best story tellers

pros and cons of ravenclaw house


  • most artistic house
  • good at thinking outside the box 
  • the best story tellers hands down
  • they’d be that one kid who manages to solve the problems and help everyone else understand the work because the teacher can’t explain it right
  • really humorous in general, sarcastic and satirical is their best
  • good mediators for any sort of argument
  • great at brainstorming sessions 


  • hipster scum
  • they’re, overall, the laziest house
  • tend to be condescending even if their grades suck because they know all the answers
  • most likely to be stoners 
  • whiny babies 
  • put everything off until the last minute because they “work best under pressure”
  • they get a song stuck in their head and they hum it for the rest of the day until you hate them, the song, and everything else

other houses: (x) (x) (x)

Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius are all the best story tellers in my opinion

Gemini makes the story personal and uses dramatic motions and talks with their hands. They have such a captivating way with their words that makes you hang on to each one

Libra loves to tell stories, and they are usually personal or very funny things that have happened to them. They laugh at the right parts and make it so entertaining that you want to hear them talk forever

Sagittarius tells stories almost like a rant. They are enthusiastic and tell it with such emotion and power that it makes you feel like you were there

Aquarius stories are almost too good to be true. You question whether or not it actually happened, because their stories are usually so ridiculous and funny, and they tell it in the most interesting way


A plus size imagine where Y/N has always been too much for everyone. Everyone except Harry.

“Have a good night everyone,” she yelled behind her to her joyous group of friends. One of her arms waving drunkenly to them and the other latched onto her boyfriend. “Stop shouting Y/N,” the sober boy next to her sounded bitter. Her face fell, but she was good at hiding. He always told her to be quiet or sit still, but she went along with it because at the end of the day they’d go to his apartment and fuck and she couldn’t let that go.

She felt good tonight. Actually, she felt better than good, she felt marvelous. A silk flowy slip adorned her heavy body making her look sexy, something she didn’t get to feel often. She drank just enough to feel loose and happy. She was drunk, but still able to comprehend what was going on around her. The best part of the night was that her friends were laughing along with her and dancing like no one else was in the club. She loved the feeling of being loved.

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I like to think that when Roadhog and Junkrat’s partnership developed into a friendship during their crime spree, Roadhog would tell Junkrat stories. Not stories about himself, no, those were too personal. But about movies and books. As they rode across dusty roads for hours on end, Roadhog would tell the plots of movies or books the best he could remember. He wasn’t the best story-teller or anything, but Junkrat loved the stories all the same (he especially liked the ones with grand explosions and people getting what was coming to them). Roadhog didn’t lie to Junkrat either and pretend that he made up the stories himself, Junkrat always knew they were all the plots from movies or books they didn’t have in Junkertown

Fast forward to when their friendship turned into something more, when the two of them got a chance to sleep in motel rooms rather than abandoned buildings, they would go out and get as many movies and books as they could and just go for it. In between crimes, they would just cuddle on the shitty motel bed and watch some new movies and some of the old movies Roadhog had told him about (Junkrat complained the whole time that the characters didn’t look how he imagined). Other days they would just sit around in comfortable silence, each reading a book, finishing it and then switching so the other could read it too.

Even with access to all new books and movies, Junkrat still liked when Roadhog told him stories on their long trips, partly for the story itself, partly to hear his voice.

how good is ya memory? check mercury/moon sign. tag urself

ARIES: 8/10; remembers things in an exciting way. And they also happen to be one of the best story tellers. the type that rould rather quit the bullshit and just get straight to the point. makes sense with their words and is always coming up with new ideas.

TAURUS: 9/10; may not seem like they pay attention when someone is telling them stuff but they actually remeber every single detail a person says to them. it is easy for them to get stuck on memories from the past

GEMINI: 10/10; gets fixated about thinking on one thing for a minute, gets distracted by some other random thing and starts thinking about somethihng else . knows a lil about everything. is probably super unorganized. However if they’re attracted to someone or something they remember every single detail about them. Probably good at remembering birthdays.

CANCER: 6/10; they put their heart firsts and their minds second. they often remember how someone or something made them feel rather than how it may have actually happened. Once they remember an experience it leaves a long lasting impression that sticks with them forever. also they always have the tea.

LEO: 5/10; doesn’t really remember things exactly how it happened, they may perceive situations more dramatic or extreme than it actually was. they’re pretty funny when they reenact what happened though.

VIRGO: 10/10; the type to read random wikepedia articles for fun and remember every. single. word. also they don’t need to study or read instructions. lol they too smart for that shit.

LIBRA: 7/10; the person who remembers things exactly how they went down and is also the best type of person to have as a mediator as they don’t carry grudges or take sides and will give you they’re honest opinion about the situation.

SCORPIO: 10/10; may seem quiet or whatever but they are actually observing your every move and assesing what type of person you are from afar. the type to notice and remember every single detail about a person like taurus.

SAGITTARIUS: 5/10; remembers the bigger picture and doesn’t really focus too much on the details. is always honest with how they feel and you can trust that they will always tell you the truth. thinks outside the box. probably gets bored easily. They remember what they want, kind of have selective memory, it’s weird.

CAPRICORN: 9.5/10 the type to remember things exactly how they went down and the best type of person to have as an honest witness. may seem quiet sometimes but actually has a lot on their mind. like cancer, they remembera how people/things made them feel, never forgets how or what someone did to fuck them over

AQUARIUS: 7/10; may remember things from a very different perspective than others. picks up on the stuff no one would have noticed if they hadn’t pointed it out. not the type to dwell on the past and tries to move forward.

PISCES: 4/10; they know nothing. jk but a little spaced out sometimes and they may be prone to losing focus when someone is talking to them and is probably in their own worlds. can have trouble putting their thoughts into words. good at empathizing when listening to other people talk.

