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Skulls and Roses ☠️🥀


The best way to get someone’s attention is to get a tattoo or hit someone with your motorcycle. 


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“Shit, shit, shit, shit.” you sprint across the quad, pushing past students and jumping over bushes and benches like a track star doing hurdles. The chanting of the curse word only gets louder and faster once you looked down at your watch once again and saw that your class would start in less than a minute and you were a mile away from the science building.

You’re too distracted with staring at your watch that you don’t notice that you’re in the middle of the street until your face is touching the rough pavement and some random guy is sprawled beside you. At first, you think that it’s a boulder that had fallen from the mountains that surrounded your campus but when your vision focused on the black lump you realized it was a helmet.

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magical tattoos? like tattoos with special properties or they move around on skin or smth?

  • After turning 18, every kid is required to go to special tattoo parlor where the town’s resident mage gives them a tattoo. No one knows what the tattoo will be until it’s done, not even the mage. The tattoo forms itself into a symbol that will become very important in the person’s life. On Character A’s 18th birthday, their tattoo forms itself into a crown.
  • Character A convinces their best friend, Character B, to go get a tattoo. Not wanting anything big, Character B gets a small flower on their back. The next morning, Character A gasps when they see Character B’s entire back covered in vines and leaves and flowers, and they only seem to be spreading further.
  • Everyone gets one tattoo in their life, and that tattoo gives them a power of their choosing. Character A really wants the power to see through objects, so they get a pair of eyes. However, after a series of visions, they come to realize the power that manifested was actually seeing into the future.
  • “I’m a mage and have been searching for an apprentice for years by pushing a little bit of magic into everyone tattoo I give, just to see if anyone reacts to it. None had, until I gave you yours. The second the needle touched your skin, ink started flowing into patterns everywhere. Please stop freaking out” AU
  • When tattoos start appearing on one’s body overnight, it’s a sign that they’re meant to join the War of Magic. However, Character A’s parents are major pacifists and hate the war, so Character A begins their own struggle as they try to hide the growing tattoos their parents.
  • “I’ve been told all my life that moving tattoos were normal – a sign of being healthy. But I don’t think that means the tattoos are supposed to come off of my skin and fly around? Cause that’s why I’ve been hiding out in my room all week” AU

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Could you please do #31 with a Jungkook tattooist au? Jungkook and tattoos is literally the death of me.

hello! it’s finally here and i hope you like it! thanks so much for requesting! 

31. “I’m trying to flirt with you.” 


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Dating Calum Would Include

◇ “Can we get a dog?”

◇"We already have three Cal"

◇"But the third one is lonely"

◇Tracing his tattoos

◇Taking care of him after he gets wasted

◇Drunk Calum hitting on you

◇"You’re hot, wanna go out sometime?“

◇"First off, that’s a horrible way to ask a girl out. And second, I’m already your girlfriend?”

◇Non-sexual showers together

◇Him accidentally getting shampoo in your eye

◇"Please don’t go blind, I’m sorry"

◇Going on the wildest adventures together

◇Listening to him play the piano and guitar

◇"No Calum, the boys can’t come"

◇Running your fingers through his hair when cuddling

◇Going out to the park to kick around the football

◇Play wrestling

◇Snapping cute candids of him without his knowledge

◇Him later scrolling through your phone and finding them

◇"When did you take these?“

◇Playing FIFA

◇"How do you get your hair to grow so fast? You were literally bald like yesterday?? What is your secret??”

◇Make out sessions on the couch

◇Him absolutely adoring you and everything you do

◇Him constantly bragging about you to his friends

◇Stealing his shirts

◇Funny twitter convos

◇Him playing you small samples of upcoming songs

◇Not being the usual lovey dovey couple

◇Strangers wondering whether you’re together or just best friends

◇Daring each other to do stupid stuff

◇Getting matching tattoos

◇Being 100% comfortable around each other

◇Him constantly stopping to pet dogs he see’s on the street

◇Gossiping/spilling tea about other celebrities together

◇Throwing shade together

◇Him being grumpy when he’s tired

◇Being trapped underneath him when cuddling

◇Poking him to wake up bc he’s literally squashing you

◇Eventually giving up because he could sleep through World War Three

◇Telling each other your deepest secrets

◇Neither of you being able to sleep, so going out on a mini road trip at 2 am


“Good morning, vhenan.”

I finally finished it! All those tattoos, so many references…XD It is still a work in progress, Victory adds to his sleeves with new family members and meaningful life events. 

Punk/Tattoo Shop HCs

(It’s been too long since I did any “original” content so like take this and run with it I guess?)

