best tattoo i may have ever seen

RBB: Counting Down The Apps

Having seen a few of these floating around I wanted to compile my own as I’ve had a couple of RBB countdown theories that I’m trying to make sense of. 

So, if everything we see in the screenshot is what will happen (or has happened) that leads to babygate ending, this is what can be crossed off.

BSS: This app may represent Bristol Farm where Louis was seen stunting with Danielle. Because nothing says serious like a trip to the supermarket. 

Freddie Day: The baby, obvs. 

Dragopolis: This app has had me stumped for weeks, ney months. I know RBB heavily featured a lot of drag queen friends but it didn’t quite make sense until now. The beginning of the end, that is. Zayn was in drag for the Best Song Ever video and This Is Us. He also has a hand tattoo, coincidentally alike the ones the drag queens have who were holding RBB in a picture for their account. Again, coincidentally, Zayn and babygate news have appeared to be coordinated. And we know everyone has eyes on March 25 because of this.

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