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Kiss Me

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hiiii, me again i am so sorry! i keep having this idea of a richie tozier fic with the saying “kiss me like you wanna be loved” if you could write something involving that, that would be amazing! thank u so so much

Summary: Richie’s had feelings for Y/N ever since they started becoming best friends. On the last day they’re all together before college, Richie acts on his feelings.

Pairing: Teen!Richie x Reader

Warnings: Swears

A/N: Hey! don’t be sorry hahaha! So the first thought that came to mind was the song by Ed Sheeran? This was a real sucky ending I’m sorry, I wanted it to be happy yet sorta sad??

                                                One, two, three, four
                         Settle down with me, cover me up, cuddle me in,
                            Lie down with me, and hold me in your arms,

The street lamps flickered, shining off the hood of Richie’s beat up Ford as he pulled up to Y/N’s house to drop her off.

It was evening, the sun just set, the remaining light giving off a blue hue that surrounded everything. Stepping out of the car, Richie walked up to the front door with Y/N. 

They stood on her porch silently, as Y/N searched for her keys in her purse, Richie rocking back and forth on his heels. 

When she found them, she unlocked the door, before facing Richie, both of them dreading this part.

It was the last day the Losers would be together before going their separate ways to college. Richie and Y/N had just come back from the Losers Club’s last hangout. That goodbye was hard enough, this one, Richie didn’t know how he was going to handle it and neither did Y/N.

“It’s been a good few years Trashmouth.” Y/N laughed, watery. 

“Yeah.” Richie choked out. 

Fuck, I’m gonna miss you.”

Swallowing, Richie pulled her in for a hug, squeezing her tightly. Pulling apart, he cupped her face, and kissed her on the mouth softly, lashes fluttering as he stepped back. “Goodbye Y/N.”

           And your heart’s against my chest, your lips pressed to my neck
                    I’m falling for your eyes, but they don’t know me yet
                         And with a feeling I’ll forget, I’m in love now

But she clutched at his shirt, tugging him back, reattaching their lips. 

“How long?” Y/N whispered quietly, drawing back.

“A long time.” Richie admitted, his forehead touching hers.

“Why didn’t you tell me you idiot?” Y/N asked fondly, her hands resting on the back of his neck, her fingers tracing into his curls. “You realize this is possibly the worst time you could ever confess?”

“I don’t know.” Richie whined, pressing a kiss to her jaw. “And we better make the most of our time then..” 

“Beep beep Richie.” Y/N laughed, smacking the back of his head lightly,  stumbling inside as he continued to press sloppy kisses on her cheeks, jaw and neck.

Soon, they were curled up on her bed in loose pyjamas, lazy kisses being placed on each other, both of them living in the moment, not wanting it to end and not wanting to think about what was to come tomorrow.

                                    Kiss me like you wanna be loved
                            You wanna be loved, you wanna be loved
                                       This feels like falling in love
                              We’re falling in love, we’re falling in love

November 23, 2017

Jack does not know what a holiday is. Understandably, of course. Traditions still confuse me as well, such as the case in where an entire country collectively takes a day to stuff themselves with food in celebration of slaughtering and taking land from its rightful owners. Dean tells me I am being too critical. Sam just agrees with me.

Regardless, Jack does not know what a holiday is, but explaining Thanksgiving was not the best way to start that conversation.

“So… people spend the entire day making food and there are arguments that occur around the table but people still say it’s a time meant for everyone to be together?” He’d asked after the history lesson of how the day translated into the modern era came to pass.

“That is one variation, but Sam and Dean carry different traditions,” I replied.

That was another topic: traditions. Jack did not know what those were either, why people did them at all.

“Why are people thankful on this day only?”

“Why do people want to remember?”

“What is gravy?”

All questions continued. All needed to be answered to varying degrees, but that was how the day was ultimately spent.

For their part, Dean continued his fervor of cooking and preparing a modest meal. Explaining to Jack just what each item on the table became incredibly easier once the table had been set.