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I finally thought of a preference for you! Lol the ragnarssons as dads!


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Bjorn would rarely have time to spend with family in between the raids, expeditions and just mediating between brothers. But when he did his favourite place to be would be with his kids. He would be better with older ones, once they were walking and talking. He would be the best story teller and listener. even if he lacked the ability to listen their ramblings on. 


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For Ubbe being a father would be the best thing in his life. He wouldn’t be fussed if their boys or girls or even what they wanted to do. He would just enjoy watching on at them daily. He would refuse to have a daily midwife. only for when you both were busy. He would never tire of you or the children and find you just as beautiful with them in your arms as when he first saw you. 


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Hvitserk being the cheeky one. would be thrilled at having a set of little legs to play with.Have them being utterly amused by him… whether it was cracking jokes, pulling faces or just entertaining them. Seeing them laughing and giggling would always bring a smile to his face. knowing that something so pure is being raised half right in such a mad world. He would love putting them to bed. would often get up early and watch them sleep before he would have to head off. 


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Sigurd had always wanted a kid. He wasn’t fussed as to what they would be. or who they would become. He wanted to right all wrongs that he had felt had happened to him. He wanted a small family one or two. He would look at them as if they were his whole world. He would always be sentimental about his family. which would always give people reason to give him grief. especially calling him the soft Ragnarson. But he would move mountains to give his children the ability and freedom to be who they wanted to be. Make to the world a little better for them. He would always thank you and worship you for making a dad. Knowing that you had seen something in him worth breeding


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Ivar was always nervous about being around his children when they were young. You would have to scheme into getting him to hold them. Although he would get used to it, each time growing in confidence. That would be until they would cry. He would go all stiff and not know what to do. He loved watching you with his children. he was at his calmest when it would be you two and the children. You had always softened his heart a great deal. But watching him watching over you children and how he felt he finally got something right. That was all worth it. He would always be thankful of you giving him the chance to be a dad given his history and little faith and his own abilities. He had always been cautious in some sense of his own legs. but being a dad made him feel like he was any other dad. the children would notice or think any less of him. although if they were girls they would have their dad wrapped around their little fingers. 

Dating Marco Reus Includes

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  • Him being your biggest supporter.
  • “You’re gonna kill this exam babe you got it!” “Thanks babe, but can you stop rubbing my shoulders like that? I’m not Rocky Balboa.”
  • You being there for him when he’s going through injuries.
  • “Doc said to keep that leg propped up Marco” “I know something else you can help me prop up.”
  • Yearly vacations to Mexico become a tradition. He takes a picture of you by the same coconut tree each time.
  • “happy to still have her in my life ❤️ (i’m talking about the tree 🌴 😜)”
  • Marco’s super playful, he loves to take you to the arcade.
  • That Temple Run game? You guys have broke it twice with the amount of tickets you’ve won.
  • “Can you take a picture of me and my girl absolutely smashing it?”
  • He’s a hopeless romantic too
  • Marco loves surprising you with candlelit dinners and good wine
  • Sometimes, he just loved curling up by the fire and playing with your hair.
  • The best story teller? That title belongs to Marco.
  • He has the best imagination, and you couldn’t wait to have kids with him so he could tell them bedtime stories
  • Marco also gives really good advice. When you’re having friend problems he usually helps you find the solution
  • He’s just as spontaneous as he is playful.
  • “Hey, I know we’ve got the Dortmund Gala in 10 minutes but I’m pretty sure I can get you off in 3 tops.”
  • And boyyy could he ever. Marco had the most skillful tongue. And hands. And everything else.
  • Most couples have an endless list of places they want to visit, but you guys have an endless list of places you want to have sex (Palace of Versailles, you’re up next!).
  • Marco’s super protective of you. God help the person that dare disrespect you.
  • He’s just an overall super sweet, fluffy boyfriend who can’t go to bed without giving you a kiss.
  • “Marco, I’m trying to sleep.” “How can you sleep without giving me a goodnight kiss? Heartless.”

He said the easiest way to describe it was when they saw that person, the stars aligned, time stood still, the earth temporarily stopped moving.

Next in my Twilight Series I have yet to name. So, for right now, Part 2 to Nerve.

Pairings: EmbryxReader

Warnings: Cursing

Song(s) to Listen to: Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers AND/OR Can’t Help Falling in Love With You - Haley Reinhart

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It was fucking cold.

And the fact we were by the ocean didn’t help.

Justin looked at me, shirtless, warm and toasty, and grinned. He started to walk towards the giant fire burning in the distance, surrounded by a hoard of other shirtless boys.

I rolled my eyes but followed him. He took a seat beside Seth and I plopped down beside him. I pulled my jacket tighter and held my hands out toward the fire, hoping for at least a little warmth.

Jacob’s dad, Billy, was seated at the opposite end. According to Justin, he was the best story teller and was going to be telling the story of Quileute’s history. Everyone here had already heard it at least once, but this was my first time. I still had no idea why the hell Justin, or any one of the guys, turned into werewolves, or what the hell imprinting was for that matter.

Embry was sat directly across from me. He hadn’t said much to me since everything that had happened a few days ago. Justin on the other hand, hadn’t shut the hell up. He was so happy he could finally talk to me again. I had to admit I was happy too, I missed my best friend. I was only a little mad now, considering it was hard to stay mad at him. It was also hard to stay mad at someone you lived with.

I heard Billy start to speak and directed my attention to him. They were right, he was an amazing story teller. I was completely captivated.

Well, until he started talking about the “cold ones”.

“Woah, woah, wait. I’m sorry to interrupt, but you’re telling me there’s not only werewolves, but vampires too?”

Billy stopped talking and looked at me, and let out a little laugh. I heard Justin chuckle beside me before wrapping an arm around my shoulders and giving it a squeeze.

