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you ever think about the fact that purgatory is a place that makes you bare, strips you down to nothing but raw instinct, makes you “pure,” and that in that setting, for a whole year, every single unadulterated instinct dean had was to find cas

To. Everyone who helped Eddsworld to keep on spinning.

Congratulations for 11th anniversary of Eddsworld on YouTube! I know this is pretty late but ah screw it.

First of all, I really want to say ㅡ THANK YOU. I only knew Eddsworld for only 6 months now but I have never fell so deep in love with anything before! Eddsworld is such a masterpiece. Comedy and puns, good characters, and good storyline? Best thing ever! The show cheered up so many people, including myself and I really really want to thank you for that.

I can’t even describe how much I adore this show and how much it inspired me. Every single crew that worked and participated on Eddsworld, I love you guys. You guys did an amazing job and I JUST CAN’T COMPREHEND THE AWESOMENESS AHHHHHH

Here’s a little fan art I drew for you guys. Again, thank you all, and I just want you to know that there are a lot of fans out there that looks up to you guys and love you all. You guys are heros and thank you for keeping Eddsworld spinning. ((Hey, that rhymed!))

P.S Sorry for bad grammer, English is my second language haha.

Oh, and I also have a pun!

A-hem. What is a house’s favourite clothe to wear?


From. Yours truly, Rachel


  • X-Men: The government is comparing mutants to weapons, trying to get them all to register, but the real villain of the movie is MAGNETO.
  • X2: There is now a US general who used armed soldiers to seize a school building full of children and who has captured the X-Men's leader and is using his brain to wipe out the entire mutant race. The real villain is still MAGNETO.
  • X3: There's been a "cure" discovered that deprives mutants of their mutation and has been weaponized. Also, Jean Grey, one of the X-Men's own, has come back from the dead as a terrible being of unfathomable power. Somehow, the real villain of the movie manages to be MAGNETO.
  • XMFC: Sebastian Shaw has been torturing, abusing, and manipulating mutants for decades, and he and the Hellfire Club plan to start WWIII. The villain of the movie is MAGNETO.
  • DoFP: The US government is sanctioning a program that will lead to a dark timeline in which mutants are hunted by robots and rounded up in concentration camps. The villain of this movie is not Bolivar Trask, who is building the Sentinels, or Mystique, whose actions inadvertently cause the timeline to come to pass, but MAGNETO.
  • X-Men Apocalypse: Apocalypse is a big scary dude from ancient times who wants to see the whole world burn. But don't worry! Guess who's still a villain? MAGNETO.

Harper: *inadvertently pushes someone away in a moment of chaos and panic, spends rest of the episode trying to care for him and agonizing over his death*

Me: My daughter. My poor baby. She didn’t mean to do it. She’s gonna live with the guilt of surviving when he didn’t forever.

Emori: “Someone other than me who’s going into that oven.”

Me: *hysterical laughter* yiiiiikes oh shit I love you too.

aithreachas  asked:

Where would one start if I wanted to read about Midnighter and Apollo? I've been seeing you on my dash and I'm just ' sign me up for this I need to read' but I don't?? know where to start??

       Bless you, my friend! Bless you for seeking the truth and wisdom that is Midnighter and Apollo! May your crops flourish, may your skin clear, may the gay rainbow bring joy and prosperity upon you! 

       So here’s the thing. There are technically two different versions of Apollo and Midnighter that exist in the world. This is because both characters were originally created by Ellis and Hitch in 1999 for the Wildstorm Universe, as members of Stormwatch (and then The Authority). At the time, the Wildstorm Universe was arguably a much edgier place to be than DC, where people died in gruesome and explicit ways…. and then they stayed dead. Kind of. 

       In Wildstorm, Apollo and Midnighter begin and end as a team. They are, for most of their existence in the storyline, a couple. They get married, adopt a child, and interact as a couple who have a real relationship despite their superhuman lifestyle. Almost every story arc ever told in the Wildstorm Era is beautiful and worth reading, and I will link them to you below.

