buy any because it’s really easy to make. I didn’t make any right away so he was like, “If it’s so easy to make, why don’t I have any?”

…I have now made six batches of fudge in the past three days. I have a couple more batches I can make before I run out of condensed milk. Every day he comes home there is more fudge. He can’t keep up. I’m not slowing down. I may just buy more condensed milk and various flavored baking chips when I run out. Why? Because I am a passive aggressive wife and this is Fudge Wars.

I commissioned the wonderful and amazing @ankalime to draw my oc Stefina Fredericka Schirmer wearing her uniform of the 1st Brandenburg Hussars in 1815 and I am in AWE!!!! It turned out Gorgeously and I could not Possibly be happier!!!!!!!


Late Birthday Post!🎈🎈🎈

I haven’t had the chance to share my favorite birthday gifts! I’ll start off by saying thanks big brother @self-made-deen for getting me these beautiful Dolce and Gabbana Headphones, I love them! Also I want to introduce my puppy Sparkle to everyone. Thank you @iammekennon for such an amazing gift. 


This is what happens when Im not shy


so i’ve just seen a college student walk by carrying his little sister while she was telling him about her day at kindergarten and honestly? that’s gonna be percy