“I didn’t say vampires, I said the cold ones.” Billy replied, but he gave me a wink. I shoved Justin’s arm off and turned to face him.

“Fucking honestly Justin, what have you gotten me into?” I demanded. He tried to be serious for a second but then burst out laughing. A couple of the other guys joined in. I rolled my eyes up and glanced up. I locked eyes with Embry, who gave me a soft smile. I couldn’t help but smile back. I chose to ignore the flutter in my chest.

“You may want to pay attention to this part.” Justin nudged me.

I turned my attention back to Billy just as he started talking about the concept of imprinting.

It was hard to wrap my mind around. It short, the guys would look at someone and then they would just know. They would know right then that somebody was their soulmate. He said the easiest way to describe it was when they saw that person, the stars aligned, time stood still, the earth temporarily stopped moving. It sounded incredibly cheesy, but apparently it was true. Sam, Quil, Jared and Embry all agreed.


When Embry looked at me, time stood still for him. Everything that had never made sense before did. Everything bad thing made sense. He was in love with me.

I had a hard time grasping how someone could look at me and feel all of that.

But he did.

The fire was starting to die out now and people were starting to leave. I followed Justin to the truck.

“Maybe, you should ride with Embry? I feel like you guys should probably talk…plus we’re all going to the same place.” Justin turned towards me, and I followed his eyes to Embry’s approaching figure.

I shrugged, silently agreeing. He gave me a wink before waving goodbye. I stood at the edge of the parking lot where the pavement turned to sand. I smiled when Embry got closer.

“Hey, is it ok if I ride back to Emily’s with you?” I asked. My heart was racing a million miles a minute and my palms were sweaty. Why was I nervous?

“Oh, uh, yeah of course.” He looked taken back, but he was smiling. I followed him to his truck and he opened the passenger door for me. I thanked him and felt myself blush. Good Lord, what was happening to me?

“So, you and Justin have been friends for a while?” He asked as we pulled out of the parking lot. I couldn’t help but laugh. This was one of my favorite stories to tell.

“Yeah, since like 7th grade. We actually went to different elementary schools, but we had this mutual friend in common. She had a huge crush of Justin and asked me to ask him how he felt about her. So, she gave me his number and I asked. And we somehow ended up playing 20 questions and we found out we had the same birthday. We thought it was the coolest thing at the time. We just ended up becoming friends and haven’t stopped talking since.” I finished. We stopped at a red light and he turned to look at me.

“You left out the most important part of the story. Did he like her back?” He asked.

“No.” I laughed. I honestly had forgot about it. I stopped talking to the girl after the 7th grade when I switched schools.

“That’s awful.” He laughed.

“Hey, it worked out for the best. She’s happily engaged now.” I defended myself.

“Or she could steal be in love with Justin, and you stepped in and ruined it all.” He teased.

“Oh no now, if Justin wanted to date her, he could’ve. He chose not to!” I argued. Embry laughed again. God, his laugh was beautiful.

We pulled into Emily’s driveway and he cut the engine. He didn’t get out of the truck yet, so I didn’t move either.

“I just wanted you to know that this doesn’t mean we have to be together. I’m just here for anything you need. A best friend, a protector, anything.” He finally broke the silence.

“How about we go for dinner tomorrow night?” I suggest. I saw his eyes light up and I felt myself smile.
“I’d like that a lot.” He grinned. We finally emerged from the truck. It was raining now, which I still hadn’t gotten used to. It literally rained almost every day here. We walked into the house to find it packed. Everyone was stuffing their faces, sitting on any free surface, plates piled high with food in their laps. I stopped by Justin on the way to the kitchen. I felt Embry’s hand graze the small of my back as he passed by. Justin raised his eyebrows at me, his mouth full of food.

“You’re a pig.” I giggled. He swatted at me as I danced away, nearly dropping his plate of food. Thank goodness for great reflexes right?

“Help yourself.” Emily greeted me, gesturing to the food in front of us. I didn’t know her that well yet, but she had something about her that was so warm and inviting.

“Do you mind if I eat in here with you? I’m afraid they might steal my food if I go in there.” I asked while grabbing a hotdog off the plate. She laughed before taking a seat.

“Of course. They’re literally human garbage disposals. If you don’t watch it, they really will take your food.” I sat down beside her, and by the time we were done eating and the guys had started to wander in the kitchen, I felt like we were at least friends by now. She was so easy to talk to, and understood how overwhelming it was to be in this positon.

We eventually said goodbye to everyone before heading home. I gave Embry a hug goodbye and I felt my heart flutter again.

“So, what do you think about Embry?” Justin asked once we were on the road.

“He’s nice.” I grinned.

“Nice? That’s it?” He chuckled. I opened my mouth to say respond, but avoided the question and looked out the window instead.

“You like him!” Justin yelled after a minute of silence.

“I just met him!” I argued back, but I could feel myself blushing.

“(Y/N), I know you. You like him.” He stated, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Maybe it was.

“Whatever, Justin.” I waved him off but I couldn’t help but smile.

Maybe this move really was worth it after all.


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Drunk Remus is the best story teller. Like he'll sit on those large arm chairs, the Gryffindors will gather around, and with a drink in his hand and a slur in his voice, he recounts stories from his complicated, yet amazing, life with the marauders

And then -” He almost sloshes his drink over the edge of his cup as he sweeps his hands out dramatically. “- then, do you know what Sirius said to me? He said, ‘Don’t be ridiculous, Lupin. There’s no way this can end bad.’ So of course, what happened?”

“It ended bad,” a solemn voice in the crowd says.

It ended bad!”

Meanwhile James sneaks up behind Lily and props his chin on her shoulder. “How’s he doing?”

“He’s started imitating Sirius.”

“All righty then, time for him to go to bed, before Sirius gets offended.”

“Too late.” Lily nods towards the armchair.

