best tattoos all time

*gets Elephant 6 is the best label of all time” tattooed on my forehead*

*gets “Satanic Panic in the Attic” actually might be the best album of all time on my chest*


Even into her late teens, El remains really self-conscious of her “011” tattoo. She tries her best to keep it hidden at all times both as a means to protect herself from painful memories and from inquiring acquaintances. Mike, being the attentive and supportive boyfriend that he is, proposes a solution…

On El’s alleged 18th birthday, and with Joyce’s permission, Mike takes her downtown for the day to celebrate. After they get lunch, he gently reaches for her hand and tells her to close her eyes. Fingers intertwined, he carefully leads her down some streets then stops at the entrance of a business. He tells her to open them and she looks up to see that it’s a tattoo parlor. El looks at Mike confused and he explains that the artists there would be able cover her “011” tattoo.

“It’s small enough– I’m sure they can turn it into something nice for you. Something that makes you happy instead.”

El returns her gaze to the parlor with wide eyes, the last bit of Mike’s words resonating in her mind.

After flipping through numerous tattoo catalogues and looking at other examples in the shop, El is still struggling to decide on a cover up that’s simple, but meaningful enough to her. Sensing her frustration, Mike decides to throw out a rather intense and intimate idea that had crossed his mind: matching tattoos. As it turns out, El is actually really fond of this suggestion. Anything that reminds her of Mike makes her happy for sure.

In the end, El and Mike get matching “Promise” tattoos on their inner forearms. (Specifically, “Promise?” for El, and “Promise.” for Mike.) The word has a ton of sentimental value to the two of them, and the “om” covers El’s “011” flawlessly. 💕

Love Live Tattoo parlour AU

So, recently I’ve been really interested in tattoos and the idea of having one, I also saw fanart a few months back of the Lily White trio having tattoos and I thought they looked really hot good so here we are! 

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November 8, 2013 I lost someone incredibly important to me, and my life became a rollercoaster after that. Through the ups and downs, music has helped me be ok. “Missing You” by All Time Low was the song that finally made me feel less alone in my struggles.

This is my permanent reminder that “it only takes a little push to pull on through.” Life might be a wild ride, but I’m gonna do my best to enjoy it.