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Gorillaz - Humanz House Party in Brussels  

To celebrate the release of the new Gorillaz album “Humanz” on April 28th, the City of Brussels and Urbana Project invited four of Belgiums best street artists to interpret Noodle, Russel, 2D and Murdoc on the Grand Place. Brussels was proud to be chosen as the first of 500 locations all over the world to host the #HUMANZHOUSEPARTY, the biggest worldwide listening experience ever. The artists are Novadead, Nean, Eres and Eyes-B.


October 9, 2017


by Nils Westergard

Three decades after the MacGregor family started building student accommodations for The University of Edinburgh, Scottish entrepreneur Charlie MacGregor’s rapidly expanding line of Student Hotels have caught on not just with students, but urban nomads and mobile professionals as well.  The brand’s flagship hotel on Wibautstraat—Amsterdam’s Knowledge Mile—is not only serving the creative core of the city inside, but the walls outside the hotel have become a canvas for some of Amsterdam’s best street art. Appropriately, the artist that Widewalls has called “creative mind and a nonstereotypical voice of the generation” painted “Bangs” on the back of the Student Hotel in 2016. While the Richmond, Virginia artist explores contemporary themes in his work, he relies on the traditional values of friendship, honesty, and belief that success comes from hard work.  @nilsrva  @thestudenthotel  

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Blonde Redhead, In Particular
Basile Pesso-near BCN © 28 March 2 016
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…and thanks a lot to Patricia Pereira at Photographers of Colour to have dug in the archives again to add a reblog to the previous ones (thanks a lot to Synesthetic Major and Sophie le Rod too) for this image and this girl I love : Broken (link) !