James follows her gaze to see Sirius now sitting on the arm.“I do not sound like that, and that’s not even how it happened, Remus, if you’re gonna tell it, tell it properly. See, it was like this…”

My Future, Our Future

* Philip Hamilton × Reader
* 269: Stop talking get about the past, I could be dead in a matter of hours…make me up a future
* Hamiltime

A/N: you know what I love about imagines? I have the power to change any aspects of a story I don’t like. But this is sorta angsty, in my opinion anyway, you’ve been warned


Philip Hamilton was everything you ever wanted. He was bold and educated. He came from a well respected family. Best of all, he really wanted you, he loved you a longed for you. Alexander and Eliza welcomed you with open arms, claiming that you were good for their son.

He went to King’s College, like his father, and graduated at 19. He encouraged you to get en education. Unlike most men he wanted you to be learned as well. The only thing you wish you could change about Philip was his temper. Like his father, he really didn’t know when to hold his tongue. This led to the worst day of your life. November 24th.

You woke up and stretched. You dressed for the day and there was a knock at your door. “Miss Y/N?” You turned to find one your young maids at the door.

“Yes?” You asked.

“A letter for you Miss. From young Hamilton.” She handed you the paper.

“Oh thank you.” You told her and she left. It wasn’t uncommon for Philip to write you, but you had just seen him yesterday. Also, you were meeting him for lunch tomorrow. What was so important that it couldn’t wait? You sat on your bed and unfolded the paper.

‘My Dearest,

If you’re reading this then I have let my temper get the better of me once again. You were with me the day George Eacker spoke out against my father. I regret to tell you that I have challenged him to a duel at Weehawken this morning at dawn. By the time you receive this letter the guns will have been fired. I pray if I am the unlucky one of this scenario that I get to lay eyes on you one last time. If that wish is not granted, just know I have remembered all of our moments fondly and hope we will have the ability to make many more.

With all my love,
Philip Hamilton’

The letter fell from your trembling hands. That stupid fool! You ran to grab a wrap from your closet and some shoes. You ran downstairs. You were out the door and into your carriage without a single word to your parents. You knew if the duel had the undesired outcome Philip would be treated at his aunt Angelica’s home as it was closer to Weehawken.

You fidgeted with your shawl, praying that the carriage would move faster. It bumped over cracks in the cobble stone and lurched at sudden stops. The ride was torture, even if it was the smoothest ride it would’ve been terrible. By the time you finally reached your destination, tears were filling your eyes. They spilled down your cheeks at the sight of carriages in front of the house. Angelica didn’t have or need as many as were there…

You ran inside. Philip’s siblings were all in the parlor and looked stunned to see you. “Where is he?” You asked his eldest sister, Angelica.

“Uh, in there.” She pointed to a bedroom across the parlor. “But, our parents are in there right now.” She added.

“I know but I need to see him.” You told her. It was a moment that parents should get with their child if they were in an unfortunate situation like this. However, you needed to see Philip in case this was the last chance you got.

You slowly opened the door. Alexander and Eliza both looked toward the door as it creaked. “Oh. Come on in, please.” Alexander urged. You stepped in and broke at the sight of your love.

Philip laid in a bed flat on his back. He had a bandage not only on his hip but also his arm. The bandages were already bled through with large patches of red. He was sweating and breathing heavily. His usually well kept curls were limp and soaked in perspiration. “Y/N.” He barely croaked out, his voice rough and weak.

You approached him and sat in a chair his father vacated for you. “Son, would you like a moment?” Alexander asked.

You spoke up. “Oh it’s fine, you guys should-”

“Please.” Philip interrupted. “Only a few minutes.” His parents nodded and left the room, his mother very hesitantly.

“Philip they should be here with you.” You told him.

“I wanted a few minutes with you my love.” He whispered.

“How could you do this? What happened?”

“I listened to my father.” He huffed out a bitter laugh before his face contorted in pain. You grabbed one of his hands and ran your other hand through his damp curls. “He told me to aim in the air, that George would do the same if he had honor. Instead Eacker fired early. The bullet hit my arm and hip.” He said.

“Oh Philip.” You had tears falling down your face.

“Darling please don’t cry. Tell me a story.” He said instead.

“Huh?” You questioned.

“You are the best story teller I know. Tell me a story.” He begged.

“Uhm…well how about the time we met? Or when little William took his first steps toward you and not your mother?” You offered trying to think of happier stories.

He shook his head. “No. Y/N, stop talking get about the past, I could be dead in a matter of hours…make me up a future.”

“Philip! Don’t talk like that!” You said.

“Please my love. What does our future look like?”

You couldn’t stop the tears even if you tried. “Beautiful.” You sobbed out.

“Then paint me a picture with your story telling.” He said with a small smile.

“Where do I start? You recover from this obviously then you promise me you’ll never do anything this stupid again.” That got the smallest of a laugh from him. “In a few years you have an amazing job and find the perfect ring for me. We say our vows and begin our lives as husband and wife.” He was smiling now, a content and dreamy smile.

“Sounds perfect so far. Then what?” He asked.

“Then, after a few years, we have our first child. A beautiful little girl of course.” You said with a small teasing smile, however, the tears were still present. You and him often playfully argued about this. You claimed you’d have a daughter first while he said it’d be a male heir to carry the Hamilton name onward.

He gave you smile. “I think you meant a baby boy.” He said.

“Well you have to get better so we can find out.” You told him. “We’ll have more children of course. They’ll all have the mind of their father but hopefully the mild temper of their mother. We’ll watch them grow and do great things. We’ll live long and happy lives. But Philip, you need to recover from this.” You begged.

“I’m trying my love. I don’t wish to quit you and expose you to the anguish you would feel if I never stand from this bed again. But Y/N, you must promise me something.” He said, his weak grip on your hand tightened.

