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FitzSimmons - The Good Place AU for @ughfitz

After Jemma dies in a lab explosion, she wakes up to find herself in the Good Place. Matched with her soulmate Fitz, she believes she’ll find peace in the afterlife. But strange things are occurring around every corner, and Jemma and Fitz start to believe the Good Place isn’t exactly what it seems.

Berserker Wednesday

“Thanks for the memories even though they weren’t so great”

every team in the nhl: “we have the best fans in the league”

me: so, what’s the truth?

Seriously, I can’t thank you all enough for supporting me.

I had my first blog for four years and could never hit past 450, but in less than a year you guys have supported me way more than I ever could have asked for. I appreciate all of you, and thank you so much for every nice comment, tag, and reblog!

Kor and Dei were sitting so nicely in this costume

Iv'e seen many people saying that the team pushed Keith away, and I just can’t agree. Keith is the one who pushed them away. Even in his vlog, he acknowleged that he has trust issues and that pushing people away is something he does. While Lance can be a real jerk and Pidge’s loner comment was in poor taste, it obvious that by season 3, they all consider each other a family of sorts. Even if some of them don’t realize the others care. This is how Keith is. He doesn’t think the others (besides Shiro) really care about him beyond him being a good team member. And this isn’t their fault. Lance was a jerk to Keith in the first two seasons, but after maturing more during S3 I haven’t heard any insensitive remarks from him. And Allura was pretty awful to him in S2, but that was resolved. Keith may still feel hurt by her rejection, but she did apoligize and she hasn’t been hateful towards him at all since then. The team isn’t perfect. They have their own flaws and biases. They’ll apoligize when they realize they’ve done something hurtful. But in certian situations, they’re not going to be able to read Keith’s mind and realize what exactly he’s feeling, especially when Keith always puts up walls around everyone. Keith has had a lot of stuff happen to him to make him the way he is. It’s not Keith’s fault and it’s not the teams fault. It’s just something that they have yet to understand about Keith, especially Lance, who seems to belive that Keith has had an easy life, but that’s most likely far from the truth. I think Shiro already understands, which is why I find his recent behavior so odd. But the others still don’t understand Keith’s motivations and reasoning behind his actions a lot of the time. And part of this is because Keith never talks to them about what he’s feeling. He does sometimes, but there’s still a lot more that he hides because of his trust issues. Which creates a lot of misunderstandings between Keith and the team. The reason why the team didn’t stop him from leaving is because he told them that joining the BOM is something that he wanted to do, so they weren’t just going to make him stay if they thought he didn’t want to. What it all comes down to is that I don’t think anyone can really be blamed for how things turned out in S4. It’s a complicated situation. Keith is pushing the team away because he’s afraid of rejection, which I blame more on his past (looking at you mom kogane) than the teams behavior towards him.

Did you ever cry because KnB is the show about how two broken hearts that have the same dream inspired each other to become better and better as players and human beings by showing each other deep respect and affection, as well as one always had the qualities that the other lacks, so they both knew that they are here to complete each other?


anyway, yeah, so. they hold hands a couple times



2nd badge in my mammal noir run (basically a plain run through of Pokemon Black except with the silly rules that I can only catch mammal based Pokemon and they have to be named after wines)

Yeah anyway I’ve been stocking up on mam Pokés before the big forest and big city and big desert, which from what I can remember are quite lacking in that regard, and oh goodness the early route Pokés are so good, I had to have them.

ANYWAY at this stage in the game I would usually only have one or two Pokemon, making it easy to over-level and sweep through the plot, but with a full team, and with relatively steep difficulty curve of BW (well, when compared to gen 6&7… anyway it’s a good thing) to get these babies up to scratch you really got to put in the grind 😤💪, 24/7 we’re grinding 😈 the grind never stops 💯✊ we keep chasin’ dreams 😩🙏

Yeah anyway, also just a few observations about BW: even after all this time, these games still feel strikingly novel, there is just something really different that stands out about them. The whole dex overhaul and no old gen mons ads a lot to that, but there are other more subtle things too, in regards to everything, the music, the sprites, just everything. Plus - the plot, the story line, I can’t wait to play through it again.

Also - team plasma’s theme is the best evil team theme of all time? Why have we forgotten this? Where did the hype go? And Hilda? The best female protag, who are we kidding ourselves otherwise. Also Nacrene Gym and seasons, much love for those.

Anyway, let’s take a quick look at the growing team. We got my boy MerlOTTER, a soft and mellow fellow, but good in a tight spot; we have SEARaz, a full bodied friend who’s spicy undertones are finding it hard to stand out against the drudgery of using an elemental monkey, like no wonder they weren’t that popular, they just do not stand out at all at early to mid levels, like a better move set and a small tweaking to their stats and these guys would have been loved. He should learn flame burst soon which will help a lot in pinwheel forest and Burgh’s gym.

Who else we got, oh yeah MaDEIRa the herDEIR, she’s a real sweetie except I just realised that she doesn’t have intimidate and that’s really bumming me out, I may sneakily go back and catch and level up another lillipup with a different ability, named the same and everything, no one will ever know (Shhh don’t judge me).

Also introducing the new friends, Pinot noir, a smooth stallion that packs a punch, and my darling sweet Sherry ❤️, both of which I can tell will be powerhouses.

Oh yeah and CHATdonnay, my cut cat.

Anyway, plasma has just stolen the dragonite skull, what absolute hooligans, I better go sort them out (after I clone and train an intimidating evil twin of Madeira)

Ganondorf: *kills a boss*

Zelda: “Wonderful work! The light hasn’t left Hyrule after all!”

Ganondorf: “Flattery will get you nowhere.”

me: this game…