-Mark is COVERED in tattoos
-probably wears a “tattoo daddy” cutoff shirt
-not so much that he doesn’t have any bare skin left or anything but, two full sleeves, a chest piece, both hands and knuckles are done, he’s got a back piece started and a few scattering his legs
-he’s also got a septum piercing, small gauges and a few other piercings in his ears, along with his tongue. He’s also got his bellybutton pierced because he’s fucking adorable okay? And of course, his nips are pierced
-working in a tattoo shop, he’s the best in the shop with script and with portraits, but is good at other kinds of tattooing as well
-quiet but will talk to you if you talk to him when he’s tattooing
-loves opening up guest spots in the shop whenever possible, always leaving room for Felix to come when he wants to, always an open door for the Swede and his girlfriend

-no tattoos because he’s not super crazy about them on himself, funnily enough, and also because he doesn’t want to chance anything with his kidneys
-he’s got a few piercings, though
-he had his eyebrow done and his nose done, and he had one little stud on his lower lip
-he’s the house piercer and has most of his clients in and out in under twenty minutes
-he’s very talented at doing black and grey tattooing
-some people scoff at him, because he doesn’t have any tattoos but people rave about his work
-but when they see him bang out some of the most intense tattoos they’d ever seen, they gained the utmost respect for him
-talks quietly to you while you’re getting pierced or tattooed, but is generally pretty quiet

-Jack has that hipster tattoo artist style
-his throat and his chest are covered and his hands and knuckles are brightly colored
-constantly trying new local coffees from family owned shops around the tattoo shop
-always loud and talkative when he tattoos and has his clients laughing and talking back to him
-he’s got the hollows of his hips pierced and he’s got a cheeky tongue piercing and a dermal under his eye on his cheekbone
-loves doing anything neotraditonal and anything referencing movies or pop culture

-apprenticing under Mark
-is only allowed to do very simple, small pieces because he is still learning
-he’s very quiet and careful when he’s tattooing anyone outside of his own circle
-because with his own friends, if he’s shaky on his linework or shading, he knows he’ll be able to fix it for them once he’s got the practice and knowledge
-but it’s a totally different story on his clients
-the rest of the guys don’t haze him too much, but they still tease him at most opportunities

-both of her arms are spattered with different pieces from everyone at the shop
-she’s got a cute nose ring
-she and Kat are basically the receptionists, but they help the guys in between appointments to strip down their chairs and sanitize them
-constantly taking pictures of the guys and their works so that she can keep their social media updated

-always goes on food runs and drink runs
-definitely knows the best places to get the best deals
-doesn’t have too many tattoos yet, something cute on her wrist and her ankle and she’s thinking about getting the tops of her feet done
-nicely turns down Ethan when he begs to tattoo something little on her because she’s not really sure what she wants done yet
-keeps the boys in line when they rip on Ethan a little bit because she knows when that blue boi gets upset but doesn’t want to say anything
-her cat is always at the shop with her, and nobody really minds all that much because it’s not hurting anything

xxxHolic Chapter 50! In which we get the natural counterpart to this other chapter art here

And they’re both gorgeous and very good summaries of the previous plot arc and ONE DAY WATANUKI WILL ACTUALLY PUT HIS CHARACTER GROWTH INTO ACTION AND IT WILL BE WONDERFUL. 


Anonymous said: Okay, but imagine this: you and Jeff getting your ears pierced together and picking out earrings for each other every year.

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The whole thing started all because you and your best friend Tony had had a pact to get your first tattoos together. You were merely Freshmen in high school, but Tony knew a tattoo artist who didn’t care about parental consent which is how you found yourself during Spring Break getting stars tattooed behind your ear. 

But then as time passed and you really started to pay attention to other people that weren’t Tony, you found yourself fast friends with none other than Jeff Atkins. He was well on his way to becoming quite the popular boy during your Sophomore year in high school, and were quite surprised when that friendship evolved into a romantic relationship. 

“Come on, Y/N,” Jeff needles one day. “You and Tony have a special bond because you got tattoos together. I want something like that with you, too.”

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Domestic family headcanons (with some spoilers for GotG 2)


Sleeping piles become a regular, needed thing, given that they all have nightmares from the fight with Ego.

Rocket blames Kraglin and Peter for it, since the both of them mentioned that it was a well-known habits back with the Ravagers (“Good against cold night cycles out here”) but he also can be found wrapped into a ball on someone’s chest or stomach, or wrapped around someone’s neck like a scarf, Groot huddled into his fur, so everyone just shrugs it off as his usual snark.


Mantis becomes an absolute sucker for hugs, since she finds them great and comforting and finds out that they symbolize affection and comfort.