“Anything.” You told him.

“If I don’t survive-”

“No Philip!” He shushed you.

“If I don’t survive,” he began again. “Promise me that you’ll try your best to find someone to love and care for you. Find a man that will support you and give you everything you could ever long for.”

“Philip, I can’t promise that as I’ve found that man in you.” You told him.

“Well you have many men who would jump at the opportunity to court you. Promise me the one you chose will love you at least as much as I have.” His voice was shaking and tears were appearing in his eyes.

“Of course Philip. If that is truly your wish, then I’ll do everything in my power to follow it.” You told him, your voice wobbly.

A relieved smile spread across his face. “One last thing.” His voice was growing weaker.

You choked back a sob. “Yes Philip?”

“Kiss me.” He was begging you. So you leaned forward and kissed him firmly. You put all the love you could into the kiss. It was a reminder of the time spent together and a promise of what could come, as long as he pulled through. You pulled back and saw his face was now streaked with tears. You wiped them away before wiping yours away too. “I love you Y/N. Now and forever more.”

“I love you Philip. Always, in life and death I’ll love you.” You told him. Just then Eliza pushed the door open.

“May we come back?” She asked, her voice was weak and her eyes red. You knew you didn’t look any better.

“Of course.” You said. “Goodbye Philip.” You said. You gave his hand a squeeze.

He tightened his hand in response. “Goodbye Y/N.” With that you released his hand for what you prayed wasn’t the last time.

You exited the room, tears flowing without end down your face. You walked into the parlor and immediately Angelica’s arms were around you and the two of you sunk to the floor in sobs. Philip’s siblings came and held the two of you. Some of the older ones were crying as well and the younger one were merely offering comfort for something they didn’t understand.

You had sent for a messenger to inform your parents where you were and that you were staying, at least until you knew the full extent of Philip’s injuries. You and Philip’s brothers and sisters all found a place to lay and sleep that evening. After being asleep for a few hours you felt someone shaking your shoulder. You opened your eyes and found Alexander looking down at you. “Come on.” He offered you his hand to help you up.

You followed him back to the room where Philip was. As your approached the room you could hear his weak voice along with his mother’s singing music scales. You walked inside and took another look at your love. His bandages had been changed and were now only slightly pink. The doctor was in the room putting his instruments away.

“Well?” Alexander asked the educated man.

The doctor dabbed away sweat from his brow. Eliza was holding one of Philip’s hands and you walked over and grabbed the other. Alexander had a hand on Eliza’s shoulder. “If you keep the wound clean, he should make a full recovery.” He said.

The atmosphere in the room lightened immensely. Eliza sobbed tears of joy. Alexander breathed out a “Thank God.” You were staring in shock.

“My love?” Philip asked quietly.

Suddenly you realized what was said and confirmed. You smiled broadly and you leaned down and crashed you mouth against his. You quickly pulled back though, when he let out a noise of discomfort. “Sorry.” You said sheepishly.

“I can handle that pain.” He said with a small smirk.

“You should know that Philip’s heart did fail for a few moments.” The doctor said.

“How did he survive?” Eliza asked.

“He just came back to us.” The doctor said with a shrug.

“My future is too good to miss.” Philip said and tightened his grip on your hand. This drew tears from you.

“It will take Philip some time but he should recover from this.” The doctor said.

“Good thing we have all the time we need.” Philip said, looking at you with adoration. “After all, our future looks pretty great.”

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Hey, Clyde! Did Tweek and Craig ever get to continue their story from last time?

CLYDE: Hey Tweek!

CLYDE: You know that story that you never got to finish? From way earlier today?

TWEEK: Oh god, that acting story?

CLYDE: Yeah!

CLYDE: People wanna hear the rest of it and so do I.

TWEEK: I don’t know why anybody would find it that interesting…


TWEEK: I was basically finished anyways! There’s nothing more to say.

CLYDE: Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnunununununhunhuhnugghuhdnkgfjldf.

CRAIG: Here, I’ll tell the rest of the story.


CRAIG: Okay so after all of our acting practice and stuff, like Tweek said, I said he should try out for the next school play.

CRAIG: I am literally the least amount of pissed right now.

TWEEK: So am I! I’m as chipper as can be!

CRAIG: Is that so?

TWEEK: Yes, it is.

CRAIG: Are you sure?

CRAIG: ‘Cause to me, it looks like you’re still pretty mad.

TWEEK: Gee, you know, I could say the same thing about you.

TWEEK: Are you still pissed?

CRAIG: Not at all.

TWEEK: Then it seems that we are both. Equally unpissed.

TWEEK: Neither of us are angry at all.

CRAIG: Because you are so happy right now… if I were to, say, poke you a bunch…

CRAIG: It wouldn’t bother you at all?


CRAIG: Tweek was so absolutely thrilled by the idea. Like, you have no idea.

CRAIG: So because there was still a bit of class left before we had to go eat lunch, we decided to keep practicing.

CRAIG: If Tweek was going to get into the highly touted South Park Elementary: The Curious Savage, he had to get all the help he could get.

CRAIG: Poke.

CRAIG: Poke.

CRAIG: Poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke.

TWEEK: Nope, I’m totally unaffected.

CRAIG: Gosh, you sure are happy.

TWEEK: Mmhmm.

CRAIG: You don’t mind if I do this then, huh?

CRAIG: Maybe pat your head a little bit?

CRAIG: A smooch on the cheek?

TWEEK: Knock it off.

CRAIG: Aw, what are you talking about?

TWEEK: That’s gross!

CRAIG: It’s just a little kiss.

TWEEK: Stop it!

CRAIG: Ow, don’t push me, asshole!

TWEEK: You asked for it!

CRAIG: Maybe if you weren’t acting like such a dick–

TWEEK: Get your hand out of my face, man!

