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I made myself really sad because I miss my best friend who’s like a bunch of states away from me.. so if it’s not too much to ask, can I have some positive stuff to cheer me up? I’m sorry guys :/ I’m just.. really sad and bitter right now. Me and her knew each other irl and hung out daily for 5 years until I had to move many states away almost 2 years ago..

If somebody asks me what executive dysfunction is, I’m gonna point them to a web article or suchlike that explains it better than I can. 

If somebody asks me what executive dysfunctions feels like, though, I’d say that it’s like waiting for a video stream to buffer or for a web page to load. You could do so many other things, except you’ve only got a few minutes at most to wait, so most of them aren’t worth starting. So instead you read a few lines of an article or check out your tumblr dash or go get a glass of water. You fill time, because most people don’t like to stare at a loading bar for several minutes if they have other options. Sure, you’re doing things, but if anyone asked what you were up to you’d probably just say “waiting,” because you’re really just doing whatever you can to make the time go faster. 

Now just imagine that instead of doing this for a couple minutes, you’re stuck in this state for hours on end. You’re waiting for the thing to finish, but every time you check it’s still not done so you just keep waiting, breaking your day down into chunks too small to do anything with. You think about playing a game, but you don’t actually start it up. You get a drink, but you don’t make lunch. You open your word processor, but you don’t actually start writing. You’re stuck in a holding pattern, killing time minute by minute, and by the time you realize you don’t actually know what you’re waiting for, the day is already gone. 

It isn’t a matter of being lazy or undisciplined, or a case of making bad decisions. Executive dysfunction is a problem with the organ responsible for making decisions in the first place. When it stops working properly, stops being able to decide between doing this or doing that or doing nothing at all, you end up just going with what comes naturally. You fidget. You kill time. You wait, in expectation of a decision to wait no longer. It may be a long time coming. 

The signs and friendship
  • Aries: "I'll beat ya ass", lots of laughing, will stand up for you even if you're wrong. The fun friend
  • Taurus: "Let's take a nap together", logical sense while you talk it out, will start shit with people who mess with you. The caring friend
  • Gemini: "ayyye LMAO let's go to the party", they introduce you to a lot of new stuff and know your phones password. The popular friend.
  • Cancer: "are you sure you've had enough to eat?" Buys you sweaters and tells you that you are enough, catches you when you're crying n gives advice to make you feel better. The encouraging friend.
  • Leo: ".... first of all..." starts drama to show they care, will make you go somewhere with them at 3am, calls you when they party too hard. The party friend
  • Virgo: "don't forget to text me when you get there" buys you food when you have -34.68 in your bank account, calls you on your birthday, gives the best advice ever even though they know you won't follow it. The mom friend.
  • Libra: ":^)" quiet but knows how to have fun, can twerk on the bar or play video games they don't care as long as you're friends, likes to make plans that you both end up cancelling. The best friend.
  • Scorpio: "..." they moved here from out of state, you don't know much about them but they are nice, you have theories about them but are too afraid to ask. The intimidating friend.
  • Sagittarius: "right so anyways" changes subjects a lot, doesn't text back but shows up at 3am to talk about the universe and why we're here, likes to make you try new things. The adventurous friend.
  • Capricorn: "*dad jokes*" they are genuinely proud of you and all your hard work, will talk shit about you directly to your face, knows the struggle. The sassy friend.
  • Aquarius: “I have a meme for that” chill but engaged in the friendship. Inside jokes for days. Including everyone in everything. The sarcastic friend.
  • Pisces: “do you need my help?” Goes with the flow, a sweet lil bean too good for this world, lunch dates, expressive about how they feel, quiet, supports you and encourages you. The supportive friend.

Person: how do you know Will and Mike are in love?

Byler fandom: Mike constantly shows his worry and affection for Will throughout both seasons. He even states that “befriending” Will was the best thing he’s ever done. He’s the only one to stay by Will’s side the entire time, and when Will is being taken over by the mind flayer he couldn’t remember bob, but he recognized Mike immediately and Mike got all blushy. It’s obvious they’re in love, case closed.

Person: how do you know Richie and Eddie are in love?

Reddie fandom: they gay


I’ve written out a few pretty typical stories…

Eugene’s a 23 year old woman and your name is Avideh. You’re a student at a university studying physics and chemical engineering. You’ve recently spoken out against Islamic fundamentalism.

anonymous asked:

Do you ever feel like Phil has wasted his time that he spent with Dan? Like when he was 25 Dan was 21... not saying that they /shouldnt/ have been together but I feel like Phil could have achieved so much more if he wasn't with a depressed Danny

Okay one, how dare you think that Dan’s depression held Phil back. It wasn’t until just a few months ago that he publicly shared that he was depressed and was in the best state of his life (wish is an IMPORTANT key note that I feel like people skim past.)

Two, age has nothing to do with what you can achieve in life. 

Three, have you seen what they have achieved? TOGETHER? 

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