best team of all time

Remember is to live again, and them they will live all days in our hearts, the three are magnificent warriors who will always make us remember the beautiful moments that lived together in the Shield, without doubt the best team of all time ! Forever and ever ;)



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My favorite title page of all time. The best lineup for both teams.

Uncanny X-Men Annual #9
Art Adams, Alan Gordon,
Mike Mignola, and Chris Claremont


Haikyuu!! stage play - Aobajousai

as a lions fan i should probably stop dragging other teams for being consistently awful :/

some Hogwarts AU headcanons:

- sansa and margaery are both slytherins
- margaery is a year older than sansa (?)
- sansa’s patronus is a wolf (duh) and margaery’s is a doe
- (loras is a gryffindor and this is important for no reason other than i love loras and i need to include him)
- (arya is a slytherin as well and plays in the quidditch team)
- sansa and arya do their best to annoy the other all the time but if they hear anyone talk shit about their sister madam pomfrey will have hella work to do on that day
- everyone in the school has a crush on loras and/or margaery because they are the hot and charming siblings
- margaery tries to keep up that reputation by joke-flirting with literally everyone
- sansa doesn’t really mind and just rolls her eyes everytime
- (margaery actually only has eyes for sansa, like she’s literally the most smitten piece of shit whenever sansa is in the room)
- margaery waits for sansa after class everyday and every time she gives her a rose and a shitty pickup line
- sansa keeps each rose and uses them as a bookmark
- they spend their christmas holidays in winterfell
- the stark family absolutely adores margaery
- during summer sansa spends a lot of time in highgarden with margaery and her family
- lady olenna won’t shut up with dirty jokes about them so sansa is the color of her hair like 120% of the time
- everyone is happy

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This is for the ship thing! So my main fav teams are the leafs and stars. Description: very short, really athletic (mostly hockey and cheerleading) i like to travel write and sleep 😂 and i think my selfie tag is just "selfie tag" or "face tag" something like that

I ship you with Mitch Marner. Although he’s small, you’re still smaller than him and he loves that. He loves seeing you in the stands wearing his jersey, and it just pushes him harder to play his best for you since you cant watch all the time. The team, especially Auston, are always making fun of him for how whipped he is, but he doesn’t even care.

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Send me a description of yourself and I’ll ship you with someone!

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Could I have positivity for a trans boy mercy who's tired of being called abusive bc as a abuse survivor that shit hurts (ty in advance)

Hello Mercy, it is nice to meet you! Personally, I cannot see why anyone would call a Mercy of any form abusive- they did what was best for their team at all times. You are so strong for surviving that abuse. I am proud of you. I love all of Overwatch, regardless of whether I met them, and to be honest, Mercy is the one I am most inspired by. You are a very valid and caring young man, and I wish you all the best. Rise above the hate, my friend. Not everyone believes that. <3 -Mod Balderich


The Best Raptors Team/Season of All Time: First time in franchise history reaching Eastern Conference Finals, overall wins (56), wins vs East (39), wins vs West (17), longest winning streak (11), longest home winning streak (12), rebounds in reg. season game (Bismack Biyombo, 25), 3pt goals made (Kyle Lowry, 212), free throws made (DeMar DeRozan, 555), first time hosting All-Star Weekend.

This Day in Rooster Teeth History: November 7
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