CRAIG: Not until you get yours out of mine!

CRAIG: And stop punching me!

TWEEK: You stop first!

CRAIG: No you!


CRAIG: (Oh shit, it’s Mr. Mackey.)

TWEEK: (Oh god, oh no, oh jeez…)

CRAIG: After a while, to our surprise, the counselor Mr. Mackey caught us skipping class to practice.

CRAIG: But he was so totally enamored by our acting skills that he asked us to sign up right away.

CLYDE: Both of you?

CRAIG: Yeah, both of us.

CLYDE: Aw dude, when is this play? I wanna watch you guys!

CLYDE: I’ll be in the front row cheering you on like a proud mother.

TWEEK: Please don’t.

Mr. Mackey: Excuse me, just what the heck do you boys think you’re doing in here? You should both be in class!

Mr. Mackey: You both know better than to skip class. Are you having a little tussle? Am I going to have to send you to the principals office?



Mr. Mackey: Well? I’m waiting for an answer, mkay?

TWEEK: We were just, um… Uh… oh god– we–

CRAIG: Sorry, Mr. Mackey. We were just practicing.

Mr. Mackey: Practicing? For what?

CRAIG: Well, you see, Tweek wanted to try out for the school play, but he wasn’t very confident about his acting skills.

CRAIG: Tweek and I were planning on auditioning together, but because he wanted some help, I thought we could practice in here.

CRAIG: It’s my fault, sorry.

Mr. Mackey: Oh, really? You know, we aren’t getting enough auditions so it’d really help out of you boys could try out!

TWEEK: That’s– that’s what we thought!

TWEEK: We’re not in trouble, are we?

Mr. Mackey: I suppose I can just let you both off with a warning if you hurry your behinds back to class. Nobody’s supposed to be in here during class time, mkay?

CRAIG: Okay. We’ll both head back now.

Mr. Mackey: Mkay.

TWEEK: (The school play? What?!)

CRAIG: (Dude, I don’t know! Just go with it. My dad is going to kill me if I get detention for the third time this week.)

CRAIG: After Mr. Mackey stopped worshiping the very feet we stood on for our amazing acting, he told us that we had to get back to class.

CLYDE: Oh wait, is that why you both came into class right before lunch a few weeks back?

CLYDE: I thought you guys were both just taking the biggest dumps or something.

CRAIG: You know what, no. That’s exactly what we were doing.

CRAIG: You caught us again, Clyde.

CLYDE: No, okay, but seriously!

CLYDE: Dude!

CLYDE: I bet you guys are gonna rock the play.

CLYDE: And Craig, you’re the best story teller ever.

CLYDE: Tweek, you could use a little more work in the story-telling department, imo.


CLYDE: Anyways, thanks for wrapping that up. I give the story a 9.5/10.

TWEEK: Why 9.5?

CLYDE: Because I wasn’t there.

CLYDE: But it still gets the seal of approval anyways. Would recommend.

2/2 [part 1]

Participated in @daficswap yet again. This time was more or less a challenge for as I was partnered up with @trashwarden . Like, I will be honest I was very shocked upon reading the email as during the time I had just gotten active in the fandom trashwarden was like one of the first people I followed. It took me a bit longer than it normally does to write a fic given I’m terrified (even as I post this) that I’ve messed things up/not done it well enough. So I’m genuinely hoping this fic is amazing and that I did a decent job ^^; it’s mainly under cut due to length I have no clue why I’m so nervous every about this


To many it would be a classic, charming sight. A parent reading to their young child in a loving environment. To many this was completely normal but for Dorian it was not. He had grown up in a toxic place by parents who claimed to one another, their additives said otherwise. He had been born and rises to carry the Pavus birthright onward for another generation maybe more. A suitable bride had been lined up for him and he was to play the part of the dashing husband who actually seemed to care. He could not do it. He could not, he refused to live his life in the darkness and be consumed by a lie. He fled his home and his country winding up in the chilly south where he joined the newly reborn Inquisition. He never expected that one decision to be the best he’d ever made in his life.

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The Losers and D&D

So after I saw this post about Bill having a D&D poster on his wall I got to thinking what kind of characters the losers would play, so here are my thoughts.


Bill is obviously the dungeon master. There was no discussion about it, everyone just knew. Aside from his leadership skills, he is the best story teller that any of the losers know, so getting to be in one of his stories is super cool for everyone. And Bill is really great at coming up with stories but also making things up as they go along, so when someone does something unexpected Bill always come up with something else super quickly.


Everyone thought Eddie would play something like a cleric, focusing more on healing than fighting. But Eddie actually immediately wanted to be a barbarian. Everyone was surprised, but Eddie just shrugged, “Not like I’m ever going to get to solve my problems in real life by punching stuff, so I’m doing it now.” Richie makes fun of him and asks if he’s going to be a stupid character too. Eddie smirks and tells Bill he wants to be a half-orc. “Not going to overthink anything. I’m just going to punch my problems until they go away.”

Eddie sometimes struggles with his characterization while playing because everyone Richie is making stupid decisions and his first instinct is to stop them, but he takes a deep breath and just goes with it. It’s good practice for trying to get better in real life at just chilling out.


Mike actually takes the role of cleric. He likes the idea of being able to heal his friends as well as fight with them. He also occasionally likes to make his friends beg him to heal them and not someone else. Bill originally wasn’t going to let the losers make bribes to Mike, but Mike requested to roll for it and got a natural 20. So Bill okay’d all forms of out of game bribery. He plays as a dragon-born (fire power) and is lawful-good. His character is very into doing the right thing. Mike is amazing at staying in character (except when taking bribes, but let a man live).


