best team of all time

every team in the nhl: “we have the best fans in the league”

me: so, what’s the truth?

Kor and Dei were sitting so nicely in this costume



2nd badge in my mammal noir run (basically a plain run through of Pokemon Black except with the silly rules that I can only catch mammal based Pokemon and they have to be named after wines)

Yeah anyway I’ve been stocking up on mam Pokés before the big forest and big city and big desert, which from what I can remember are quite lacking in that regard, and oh goodness the early route Pokés are so good, I had to have them.

ANYWAY at this stage in the game I would usually only have one or two Pokemon, making it easy to over-level and sweep through the plot, but with a full team, and with relatively steep difficulty curve of BW (well, when compared to gen 6&7… anyway it’s a good thing) to get these babies up to scratch you really got to put in the grind 😤💪, 24/7 we’re grinding 😈 the grind never stops 💯✊ we keep chasin’ dreams 😩🙏

Yeah anyway, also just a few observations about BW: even after all this time, these games still feel strikingly novel, there is just something really different that stands out about them. The whole dex overhaul and no old gen mons ads a lot to that, but there are other more subtle things too, in regards to everything, the music, the sprites, just everything. Plus - the plot, the story line, I can’t wait to play through it again.

Also - team plasma’s theme is the best evil team theme of all time? Why have we forgotten this? Where did the hype go? And Hilda? The best female protag, who are we kidding ourselves otherwise. Also Nacrene Gym and seasons, much love for those.

Anyway, let’s take a quick look at the growing team. We got my boy MerlOTTER, a soft and mellow fellow, but good in a tight spot; we have SEARaz, a full bodied friend who’s spicy undertones are finding it hard to stand out against the drudgery of using an elemental monkey, like no wonder they weren’t that popular, they just do not stand out at all at early to mid levels, like a better move set and a small tweaking to their stats and these guys would have been loved. He should learn flame burst soon which will help a lot in pinwheel forest and Burgh’s gym.

Who else we got, oh yeah MaDEIRa the herDEIR, she’s a real sweetie except I just realised that she doesn’t have intimidate and that’s really bumming me out, I may sneakily go back and catch and level up another lillipup with a different ability, named the same and everything, no one will ever know (Shhh don’t judge me).

Also introducing the new friends, Pinot noir, a smooth stallion that packs a punch, and my darling sweet Sherry ❤️, both of which I can tell will be powerhouses.

Oh yeah and CHATdonnay, my cut cat.

Anyway, plasma has just stolen the dragonite skull, what absolute hooligans, I better go sort them out (after I clone and train an intimidating evil twin of Madeira)

Happy belated birthday to this annoyingly cute salt child- ace, captain and awesome blocker of Datekou!


Haikyuu!! stage play - Aobajousai

Ganondorf: *kills a boss*

Zelda: “Wonderful work! The light hasn’t left Hyrule after all!”

Ganondorf: “Flattery will get you nowhere.”

me: this game…

RVB Rec Days

Well, fasten your seatbelts, guys, and prepare your popcorn and cushions to deal with your emotions, because I bring you fics recommendations

So let’s do this:

1. Playing Favorites by MintAqua


OH BOY. This fanfic. OH. MY. GOD.  *slams fist on table* I could spend hours talking about this story, but in summary: while you read it, you feel like you’re actually watching the show. Not kidding: their voices, the jokes, their attitudes are so them, that it feels like you’re watching a new season of Red vs Blue (you won’t stop laughing while reading it; but also the story will make you think a lot). Located at the end of season 12 and a little before season 13, this fic narrated from the perspectives of Wash and Tucker, tells how the Feds and New Republic are dealing with everything after what happened in season 12: the tensions between the two sides who have now to live in the same city, and also the relationship between Wash and Tucker (romantically speaking), Carolina and Caboose (platonic), and then the division between Sarge/Donut/Wash/Lopez and Tucker/Caboose/Grif/Simmons because of the Feds and New Republic’s custody. So do yourlsef a favor and go read this right fucking now.

2.  The Ones Left Standing by strangestquiet // @strangestquiet 


Want to read a story situated a little after what happens in season 13 and wanna know what happened to the Reds and Blues, and Chorus after the arrival of Hagrove? Love mystery and keeping your mouth open with the end of each chapter because you’re something sadomasochistic? Want to read about the best team up of all time? Well,say no more: this fic is for you. In this story, Washington must prove that Tucker is innocent of the charges that accuse him: the attempted of assassination of prisoner Malcom Hargrove. 

What? You can’t believe that Tucker did that? Well, Caboose for once doesn’t believe that he did it too. But who knows, who knows… You’ll have to read to find out the truth.

3.  Ones and Zeroes by Tytonidae // @oenotherax


Look, I’m a trash for androids stories. And this AU fulfills all my expectations about this theme: based in the tv series “Humans”, this fic tells the life story of a widower Lavernius Tucker and his son who has finally decided to buy a synth to help him with the house. But there’s something off about this synth called “Wash” that makes Tucker uneasy. Is it because Tucker doesn’t really like synths or it is because something else? There’s a lot of mystery in this fic and every single time you resolve one of the mysteries, then appears another one. Also Junior and Wash are adorables, and Tucker may or may not have some kinks which are related with Wash.

