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Your going to the US? What state? * cough California is the best cough *

You are the third Californian to tell me this and just for the fault of y'all being so extra I’m gonna go ahead and make the decision to go to EVERY state except for California. :P


-240417- | D-55 last tests | D-14 London | D-23 Birthday |

Today is my first (official) day of spring break so that means; time to plan the last weeks of school. I’m going to warn you this post may be a little bit long as I’d like to share what has happened and what will happen the coming weeks ;)

I’ve shared in my last post my Civil law notes, I’m actually not studying law but I’ve taken part in this “try-out studies” program from a university that I’d really like to go, the program officially ends tomorrow and I’m happy to announce that I’ve passed this course with 68 points out of 104 points! It may not be the best score and I could definitely do better, but considering that the last weeks were hectic and I wasn’t in my best mental state I did pretty damn good. So tomorrow I’ll be heading to the university to get my certificate and the best part: Moot Court! (This will be my first Moot Court ever and I’m silently hoping that this won’t be a MC where we will have to play a role in). 

More exciting news: In 14 days I’ll go to London with school and I honestly can’t wait, this will be my first time in London and hopefully not the last. 

And there’s the less exciting news: my very last test of this school year are in 55 days :( And the teachers decided to give us a freaking lot of projects and presentations this semester that really make me anxious (even though all of my presentations are in June and I have enough time to prepare for them) So in the pictures you can see my self-made monthly spread and some daily/weekly spreads and a page where everything is basically summed up for what I can expect the coming months, I still have to make detailed plans though for when I do/learn what otherwise I’ll stress myself to death.

I’ll end this post on this note, I hope that your weeks are less hectic than mine and that everyone is sleeping well and generally being healthy ^^ (not like me, I’ve eaten so much junkfood the last days ugh)

ps. Thinking about doing the 100 days of productivity tag to like get this studyblr going, let’s say that this is day 1/100 ;)

Felicity Smoak 5x15 Dress For Sale! $150 or best offer!

Hello friends! I’m selling one of my Felicity Smoak dresses (5x15 “Fighting Fire with Fire”). It’s in perfect condition. I only wore it once. I loved it so much that I bought it in another color. I don’t need two of the exact same dress, so message me if you are interested. $150 or best offer! First come first serve. Photos under the cut.

Item Description:

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Nerve endings is a sad story? Im curious but my current emotional state is not the best (I cant manage sad and hopeless endings).

It’s a happy ending!


Princess Gou kitty is here~!

Little baby darling Gou kitty is definitely a princess and just like her brother, she too is always making sure her floofy tail is extra floofy and bootiful ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

She’s barely two and is very fond of her pacifier. Gou kitty loves Mr. Teddy who is married to Mrs. Teddy who is owned by her best friend, Hana-chan kitty. Like it was stated a while back, Miho is the guardian of both Gou and Hana-chan.

More on Gou kitty soon but feel free to ask away~ ( ◜◒◝ )♡

Emoji Art Meme (requests are closed)

i arrive at the henrietta drag strip

dream battle: fought

matthew: saved

kavinsky: dead

i am forcibly removed from the drag strip


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Characters, All for the Game © Nora Sakavic

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Lance rescue anon: I feel like Lance would see Hunk and be very unsure about the reality of the rescue, then decide he still doesn't believe if because everyone else just seems to care TOO much. And that's what would make it heartbreaking. His spirit being so broken down that he doesn't even believe his BEST FRIEND would want to rescue him. (Idk man I'm just here for Dad Coran)

Damn my dude, you are perfection and we need too get married. 

Dad Coran basically gets Lance out of there, asking for his permission too take his hand and when Lance nods, he gets Lance up, and starts to get him too walk. Lance reaches out for Hunk, and sends a distrustful eye to the rest of the group, cause he still doesn’t fully believe this is real. He can’t believe anyone but Coran and Hunk care about him. 

Coran helps him back to the ship, and with Hunk’s help, they get him eating normally, and then going too a healing pod, telling what Lance had told them. 

That he doesn’t think anyone else on this ship is real, cause no one else cared about him like they did. 

The team is shook, Hunk is all ready knew how Lance felt (So did Coran) and Coran just wants the person he sees as a son too see how amazing he is. 


SSU Student Union (ft. Melanie and Graham in the distance)

Unrequited Love

Summary: You’re hoping a night out will help you forget about the Super soldier you’re pining over, but the night takes a turn you didn’t expect.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: alcohol consumption, drunk!reader, language, angst, protective Bucky, un beta’d

A/N: This is the first thing I’ve wrote in like a month [?!] I’m trying to get back into writing, so any ideas/requests are welcome right now! I can’t promise I’ll do them straight away, but if the inspiration strikes I’ll definitely work on it. 

You knew you were going to regret coming out with Nat and Wanda. As much as you loved spending time with your best friends, being at a bar wasn’t the best place for you in your current state of mind. The drink you consumed soon loosened both your mind and body, distracting you from the thoughts of Bucky and his latest prodigies.

God, for an almost 100 year old, he sure was clueless. You’d been pining for him pretty much since he arrived at the compound. I mean, who wouldn’t? He’s gorgeous, he makes you smile, he has this vulnerability about him that just makes you want to wrap him in your arms and never let go. But then, he’s also badass as hell and you knew he’d protect you with his life.

He chose to spend nights with random women, who you were sure we’re only after him for being an Avenger. That frustrated the hell out of you. You’d happily be with him, forever- not just for one sleazy night.

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“Steinbeck’s seiyuu loves the Steincraft friendship, there was a challenge to draw Q’s doll and he drew Lovecraft and wrote “my best friend”

who needs a bsd movie when you have confirmation that a plant boy and his squid pal have a warm, heartfelt friendship that defies all the odds