She’s also in love with all the many emotions she can feel even better through the added contact – her hands alone can let her feel emotions, yes, but that’s amplified by a full-on hug.


Gamora doesn’t even realize that she picks up the habit of cutting Groot’s food into tiny pieces for him to chew better, only notices it herself (with some embarrassment) after she’s held out the food-pieces to either Peter or Drax to blow on to cool it down multiple times already.


Groot wants tattoos like Drax or Kraglin – best would be if he can get both – and it takes them days and days to talk him out of it because his wooden skin wouldn’t work for that.

They still manage to find some long-time paint that will not harm the little tree and paint “tattoos” onto him.

(Peter may or may not be crying a bit when Groot demands and arrow on his tiny-forearm, going “We are Groot” when he’s asked why.)  


Rocket starts using basically everyone as a climbing tree, since Groot is still too tiny to carry him, and the height advantage is something he has relied on for years.

If anyone realizes what a trust this displays, then they are smart enough not to mention it.


Playful fights over food become a common thing, with mock-duels with forks and headlocks and kicks to the shin involved.

The only thing Rocket won’t ever fight over with Peter are those “terrible” Beasties-snacks Peter munches happily enough.

“You are disgusting.”

“They are tasty and full of nutrients, so shut it- ey, Kraglin, those are mine, you jerk!”

“Not anymore.”

Disgusting, the both of you.”


Gamora has to explain to Mantis that insults are not really considered affectionate, and than has to correct herself and add that “Maybe they are for our friends here, though” when Mantis points out that their little family insults each other on a regular basis.


Singing seems to be contagious, because suddenly it’s not only Peter doing it anymore.

“Ahahaha, Rocket is singing!”

“I keep telling you, I was just trying to drown out your terrible voice.”


Peter proposes a karaoke night every month, and there is not that much resistance against that.

❧ | why?

minghao | the8 x reader

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word count : 2440

synopsis : you were a liar, scribbling his name every morning on your wrist to keep you safe from the immense pity you feared of getting, but when he shows up one day with your name on his wrist, what are you to do? fall in love, of course, like the fool you are.

  a request [ minghao + soulmate! au ] by the lovely @mvnghaos, thank you for requesting sugar plum !!

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Be More Chill Soulmate AU

Everyone in life has a soulmate, it’s just your job to figure out if it’s platonic or romantic. The mark appears as matching tattoos so when Jeremy meets Michael on the first day of fifth grade both are surprised when they lift up their shirts and have matching Pacman tattoos. They are excited and become best friends, but as they get older both are beginning to think that they may not be just platonic. Michael knows for sure he likes Jeremy but he doesn’t want to ruin what they have. Jeremy likes Michael a lot but he’s already different enough, he doesn’t want to add being gay on to of all of it. Besides he likes Christine, or at least he’s pretty sure he does.

Here There Be Gerblins Part 3: TAZ Pre-Finale Relisten Recap

A very short but very slimy episode, this one is.

  • Barry: “You guys are gonna love this… the map’s inside that dwarf.”   Merle: “…Yuck.”
  • Stupid roll watch: Taako rolls to see if he brought a jacket into Wave Echo Cave.  He fails and his nipples apparently chafe very badly, so that’s a cool sentence that I just had to write and also picture.
  • “If you’re making a PB and J sandwich, and you drop some jelly on the floor, do you take a knife and start cutting at it you dumb son of a bitch??” – Griffin to Travis after he slashes the jelly attacking the party
  • Merle very flirtatiously hits the jelly with his warhammer.
    • I can’t believe Merle’s weird fetishes were fucking foreshadowed.
  • Taako steals Merle’s dead cousin’s shoes while he isn’t looking, thus kicking off his campaign-long journey to loot the entire world.
    • He also slips them to Magnus, who’s pretty jazzed about getting them even through some pretty shady means.  Worth noting that Travis definitely said in the pilot that Magnus was lawful good.  Also worth noting that that was definitely a complete lie.
    • In the first episode of The Stolen Century, Taako and Lup hustle people at pool and steal their shoes to punish them.  TAZ has this thing where tiny goofs early on show up dozens of episodes later to blow my fucking mind, and this is definitely one of them.  That aside, nice to see that Taako’s staying on-brand even after getting voidfished.
  • Taako initially covers up his prolific looting by saying that he’s collecting bottlecaps for fantasy UNICEF.
    • “Every year, dragons kill kids.” – Fantasy UNICEF
  • I’m taking bets on when exactly Merle got his Kenny Chesney ass tattoo.  Send me your answers.  Best one gets a free tattoo, of Kenny Chesney, directly on their ass.

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