best team two

Kor and Dei were sitting so nicely in this costume

don’t try and tell me lance isn’t the kind of person who has like 400 pictures of his loved ones in his wallet though 


Of all of these, I especially love Doreen’s defensive “No I do NOT need to get a life!”

Doreen you’re screaming at the radio and upbraiding your butcher

Married in-game?

Note: A two sentence love story I heard in passing.


They met in-game.
She was a mage.
He was a knight.
Naturally, they needed each other.
‘I see you’re not part of any team,’ came his message after they had both fought off the pixies attacking them. ‘Join mine.’

Oh, she thought. I didn’t expect to be asked to be part of a team so soon.

But when she checked his stats, she found out his was new too, and he didn’t have a team. What was he, twelve?

She agreed. She didn’t do well in big groups anyways.

It was just the two of them since then. They began talking over headset to coordinate better attacks. She found that he was a grown man after all, two years older in fact. He insisted he was just checking out the gaming system ‘for business reasons’.

They would log in every weekend and complete missions together.

A movie based on the game came out. There were massive advertisements throughout the game, and she fangirled everytime she saw one. He complained, but he always listened.

‘I wish we were in the same country. I’d have liked to watch it with you,’ she told him.

She sent him a link to the trailer. Then a meme. Then another. Then another.

'Stop spamming’ came the message when he finally came online.

'I was in a meeting and everyone stared at me when the notifications came. What’s with these funny photos?’

'Omfg they’re memes, Eisuke!’

She explained the concept of memes, and he declared them a 'good marketing strategy’ even though they were made by people, not the business.

He sent her a link.
'Open it. The password’s tjishkueei900’
'Secret code to a red room?’ She typed back before clicking.

It took her to a new tab. She typed in the password, and gasped.

'It’s a private link to watch the movie before it comes out’ came his message. 'We can watch it together.’
'I mean, at the same time.’
'I’ll call you, and you can put me on speaker. So I’ll still hear you when you get unnecessarily excited, like you always do.’

'Is hearing someone fangirl like, a kink for you?’ She asked when they connected.

She could hear Eisuke’s deep chuckle. 'No, it’s just interesting seeing someone so calm lose their mind over something so mundane like that.’

'Compliment or insult?’ She wondered outloud.

She sent a gift as thank you. She knew his business address thanks to his Facebook account. She put in game merch, and for a homely touch, she baked some biscuits that would survive the journey.

'Did you send me something?’ He asked when he came online a few days later.

For some reason, she blushed. 'Did you like it?’ she mumbled into the microphone.

'The cookies,’ he said, his voice sounding lighter, happier. 'Make them for me again someday.’

One time, he mentioned it was his birthday. She chided him for not telling her sooner, and offered to video call him.

They talked for hours. He told her about his life, and she told him about hers.

They started to video chat routinely.

Many months later, she sat talking to him while he finished his dinner. He had problems with not having time to eat, so she insisted he eat during their calls, joining him sometimes to make him feel comfortable, despite the fact that it was midnight at her end when it was dinner time at his.

'We’re the best two person team in the game,’ she boasted. 'I checked the stats this morning.’

Eisuke, who had been unusually quiet, sipped his coffee and put it down.

'Listen,’ he said. 'Do you want to get married?’

She gasped. 'Omg yess! I really want to unlock that cute bride outfit, just because of the glass slippers-’

'No, no, no,’ Eisuke interrupted, shaking his head vehemently. 'Not married in-game! I meant, in real life! You stupid, idiot otaku!’

'Oh.’ She blinked. 'Well. Okay. Why not?’ She buried her face in her hands.

'We’ll have to meet first,’ she whispered.

I’ll come to you,’ he whispered back.

She peaked at him through her fingers. 'You seem embarrassed,’ she commented.

Eisuke covered his webcam with his hand. 'I’m not. You are.’

Best Laid Plans

Summary: History professor Dean Winchester had his life all planned out – until a brilliant, beautiful doctor walked into his office.

Part Two: A Step Back
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 2030
Warnings: Non-detailed, sexy dream. 

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