       Now. Fast Forward to 2010, when Wildstorm was considered officiallly purchased/acquired by DC Comics and all their current universe runs had finally concluded. DC now owns The Authority, Apollo, and the Midnighter. So what do they do? Completely reboot the fucking universe, of course. And not only that, they retconn Apollo and Midnighters’s entire backstory of being experimental soldiers in Henry Bendix’s covert op Stormwatch Team. Instead, they’d been abducted by aliens or some shit. Whatever. I’ve made my opinion of the New52 Reboot of Apollo very clear in other posts. 

       So DC Universe Apollo and Midnighter end up being entirely different, both as people and how they come together as a couple. I won’t recommend much of the early New52 run for reading material, but I Do highly recommend the standalone Midnighter series (both vol 1 and 2), eventhough Apollo’s appearances are sparing. They’re still great reads, and they weill set you up for appreciating the new series that released only last month, Midnighter and Apollo! 

       So let me point you in the right direction to learn a bit about both Past and Present Apollo and Midnighter:

Wildstorm Titles

  • Stormwatch, vol 2 : #4 - #9 (A Finer World)
    Here lies the first appearance of Apollo and Midnighter in Wildstorm. Reading this is not necessary to understanding who they are, but it gets into their backstory pretty well and introduces a lot of big players in the Stormwatch world.
  • The Authority, vol 2
    Volume 2 continues where Volume 1 left off, with more adventures and more villains. This volume is where we see Apollo and Midnighter’s married life, the ongoing growth of Jenny as their adopted daughter, and how they work our their personal issues. Story Arc TPBs include:
    - The Authority: Harsh Realities
    - The Authority: Fractured Worlds

  • Wildstorm Winter special 2005
    This hard-to-find Winter Special from 2006 features a couple of stories in it, but one in particular about Apollo and Midnighter alone. It also features their parallel universe opposites: Pluto and Daylighter. 
  • The Authority: Revolution
    Technically considered Volume 3 of the series, Revolution was written during a time of obvious and inevitable decline for Wildstorm. The stories within are managed first by Morrison, and then by a series of random writers all struggling to find some magic formula to bring readers back to the book. . Revolution features the one and only “break up” between Apollo and Midnighter in the Wildstorm Universe. And it sort of signals the beginning of the end for this team. 
    - Book One
    - Book Two
  • The Authority: The Lost Year
    This is technically Volume 4 of The Authority Series, but the intention of a full series story arc failed after about four issues, and again the book began to change hands between writers and artists at an alarming rate. This is essentially the end of The Authority in Wildstorm, as is acknowledged in the book itself. The fun thing about this book is that they jump across multiple universes and meet several versions of themselves. 

Wildstorm / DC Titles

       These books took place during the transition period of DC taking over Wildstorm. Essentially, the version of Apollo and Midnighter found in these books is still the Wildstorm Version, but briefly cohabitates with pre New52 versions of DC characters. 

  • DC/Wildstorm : Dreamwar
    A Crossover Event in which someones dreams bring both universes together. It goes about as poorly as you’d expect. On the upside, Apollo kills Joker?
  • Grifter/Midnighter
    A mini-series featuring mostly the Wildstorm version of Midnighter, but is a great set up for his solo-series that follows right after.

  • Midnighter, vol 1
    Excellent standalone title for Midnighter, still technically taking place in the Wildstorm universe but operating as part of the shift into DC tone and style.

  • The Authority: World’s End
    The fifth and final volume of The Authority before everything is retconned into DC’s New52. Apollo and Midnighter are only in about half of this volume, but their story is brilliant and heartbreaking and I love it. 

DC Titles

       The books below are the only things I actually liked from what became of Stormwatch and the Authority under the New52′s influence. You are welcome to read Stormwatch Vol 2 to learn how this new version of Apollo and Midnighter came to be in a relationship, but you may find it underwhelming after the brilliance of Wildstorm’s Stormwatch and Authority series. Despite that, the present day representation of Midnighter and Apollo are definitely worth reading in the following: 

  • I, Vampire #12
    A brief appearance of Apollo, Midnighter, and Jack. It’s an incidental moment, but it’s cute because they’re ‘not quite dating.’

  • Grayson, vol 1 : #1 - #18
    Midnighter makes various Cameos in this series, and it’s pretty brilliant.

