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Padfoot’s Parlour

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I was prompted with tattoos, and I hope you like this as much as I liked writing it! Enjoy! (Also, this is an AU where Remus was homeschooled, so he didn’t meet the Marauders in Hogwarts. And since it’s the holidays, there is no war! Yay!)

  • ever since he was little, Remus hated his scars
  • they made him stand out, they reminded him he wasn’t…human
  • he had gotten pretty good at covering them up over the years
  • jumpers, layers, and makeup for the ones on his face
  • Remus decides that he wants to get a tattoo
  • ‘This will just be another way to cover up my scars’ he thinks
  • so on one cold December night
  • Remus apparates to the Leaky Cauldron
  • and he asks Tom the barkeep if there were any tattoo parlours in Diagon Alley
  • “Of course there are. But the most popular one nowadays is Padfoot’s Magical Parlour. Here, I’ll give you the address.”
  • Remus isn’t sure if he’s being sent to a strip club or a hookah lounge tbh
  • but he just thanks Tom politely and heads into the back, tapping the brick wall and he begins his trek to 137 Diagon Alley
  • so there isn’t any other way to put it but
  • Padfoot’s Magical Parlour looks sketchy as f u c k 
  • the building’s entirely black, the only color being random pulses of light through the window
  • Remus double checks the address and to his dismay (”Oh fuck me”) realizes that it’s correct
  • steeling his nerves, he enters
  • and the inside couldn’t be more different
  • instead of large groups of people oggoling dancing nakes women or smoking god-knows-what, the inside looks like a regular tattoo and piercing parlour
  • complete with layers upon layers of both magic and muggle music posters on the walls
  • and Queen blaring from a record player on the counter
  • the wall behind the counter is the only exception to the music posters 
  • as it’s covered in personal pictures instead
  • (two dark haired boys, a blonde chubby fellow, and a beautiful red head seem to have overrun the wall of pictures)
  • anyway so as Remus looks around, he seems him
  • and he honestly doesn’t know how he missed him before
  • bc jfc this guy is a gOD
  • those cheekbones
  • those collarbones
  • holy fuck that hair
  • Remus is pretty sure he might just die
  • and the god is just sitting on one of the chases in the back
  • casually tattooing himself
  • Remus decides to announce his presence
  • “Erm, hi. I was wondering if I could get a tattoo?”
  • ‘Of course you can get a fucking tattoo you dumbarse, it’s a bloody tattoo parlour’ he thinks to himself
  • “Oh, sorry mate, didn’t see you there!” the god says, placing the tattoo gun down as he makes his way over to the werewolf
  • “Welcome to Padfoot’s Magical Parlour, the best tattoo parlour in all of Diagon Alley- nah, the Wizarding World! The name’s Sirius, what can I do you for today, uh…”
  • “Right! Hullo, hi. I’m Remus. And I was interested in getting a tattoo?”
  • “Pleasure’s mine, Remus. Follow me.”
  • Sirius leads him to the chase he was sitting on before
  • he begins to grab his sketch pad and lookbook and no Remus was not staring at his arse in those sinfully tight leather pants, all right
  • or at all the ink that stands out on the man’s fair skin
  • so after a while of discussing it, the two men reach a design that works
  • Remus had wanted to get a triskelion, in honor of his mother
  • “Alright, Remus, where was it you wanted it again?”
  • and Remus freezes
  • he had forgotten that in order to get this specific tattoo, his shirt would need to be off
  • his shirt would need to be off in front of Sirius the god
  • gulping, Remus slowly removes his layers until he’s sitting shirtless before Sirius
  • he avoids looking at countless scars on his torso for as long as he can afford to
  • to his credit, Sirius has barely batted an eye
  • Remus shyly points out the scar on his hip
  • it’s the oldest one, and yet it’s the one that stands out the most
  • it’s the one that started it all
  • and it’s the one Remus hates the most
  • he almost jumps in his seat when Sirius’s fingers being to slowly trace it
  • Remus doesn’t know why (since Sirius’s hands are fucking freezing good lord) but everywhere that Sirius touches him, it feels likes it’s burning
  • but in a good way
  • anyway, his heart almost stops when Sirius lays his palm over the bite
  • Remus looks up quickly, eyes wide
  • ‘He fucking knows, oh Merlin he knows’
  • grey eyes lock onto honey ones
  • “You know, Remus…some guys think scars are pretty hot.”
  • Of all the things Sirius Black could say right now, Remus Lupin was not expecting that one
  • “Oh yeah? Do you happen to be one of them?”
  • Sirius chuckles and grins slyly
  • Remus’s heart beats faster
  • “As a matter of fact, I am.”
  • needless to say, Remus spends the night at 137 Diagon Alley
  • what he didn’t realize, however
  • was how many more nights he would come to spend there
  • the end

I also made an aesthetic/moodboard thingy to go along with this so, here ya go!

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