Richie is a bard and frankly it wasn’t even up for discussion. Bill asked Richie what he wanted to be and everyone in unison said “Bard.” Richie was just like, “Hell yeah I am.” His favorite spell is vicious mockery, in which he will roast anyone to cause damage. He also plays as a dwarf who got laid off from the mines and is really pissed about it and took up mandolin playing to get by. His dwarf accent is actually pretty good until he starts singing, then things go to shit.


Stan is an elf because they are beautiful and symmetrical and Stan loves them. When Bill asked him what he wanted his class to be Richie said he was obviously a rouge so he could steal money since he’s Jewish and all. The other losers immediately call him out but Stan just rolls his eyes. “No Richie, I’m not a rogue; I’m a noble. So I was born with money.” The losers laugh their asses off as Richie comments that Stan got off a good one. Stan is probably the most attached to his character, who he worked really hard to make and bought a really cool miniature of.


Beverly is a tiefling rogue. When she first announced this Richie called her basic. She revealed that she’d pickpocketed him earlier and was just playing to her strengths. Really no one is surprised because being a cunning, badass thief is right down her ally. Beverly drew her character and everyone got super jealous because she looked so cool. She ended up doing a portrait of all their characters together with a doodle above them of Bill sitting on a cloud controlling their fate. Beverly sometimes draws their fight scenes if she gets super inspired. Also, she designs super rad d&d outfits. Everyone wants to wear the stuff she made for their characters.


Ben is a human warlock. He loves the idea of being a normal human able to do amazing things. He studies up on so much D&D material guys. Like he special orders D&D books at the library. He is the only one in the group who knows all of his spells and abilities without having to look down at his character sheet. He also knows everyone else’s skills. He’s the person in the middle of a fight who will suggest, “Oh, well don’t use you *such and such ability*.” And everyone is just like, “I have that power?”

In-game Relationships

-If Bill missed a session he would let someone else sit in as Dungeon Master. This led to a couple of sessions where Richie was gunning to kill Eddie’s character. In order to make saving him more realistic Mike had his character fall in love with Eddie’s. Eddie went with it so now they are in a very committed and ridiculous relationship (the intelligence gap is astounding). So it’s like, “AHH! I HURT! Make ouch go away so I hurt back!” and “Yeah, I’m casting a healing spell. You get ‘em babe, that’s my sexy buff half-orc.”

Bill came back to the game and found out this happened because he told everyone to get into character and Mike started nuzzling Eddie’s neck while Eddie screamed, “I LOVE DRAGON MAN!” Bill just looked at Richie, “Y-you pushed him in-into a-a-another m-man’s arms, didn’t y-you?” And then, “I sure did, Billy. I sure did.”

-Bev and Stan are also in a relationship in-game. They always sneak away together and it’s some Aladdin type shit because they’re a noble and a thief. But it’s also tragic because Stan’s character keeps trying to break things off with Beverly’s because she’s a tiefling and not beautiful enough for an elf like himself. But damn it, he just loves her so much and keeps coming back. Bev and Stan’s dramatic romance is hilarious and the two of them definitely plot stuff out of game to do for their next D&D session.

-Ben once jokingly asked Richie’s character if he wanted to get it on since everyone else was. Richie declined, but Bill demanded they roll for seduction. Ben got an 18, Richie got a 5. Their characters did the deed. It ended up becoming a running gag where Ben would ask, Richie would refuse, and then Ben would out roll him. Bill always came up with a story for how the seduction happened, but after awhile it happened so often that he started offering to let the other losers decide how Ben’s character seduced Richie’s this time.

Richie once tried to turn the tables by trying to seduce Ben. He rolled a 1. His character ended up crying and writing a song for Ben’s character on the mandolin. Bill made Richie come up with the song on the spot. It was the only time any of the losers had been glad to hear Richie sing. “How can he turn down an ass so fine! Does this mean he’s doing one that isn’t mine!

Basically these kids have a good time.

Romanogers Fanfiction Recommendations

Fanfics/writers appreciation list.
I am a reader of the many romanogers fanfiction online. Here are some of my favorites. Read them if you have time and support the awesome writers!

WRITER: InNeedOfInspiration 
This one’s works never fails to tug my heart. One of the best story-tellers in the fandom ;)

Title: Just a Blast From the Past
Why I love this: This is probably one of the most creative stories in the Romanogers fandom. If you are into time travel and 1940′s timeline this one’s for you!

‘I don’t get attached to people,’ she hissed. 'It’s in my nature. Don’t try to fight it.’ A deep frown rose across his forehead. 'You’ll be better off without me.You can’t see it yet, but trust me, you don’t want to go down that road,’ she said. 'You have to let me go, Steve.’

Title:   A Bolt From the Blue
Why I love this: Sequel of Just a Blast from the Past from Steve’s POV. Reading this always makes me laugh. I love all the banters between Nat, Steve and Bucky.  

“And who was she to him?” she said softly. “To Steve?” Bucky watched her knowingly, his long pause betraying his answer.“I think you figured it out long ago,” he said.

WRITER: @chalantness
Basically everything this writer makes is a piece of gold, but some of my favorites from her works are:

Title:  my end, my beginning 
Why I love this: Soul-mate AU, need I say more?

 Title:  I Think I’ve Got It Right
Why I love this: One of the most heartwarming romanogers stories there is. I fell in love with her James and Tatiana so much. 

WRITER: @heyfrenchfreudiana
One of the first few writers I fangirled about inside the Romanogers fandom. She’s beyond words amazing!  

Title: Muscle Memory
Why I love this: The plot is insanely insane as both the main characters are confused and lost. I can’t wait how everything will unfold as the story goes on. 

Title:  Sea Glass
Why I love this: This story is one of my top favorite fic ever from ALL the fandoms I am supporting. You are literally missing something great in your life if you don’t read this one. Ready some tissues for your tears! 