  • Midnighter, vol 2
    The critically acclaimed standalone series by Steve Orlando, featuring mostly Midnighter on his own. This is where I began to truly appreciate the DC version of both Midnighter and Apollo, and this book is the whole reason the characters are being written about today. 

  • Midnighter and Apollo
    The latest in our heroes story! Issue #1 only came out last month, and already this book (also written by Steve Orlando) is turning out to be an amazing piece of the Apollo/Midnighter story! 

       This is probably way more information than you really wanted, but I hope you can use it as a starting point for learning more about my two favorite characters in the world. And remember, if you have any questions, you are always welcome in my inbox!!

~ Red


“Surviving is enough" 

So a little artsy film came out this weekend, maybe you heard if it? DUNKIRK. Directed AND written AND produced by (In) Christopher Nolan (We Trvst). Now, while I may not have been as excited for the film as many others, that does not mean I turned in my Nolan fanboy card. To clarify, I didn’t have much hype for this film, and went in sort of just expecting a war film by Nolan. But I absolutely got excited to see it in IMAX! Sure Intersteller was a little disappointing and a bit sappy, but Nolan is essentially the next Kubrick. The man is a visionary, a myth, and a legend, and much like my other fanboy stamps of Tarantino, Scorsese, Fincher, and new addition Villeneuve, they have yet to dramatically fail. The film has a few big names, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh, and Michael Caine, but it supposedly had new boys, Fion Whitehead and Harry Styles as the poster boys. Dunkirk weaves a classic Nolan non-linear tale of survival and deliverance in the face of nearly unavoidable fear and death. The true story of 400,000 battle worn, starving, and young and old British men retreating from the impending Nazi Wehrmacht, from Dunkirk, France back to England. While they see their homeland, they lie in wait for evacuation via destroyer, medical transport, and most importantly, civilian boats, to cross the Channel. Separated into three small and localised stories, we follow Fion, Styles, and company on the beach trying to escape by any means, Tom Hardy’s Farrier and his Spitfire squadron, and Mark Rylance’s, Mr Dawson and company sailing across the channel as civilian rescue boats. Each of the three stories are introduced as one week, one day, and one hour, and they occur in a as mentioned above, non-linear structure. 

For starters, my three biggest pieces of advice going into the film, 1.) watch it like it was filmed and meant to be seen, IMAX (70MM preferred).  2.) It’s not a traditional war film. Don’t expect a British Saving Private Ryan or smaller Pearl Harbor tale (not the Bay film, just historical event). It’s a film of survival and finding some solace of victory in defeat. And 3.) the film is loud when it needs to be, and quiet at every other moment. If you go to a proper theater to experience this, your seat will literally tremble to the bombs being dropped and to the Spitfire speeding by. But as for dialogue im the smaller moments, there is little of it. If you’ve seen Refn’s Drive with Ryan Gosling, I would say it’s to that level of dialogue almost. 

As I mentioned prior, the story is one of survival, hundreds of thousands of men and boys desperately trying to get back home after being defeated. From the sea, German U-boat torpedo and explode ships, from the air, the Luftwaffe send dive bombers and traditional bombers to pick off fish in a barrel, and on land, the French and some British hold off the Germans from breaching the beach. There is action in the film, but not in the traditional sense of a war film. This story seems to be more personal and somber, and executes it greatness in the silence, subtlety, and humanity of the historic event. You can tell that Nolan held this close to him, and I even feel that not having his brother for wiring this time, it gave off a much more personal and auteur vibe. I argue that this film will be one of the classics down the line. Say what you will if you didn’t like it, but in a few decades this will be the new generation’s Paths of Glory, The Longest Day, Thin Red Line, etc. It will be a WWII Film that grandchildren will hear about when discussing war film. While I did not find any of the performances to be groundbreaking or highly memorable, I do believe that the sympathetic plight of those stranded men and just the emotion in facia expression throughout the film starkly captured the sentiment of the moment. In a way, it is sort of an epic, and Nolan recreated various events within Operation Dynamo, as well as in his standard practice, making everything seamless and utilizing real Spitfire, real battleships, etc. I will say though, that the starting shots of the City in the background, seemed a bit too modern for 1940s. It’s exotic colors and prestige condition paralleled to the dark tones of the sea, ships, and soldiers took me out of the moment briefly. 