“Dean will most likely put on the movie later as well,” I had commented once the four of us had sat down later that night. “The Miracle on 34th Street.” 

You don’t have to tell him everything, you know. Just let the kid be surprised.” Dean grumbled into his food. 

“Actually, it’s probably good to tell him. In case his powers rise up if he gets shocked by something,” Sam chimed in. Dean only grunted at that.

We had eaten in comfortable silence, the bunker not yet decorated, though in the coming days it was likely that would begin to change as well. The holiday season would be Jack’s first, and with it likely an emphasis on human traditions.

“I like knowing about these things,” Jack had said towards the end of the meal. “Is there something else you do on Thanksgiving?”

“Well, we give thanks at the end. Some years are a little more planned than others on that,” Sam responded. 

“You wanna start that, Sammy, since you had to go and bring it up,” Dean gave a noncommital request. He seemed far less on edge, but I highly doubt he could not shoot straight if prompted to for whatever reason. Dean rarely let his guard down, even when he was relaxed.

Sam did, to his credit, give something he was thankful for. On a day where Family and being together mean more than what angels know, Thanksgiving for the Winchesters as adults is symbolic of what they have found within the world they found themselves in. Jody had called in to wish us all well. Donna as well.

Our family has extended. Our family is still present even if not physically. Our family is two stubborn brothers, an inquisitive boy, and a wayward angel all around a table at peace with the moment.

“And what are you thankful for, Jack?” I asked after everyone had gone. “In the few months you have been able to walk among this world, what would you say?”

Jack was pensive, but only just for a moment. His answer came almost swiftly after he smiled at his now empty plate in front of him.

“I’m thankful for my friends, the ones that are helping me see who I really am.” He looked up. “Thank you, truly.”

Kelly, I hope you can see him. I hope you can see the boy that sat at that table tonight. You would be so proud.



A sequel to the animation of the seven I made almost 2 years ago. I thought it was about time for another one. The order is Nico, Will, Thalia, Reyna, Grover, Tyson, and Calypso. There are too many characters, 7 is my max.

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  • 85. What are you most likely to become famous for?
  • 86. What are you absolutely determined to do?
  • 87. What is the most impressive thing you know how to do?
  • 88. What do you wish you knew more about?
  • 89. What question would you most like to know the answer to?
  • 90. What question can you ask to find out the most about a person?
  • 91. When was the last time you changed your opinion or belief about something major?
  • 92. What's the best compliment you've ever received?
  • 93. As the only human left on earth, what would you do?
  • 94. Who inspires you to be better?
  • 95. What do you want your epitaph to be?
  • 96. What haven't you grown out of?
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  • 98. What's the dumbest thing you've done that actually turned out pretty well?
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  • 107. What is your biggest regret?
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  • 131. What's the title of the current chapter in your life?
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  • 150. What is the most memorable gift you've received?

Sometimes you don’t start your day until 2pm. Sometimes you have to put on a pair of jeans and a nice shirt instead of sweatpants in order to feel good about yourself. Sometimes it’s really fucking hard to get up and take a shower or brush your teeth. Sometimes it’s really fucking hard to take care of yourself and it’s okay. That is okay. Simple things aren’t always easy and simple things being hard doesn’t make you weak, you are doing the best you can and some days there are things you just can’t do and that’s okay. You are healing. You are trying. Do what you need to do to feel good.

best friends forever and always <3

[[happy best friend day!!]]

  • Me,every day during summer: I'll meet my friends every day, go out, workout, learn new hobbies, meet new people, eat healthy, sleep enough, don't spend to much time in front of my computer, start living life at its best
  • Also me, every day during summer: *counting down days until hiatus ends, while making tumblr edits and rewatching all seasons of my shows*

theres a reason sonny makes vanessa’s coffee

(this is right before usnavi definetly calls nina for help with complex cinnamon mathematics, to which shes like “…you know i study english right? but its like a sprinkle?”)