4. Contact by Papershrine 


If you love Grimmons or just Dexter Grif or/and Dick Simmons, you have to read this fic immediately. Not only shows one of the best developments of the relationship between these two I have ever read in a fanfic, but also the story deepens a lot in their characters: about what they think, about their lives before and after they joined the army, and more. It’s funny, it’s great, it’s so well written, there’s a hint of tuckington, and also will make you love Red team and these assholes more.

5. Miles to go by saltsanford // @littlefists  


I think that if you’re new in the Red vs Blue universe and want to read fics about them, one of the fics you’ve to read mandatorily is Miles to go. And like many people has said and as for all I know, Miles to go should be considered part of the canon, should have the seal of approval of RT and Shannon McCormick. Because this is the full story of Agent Washington from his entry into Proyect Freelancer until his adoption and acceptance as another member of the Reds and Blues big family. It’s so well written and you’ll fall in love even more (if you were not before) with the character of Washington, and with the Reds and Blues. And I don’t  (and I won’t) get tired of recommend this story, but once you start reading Miles to go you can not stop until you have finished reading all because the story, the writing, all the emotions you feel while reading the story… all that makes you a complete addict.

6.  And Love, Too, Will Ruin Us byergo_existence


Well, you should read all the fics ergo has because their writing is so beautiful and incredible, but I want to emphasize this in particular because I always love fanfics that show the parallels between Agent Washington and Locus: this story situated between the stay of Wash in the Feds base and after Tucker and the others “save” them, narrates the thoughts of Washington about Locus, Washington major fears, and what really makes Wash and Locus look alike. Do you want to know what makes them look alike? Go read this fic and find out.

7. Raspberries by LuminiaAravis


I’ve always wondered about the families of the Reds, the Blues, even the Freelancers families. Most references in the series about their families are shown negatively, or just brief mentions of them. This fic shows a more positive outlook: puts us in the daily routine of Wash’s mother (the fic was written before the Fan-book was published), how she deals with the (supposed) loss of his son after what happened with Project Freelancer. It’s a beautiful story, and pretty funny, and really well written (also is a tuckington fanfic).

8.  eponymous_rose fics:

                                          ALL COMPLETE

8.1 False Light: It’s hard to find a fic about FILSS, or about the Director or The Counselor where they are not mere secondary characters; but in this fic told briefly the story about FILSS, from her creation to her delivery to Malcom Hargrove. And I think that everyone should read her story and she being like a mom to the Freelancers.

8.2 Hand-to-Hand: this fic shows a little match between Carolina and Washington, an exhibition of their fighting techniques in front of the Chorus soldiers and the lieutenants until Kimball makes an appearance and stops the fight. Why? Well, read it and find out! You will not regret it!

8.3 Standing Still: located after the events of season 11. Here’s a moment between Caboose and Tucker, an exploration in their friendship and a conversation about what happened with Wash and the others (AND YOU KNOW, TUCKER AND CABOOSE BEING LIKE BROTHERS, WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED TO READ THIS??!).

8.4 Battle Planslocated after the events of season 12. It’s not exactly tuckington, it’s more platonic than nothing, but here’s a brief passage of what happened after Tucker was hospitalized for the wound that Felix caused, a conversation between Tucker and Wash.

8.5 Hide and Seek: A small moment between Kimball and Carolina in which they face reality together, because it is no longer time for Hide and Seek.

some Hogwarts AU headcanons:

- sansa and margaery are both slytherins
- margaery is a year older than sansa (?)
- sansa’s patronus is a wolf (duh) and margaery’s is a doe
- (loras is a gryffindor and this is important for no reason other than i love loras and i need to include him)
- (arya is a slytherin as well and plays in the quidditch team)
- sansa and arya do their best to annoy the other all the time but if they hear anyone talk shit about their sister madam pomfrey will have hella work to do on that day
- everyone in the school has a crush on loras and/or margaery because they are the hot and charming siblings
- margaery tries to keep up that reputation by joke-flirting with literally everyone
- sansa doesn’t really mind and just rolls her eyes everytime
- (margaery actually only has eyes for sansa, like she’s literally the most smitten piece of shit whenever sansa is in the room)
- margaery waits for sansa after class everyday and every time she gives her a rose and a shitty pickup line
- sansa keeps each rose and uses them as a bookmark
- they spend their christmas holidays in winterfell
- the stark family absolutely adores margaery
- during summer sansa spends a lot of time in highgarden with margaery and her family
- lady olenna won’t shut up with dirty jokes about them so sansa is the color of her hair like 120% of the time
- everyone is happy

Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy. One of the best-loved comic teams of all time. They made 106 wonderful films together.
Stan Laurel et Oliver Hardy. Une des équipes comiques les plus aimées de tous les temps. Ils ont fait 106 films merveilleux ensemble