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All right, let's talk about some character designs ^^

Thank you to the Anon who inspired this analysis of the Shoukoku no Altair anime designs. I know you didn’t ask for this giant post but here you go anyway -w-

Let’s start with the designs that I love~ 

Kyros, Constantinos, and Balaban are spot on imo especially Balaban ^^ I get the exact same feeling from anime!Balaban as I do from manga!Balaban. MAPPA did great with these~ I can’t wait to hear these characters’ voices. If Balaban’s voice is right, he may just be one of the best manga -> anime adaptations I have ever seen OwO

Honorable mention: Kulak-san from the former Tughril village looks pretty good too, very similar to manga kulak-san  :3

Now we have the slightly-off-but-still-recognizable squad: 

All I’m doing is nitpicking with these because honestly they look nice.

Abiriga looks just like himself except that I think his eyes are more alive in the manga. The tattoos around his eyes stand out more too, so he looks extra exotic~

Suleyman’s design is very good, but he looks just a little too tame to me. He needs to look just 10% more like a homeless person and then this design would be A+

Shahara seems more mature to me in the manga and more beautiful. Anime!Shahara is cute, but she looks younger and doesn’t have the same grace as manga!Shahara.

I don’t know what’s going on, but even though Louis’ hair matches his manga counterpart, it just doesn’t work in the anime. It looked plausible in the manga, but I think the anime has opened my eyes to how weird his hairstyle actually is O_O

And then lastly we have the wtf-who-is-this-character-i’ve-never-seen-before squad, essentially the failed designs: 

I almost didn’t recognize Ayse and Beyazit in the opening. They look too alike, weirdly alike, like brother and sister. I feel there should be a clearer distinction and as you can see, the manga did a very good job making them look like relatives but not twins. I have a special respect for manga artists who can draw believable relatives but avoid making them look unbelievably similar.

Anime!Zaganos is too conventionally attractive. Don’t misunderstand, I think he’s very attractive in the manga, and the point isn’t that he isn’t. In the manga, he’s a very specific type of attractive, very unconventionally so, but anime!Zaganos is just too obviously good-looking. He gives off a Severus Snape vibe in the manga, you’re supposed to be thinking ‘he’s trouble… right? but from some angles i may or may not think he’s hot’, not considering him the most eligible bachelor in the story. That full, luscious hair doesn’t suit him; I much prefer his stringy, oily hair in the manga. 

Oh, poor Mahmut. *sigh* He’s easily the most attractive character in my opinion. I’m crying at the loss of his beautiful hair, and his eyes are much prettier in the manga. I’m afraid we won’t be able to see his gorgeous golden hair blowing in the wind while he’s on a horse… ;n; Plus, manga!Mahmut has this smug look that totally suits his face, and not once have I seen anime!Mahmut carry such an expression. I can’t imagine anime!Mahmut looking half as sinister as he’s eventually going to have to later on -_-;

Let’s just appreciate manga!Mahmut’s beautiful hair and smug/sinister looks one more time:

Holy shit, that’s the end. If you read all the way, I love you. There’re my opinions on the anime’s character designs so far. Feel free to tell me your own! 

RBB: Counting Down The Apps

Having seen a few of these floating around I wanted to compile my own as I’ve had a couple of RBB countdown theories that I’m trying to make sense of. 

So, if everything we see in the screenshot is what will happen (or has happened) that leads to babygate ending, this is what can be crossed off.

BSS: This app may represent Bristol Farm where Louis was seen stunting with Danielle. Because nothing says serious like a trip to the supermarket. 

Freddie Day: The baby, obvs. 

Dragopolis: This app has had me stumped for weeks, ney months. I know RBB heavily featured a lot of drag queen friends but it didn’t quite make sense until now. The beginning of the end, that is. Zayn was in drag for the Best Song Ever video and This Is Us. He also has a hand tattoo, coincidentally alike the ones the drag queens have who were holding RBB in a picture for their account. Again, coincidentally, Zayn and babygate news have appeared to be coordinated. And we know everyone has eyes on March 25 because of this.

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