To me, the best storyline of the three, was Tom  Hardy and the dogfights he has. Just to imagine the pure ecstasy that was an IMAX camera attached to a real Spitfire, zooming through the air, then shown on a 70mm screen! Praise Nolan. And it wasn’t even the action bits of the dogfights in air that had me excited, it was the pure cinematic scope and visual perfection that Nolan and cinematography Hoyte von Hoytama captured. Beauty in the raw. As I mentioned with the facial expressions, even in scenes of action, it was not necessarily the gun shoots and the bombs that were memorable, more so as the personal vignettes of each tale. These are real people, and each one of them experienced something different. The scope of Dunkirk is just marvelous and following each non-traditional story arch really aided in getting a sense of the chaos, confusion, and struggle to just survive. It is to the severity of turning on your own, as Instinct takes over. And talking and overhearing others after the screening, it did seem that the non-linear structure was not very self-aware. It isn’t obvious until about halfway through the film. To some, that may come off as a bit confusing, but unlike most, Nolan trusts in his ability to convey his story to us, his intelligent audience. 

I mentioned that the film is very quiet in terms of dialogue. The script is certainly not one of the best aspects of the film, as it’s minimal and to the point, but also not the most memorable. As a benefit, that means that there is minimum exposition, predominantly given from either Rylance on his boat with his son, or through Branagh’s Admiral. The supposed main character, played by Fion Whitehead has less than 10 sentences, and it is a solid 10 to 15 minutes before we hear much. I personally, do not think that he was anything special, and would even say that Harry Styles did a better job of acting in subtlety. All those big names listed like Hardy and Cillian are more so smaller roles, and predominantly quiet or covered up in blankets or in pilot mask. Overall, the main character is Dunkirk and the overall mass of British, and Nolan just gives us little glimpses into small windows of different individuals. All in all, it is an ensemble supporting role cast. 

Aside from the sweeping cinematography in IMAX blowing my mind, Hans Zimmer gave a superb score. Lately, his scores have seemed to be rather similar to others, but I really loved his score for Dunkirk, and it came off more original and at times felt as if blended with the world seamlessly. The crashing waves, the rising tides, the roaring spitfire, explosive bombs, and the creaking ships, everything was amplified by the score. And one of the most unique and fascinating elements of the film, Hans Zimmer’s continuous background ticking. The second the ticking starts, the tension and the intensity of everything becomes amplified to the point where mentally, I feel that there is some psychological urge being created. The moment the ticking slows to a stop, you are at slight ease, as much like a metronome, the absence of it is inescapable. I highly recommend IMAX, not only for the visuals but for the serene pleasure of the score. 

I urge you to experience this in cinemas, and nothing less. If you can’t do IMAX, it’ll be a shame, but regular cinema is much better than waiting to see it at your house. Nolan films are always an experience and shear ecstasy to both the mind, ears, and eyes. While it may not be his best film, it is certainly one of the best films of the year so far. I would have to rewatch his other films again, but I feel that Dunkirk may file in behind, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, and Inception. 

~ 9.0/10 & BSA  ~


Small PSA, before to cover my tracks for a small break. I will be traveling abroad this weekend, well actually tonight. I’ll be going to visit the wonders of Perú, and will be gone for about a month. Will I have reviews posted whilst there? Well, it all depends if they release new films, and if I have time. So there’s sadly a chance I’ll be missing out on Atomic Blonde, The Dark Tower (!), Detroit, and maybe a few more. So if the films are released there, I’ll do my la best to find them not dubbed, and if not, I’ll shift back into gear right before school starts. As always, Thank you. 

  ~ Quickee Film Time 

  • The Fandom: hey uh can we get some nice quiet filler episodes with sweet tender family moments and some character development for our characters?
  • Ciro/Brandon: diD yOU SAY YOU WANTED ANOTHER 80s CROSSOVER EPISODE?????????? : D