“ The kind of words Natasha hadn’t known she’d needed until he’d said them, until they were sealed tight in her heart. Little seeds of love and desire and patience, but maybe most importantly acceptance, planted in ground that she’d thought was solid rock. All of those doubts magically washed away, as if the rain had done more than chill her to her bones. “

WRITER:  myloveiamthespeedofsound
If you are up to some emotional roller-coaster stories or the table flipping feels. You should check out this writer’s stories. I’m not even kidding, her plots are just right in the feels!

Title:  Poison & Wine
Why I love this: I did say table-flipping feels right? Go on and try this.

Title:  This Love
Why I love this: I can’t even count how many times this story had made me cry and it’s not even complete! 

“ Every half remembered dream, every what if and maybe.  All wrapped up in an image on his screen and God how it hurt  in some soul crushing way that he had never thought possible.  How hard it was to see that moment but not have been a part of it.“

Title:  Need the Sun to Break
Why I love this: Ahhhh, the in denial love stage. Also a WIP.

WRITER:  atlasky
This one is also in my romanogers fanfic best story-tellers hall of fame because wow did this one writes so much emotion one heart can handle.

Title:   Façade
Why I love this: This Mr. and Ms. Smith AU is just asdfghjkhfakhfaj (what I can’t describe it in words XD ). This is Natasha and Steve battling over their emotional wreckage. 
“I have always been a murderer and a liar; and I have a feeling you haven’t always been a liar, so this is the core root of the problem: you need to accept that you were just as bad and you’ve known it all along. Maybe not the murderer part, but definitely the liar thing. Because here is your guilt acting out, and frankly, it’s getting tiring.”  

WRITER:  mckayla (steveromanov)
Her works are one of the first multichaptered fics I read in the Romanogers fandom. This one also drowns readers in feels. 

Title:  Frostbite
Why I love this: Because I am a lover of slow-build AU’s. I completely fell in love with this story <3
“This time, the question didn’t make her angry. This time, it didn’t make her feel sick. No, this time, it made her feel safe. She was warm and happy, unwilling to move from Steve’s arms. She was more than okay. She felt great—greater than she had been in a long time. She felt…She felt loved.”

WRITER: @thegraytigress
One of my most favorite writers of all time. She makes 10+k words per chapter in each of her stories just to capture the emotions of the characters. This one also gives the most beautiful plots inside the Romanogers fandom. I am an avid fan ever since I discovered her gold works. Check out her stories now! 

Title:  Heart of the Storm
Why I love this: This one is probably the biggest series in the fandom (1million words and counting!). It started with  Red Rain and now has a total of 6 stories in it (prequel and sequels) and still kicking so much as*! I lost count how many times this one made me cry with its happiness, whump and everything in between feels. 

Title:  The Sexy Misadventures of Agents Romanoff and Rogers
Why I love this: because “ Who says work can’t be fun? “

Title:  Stay
Why I love this: This isn’t your typical fanfiction. This is Natasha and Steve facing their past and emotions like I have never read before. This is too much pain but also a bundle of hope. Seriously, go read this. 

WRITER:  LeoTheAvengingLioness333

Title:  Our Time In The Dark
Why I love this: This story will always have a soft spot in my heart just because. This one is too good to be true, also a 1940′s AU jumping to present. I have been following this story for the longest timeeeeeeeeee. This is beautiful I swear. Do yourselves a favor and read it. 

WRITER:  @ym4yum1  
I love the maturity in all of this writer’s stories. 

Title:   Chris Crush
Why I love this: A series of movie times in the lives of Natasha and Steve. Some sense of normalcy (almost!) in their crazy worlds. 

WRITER: Lovedrr

Title:  Paradise
Why I love this: This story has also one of the most unique plot lines there is. It was kind of cut short in the end but I loved it anyways. This is awesomely written and is very mysterious. 

WRITER:  singalellaby

Title: How the Light Gets In 
Why I love this: I think I said beautiful too many times in this blog post but that’s what best describes this story. This is perfection. All written from Steve’s blind perspective. This is one of the stories that has totally left a mark in my mind and heart. I re-read this a lot of times.  

“ He can see what solace a woman taught from birth to shroud herself in inscrutability might find in the company of a blind man “ 

WRITER: @saranoh
This writer has created a whole series for the Romanogers fandom to love. She created Nadia Rogers <3

Title:  Nadiaverse 
Why I love this: This is also a series telling the story of Nadia Rogers, a girl born from ‘Wishes and Nightmares’. I love Natasha as a mother to no end. I miss this series so much! 

WRITER:  t0bemadeofglass

This author writes the best medieval AU’s not necessarily pure romanogers but they are there.

Title:  Man Made Madness and the Romance of Sadness
Why I love this: This one is not totally pure Romanogers. It is also part Loki/Natasha. I loved this fic so much because of its tragic ending, not the usual ones we read and the minds of the characters are so twisted you won’t even guess what happens next. This is medieval AU, and it is too amazing! 

“For all your words and your confessions and your passion, you know you don’t love me.  Perhaps you love the idea of me, perhaps my body, or even it’s my ability to empathize with you and what has happened, but you don’t love me.”

I am sure there’s a lot more gorgeous stories and great writers I’m not remembering right now. Let’s give these writers salute for all their hard works. I am sincerely wishing you all the good things in life! Thank you all for giving us these pieces of art, I personally appreciate you all a lot! <3 xoxo

anonymous asked:

If you're still taking art suggestions, perhaps either Daddy!Marco or Mommy!Star telling their kid about their adventures as a bedtime story?

I think out of the two, Star would be the best story teller.  She’d make her adventures so much more interesting with lots of fluff to impress her little boy.  

For this picture, I designed star with a loose ponytail because she’s getting ready for bed.  During the entire day her hair would be up as the Queen of Mewni but at the end, she puts it down. 

The little kid is based off of the starco baby design I posted right before this one. ^_^

I hope you like it and thank you so much for your support!